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Flute maker, composer, cosmic poet, and permanent pilgrim
Guest Biography

Das is a multi-dimensional time traveler, Permanent Pilgrim, and Conscious Yogi from many previous lifetimes. In his current incarnation Just Visiting This Planet he is a composer of yoga meditation music since 1973, a manufacturer of bamboo meditation flutes, a performer and recording artist with 108 releases, and a cosmic poet and spiritual rap artist. He has resided as a sadhu in the primitive villages of holy shrines in rural India for many years, learning 5 languages in order to have direct access to the ancient wisdom of Yoga and Vedic culture in general. He has translated over four dozen rare works into English for the benefit of scholars and devotees around the world, and his works are used by many gurus for their own edification and further studies into the esoteric teachings.

Das is a multi-instrumentalist, flute maker, composer, cosmic poet, and permanent pilgrim. He makes unique flutes from very exotic and rare bamboo specimens. His music is drawn from a variety of ancient spiritual cultures, celebrating Creation with sacred sound. With bamboo flutes, strings, kalimbas, guitars, drums, bells, Sanskrit songs and mantras, and whatever else he brings, Das invokes the Healing Spirit of the Divine Forest.