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Author, Ufologist, Ufo Researcher, Ufology's Gold Standard, Ufo Secrecy Historian
Anti Smart Meter Activist, EMF Hypersensitivity Researcher, EMF Safety Network Founder
Guitarist, Flamenco, Latin and Jazz Musician, Lecturer, Sovereignty Law Researcher, Astrotheology Researcher, World Corruption Explorer
Entrepreneur, Technical Advisor, Finance Degree, Mergers and Acquisitions Expert
Lawyer, Juris Doctorate, Editor In Chief, Writer, NHL President, Legal Columnist, Health Freedoms Activist, Speaker, Author
Native American, Canadian Human Rights Campaigner, Crimes of Church and State Researcher, Author
Attorney, Civil Litigator, Researcher, Author, Political Activist
Physicist, Senior Engineering Specialist, Fusion Investigator, Professor, Writer, 9-11 Truther, Archaeometrist
Drill Instructor, U.S. Air Force, Senior Strategic Analyst, Projects Manager, International Trouble Shooter, Aerospace Consultant, APeX Developer