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Sri and Kira Live, May 3, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to 3 mg or Alive other worlds been steaming way out of control we are all speeding up AR-15 to a new level. Yearning for the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean I mean like you to open up your mind body and spirit time to the shifting bringing you fresh perspectives Timeless wisdom or three and Kira
Namaste and welcome everybody to Sri and Kira live I am Sri Lanka Buddhist this elimination between Street and I right just feel that energy pulling in the energy really feel that coming into you is about the return of the mystical Magi through expansion and contraction we have a huge Sunday service I had for you today and are so grateful that you are here this is not seem to notice this is a time I lied prior times I tried to pay attention to not only what your mind is instructing you to look at but what's your soul is wanting you to see they aren't always the same thing
how we're going to unpack all of this today welcomed first and foremost over at YouTube official stream Kara hi everybody we do see some comments popping up here and I are glad that you are all there and I are unable to be live with you in the chat until the second half of our show so during our second hours when we jump in over there at the chat YouTube so stay with us there's a lot of reasons to stay for both hours of this incredible Sunday service also want to give a big hello we love you over to where you can watch the show you can hear the show and you can call into our 800 number 888-627-6008 again that's 888-627-6008. Line fills up really fast so write down that number if you call and it's busy just hold on to it because then we would say hello and goodbye to someone along would open up and maybe it's your day to have that line also saying a big love you over to Oneness talk radio. Com where you can listen you can watch you can chat
you can also dial into that call board and that call boards going to be opening any moment now at 517-208-1500 again that's 51708 1501 not call board open you want to jump in there and in that call board if you are wanting to talk to Sri Lanka and asked about his incredible of basic Quantum medical intuitive experience and end any symptoms you might be having he is happy to do that and are you would want to do the star 5 to raise a hand her over there and of course Facebook we love you thank you for being here all of our Affiliates YouTube Oneness talk radio we love you all and thank you and if my husband is looking a little distracted it's because he's getting bored up over there to 517-208-1500 and that it was a big I think the fact that we're still pulling up is called board is telling you the energy of May I know you
my eyes are already feeling it and then really moving into it and this is an wow we got that call blowing up heads.
Yeah yeah so you got all the numbers looks like we're going to have a really interactive show today love in love and loving this 517-208-1500 or of course 888-627-6008 so let's do it bring your hands to your heart and all these May energy predictions and what's happening is you're here with us live right now brick enhancer your third chakra and if your third chakra is radiating this passionate Ascension energy then send it out with even greater proportion of love and illumination and if you're feeling a little like wow there's a struggle going on in here right now then please breathe in that which is being radiated for all of us right now and it's beautiful Community because each week when we get together when we come together in this incredible moment we form a community we stay
and hand in hand and the energy and the blessing of shree and I sharing with all of you the information that has been gifted to us through the Divine directors in the ascended masters and all of the Arkansas this community stands as a circle of Oneness we stand together and so as these times are moving so hard right now there we are released your breath yeah release your solar plexus a little bit a little better and so the first thing we want to do before we go too deep into everything is to offer you our brand new we're going to be doing this every week our weekly Community schedule for this week now what this is is as we've all been sharing with you during our 30 days of fasting what shree and I are intending to do is make available as many opportunities as possible for as many of us can come together as possible and so this is this week's calendar we will
the offering you our calendar every week on this show and we will also be posting it at our website and so this week today of course every Sunday we hope that you are always with us right here every Sunday that just goes without saying but then let's talk about this week Monday tomorrow night Monday magic right tree and I have now committed that Monday magic is never going to stop we will always hold a Monday magic and it is available for a donation and all 100% of those donations go to help keep our indigenous Clinic alive and you can come in for a little as a dollar if you want to do it's it's up to you we have suggested donations in there but every Monday shree and I go deep into the work and right now we're in the lessons of Life found and powerful and this is a beautiful class and the nice thing about this is every Monday we not only are opening a greater depth of
