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X-Gay Minister, Prayer Warrior, Degree in Psychology, Business Owner, Minister of Delivernce, Radio Host, Singer, General of Prayer in the Kingdom
Investigative Journalist, New World Order Researcher, Christian Outreach Worker, Writer
Afterlife Expert, Researcher, Professor, Theologian, Author, Writer, Scholar
Missiologist, Theologian, Outreach Worker, Messianic Jew
Author, Writer, Editor, Belief Therapist, Minister
Computer Programmer, Senior Systems Analyst, Research Physicist, Marine Architect, Advanced Propulsion Engineer, Author, Scientist, TV Host, Lecturer, Biblical Student, Energy Researcher
Paster, Drummer, Religous Freedom Activist, Political Activist, Doctor of Divinity, Speaker
Bach Remedy Teacher, Homeopath, Naturopath, Healer, Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant, Doctor in Religion, Spiritual Wellness Facilitator, Author
Inspirational Writer, Speaker, Author, Christian, Witch, Medium, Ghost Hunter