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ET Yoga with Charles Green

Are there Vampires, Connection with thought and the pyramids, secrets about Romania, techniques to raise consciousness and reality creation

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland

ECETI News, Looking Behind the Curtain

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure, with Executive Producer Dorothy

Guests, Co-Founds of Teens at the Door, Chloe Berkowitz and Hugo Chiasson, and Musician Ryoji Inatsugi

Featuring Interview Guests, Teenagers, Juniors at Geffen Academy at UCLA, and Co-Founders of, Teens at the Door, (TATD), Hugo Chiasson and Chloe Berkowitz; and Performance Guest, Singer / Songwriter / Solo Musician from Japan Bringing the Joy of Music to Young Ones, Ryoji Inatsugi on The LIFE CHANGES Show Episode 762

New Realities with Alan Steinfeld

UFO Expert Linda Moulton Howe on the Passion for ET Contact coming to Sedona Ascension Retreats

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland

End of the WEF and Different Perspectives on Gaza

Raising Expectations with Pastor Joe Schofield, Stefanie and Dr Craig Thayer, Dr Paul Hall, and Ron Greer

Guest, Richard Ray, Retired Anchor/Reporter at Fox 4 News in Dallas

Here We Stand with Reverend Kevin D. Annett

You get justice by creating it yourself: How to birth our sovereign power, with Kevin and Owen.

Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger

Guest, Wendy Kennedy, intuitive, empath, channel bringing in galactic wisdom for an earthly life.