Consciousness we do take questions and it's a very beautiful Community like hearted Souls who gather so please consider joining us in depth teaching but it's also Monday night's is where we take it really those of you that are really saying yeah I want to do this I don't want to be in density I want to do the work come join us on Monday nights at Severy single Monday from here on out we have decided then committed to always being with you Sunday afternoons and Monday night's alright this Tuesday of course Soul mirrors at 5 p.m. Pacific time this week my monthly co-host Jess giunta enjoying to me and we are talking about a lot of important issues that are going to expand the May energy update so make sure you make a note and join us then how about Wednesday these are all free guys Wednesday May 6th at 10 a.m. Pacific time I'm excited about this
we are going to be interviewed by tzadik raw and this man has been a spiritual Pioneer for the last 30 years really bringing it Forward opening The Cutting Edge and bring it into the mainstream at 10 a.m. Pacific on Wednesday like I'm losing my breath on this one all of you that are registered for the lineage holders this Thursday be with us why this is the culminating let me talk about this morning minute this is the culminating super full moon Quantum time job at 5 p.m. Thursday night that is the lineage holders Gathering losing my breath already and Saturday to special events this coming Saturday shree and I are really work
as far as we can so 9 a.m. Saturday morning oh my goodness gracious Consciousness with healing SRI series that expands everything that's happening right now we're going to talk more about that in the relationship begins I am so excited expansion of your healing capacity experiential opportunity to discover your Quantum alchemical power so join me Saturday for the next three Saturdays. Incredible healing expansion plus and I were invited back to appear again at the new life virtual Expo we will be appearing there this is all being done online check-in you might want to join this Expo next weekend which would be on Saturday May 7th and 8th die it's like $10 and we'll get the link up to you so that you can register
culminating event so to speak on Saturday afternoon flower really expanding into the Alchemy of self Ascension and these times so I'm and we're honored to share it with you so thank you thank you thank you for supporting self Ascension because as we support self Ascension we are supporting the expansion of the planet so she has think we should live anime April wasn't experienced month and what an experience it has been met is a choice month so that means that everything that you're going to be experiencing everything that you're aware of every every interaction every breath is all about choice this is a truly profound Choice month now let's look at the up level calendar for this month remember that
the up level calendar when this came through I was told the graphics to create the quotes to put in how the energy flow would work and sometimes people have said to me will how come you up level calendar doesn't have this this or not on it has on it exactly what I was told to put on it however would I have been sharing through some of our Mastery mentorship Gatherings is that what may may not have realized is that when I created the art for each month that was also part of was on the calendar and it may this is really important to pay attention to especially the opening for this month you are Timeless you are Timeless and this came for the ascended masters at Lake atitlan and Industry every time I think about the time you got the picture of the ascended masters and that maybe we should get that picture out there again and if not we'll get it
when she and I were living at Lake audit lawn oh here it is we do you know what he live he just pulled a frame you guys need to see this because this really will anchor this you are Timeless energy so I don't have it on digital but yeah you can look at the ascended Master walking is this was our property this was the dock when you came into tosa La Laguna and it was a beautiful afternoon and you and SRI was compelled to take this picture and it is the one and only and that is your that's a hard photograph there is no retouching going on on that and so we have held on to that that forever because when we lived at like audit lawn the ascended masters told us all about the the ascended masters about it like audit lawn and why it was there and then all the other ascended masters
that's where I send a numerology came back through me a lot happened at Lake atitlan the cards of clarity were birth there and so it was really quite revelatory quote that I was asked to use was the one from the ascended masters at Lake atitlan whom we just showed you I mean is that amazing so you are Timeless this is also a Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation month and in this month that energy is going to be experienced via expansion and contraction where I talk a lot more about that now I want to call the art to your attention because in this month the art has a lot to do with it you'll notice that there is this incredible orb this incredible or BC it it's this is beautiful void like creation power and that is wrapped in a in like a crystalline Wylie to call a Chris
lasso it's like it's being burst out of that Ray of crystalline life it's that seventh really 33rd dimensional but coming in through right now most profoundly 7th being worth it's literally birthing to us and this is why the return the Magi is so profound in this month and so this huge orb of illuminated co-creation energy started really infiltrating us the last week of April and started floating started its connection if you look down at the 16th and 23rd of the month you see the higher 5th dimensional that's like the the portal leading up out into the seventh Dimension so you see that energy coming up then you'll see what's happening is that the two are one already it's in that energy but when these two come together which is going to happen on the full moon of the 7th that orbit
