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International Fashion Icon, Voiceover Actor, and Professional Boxing Promoter

The Bev Moore Show with guest Actress, Voice Over Talent and Fashion Model, Lisa Minakowski.

The Bev Moore Show with guest Camille Schrier, Miss America 2020

Life Changes Show with Filippo Voltaggio and cohost Mark Laisure, with Executive Producer Dorothy

Ready? We Are Entering a Brave New World – Ep736

Featuring Performance Guest, Sacred Sound Alchemist and Shamanic Sound Healer, Rasa Priya; and Interview Guest, Accredited Lifestyle Astrologer and Founder of Astrology Zone, Susan Miller, on The LIFE CHANGES Show, Ep. 736 Titled, “Ready? We Are Entering a Brave New World”

Interview Guest: SUSAN MILLER; and Performance Guest: RASA PRIYA

CEO of Image Factory Productions, performer, video IMAG expert, music photographer, media content creator, & video & production manager
Miss America 2020, Creator of Her Royal Scientist, Pharmacy