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The War Report on Public Education hosted by Dr. James Avington Miller, Jr. with special guest Dr. Deborah Duncan Owens

Radio Free Kanata with Kevin Annett and special guests, Ryan Gable and Dean Clifford

Tune in for the dynamic follow up interview with Common law crusader Dean Clifford:

Due to technical difficulties, Doug was unable to secure the connection with guest, Jay Weidner.  Doug, who started BBS Radio with his twin brother Don Newsom, was prepared to do an impromtu show with me, but we got Jay back on the line.  There is no script to follow, when you're beaming live from the real world!

Laura Eisenhower and Madisun Truesdell are the Justice Twins...  Committed to sharing the truth about Dark Technologies and bringing together a community ready to take action to initiate change. James interviews them tonight about the Justice Twins Mission Statement and how you can get involved.
If you're focused on being part of the solution and taking action, join the Justice Twins community on facebook
Medical Doctor/President San Francisco Physicians for Social Responsibility