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UFOs and the Paranormal, 06/10/2007

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Jim Marrs "Psi Spies"
In this show, cutting edge researcher Jim Marrs talks about his explosive book "Psi Spies" which blows the lid off of government sponsered psychic research involving the phenomenon or remote viewing.  Marrs discusses what remote viewing is, how the government came to discover its validity and how they used it to fight the cold war, prevent espionage crimes and potential assassinations, to spy on the Russians and so much more.  He discusses several of the well-known remote viewers, including controversial new information, and also shares his own personal experiences with the phenomenon. Has our government actually used psychics in the Gulf War?  Marrs says, absolutely yes.  He also discusses how remote viewing has been used to study the UFO phenomenon.  A truly incredible show.  You will be stunned and amazed.

UFOs and the Paranormal

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UFOs & The Paranormal - Preston Dennett began investigating UFOs and the paranormal in 1986 when he discovered that his family, friends and co-workers were having dramatic unexplained encounters. Since then, he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. He is a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher, an out-of-body explorer, and the author of ten books and more than one hundred articles on UFOs and the paranormal. His articles have appeared in numerous magazines including Fate, Atlantis Rising, MUFON UFO Journal, Nexus, Paranormal Magazine, UFO Magazine and others. His writing has been translated into several different languages including German, Portuguese, Chinese and Icelandic. He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs. His research has been presented in the LA Times, the LA Daily News and the Dallas Morning News. He has taught classes on various paranormal subjects and lectures across the United States. He currently resides in Canoga Park, California.