Free Energy

Guest, Mark Stansberry

Guest Occupation: 
Businessman, humanitarian, energy leader

Zero Point, April 15, 2006

The Debut of ZERO POINT with Dr. Christopher Holmes on BBS Radio!

Guest, Sterling Allan

Guest Occupation: 
CEO, Free Energy Technologies Researcher, Exotic Energy Explorer, New Energy Congress Founder, Writer, Speaker, Radio Show Host

Guest, Jeane Manning

Guest Occupation: 
Sociologist, Writer, Editor, Counsellor, Executive Director, Publicist, Clean Energy Activist, Author, Speaker

Guest, John Riley

Guest Occupation: 
Special Effects Expert, Alternative Energy Researcher, Inventor

Guest, John Searl

Guest Occupation: 
Alternative Energy Generator Developer

Guest, Christopher Dunn

Guest Occupation: 
Craftsman, Machinist, Programmer, Engineer, Author, Researcher

Guest, Peter Kulish

Guest Occupation: 
Founder, Director, Researcher, Scientist, Inventor, Teacher

Guest, John Hutchinson

Guest Occupation: 
Scientist, Researcher, Engineer, Inventor


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