ET Yoga, March 29, 2014

ET Yoga with Charles Green This Epidode featured 'Debunking Hawking-No God Behind the Big Bang' and provides detailed suggestions relating to how taking 100% responsibility for your outer experience not only empowers you to make changes in the reflection; but also frees you from the past. 

The Beauty Files with Juanita, March 28, 2014

The Beauty Files with Juanita interviews with:

Amber Enfield, Kara Allan, Chef Richard Johnson

Guest, Dr Julian Vasquez Heilig

Guest Occupation: 
Associate Professor, Researcher, Blogger, Speaker, Community Activist, Talk Radio Host

Golden Memories Piano Requests, March 26, 2014

Golden Memories Piano Requests with Steve Dallas! Golden oldies played to perfection!

My guest this Wednesday evening is Mary Pustateri. She is first and foremost a dear friend; beyond that she is a composer, singer, teacher, cancer survivor. There will be lots of stories and singing; you can count on that!

Guest, Max Geller

Guest Occupation: 

Guest Name, Florence Strang and Susan Gonzalez

Florence Strang and Susan Gonzalez
Florence Strang and Susan Gonzalez
Registered Psychologist

Florence Strang, B.A., B.Ed., M.Ed., is a Registered Psychologist with more than twenty years of experience in the fields of Education and Psychology. Through her counseling practice, she has taught people to use the power of positive thinking to heal their troubled minds. After being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, Florence began to blog “The Perks of Having Cancer”, as a way to help her stay positive through difficult cancer treatments. Little did she know when she began this blog, that she would be helping thousands of others to find hope and inspiration. Florence’s story of battling cancer with an unwavering faith and an unbeatable positive attitude is told in Woman’s World Magazine (April, 2012), and Chicken Soup for the Soul: The Power of Positive (©2012.) Susan Gonzalez, R.N., BSN, earned her nursing degree in New York in 1986 and has been helping people “get well” ever since. But no matter where her nursing career path led her, it was empowering patients with knowledge that she loved the most. Diagnosed with cancer in 2005, Susan had a unique perspective on the disease, being a nurse in the patient’s role. (something nurses are terrible at, by the way) She took that knowledge and her passion for finding natural cures to fight disease and started writing a blog for those who wanted to make simple changes for healthy living with an emphasis on avoiding cancer. With 100 Perks of Having Cancer plus 100 Health Tips for Surviving It, Susan hopes to reach many more people with the message that making small lifestyle changes can lead to achieving optimum health and happiness.


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