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Hollow Earth Discovered with Billie Woodard and Jane Stevens

Guest: Q

Part 8

Pet Psychic, Animal Telepathist, Intuitive Energy Healer

Luminescence with Sharón Lynn Wyeth and guest Julie Saillant,

What is meant by Divine Flow? How did you create Divine Flow? How can understanding Divine Flow assist us to grow in consciousness? How important is meditation in getting in alignment with Divine Flow? How does one amp up Divine Flow? How is Divine Flow connected to animals and our plants?

Equine Communicator, Certified Life Optimization Coach, Intuitive Empath, Mind-Body-Soul Alignment Specialist

Shamanic Lawyer with Dr Vikke

My favorite procedure, Soul retrievals from a shamanic perspective 

Paradigm Shifters presents author Jonathan Goldman

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Meet author Jonathan Goldman. Are you aware that we have infinite realms of energy fields? They are our very own and fuel our awakenings through experience, healings, individuation and beyond.

Jonathan, an Acupuncturist, opened up during his trip on an ayuhaska journey in Brazil. His latest book, GIFT OF THE BODY, brilliantly shares to evoke your journey to a whole you through the intricacies of our energy fields. It is fascinating to be a human being.

Paradigm Shifters presents Richard Newton and Communicating With Horses

This week on Paradigm Shifters:

Paradigm Shifters Asks: What would you do if your huge beautiful animal friend started to chat with you?

Meet Richard Newton, horse communicator. Richard's deeply intuitive, lively and loving conversations with horses just flow through him and even include past life information. Richard recognizes some horses he knew during the Crusades, or various wars throughout Europe and the wild west.