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We thrive of from the experience of waiting. Whether we are hoping for email, or texts, or FaceBook, or Tweets, or checking Linkedin, we have something we know is coming our way. We have multiple machines, computers, tablets, phones, so we feel compelled to be available to those who call out to us. In the next hour we will speak to Michael Levin, an individual who is not just a highly successful entrepreneur, but travels to train others and motivational speak on how to be successful in business.

Real Estate Answer Man Show with Tony Martinez and special guest, Phil Stevenson

This show “proves” that getting it together has many meanings. For one of my guests – Karyn Beach – it means learning to organize and motivate yourself so you can reach your potential. While for the other, it might mean keeping yourself constantly in touch with what is happening in the music world so you can not only promote it but also love the many rewards it can offer.

on air radio personality, manager of musical acts