Guest Name, Charles E Carlson

Charles E Carlson, founder/Director We Hold These Truths
Charles E Carlson
Writer, organizer

Charles E. Carlson Resume We Hold These Truths released its second educational DVD in 2010, Christian Zionism, The Tragedy and The Turning: Part I, written by Charles E. Carlson, who appears in it and photographed a sequence of Israeli air raids in the Gaza Strip in 2002, in which 4 Palestinian civilians were killed and some 40 were wounded. In January, 2014, it won an award for one of three best foreign films at the Immar Film Festival in Tehran, Iran, where some 700 films were reviewed. With the help of five close friends, Carlson organized We Hold These Truths in 1996, which became a full time peace effort. It's Project Strait Gate has led peaceful, challenges, called "Vigils," at some 105 Christian Zionist churches and religious conventions that are not doing thier part for peace and justice for the Palestinians. Carlson has written many articles, one the first was “Attacking Islam” published March 21, 1994. Carlson is a former Denver and Phoenix businessman and Baptist Deacon. He was conscripted twice into the US Army during the "Cold War" years. Carlson's business history includes 25 years in the securities investment business where he was Wall Street trained, and turned critic of the Federal Reserve system and other manipulated financial bubbles. He organized his own stock brokerage firm in 1975, specializing in precious metal related investment. These experiences have been invaluable in understanding Israel's bond campaign in the USA, and other potential bubbles. Charles E Carlson Skype contact: chascarlson1

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