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Founder and Owner of The Man Clinic and Zest Meds, Doctor
All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio with Pamela L Henderson

All Roads Lead 65 Max Radio with Pamela Lynnette Henderson

Guest, Sandi Gold, Artist, certified Expressive Art Specialist, and author of I Chose Love

Retired Fire Lieutenant Paramedic and Board of Directors at the National Alliance on Mental Illness NH and CEO Freedom Hill Consulting
Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger

Dare To Dream with Debbi Dachinger

Guest, Sarah R. Adams, works with clients around the world in what she calls "Intuitive Healing." This includes using homeopathy herbs, supplements, diet super foods, detoxing, energy work, essential oils, visualization, mediation, subtle energy work, and cellular work. A journey that permeates throughout the layers of your existence, into your cells, into your DNA! Sarah Adams - ET Souls, Draconians, Hybrid Program, Angels and Higher Beings.

Voices of Courage with Ken D Foster

Voices of Courage with Ken D. Foster

Title: The Courage to Step Into Life Mastery with Sherry Fernandez

Tune in as Ken D Foster takes you on a journey toward life mastery with his guest Sherry Sterling Fernandez

For nearly three decades Sherry Stirling Fernandez has been a speaker, a teacher, a mentor, and is now the author of Life Mastery: Personal Progression Toward an Infinite Potential.