creation is going to ignite and it's going to be like a how do I describe this like a brilliant flash of light
in your life in your world experience it will be like a single flash of light on the full moon and that's single flash of light is calling you and will and will continue to invite you to be pulling in your higher energy look at the third tenth 17th 24th you see the the Sunday's notice but up here right now today we are in our Crown chakra we are being called this month is unique this month is different I'm going to get you in just a moment when we close the calendar but this is a must that you have not this is an energy if you choose to embrace it and I want you all to be relaxing as you're hearing this that you are actually being consciously see how the eyes are we heading up toward the sphere you are being asked to bring that flash of light into your life to break free of the bullshit to break free of that which seeks to stop you
however you see the 31st the corner of the calendar is where it's at the heart chakra this month is about calling in extra support from the higher chakras into our heart chakra so that we can anchor our heart chakra and in June literally erupt back out into our divine Galactic blueprints for what I called jettison and so that of course all of this and then we have the new moon up Levelland and we're just going to take a break from this right now because I don't like I don't even know if I'm still here with you guys when I pulled into this month ahead it's all about this it's all about this which is why I created this graphic which will talk about more in a moment you know we receive information as energy and our eyes sometimes like to say oh it's a picture however there's Coatings and pictures there's shapes
call Synergy it's the same with the word especially spiritual text there is a weaving of energy beyond the face value of the words and our minds always get in the way because our minds are trying to impose meaning this is what this word means no that's what it means in the context of your lifetime that may not be what that word means in the context of the one delivery
yeah you're important to be able to look beyond the first blush
you know I just I happen to catch right here over in the chat again we can't write in there from knee lock Infinity I'm giving birth to my baby boy tomorrow and thank you for my gift I'm sorry but I just have to share your your your giving birth to all of you all of you beloved mothers who are giving birth in this energy of this moment and end by that really the whole time right now however in this moment right now remember we are in the moment of the return of the mystical Magi we are all being reverse and I and I think with her comment I really want to share that let's let's let's take a moment I was going to go here yet but with her, I feel so strongly that we should do this tree let's talk about so let's look at this traffic and I are going to go like this if you can see it and an extra was showering during our Mastery membership I create all of our art and what you're seeing here is you see this Papyrus scroll that's a poppy
and the feather right so the writing on the Scrolls and then you see the Magi the traditional Magi or they are the traditional scene and this is the star of Illumination but wrapped around it is the Infinite Creation that the constant birthing that which we are and so the reason that I was called and compelled to make this graphic what you can get our newsletter you've already seen is because the mystical Magi return means that this is a moment where that number to put the flash of light on the 7th of May where you can honestly break free and remember in a way that will challenge your sanity in a way that will be inside of look at look at the bit and it's fascinating thing that here we have an energy that has not exist
in this field of creation of co-creation outside of recorded history you got to go way back outside where you can find the truth is to go outside of that which is recorded because remember the Victor writes the writes the story and so in order to really really move forward in May that is why it's the expansion and contraction appearing simultaneously at the moment we're the greatest challenge to go outside of what you call the boundaries of Sanity will happen this month it's about this it's about this illumination right here and end with that the return of the mystical magic is the heralding and I want to read this little ensoulment from Archangel zadkiel this is part of what we teach when we do our Monday night's this was from the lessons of light life lesson for is so those
us on Monday nights we've already given you all of the deeper codes to Ascension with in this weather you've been with us on Monday nights or not it's important to understand this because this is really what's going on and it helps so would you like to be there was like let's let's take a loving archangel
long ago all who chose to walk here held the land of this planet sacred it was consecrated to be a Confluence of remembrance which is why so many are called to be here
as you relax it experience the energy of all that is around you gift yourself and feel the abundance as you also feel the path of nourishment
for what is the source of Truth nourishment nourishment is what ignites the soul to awaken sustain enliven and bring you back to your divine nature
