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InnerViews with Kimmie Rose and Donna Visocky! Be open to the signs and messages! Stop controlling it. Let the Ego go! Be Present! Go to Fort Collins.

The Debut show of InnerViews with Kimmie Rose and Donna Visocky on BBS Radio!

Part One of a two part series

War or peace, awakening or asleep,  the rising costs of living and the everyday news flashes of chaos can all bring anxiety and fear into our lives….even when we are doing our best to not be affected by it!  You are swimming in the river of an AMAZING TIME on our planet…HOW you navigate this stream is important!  Sri and Kira reveal why this chaos is here, and the importance for each of us to MAKE THE CHOICE as to how we will navigate these times!  The LINES ARE OPEN!  

Bestselling Author, Modern Spiritual Teacher, Conscious Chic


What if every moment, every decision, every breath was filled with extraordinary clarity?  How would your life change and how would your experience of life shift?  Sri and Kira take you on the extraordinary journey of clarity.  We are each able to access this profound gift through simple, targeted steps that are calling to you right now!  Want to know the answer to every question without doubting yourself?  Then take a deep breath, dedicate an hour to your clarity and join us for a powerful life shifting show!  

Dave and I created a very powerful show.  I had experienced his work through a "clearing/reading" earlier in the day and highly recommend him.  In this show, we discuss everything that is important, relating to the comming Shift, which we're in.  This is one of the most power-packed shows yet, and Dave masterfully shares from the high heart.