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Associate Professor of music business at Belmont University, Author, Entertainment Lawyer

Life Changes with Filippo with Filippo Voltaggio - Redesign world system that supports life for all of life! Development of new systems of economics and governance that supports everyone! Guest Daniel Schmachtenberger, Founder and Research Director of Critical Path Global

Social Engineer, Evolutionary Philosopher and strategist, Founder of Critical Path Global

InnerViews with Donna Visocky, and Special Guest Nik Askew

Real Estate Answer Man Show with Tony Martinez!

Avoid Forclosures using a Short Sale! Coming Back into the Market! Money Monday - Boomerang Buyers with Tony Martinez

Mortgage Bankers:

Keith Guillarmod - 954-557-6696


P.J. Vilardo - 714-614-1211

Floyd Wickman, Co-Author of “Lessons From My Brother Zig”

In the next hour, Linzi's guest will be Bobby Anderson. Bobby has worked for years in the corporate world and in a variety of roles. Bobby worked in the private sector of government and he has also worked as a high-level business consultant. Bobby has owned his own company supporting the rights of California workers and dedicating himself to Health, Human Services, and Community Projects. Bobby will talk about some of the most difficult challenges he has faced; these are vulnerabilities that many of you are currently facing, or have dealt with in your life.