proof read that in because that first line would you read the first line for us again I want you and I want you guys really but I know you feel I know you're feeling this is the power of Archangel zadkiel and these lessons of life and this is just like what a tenth of that one lesson but what's happening is that what are you such a thing here is affirmation and confirmation of the potency in the power of the energy that is alive and rebirthing we are a one thing about this way everything is in a rebirth moment and it's a choice energy months so put all of that together and that alone is why your breath might be going while right or you might be going now could be why we started out in that third chakra but the Crux of this is right here in the first line to chose to walk here held the land of this planet sacred long ago
all who chose to walk here they're sharing with you the story of creation they're bringing you back so that your souls energy can ignite at a level of Purity confidence remembrance abundance creation you are being gifted with one of the most sacred gifts in the world to be here right now and to know who you are remember that's what the yoga self Ascension teaches that's what it's all about is for you to remember who you are it's not a dog but it's a Mastery way of living that anchors ascended presents that's why there's the yoga of salt Ascension which is the science that get you there and the Art of ascended living which is how your life experiences it's it's incredible and what's on sale. Read the next one so those who chose we're going all the way outside you're going to have to expand outside of
okay so just relax into that now let's go to the next line
healthiest plant held the land of this planet's sacred just getting you back in the flow thanks it was consecrated to be the Confluence of remembrance which is why so many are called to be first part of that line it was consecrated meaning held as this is special the way that this beautiful planet in this experience of density in this creation cycle this beautiful beautiful little jewel is special so we're consecrating it but Eden you let it right we are consecrating it this is a beautiful this place is is being consecrated but why how is a consecrated as a Confluence of remembrance meeting that it was consecrated as Oneness what is the Confluence the Confluence is where to Mighty energies or more come together as one and and having play
our feet in the Confluence of the Ganges and having spent so much time way up in the high him all he is I can share with you and let you know and living here in the high Andes that once you or your feet have touched the power of a Confluence the remembrance ignites and so you're really going to be wanting this month's to do the living on practice in in like as often as you can living on living on living on you are Timeless the Confluence of the energy for True remembrance now because it's which is why so many are called to be here will because it's the Confluence of the remember is it has to be ever-expanding this is the essence of the expansion energy that is available to you in May is this right here and here's what's important to remember is that the mystical Magi which is the energy that's returning
those are the that's the phraseology that the Divine directors in the ascended masters were sharing that they kept calling it the mystical Magi that these mystical Magi are actually the ascended ancestors the ascended Cosmic ancestors of the biblical essene so you can see how these refractions and if you've taken the lessons of light refraction reflection refraction so these your beautiful Cosmic lineage is calling to you and also known as The Cosmic SE na these beings were present at the birth hence why I'm using the symbology here because the birth originally were very much about light meeting light there was not the form of birth as we think of it now however when the energy of the Magi is present the Magi are The Originators of ascended numerology and so when a being would choose
remember all who chose when it being would choose to be in this incredible consecrated Confluence of remember they came because masri was assured that was the way it began that was the Oneness expanding is that your Mastery of course was a short and at the moment of the creation that would be living here the ascended numerology Scrolls at that time but light language was prepared and gifted to all as like a roadmap to following this beautiful space of creation so just breathe in for a moment cuz I know that's a lot to take but it's really important to understand if you're going to understand the ascended energy of May because this is an ascendant energy and so as you begin to feel that I'm feeling the heart is feeling a heart of you guys right now so yeah feel that almost you have wings first thing out of your heart right now like you're just being lifted up like it's just here I am here I am here I am okay
so as that is beginning to expand what happened was that as it is open to all all became attracted to this experience and the energy that created this experience is without judgment or limitation so all were allowed to be here there is no exception there is no limitation on that that had to happen how can you see a star if there is not a dark sky
and so the greater the reflection the greater the gift the greater the choice and what happened was that the way first began hence the fall right the way that birth began began to become much more filled with density much more filled with Earth experience pain became part of the earth experience it is of Earth it's why it can be transcended and so as all of that came forward and as we move closer and closer and closer in what we would call a linear timeline that makes sense to us by the time we hit approximately 300 BC until roughly 3 400 ad that. Of time is the. Of time where buy the complete
