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Stephan Bodian has shifted from "mindfulness practices" to cultivating what already is, our natural state of "awakened awareness".  In his latest book, Beyond Mindfulness, we get a refreshing journey into the simplicity of our own awareness, a state which does not have to be "worked for", which is not far away, but resides in each moment and is our birthright.  This is a marvelous discussion with practical results.  His book contains simple exercises and techniques to "arrive where you already are!"  

Consciousness Review Founder

Guest Carl Boudreau shared the astrological insights that began around 2008-2012, which have been filtering into the consciousness since.  The good news is that the planets are moving into new alignments, which are more like a moving symphony, and not like the "Swing of the Pendulum", which operates historically.  Relationships will be changing in significant ways, and we get a "warning" of a spike or "hard aspect", during the week before Christmas, causing turbulence and unpredictability.  Travelers be aware.  It will end Monday.

The Metaphysical Hour with Julia Cannon, and co-host Candace Craw-Goldman

Join me as I share some tools and ideas on expanding your awakening and do a group clearing.

The Metaphysical Hour with Julia Cannon, and co-host Candace Craw-Goldman

Internationally known author, psychotherapist, and teacher of mindfulness and spiritual awakening

Affirmations For Living The most we know about astrology or horoscopes has been what we’ve read in the newspaper or had delivered to our email but how accurate are they? In truth astrology can be traced back to the 1st century BC with two varieties of astrology in existence, one that required the reading of horoscopes in order to establish precise details about the past, present and future; the other being theurgic (literally meaning 'god-work'), which emphasised the soul's ascent to the stars.