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Visible by Numbers, 15/06/2009

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Courtesy of BBS Radio
Special Guest : LISA WILLIAMS Clairvoyant Medium
Author of "Life Among the Dead" Star of Lifetime TV'S Voices From the Other Side
and Life Among the Dead
Lisa Williams
June 15, 2009
Monday 5pm PST & 8pm EST
Visible By Numbers

Host of Lifetime TV's 'Lisa Williams:
Life Among the Dead'

Lisa Williams, Medium and Clairvoyant, and popular star of "Life Among the Dead" as seen on Lifetime TV as a special guest. Alison Baughman, host of "Visible By Numbers" will be interviewing Lisa about her life as a medium and the lines will be open to take your calls and questions. Lisa will also be telling us about her upcoming book "Life Among the Dead". This is an exciting opportunity to connect with Lisa so be sure to mark your calendars because you won't want to miss this interview!

In Lisa's words: "When I was a little girl, I discovered I had a gift. Communicating with those who are no longer with us. Some people say what I do is scary other people say I change their lives. I just say what I hear and see and I see a lot.

I work with your loved ones and spirit guides to help resolve past issues, inform your of situations that you may find yourself in, and give closure and healing. I am now able to share these gifts with you through large audience readings and my TV show, Lisa Williams: Life Among the Dead on Lifetime TV

Visible by Numbers

Show Host

When it comes to self-enlightenment, Numerology helps you to understand yourself, your underlying motivations and validates who you are and why you are the way you are. It inspires you to learn self love and self acceptance. Most often a Numerology chart serves as an explanation for events in a person’s life. Certainly Numerology can bring you clarity about your life and your reason for being and offer guidance for the future. "When it comes to self-enlightenment, Numerology validates.

I cannot begin to tell you of all the clients I have worked with who sat in astonishment after review of their chart. Truth is, Numerology is very accurate." Numerology not only identifies your abilities and talents but also the lessons and challenges your soul sought to experience during this journey we call life. Understanding your Numerology, simply put, validates your life experiences. Understanding yourself, puts you on the path for your greatest achievements. It is my deepest intention and greatest joy to be able to help people through my knowledge of Numerology.