density experience was anchored for the cycle that we are culminating right now so you can see how we begin way outside of linear time and how it is brought us here so now where are we right now may 2020 this month there will not be another month like it it will stand out unique over these two years because the energy that's here right now is an energy that can only be held open through connection and that is why in the Perfection of this experience the greatest Mastery moment before us is a rising during expansion and contraction energy because what happened really got sealed with all the dogmatic Traditions with the burning of the Library of Alexandria
sing a set of laws that said this is the best way we can get you to pay attention to us and do what we want you to do and pay us a lot of money to do it meaning most religions my angels are all about the government there they're all about who's in power what you're seeing on the planet right now is in new it's exactly what the cosmic Casino said would happen we were this was predicted by them five years ago when they said you would return to the cycle and that is exactly what is happening and so the gift of the return of the Magi is that you are being given an opportunity to burst fully conscious of your ascendant presents and step into that life experience right now just like what happened with the bastard Assurance when we were first here it was a short then it was like yes you can remember but it will not be a
you will have to find your way and so you have found your way you are listening to the show you're finding this community or finding other communities that are saying you are not crazy you are not alone you have not done it wrong you cannot fuck this up you are on track but this is the month for your being given a greater choice to see it or run away from it take a breath here for a momentary has shared some profound information that may have to stretch some of your paradigms a little bit so I'm rather than just scoot away from it let's take a moment take a moment and you might even try I am a cosmic being I am a cosmic be experiencing a lifetime in density
through the density I bump up against all of the refractions all of the limitations all of the dogmas all of the eagle all of this course emotion I bump up to them and I go through them in my own unique way because I am an alchemical Master as I use all of these energies the pain the sorrow the limiting beliefs I use them as my alchemical formula to claim the truth of who I am I am not defined by my obstacles I'm defined by my light that is continuing to infused through every perceived barrier this is true the moment we identify with the obstacle we have set a limit on our growth for whatever. Of time we continue
identify really sure that you can unhook that at any time you can cure disease at any time you can Ascend at any time but we were in the habit of the habit of having pain and we've accepted pain as a normal and then that contact is yet another deliberately reality and we are at the time of grand Awakening right Nation illumination what more is there other than the expansion right that's expansion right now that is what's in front of you right now you know I I can't underscore that enough sorry I'm just like!! I got a lot of them do it. I really got lots of laughs yes yes yes I'm with you I'm with you yeah it has already begun is it has and this is why my angels is this week
especially and that's why I put up our calendar again one more time real quick just just take a real quick look I don't know where it went anymore way down there there it is okay I just want more time because this week remember this is the week you're pulling in from your higher chakras if you were ever going to have a fasting week let this be your week maybe this week you just say you know what I can get in touch and with this community every single day except Friday and on Friday that's cuz we send out a newsletter and we're hoping you're going to read the new article and so we have been posting a new articles every week and that's the other thing I want to share with you is that today during our quote break we are going to be so grateful you really want to be ready have your tea ready because in between our two hours we are offering you a treat I have created a beautiful combination of a video created by David Raphael over an argument. Com the music is by Vangelis with my beloved SRI
reading the full Mastery illumination for 100,000 others ensoulment from Arcangel zadquiel we really want to bathe you in that energy so if you have not read the article yet over at Trine you can just close your eyes and listen or better yet open your eyes and watch the art visual this is another Ascension experience and our goal is to offer you one every single week and I just want to let you know that's coming up and that if you would want to read the article it is the newest article to calm and hate either way to leave us a comment go there let us know what you think
that takes your breath away doesn't it a little space between things a little bit so we can really integrate and expand through the information and in our own responsiveness you know the way our brain works is we respond in something like one ten thousands of a second think about that ten thousands of a second your belief system is up the EGO is up putting a filter on things the only way you can get past that is here why do the Great Vapes have a hidden code in almost every one of them go to the heart
because there is a compassionate a wisdom in every tradition and there's a lot of clutter in every tradition as well so how do you sit if your truth detector is here and through the heart we connect to our soul now I want to I want to leave back and forth for a minute here this beautiful intro that we shared with you from the lessons of light Archangel zadkiel it closes with a reminder nourishment is what ignites the soul to awaken pause
