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Dr Alona Pulde and Dr Matthew Lederman
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Connection Medicine: 4 Reasons to Embrace It


Dr. Alona Pulde and Dr. Matthew Lederman, the pioneering physicians from the groundbreaking film “Forks Over Knives,” are helping thousands find better health through WeHeal, a virtual platform that combines ever-important nutrition and lifestyle choices with a component that is lacking in all the buzz - Connection Medicine


Connection Medicine offers a unique approach to achieving well-being. This holistic discipline has gained recognition as a vital component of health care. 


Dr Alona Pulde and Dr Matthew Lederman weigh in on the four compelling reasons to consider exploring this growing discipline:


1.Mental and Emotional Well-being: Connection Medicine recognizes that meaningful relationships, community engagement, and support networks can improve mental and emotional health. By prioritizing these connections, individuals can experience improved mental resilience.


2. Enhanced Physical Health: Research shows that strong social connections are linked to better physical health outcomes. Individuals with robust social support networks tend to have lower rates of chronic conditions such as heart disease and obesity. Connection Medicine encourages the development of healthy relationships and emphasizes the role of social support in promoting better physical health.


3. Stress Reduction and Resilience: As a result of today's fast-paced lifestyle, stress has become a significant health concern. Connection Medicine offers strategies and practices to mitigate stress and build resilience. Mindfulness, meditation, and other mind-body techniques foster self-awareness and equip individuals with valuable tools to manage stress effectively.


4. Sense of Belonging and Purpose: Connection Medicine recognizes the need for a sense of belonging and purpose. It encourages community involvement, promotes personal growth, and fosters meaningful connections between individuals. This approach helps people experience a greater sense of purpose in their lives and contributes to overall life satisfaction and fulfillment.


Dr Lederman says “Poor lifestyle and food choices affect health. So does being disconnected from others, as proven by the effects of isolation during the Pandemic. We know that a compassionate, authentic connection with ourselves and others is a fundamental cornerstone of health, and science shows it has a unique and equally powerful impact on physical biomarkers and outcomes, including cholesterol, blood sugar, chronic pain, microbiome, and more.  Without connection, attempts to improve diet and other areas of our life can be futile.


Please let me know if I can get you more information about WeHeal methodology as outlined in their recent book “Wellness to Wonderful,” practical advice to transform health and how it changes lives, or set up a time for you to chat with Matt and Alona.



Touted as doctors of the future by Dean Ornish, MD and with their work supported by many experts including Sanjay Gupta, MD, Dr Alona Pulde and Dr Matthew Lederman combine conventional Western medicine, Chinese medicine, Lifestyle medicine, Nonviolent Communication, Polyvagal Theory, and Trauma-Informed, Somatic Principles & Pain Reprocessing to create their groundbreaking health paradigm.


They have been successful corporate leaders, starred in the life-changing documentary Forks over Knives, lectured for eCornell, served as adjunct medical school professors and corporate medical advisors, and are NY Times bestselling authors.


They have co-authored six books, including The New York Times Bestseller Forks Over Knives Plan, Forks Over Knives Family, and Keep It Simple, Keep It Whole. They co-authored The Whole Foods Diet and The Whole Foods Cookbook with John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods Market.


Most recently they co-authored, “Wellness to Wonderful,” interweaving medical science, psychology, spirituality, and life wisdom to help people achieve lasting health, vibrancy, peace, and joy. They consult for various companies and serve on advisory boards for organizations including Lifesum, Center for Nutrition Studies, and Network for NVC.


Alona Pulde, MD is a board-certified practitioner of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine & Family Medicine Physician. She is particularly passionate about supporting clients with nutrition and women’s health. 


Dr. Matthew Lederman, MD is a board-certified Internal Medicine physician & CNVC Certified Trainer of Nonviolent Communication. He is particularly passionate about integrating mind-body health treatment and providing second medical opinions for patients with persistent chronic disease.


After ten years of serving Whole Foods Market as a corporate Vice President, helping launch their national comprehensive medical & wellness centers, coaching and retreat programs, and integrated hospital and insurance networks, Dr. Pulde and Dr Lederman moved on to co-found their new venture, WeHeal, which is the culmination of decades of learning and practical experience organized into an easily accessible program that does everything just short of guaranteeing lasting health, joy and satisfaction in your life.