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Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dean, Writer, Educator, Philosopher, Poet
Playwright, Author, Holy Grail Researcher, Writer, Columnist, Secret Society Explorer
Art Collector, Author, Count, History Scholar
Musician, Composer, Live Studio Sound Engineer, Bass Player, Guitar Player, Singer, Spiritual Teacher, Psychic, Channeler, Speaker, Healer of Vibrational Medicine, Author
Author, Composer, Speaker, Playwright, Artist, Spiritual Teacher, Disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda, Superconsciousness Researcher, Meditation Expert
Author, Playwright, Writer, Director, Actor, Producer, Professor, Psychology Researcher, Doctor in Political Science
Author, Whole Earth Festival Founder, Historian, Professor, Writer, Poet, Artist, Peace Activist, Scholar, Mayan Calendar Mathematician, Visionary, Speaker
Author, Editor, Business Manager, Board Game Inventor, Creative Consultant, Writer, Salesman
Writer, Producer, Performer, Singer, Philanthropist, Linguist, Songwriter, Composer