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The Mystic Oracle, April 26, 2010

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Courtesy of BBS Radio

The Mystic Oracle hosted by Sharon Jeffers
on BBS Radio April 5, 2010

Do we have a destiny? I believe that we do, and from what I have seen....

It's All in the Cards! The regular deck of playing cards that is...

Originating from ancient mystical roots, where they were hidden andheld as a powerful tool for divination and time keeping, the 52 Cardshave a history that is wide reaching and filled with stories of mysteryand power. Virtually every country in the world has it's own stylizedversion of the deck of 52 Cards.

It was from this deck that the Tarot was born. In the distant past, they were used for military strategies, and the foretelling of war. In our world today the deck is widely used for amusement - to have fun - for gambling in hopes of material gain, and fortune telling to give us guidance - we play solitaire when we're alone, and teach our children to play card games to pass the time.

It is believed by many that the card deck was our first calendar. There are striking similarities to our present day calendar:

  • there are 52 cards in the deck and 52 weeks in the year.
  • there are 4 Suits and 4 seasons.
  • there are 13 cards in a Suit and 13 Lunar cycles in a year and 13 weeks in each season.
  • there are 12 Court Cards(jacks, queens, and kings), and 12 months.
  • there are 7 periods of 52 days in the cards and 7 days in the week.
  • When you add the cards together (1+2+3, etc.. through the entire deck) the total is 364. Add the Joker as 1, and the total is 365, the number of days in the year.

The Mystic Oracle

Show Host

Sharon Jeffers is the author of Cards of Destiny ~ A Birthday Book and Daily Divination Guide. She has been doing readings for over three decades, and a student of the mystic science of the cards since 1990. Sharon is known for her predictive accuracy and her insightfulness regarding personal direction and relationships.

Sharon Jeffers is the author of the award winning books, Love and Destiny ~ Discover the Secret Language of Relationships, and Cards of Destiny! A Birthday Book and Daily Divination Guide. Discover the secrets hidden in your birthday, your relationship connections, and your life path.

Open lines for calls. Join me... I promise it will be enlightening.

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