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Fitness Expert, Video Workout Series Developer, Fitness Trainer, Casting Director, Choreographer, Writer, Proucer, Violinist, Vocalist, Songwriter, Aerobic Instructor, Entrepreneur
Author, Nutritional Performance Coach, Life Management Consultant, Professional Speaker, Personal Success Coach, Entrepreneur, Nutritional Counselor
Grandmaster of Dragon Gate Sanctuary, Director of Gaguazhang, Healer, Acupuncturist, Teacher, Instructor, Spiritual Coach, Martial Artist
Poet, Fund Raiser, Social Worker, Inspirational Speaker, Diagnosised with Polio, Author
Otolaryngologist, Surgeon, Author, Assistant Professor, Integrative Medicine Reseacher
Body Expert, Accountant, Teacher, Yoga Instructor, Wellness Coach, Keynote Speaker, Columnist, Motivator, Hatha Yoga Instructor, Pilates Instructor, Author
Preventive Medicine Pioneer, Integrative Medicine Authority, Clinical Nutrition Expert, Physician, Surgeon, Energy Coach, Weight Loss Motivator
Educator, Yoga Instructor, Physical Therapist, Writer, Health Care Activist, Columnist
Humanitarian, Actress, Holistic Nutrition Advocate, Author, Spiritual Wellness Motivator
Health Avocate, Coach, Trainer, Researcher, Consultant, Health Educator