nourishments not food for the body nourishment is what ignites the soul to awaken sustain enliven and bring you back to your divine nature
true Soul nourishment is it includes the food you ingest witch needs to be of light it needs to be very healthy for the body to be able to sustain the light infusion of the Awakening presents that your master is calling forward you know why would a master put himself in a it in an armored car if he didn't know how to open the car and so am I by metaphor the armored car is if you eat junk food you are clouding your body with this heavy dense material that is going to impede Your Capacity to radiate absolutely maybe I'll hang out and let's get a picture of you and there again is the ascended Master light laws they got it while you see the tall walking being right there isn't that wonderful and you also see the Violet Violet presents over here that's
like with it anyway again this is an actual photographs and I see only one we have. So we've been blessed in a lot of really beautiful Miracle manifestations we've had the original book of the I am discourses manifest before us we have it here it is now starting to disintegrate but when people come to tosa Blue Mountain we do let them connect with it before we know that it releases to the next one and the healing that's going on right now and the way this is affecting our chakras and so beloved angels as we move forward in the show right now I want to take a moment and just introduce my husband's segments here because what we're going to be doing each week as we're opening up with these weekly energy updates but then each week my beloved husband Sri Lanka who is a master of Asa medical intuitive is extraordinary and so he's going to be sharing a little bit more with you especially today about the third show
and why when it's such a heavy up chakra week when it's all about the highest chakras why that would be coming forward is so I just wanted to take a moment and formally so beautiful you're very welcome and that for any of you I know you have a lot of raised hands over the 517 number because it is important to understand that in the sacred Union of the body and the soul in that presence of keeping our ascended energy wide-open we are all moving through a moment where the physical body is being invited to be scared and and to be challenged and so this is why I think your segment so important Angel talking for a half hour or more about the potency of this time about our Cosmic Heritage and hopefully stimulating some remembering some recognition
each must find a way to get past that one ten thousandth of a second knee-jerk egoic reaction filter is nothing more than a and because of that we all seem to love it when we have a profound dream when we have a filter intuition when we have this the goose flesh in The Ting goes because we're getting past the veil the veil was set in place for you to cultivate your Mastery And So It Begins through these various ways that we begin to get past the veil and Hazard energy lips as we lift out of the lower frequencies of density Consciousness the veil automatically thins there is a chemical response in the brain the pie Neil kick in the sixth chakra takes in the soul you know you're everything starts to come online as your device
you both mentoring and demonstration of how this works you could see it a real time it's not a theory and when I mean by that is you can witness it to our lives to the sharing of this community is amazing so many of you have been part of this journey and are are realizing amazing amazing so let's talk about you let's do that today I am drinking owed it actually has real old resin in it and it's a beautiful tea and I give my husband another Aroma today's be to go Magi I felt really really called to make my o t I only have a little bit left I got it when I was in India is very rare and special and I only drink it very rarely because I only have souls
left but you guys called it to me today so I think it's so I want to stop and someone is asking was what is what I was drinking today I wanted to know what it was all right just a quick setup a little info
May is about the expansion and contraction but this expansion and contraction is a simultaneous wool
remember that you're going to go through expansion and contraction the question is how you're going to really call it in which is why this is so important or so really what's happening is expansion however through your Consciousness through where you refract light through what you believe it to be true you will take that expansion energy and you can accelerate contraction find is a grand expansion yet due to the State of Consciousness on the planet due to the state of evolutionary process we need to not only discover where we have limitations and you'll feel it is contraction we also need to learn how to master this
so the gift of this time of expansion and contraction is one of getting clear where do I choose to reside because when I reside in expansion energy that means expanding log expanding my potential expanding my Mastery expanding my joy because those are the qualities of the Soul your soul is known for its love and its Joy everything other than those three qualities is slightly refracted and then it could be more more refractive dance more about that which we share you don't know more about that number one join us on Monday nights but number to and click on the yoga of South Ascension hours of free reading that will really illuminate your journey and might help you find yourself and understand a few things that you might be going through so one of the bird practical tips for this time then is to notice if and when you are contracted and they could be a moment
