STAR SAVOY, professional astrologer, Tarot reader, and Intuitive, joins Caroline to take a look at the Astrological chart for the United States of America. With our nation's Birthday coming up soon, let's see what is going on.

Guest, Lisa Barretta

Guest Occupation: 
Artist, Psychic Reader, Reiki Practitioner, Author

Guest, PMH Atwater

Guest Occupation: 
Authority on Near Death, Near Death Researcher, Scientist, Author, Writer, Columnist, Director, Forms Analyst, Entrepreneur, Altered States Investigator, Hypnotist, Numerologist, Astrologer, Speaker, Therapeutic Counselor

Guest, Antonia Lau

Guest Occupation: 
Metaphysical Researcher, Counseler, Educator, Instructor, Speaker, Writer, Psychic, Talk Show Host

Guest, Cal Garrison

Guest Occupation: 
Astrologer, Author, Columnist, Editor in Chief

Guest, Rose-Anne Antich

Guest Occupation: 
Psychic, Astrologer, Consultant, Former Senator

Guest, Jens Jerndal

Guest Occupation: 
Diplomate, Investment Counsellor, Professional Futurist, Speaker, Author, Lecturer

Guest, Mahala Gayle

Guest Occupation: 
Astrologer, Writer, Lecturer, Minister, Editor, Mundane Astrology Expert

Guest, Stephan Martin

Guest Occupation: 
Astronomer, Educator, Writer, Professor, Physicist, Astronomical Researcher, Observatory Supervisor, Philosopher, Cosmologist, Consciousness Faculty Member, Lecturer

Guest, Jessica Murray

Guest Occupation: 
Astrologer, Writer, Cultural Commentator, Artist and Author


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