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Word of Mouth with Maurice Way, John Knox and Tenika Thompson

Debut #1 Show on BBS Radio

Adventures Into Sovereignty with Andrew Bartzis and Rebecca Cope

The Political Fix with Heather Vale, Jay Amernick and Rick Raddatz

MIKE GRAVEL - Former US Senator discusses his career and exposes the truth about the US Government and its control by corporations, lobbies, Wall Street and the ongoing corruption.  Mike takes auidence questions from all over the USA regarding his thoughts on legalization of Marijuana, UFO disclosure, Government policy, the restoration of law and many other issues.

Higher Truth Radio with Michael Bee - Episode #5 on BBS Radio

The Impossible Truth with Orly Benny Davis and special guest, David Clark Republican for President

Shadow Politics with Senator Michael D. Brown and Kathleen Gomez

Join us on Shadow Politics this Sunday, August 24 on, station 1, at 7pm east coast time, 6pm in Missouri and 4pm

Arizona/California, as we speak with Michael Miller who lives in the Ferguson, Missouri area. Michael is my cousin who lives 3 miles from where everything is happening in Florissant, Missouri. Listen as we hear first hand from a native of his viewpoint of the issues in Ferguson

ET-First Contact Radio with Maarten Horst and special guest George Smith from Scotland - Topic: Crop Circles

Tonight is the night with my friend and amazing guest: George Smith from Turriff, Scotland. He has had several encounters with the Star brothers and -sisters. They have given him wisdom teachings to share with humanity as well as free energy technologies. They have, in several occasions saved George from dangerous situations. He is a true friend and beautiful human being.

Adventures Into Sovereignty with Andrew Bartzis and Rebecca Cope