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Author, Life Coach, Intuitive, Near Death Experiencer

Radio Toni A Conversation with Kez with Kez Wickham St George

About the Guest: Lindy published her first book, Tinker Tailor's Toolbox (For Mending Broken Hearts) last year. She is passionate about kids' mental health. The book is about a boy called Tinker who so desperately wants to help his sister Emily-Belle through a traumatic life event and doesn't quite know where to start. He convinces her to let him help her set up a Happiness Toolbox which she uses to come back to a place of happiness again.

Talking Movies with John Barbour

Guest, Don Jeffries

Unlimited Bride with Nicole Brandon and guest Toni Bua

Topic: Forever and a Day - The Fairytale Romance of Toni & Gene Bua

Description: Wife, soul mate, lyricist, partner & best friend - storyteller, guide, voice and scribe of one of the most Romantic Love Stories of all time - Her own.

This passionate love story is a magical journey beyond the imagination.

Paradigm Shifters presents Matthew Griffin

In this Inner Hippie Club Radio Show STRONG AND FREE Special, you can listen to extract from all 16 stories in this amazing and inspiring multi-author book, which is released on Friday, 17 December 2021 on Amazon. Some of the authors have recorded their extracts in their own voices, which makes it a special and intimate experience. Enjoy!

Book description:

Is your life feeling flat?

Have you lost your joy and purpose and want to get out of the rut?

Are you done with meeting society’s expectations?

Radio Toni A Conversation with Kez with Kez Wickham St George

Lisa Van der Wielen is a Writer of poetry, children's books, and stories. Lisa is also a Primary School Teacher and a Mum of two beautiful daughters. She has always been lucky enough to call the sunny city of Perth, Western Australia, her home. ​

Esther de Charon de Saint Germain, Hayden Orme and Nicolette Halladay take the Talking Stick on this special STRONG AND FREE edition.

Find out more about these fascinating authors.

Jane Rose and the Deadend Boys delight listeners on Music Spotlight.

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

A Dress the Color of the Moon with Jennifer Irwin, and Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns with Michael Phillips

Famed author Jennifer Irwin joins the show to share the inspiration and insight behind her newest novel. Michael Phillips discusses the significance of understanding and avoiding the school-to-prison pipeline.

Radio Toni A Conversation with Kez with Kez Wickham St George

Kez Wickham's new book, SCRIBE, and a new movie coming out! Exciting stuff!