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Trauma-Informed Resilience Coach, Integrative Mental Health Practitioner, and Plant Medicine Guide

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Negative beliefs subtly convince us to look for the truth about ourselves in the wrong places


Miss Tina Show

Why Don’t My Relationships Work? What I AM Doing Wrong?

The Metaphysical Hour with Julia Cannon and Tracie Mahan

Unwavered Success With Mell B with Mell Balment

Mell Balment is a mindset mentor, intuitive healer, and speaker on Perspective Shifts and Empathic Elevation.

Finding Your Peace with Shelly J. Miller

Copyright 2021, Shelly J. Miller.  All rights reserved.

Episode 14: Grateful

Reclaiming Authenticity with Dr James Houck

Part 2 - The illusion of negative beliefs that convince us to tie ourselves to self-loathing, self-defeating & learned helplessness

The Power of Synergy with Gabrielle Cardona

Every Day Peace with Dr Dravon James

A Dress the Color of the Moon with Jennifer Irwin, and Wrong Lanes Have Right Turns with Michael Phillips

Famed author Jennifer Irwin joins the show to share the inspiration and insight behind her newest novel. Michael Phillips discusses the significance of understanding and avoiding the school-to-prison pipeline.