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Starlight Radio, March 22, 2006

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Starlight Radio - March 22, 2006

Starlight Radio

Starlight Radio Show with Dr. Louis Turi
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Dr. Louis Turi

Read his prediction hits: 9-11, Asia Tsunami, both shuttle disasters, WA Sniper, Saddam's fall and his son's deaths, POW's liberation, Deadly virus, N.Y. Black out, FBI/CIA restructure, Kobe earthquakes, Katrina, Rita, Wilma hurricanes and all major news at

- Listen Live to learn how to obtain the best seller Moon Power 2005 Free!
- My connection with Nostradamus
- Some of my best predictions
- 1st UFO experiences started at the age of 7 years old in France.
- 2nd UFO experience with my sister Noelle lost in the French mountain (19 years old)
- 3rd UFO experience (see pics) Nov 11 1991 10 –30 PM (a flying saucer above the car and missing time with my brother).
- 4th UFO experience (Aug 11 1991) My wife and I abducted for over 90 miles and the loss of our child – The trip in the saucer and the (UFO legacy/downloading) left by the ET on the working of the Universal mind, its interaction upon the human psyche and the building of our solar system. (Note the explanation of those 4 experiences will take a long time).
- Explanation of the Dragon Head and Tail and how it affects the world affairs
- Nostradamus curse and predictions and his homeopathic medicine methodology
- Where does the moon comes from?
- What is the purpose of Jupiter?
- Apocalyptic time and the age of Pisces
- The New Age of Aquarius
- How does the Universe interact with the human psyche
- My view on predictions and who makes them

Here is a description of what Dr. Turi can do on the air for you:

- Q&A pertaining to the Caller's Personal Forecast & Guidance
- Q&A pertaining to Nostradamus' Homeopathic Healing
- Q&A pertaining to the Dragon's Head and Tail
- Q&A pertaining to Nostradamus' Astrology
- Q&A pertaining to the Subconscious power
- Q&A pertaining to Dream Interpretations
- Q&A pertaining to General Metaphysics
- Q&A pertaining to the Moon Power
- Q&A pertaining to the Transits
- Q&A pertaining to Past Lives
- Q&A pertaining to Talismans
- Q&A pertaining to the Tarot
- Q&A pertaining to Omens
- Q&A pertaining to Spirits
- Q&A pertaining to UFOs
- General teachings of Universal Laws
- Famous people's Charts and Fates
- Serials Killers Charts and fates
- General Universal Predictions
- Cities Countries Forecasts
- All Mystical Topics
- Current New

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