The Delirious CURE, November 18, 2019

The Delirious CURE with Dr Johnny Delirious

The Delirious CURE with Dr Johnny Delirious

Guest, Scott Werner

Guest Occupation: 
Traditional Medicine, Herbs, Essential oils, Homeopathics, Reiki touch healing and many other modalities

ET Yoga, July 27, 2019

ET Yoga with Charles Green, banner

ET Yoga with Charles Green

Out and Out Vibes, April 14, 2019

Out and Out Vibes with Nancy Tursi and Gina Mastro

Out and Out Vibes with Nancy Tursi and Gina Mastro

Guest, Dr Veronica Anderson

Guest, Dr Veronica Anderson

Guest Occupation: 
Holistic Practitioner

Guest, Dr Doug Kihn

Guest Occupation: 
Doctor of Oriental Medicine and licensed acupuncturist

Guest, Dr. Veronica Anderson

Guest Occupation: 
Dr. Veronica Anderson, “The Intuitive Doctor”, is a Holistic Practitioner, an Ophthalmologist, Medical Intuitive, author, speaker, mentor, and coach. She focuses on wellness for the real world that advocates natural, non-invasive programs.

Cosmic Spaceship, March 23, 2019

Cosmic Spaceship with andy Lopez aka The Captain

Cosmic Spaceship with Andy Lopez, aka: The Captain


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