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Sound Healing, April 12, 2014

Sound Healing with David Gibson. Topic: Loving your whole self frequencies! Using Sound to Love Yourself

Sound Healing, March 29, 2014

Sound Healing with David Gibson, with special guest Darrell Brann

Topic: Harmonic Structure of the Body. Harmonizing the whole body so your energy can go forth freely, and affect the mind, body and spirit.

Guest Name, Rocky Krogfoss

Rocky Krogfoss
Rocky Krogfoss
President - New Beginnings Therapy Healing and Education Services

Business Biography Rocky Krogfoss, President New Beginnings Therapy Healing and Education Services I grew up in a violent home in the 1960’s. That mental and physical violence generated a life of struggle and constant conflict. After my marriage ended in 1993, I had an emotional breakdown in 1996. That propelled me into a medical system that did nothing to help me heal the wounded scars of my inner child. I quickly discovered I had to heal myself and found an incredibly talented alternative healer whom I formed a strong relationship with as a client and a friend. I experienced her loving gift as she began unraveling the myriad of self loathing beliefs imprinted deep into my mindset. As a result of her work with me for over 10 years and my healing of the wounds of my inner child started to reveal a new kinder, gentler ME. I discovered a new passion, the science of Emotional Energy. As I searched for answers, new scientific discoveries marched in lock step with my ability to understand outside the box wisdom and how these truths began to align to all these new scientific discoveries. I began to perform healing work using my own inner wisdom and experiences from my healing journey to discover I have an amazing gift. People felt incredibly better after I interacted with them. I started working with women who had migraine headaches, healing each one in 20 m inutes or less. I then expanded into all physical pain with the same results. The next stage was mental health, and it took many kore sessions but I am proud to say that I have successfully helped people heal all of these conditions successfuly to bring them back into a positive vibrancy which cannot be measured. My journey has taken me to the heart of Quantum Physics Research, Emotional Energy Research, and Consciousness Energy Research. All these combined have laid out a new way of thinking about “who we really are”, and how our thoughts, feelings, and beliefs directly impact our day to day life experiences and our well being. I began creating workshops that have evolved and taken complex science down to a wonderful state of simplicity with clarity. For over 10 years, I performed core belief healings and helped women and men heal a myriad of conditions that current medical processes cannot. Migraine Headaches, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, Panic Attacks, Severe Anxiety, Bipolar Symptoms, Anger Management, Suicidal Thinking, Grief Counselling and so much more. I have been told that my presence and my passion come through in my genuine love for all people. The business world would benefit immensely by hearing what I have to say, and begin learning how to generate higher profits, higher productivity, a positive workplace culture, and lower costs. Today, I have multiple presentations ready for many diverse situations. Business Success, Relationships, Healing Pain and Depression Without Drugs, Men’s Workshops, Women’s Workshops, Couples Workshops. I am proud of my dedication and perseverance to be who I am today, a vibrant and gifted speaker, a stress reduction counselor and a teacher of advanced wisdom that will shift the mindsets of people everywhere. Letting go of old unworthiness beliefs, reduce stress dramatically and reinstall new empowering beliefs, will generate new positive possibilities. I share this information with you in the belief it will help you understand who I am and what my gifts can do to make this planet and its inhabitants a better place to live and work together. Rocky Krogfoss, President New Beginnings Therapy Healing and Educational Services


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