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Lox Tawk Radio with Kid Marshall

"That's Not the Half Of It"
There is just so much more....but before we get to full of ourselves, "That's Not the Half Of It"  will be the featured phrase for tonight's conversation.

​Like....what we think we know about reality.  Boy, that's really not the half of it....not even 1 to the 1,384,738,757,039 of it.

Then there's half-baked, half ass (as in ass whole), half again, half to (as in what you gotta do), half as much, and last but not least........ half time.

"Go Figure"

I mean who would ever have thought that at our age, Rochelle and I would still be broadcasting our show "Insight Out--the Naked Truth"  Go Figure
So we decided to make Go Figure our featured phrase for tonight's program.

​Here's a sampling of some "Go Figure's"  that we might discuss:

A very weird species like human beings would show up on some tiny planet in a vast universe--Go Figure

The most dangerous issue affecting our lives (Climate de-stabilization) gets almost no mention by prospective presidential candidates --Go Figure

As You Wish Talk Radio with James Gilliland. Tonight's show covers serious topics in a humorous way with guest Steve Bhaerman an internationally known author, humorist, and workshop leader. For more than 25 years, he has written and performed as Swami Beyondananda, the "Cosmic Comic." Swami's comedy has been described both as "comedy disguised as wisdom" and "wisdom disguised as comedy." Noted author Marianne Williamson called him “The Mark Twain of our generation.”

"Now You Tell Me"
"But we've been telling you."
But just to make sure you know that you've been told, "Now You Tell Me" will be our "Turn of Phrase" for tonight's conversation.

"What are we supposed to get out of your program," asks a long time listener.
"I thought you'd never ask," I replied because........
 "I'd Thought You'd Never Ask" is the focus of tonight's program.

​But since you asked, among other things, our hope is that you would: 

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