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Co-Leader of the Kuntanawa Nation, Medicine Woman, Chinese Medicine Woman
Responder Resilience with David Dachinger, Dr Stacy Raymond and Bonnie C Rumilly

Join us for an emotional and inspiring episode featuring retired Fire Lieutenant/Paramedic Todd Donovan. We dive deep into his journey, exploring what triggered his depression and suicidal thoughts. We'll explore the groundbreaking world of transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and discover Todd's impactful role in the National Alliance of Mental Illness. This is an episode you won't want to miss! 

The Getting Real with Hilary Show with Hilary Burns

Title: S2 EP24 | Sandi Gold Chooses Love and Defied the Doctor's Death Sentence by 37 Years and Counting | Sandi Gold

Imagine being told you have 6 months to live?  And deciding that you just weren't going to die?  Sandi Gold didn't like how the 5 neurologists were talking to her and decided to explore other options besides death.

Call To Decision with Pastor Butch Paugh

Call To Decision with Pastor Butch Paugh

Bob Greska, maker and distributor of Carbon 60

Dr Durr's Living In The Sweet Spot with Dr. Balin A. Durr, M.D.

Illness occurs when the body is out of balance. This can show up in a whole host of ways such as pain, gut problems, headaches, infertility or an impaired immune system. Traditional Chinee Medicine including acupuncture is a holistic, alternative healthcare approach that’s been around for at least 5000 years and is used by a variety of people including top, elite athletes for a variety of health problems including addictions and sports injuries.

Spiritual Teacher, Ceremonial Leader, Integrative Wellness Expert, and Leadership Consultant