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On The Level with JLouis Mills

​Guest, Tai Emery

Dr Ginas Radio Chat with Dr Gina R Prince

​Guests, Gospel Recording Artist, Aliya Hall, Comedian Gina G and Personal Fitness Trainer, Elizabeth Brooks

Life With The Girlfriends with Christine Marie Peters & Julie Peters

Topic:  This week Christine Marie and Julie find a way to talk about getting audible signs, what evolution is about now, and clown orgies? Enjoy.

An inspirational keynote speaker, performer and highly acclaimed Yoga Master with in-depth training in holistic medicine. Knowing how to achieve personal balance is like.

John Barbours World with John Barbour

Guests, Susan Lindauer and JP Sottile

Bill Cosby was convicted on three counts of sexual assault. That seems like nothing considering the numerous victims who have come forward with evidence which suggests he is a serial rapist who drugged his victims.  Karen has been thinking a lot about the lack of discernment between a case like this and the hysteria of the #MeToo "movement" which lumps leering and sexual innuendo together with rape and sexual assault. This case also points to the lure of celebrity and the deadly danger of elevating human beings to the status of gods and kings.

Rio Bravo Music Live with Dougie Crockett, Friend of the Songwriter - featuring new music coming on BBS Radio!