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Music Artist, Former Apollo Theatre Finalist, Former Member of the Baltimore Colts Marching Band, An Aid in Restoring Respect for Hip-Hop and Black Culture
Songwriter, Performer, Knowphest Founder
Drum Keeper, Shamanic Healer, Seer, Performance Artist, Ritual Facilitator, Teacher, Media Producer, Mother Earth Steward
Guitarist, Wildlife Care Volunteer, Eagle Caretaker
Music Composer, Musical Director, Orchestrator, Performer, Keyboardist
Guitarist, Vocal Artist, Electronica, Sacred Chant, Transcendental, Songwriter, Kundalini Yoga Practitioner, Teacher
Multimedia Producer, Israeli Biblical History Researcher, Writer, Editor, Author
Composer, Orchestrator, Mastering Engineer, Editor, Screenwriter, Film Director, Producer, Author
Doctorate in Energy Information Sciences, Extraterrestrial Communications Researcher, Chiropractor, Music Producer, Recording Artist, Songwriter, Publisher, Writer, Screenwriter, Author, Lecturer, Ufologist
Mathematician, Social Scientist, Political Scientist, Teacher, Lead Scholar, Remote Viewing Expert, Researcher, Director and Founder of The Farsight Institute, Consciousness Explorer, Keynote Speaker, Writer, Author, Singer, Actor, Videographer