maybe a week would be a contraction is a compression of your divine nature in to call it you know how they talk about light being both a measurable quantity and a way to do a photo of the way it's it's like you crystallize something and you're trying to hang on to it usually stay here so something triggers you in the world and then you wrap us a belief around it or you trust it and it's contraction you or light diminishes your comfort diminishes and where will you likely feel it
hear third chakra is the most common the third chakra chakra vinpower but isn't that what is the shocker your muscular system balance your third chakra in the physical level is about power
in the metaphysical level is about trusting your divine nature so now you see the conflict especially in May cuz remember third chakra is also what the third chakra the first second and third chakra when they come into the salt ascended State they transmit they say there are they they they transmute from safety sex power to peace love joy remember these are energies that are outside of emotional experiences they also at that moment move from orbs into Infinite Spirals and when we can stabilize those three then the physical body is empowered and when the physical body is empowered the soul recognizes and the body and the soul in sacred Union ignite your divine nature which begins at the ascended heart which can only birth and verse this month's was the only birth if the first second and third are at that moment so as this month is about the higher chakras a lot of you
going to be experiencing you're either have a lot of like a lot of people telling me they're feeling a levitating flying dreams loss of that energy yes yes and yes conversely lots of people terrible stomach issues lots of intestinal issues are first second and third chakra issues and so your body is always as Archangel always says your body is the ultimate truth detector and when it comes to helping you decode that truce detector I bow before Sri Lanka because he is the master and ancestry what are we inviting someone calls waiting so long it looks like we're going to Nassau New York is that where we're going right there Great Neck New York
okay Siri do we have this so that they can maybe okay let's go ahead okay where are we going babe another one that's the New Jersey Jersey, say welcome
hello it's nice to be able to talk to you thank you
feeling everything you're saying is just right on for me sweetheart we were only bringing on people right now but had a question forestry so I will put you on hold and then we'll get you had your hand raised we had asked people raise their hand so we're going to put you on hold and will come back to you later alright alright Street let's go to Anonymous, none of us has had their hand up welcome to the show
thank you for taking my phone call or pleasure
is headaches and I was just wondering if we know if you guys can just trying to clarify if that is it just me or is it yeah right breast assess before she shares I want it I want to share one thing with you this past week I have talked to more people that have not only had headaches but almost like Community migraines like everyone in my closest Circle we all were carrying migraines this past week so I just want to offer you a formation right now that again remember we're starting out this month from the Ascension energy we're starting out this month in the higher chakras So based upon how much you're working with processing moving through you could wind up with some some pretty intense headaches and they have nothing to do with your level of attainment they have everything to do with the next step you're preparing for and then I would have shared the rest of that
first off it's never just you yes it's never just you we always travel with others however is very personal because it is just so you live with that Paradox when I do a reading for people I look at their chakras because the chakra is the connection to the Divine energy the Divine love that comes in I'll put down the spinal cord through the subtle channels and then radiates out into the body and how the chakras radiates affects your physical health and your spiritual well-being well-bean it radiates and connects everything so for you there's two chakras that are calling your attention at this time the third chakra which we talked about it a few minutes ago and the sixth chakra which is the headache zone so the sixth chakra in Lincoln's Evermore at the time we're in
you're called to resolve your old beliefs around how you think it should be how who you think you are what's safe to believe and what's not safe to believe you know often times in our family's we're taught that certain things are just not approved up and you can take that wherever you want to go and what happens if the sixth chakra expands because we have this call from the universe the universe is saying sweetheart find your spiritual family it's time to evolve out of all worldly limitations and be the spiritual being that you are and then trust that energy to enter the body and animate your form so that's where the third chakra comes in the third chakra is is what ties into your digestive in your muscular system so we need to digest you know that's true nourishment remember what we talked about
getting the show 19 nourishment is what it livens the soul how do you know you have to have this chakra more online and it's true spiritual nature to discern that which is wholesome and nourishing and that which is old and to be released to get on the other side of it. Thank you for asking cuz I know a lot are having this happen right now and is anything Breeze it is an affirmation that you're right on track and I would also encourage you go to apps and learn the o'mallon breath practice if you're not already doing it that's going to help a lot if Italy will you honey
