WKRP Live, May 26, 2016

WKRP Live with Cedric Miller
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Guest, Ashley J Wright

WKRP Live with Cedric Miller and guest Ashley J Wright

Listen to Jesus Lay Your Hands On Me by Ashley Wright Music

Guest, Ashley j Wright

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Ashley j Wright
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Gospel Artist
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Ashley grew up in Montgomery Al. and started singing in the choir at the age of 4, her Dad and Mother are in bible based Christians who serve as deacon and deaconess of their church she began writing and playing the piano at age 12, shortly she began playing in local studios.

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WKRP Live with Cedric Miller
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Cedric Miller

I have a desire to transport you to a world of thought upon issues like Christian Values, Life Today as a Christian, Gospel Music, the Appeal of Christianity, Contracts with God, Tenement Stories, and so much more!

We will be interviewing up and coming Gospel artists, Pastors, Community Leaders and people just like you!

We're going to figure out, together, what the heck is going on in society today! What's going wrong? How can we fix it? What's the current Human Condition? Is Humanity floundering or evolving? What does the future have in store?

It's an open forum and I encourage call-ins, so Tune in and become a part of the discussion at the global table, where all points of view are considered!