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The Chuck and Julie Show with Chuck Bonniwell and Julie Hayden and guests Cain, Peg Cage and Jimi Mack

A HUGE primary victory night for Trump backed candidates across the country.  Plus, Cain, founder of Task Force Freedom with information parents need to know about Critical Race Theory and other grooming attacks on their kids. And why on earth is the Colorado GOP wasting time and money trying to shut down a grassroots website set up by activists Peg Cage and Jimi Mack?

ET Yoga with Charles Green

Title: 'The Death Experience' and 'ET Impact on Earth

Hard News on Friday with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna and guests

Adama Speaks with Adama Alaji
Segment 1: August 04, 2022 Part 1
Segment 2: August 04, 2022 Part 2

Shadow Politics with Senator Michael Brown and Marília Duffles

Guests, Tim Roemer

The Jim Benson Show

Title: Evidence That 2020 Election Was 'Rigged and Stolen" Is Overwhelming; MAGA Movement Overwhelms Attempts to Rig 2022 Primaries

Trump is right: 2020 election was 'rigged and stolen,' evidence for it is 'overwhelming and irrefutable'; Trump-backed candidates surge in GOP primaries, but election fraud remains a big issue for 2022 and beyond

#Donald Trump
#Joe Biden
#Election Fraud
#Election Integrity
#2022 Midterm Elections
#Biden Corruption

The True History with Tara Green and Rama Arjuna and guests

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Logical Thinking with Paul Biener

Guests, Judy Gaman