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Where Genealogy and Spirit Connect, December 15, 2009

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On, Where Genealogy and Spirit Connect
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With Host Susan E. King
Summer McStravick   /   Venus Andrecht

December 15, 2009  

Susan will share this hour with mother daughter team of Venus Andrecht and Summer McStravick. The four generations of living female family members is a genealogists delight brought to life each week throughVenus' blog, But better yet, this team has pulled together to provide some of the most spiritual and inspiring courses with Summer's Flowdreaming technique. Want to know what to do with an empty platter and a smorgasbord in full array in front of you? Susan will share her experience and how a one hour teleclass with these two individuals changed the course of her life almost one year ago. Both are radio show hosts on Contact Talk Radio, The Dear Venus Show will have you falling out of bed if that is where you choose to listen and Summer's Flowdreaming Show provides weekly exercises to get you in your flow. No need to be stuck in a rut. In addition, we will also discuss their new Flow Mojo Video Show starting soon.

Summer McStravick

Summer McStravick has cohosted over 200 hours of the radio show, Dr. Wayne Dyers Inspiration, with Dr. Wayne Dyer that achieved national exposure on XM Satellite Radio. And, as the Director of New Media for Hay House, Inc., and the Network Director of (an Internet-radio Website), shes developed and produced radio and audio programs by and for Louise Hay, Esther and Jerry Hicks (of Abraham), Suze Orman, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Gregg Braden, Joan Borysenko, Denise Linn, Marianne Williamson, Doreen Virtue, and many other leaders in the fields of self-help and spirituality.

However, Summer is also known world-over for having developed the art of Flowdreaming, a trademarked technique for manifesting that is intensely practical and yet extremely powerful, which some have called the definitive art of the Manifesting Practitioner.

Summer has the ability to not just work with, but to teach others, how to use the subtle Flow energies to repattern the underlying energetic templates of our lives. You can learn more about manifesting and the Flow through her blog and the Online Learning Library on her website, She has also created numerous instructional CDs, books, and workshops, which can also be found on her Website.

Venus Andrecht

Venus has been a practicing medium and counselor for almost thirty years, although the talent has been with her for her entire life. The extraordinary communication with the Beings has radically shifted her understanding of our place in the world.

As part of her mediumship, Venus maintains a private phone-based counseling practice as well as a blog of her latest thoughts. Her clients include regular folk as well as those in Hollywood and government. She can also be heard on her weekly Internet radio show, Dear Venus.

Her latest endeavor is a CD-set titled, God Is Always Happy: The Beginning Material. This is a transcription of the sudden communication from what Venus calls "The High Beings."

Her recent book, Certain Men: How to Un-Love Them, Un-Need Them . . . and Replace Them With a Good Guy, is based on Venus's years of helping women in her private counseling practice, and it shows women how they can assess and repair their current romantic relationship, or seek out a new, healthier one. The book is packed with her clients' stories as well as her own, and it contains dozens of unique exercises that allow you to do your own inner work so you can start attracting the right kind of relationships into your life, and leave those bad ones in the past.

In addition to her mediumship, Venus is also a Master Herbalist and iridologist, having studied with the world-famous herbalist Dr. John R. Christopher and holistic practitioner Dr. Bernard Jensen. She has been a student of Dominion Herbal College in Canada and has studied with numerous other naturopathic doctors. After having owned a store-front herb and natural products shop and developed several hugely successful health-related networking businesses, she was inspired to write a number of books, including The Outrageous Herb Lady, The Herb Lady's Notebook, Prospecting, Bad Blues, and MLM Magic.

Her successful businesses and books led to her becoming a consultant to the networking industry, as well as an international speaker, appearing on radio and T.V. Venus has also been featured in numerous national magazines and journals.

Where Genealogy and Spirit Connect

Show Host

Susan is a Genealogy columnist with The Examiner. As the Genealogy Examiner, Susans column covers cover the gamut of genealogical topics with a rare twist. Through this column Susan will be building a deeper understanding of the spiritual journey of finding our ancestors and finding ourselves. Through a deeper understanding of our history and the history of others will we be.

We live in both very exciting times and very troubling times. But we live in a time where we really do have an opportunity to change; change how we think and feel about ourselves; change how we think and feel about others. We have an opportunity to teach the next generations the importance of preservation, the importance of respect, and the importance of tolerance. There is no better modality than through the study and sharing of our genealogies, our research and through our feelings.

In this light, Susan has launched a new social network,, the place Where genealogy and spirit connect. This site is designed to assist others to embark on their own personal journey tofind your family, find yourself. Susan will be providing start-up consulting, ongoing monitoring and collaborative services as requested and special services.

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