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The Psychology of Looking Good

Did we learn anything tonight?  Anyone listening?  The better and taller question is how do we learn best?  Through tragedy?  Over the years I’ve become quite fond of a biblical phrase that says, “Out of the mouth of babes, thou has perfected praise.”  When even children tell you you’re fat, they’re pointing out a truth for you without guile: it’s best to listen when the purity of a problem is right in front of you.  So often we turn our heads in denial because it’s just easier to do, and it doesn’t jam up our comfort

Life Changes With Filippo with Filippo Voltaggio, and special guest, Italian composer Stefano Tomaselli

The Conversation From A Man's Perspective with LeVannah Forrest! Discussion about Black History Month!

For Many years Beth has been a medium bringing forward messages from the Ascended Masters, Archangels and Galactics fostering a deeper understanding of the Highest Teachings.

As we are on the verge of experiencing decloakings, landings, and all the related changes, I find myself discussing fascinating topics which will better prepare us all for this New Reality.

Sun of God University with The Hosts - show #21 on BBS Radio

A Fireside Chat with Lance White, aka Zany Mystic

Vinny & I talk about how he jumped into activist broadcasting full time and we touch upon global issues as well as some of the more "esoteric" aspects of the underbelly of life.  Example:  one of his guests is a 33rd degree Mason who is a whistleblower.  We delve into the topics of Super Soldiers, time travel, 9/11 and the New Age movement.  

Life is as precious as death for what they both bring us, and in between these two points of origin stands a chance for us to understand the meaning of what we do through poetry.  It is in the love we have for the written word that makes us see the things we would not otherwise do to better control and appreciate the intent of our acts toward one another.  Poetry is the prayer of our angst against the world, screaming to break through to a better state of mind; poetry soothes, poetry ruffles, but in every moment of the day, poetry remains a constant though time, and the beauty of

THE GOOD NEWS with Reverend Joseph Caesar Show #2