alright thank you thank you sweetheart Namaste alright Street well if we want to go over yet where are we right up top. Looks like we have mark from Canada flag for the high because I've been putting a lot of contraction lately and the reason I called if you either if you guys have or 3 I guess this is more most appropriate that's I guess that's like an n
surface tension
just in my jaw and my teeth and in my face that feels like a miter chocolate to but that's somehow related that's like the tension and I. And I work into it and it just gets just looks like something holding my mouth shut does that make any sense it is okay if I look a little deeper bark than just okay okay cuz I know Kira has information and I want to offer you a jersey there's a dynamic at work in you right now that is about knowing us into this this identity that you've had as a being and this is this jaw stuff and the tension is a way of discharge
the boundary violations of the past that they didn't even call it anger but that's two generals you have you have put up with a lot of stuff to get details and so and you're deeper wisdom and so the most common way for this violation energy these papers to go is true if you know the greedy the grinding I won't take it at or I'm not going to stand this anymore not again don't let this happen without turning it into a therapy thing it's important to discharge the energy while simultaneously filling up on with something more pure when people just do emotional release work they're caught at the level of emotionality when we release it as energy is just an energy forget the store
it's just an energy Seiki at resolution first go up to your crown call in Your Divine connection and say I am a being of love I am divinely-guided now show me how to release this show me you just command the light show me and you bring that information as an energy down in and maybe it's a shout maybe it's maybe you need to get in a pool and scream underwater but get that stuff out of your body and then can chat with your upper wisdom because that's your future sweetheart I want you to just relax a little bit more and everything Street just shared with you as he's been sharing it with you I saw this beautiful like Royal Blue Velvet Ribbon it's very very wide and it was it was Archangel Gabrielle who had it like around here so like it
over your nice like this like like from this area that the upper nose to the chin and it goes right around all the way around that it ties and it comes right around your throat then it goes under your armpits comes around the back of the heart to the front of the heart then it's going around the back of the waist coming around going down to the pelvis coming around to where it's being tied into a ball
what he's saying is that you are in a moment of unified healing and and he and he is saying do not ever forget that the words you are ready to remember an offer go beyond the depth of that which you have yet to explore you are at a moment of great illumination it is why you are here now and it is why all is around you this ribbon is yours to command as you will and to remember that when you are wrapped with love true healing happens and so it is wonderful
okay thank you both
many blessings to you my angel you are really beautiful thank you for your radiant presence
picking up on what you pick up on a part of what I needed to hear the sweet so thank you both so filled with love right now but I was thinking of as I was connecting with all of our callers I was looking and feeling the energy of this community how well you know my angels remember that the more that we fast and it's this is the invitation that tree I hadn't right now and then we want to bring you into this beautiful Ascension experience that we're going to be playing for you and then after the extension experience when we come back we're to be diving into our community our Ruby taking all of your calls were to be doing many Soul readings were going to be building a shell around your questions so before we go into that this is the moment for you to relax into you and as all of our colors were showing us the illumination is here you already have it before you and so
I want you to take this moment right now and relax even more into your chair wherever you are if you're driving you probably don't want to listen to the next 12 minutes but whether you're listening to us on audio or watching us on video this is a moment to take all of the information we've shared with you about me and I want you to remember SRI would you put very quickly the May calendar and I want you to remember before you go into this moment that beautiful orbs that portal that is open right now that is building and that we are today receiving information through our higher chakras we are it is all coming into the higher chakras and thank you sweet and so as we relax into this beautiful Ascension frequency Attunement this installment from Archangel zadkiel literally
is for this moment in time and don't worry about whether or not you get all the words watch the video and just relax and when we come back we have so much more to share
welcome Divine pillars of light as you are in a reason to smile again as an opportune moment as you celebrate your breath is your gift how do you use the kids come out of the Shadows taking the Breath of Life
and yes as you breathe you release
as you breathing you open the portals to fulfill many Destinies as you offered yourself for a breath breath did that recognition again all that you are together this becomes the one gift one ship of the one you have everything when you serve knowledge you will constantly to see you are potentially see me
when you seek long you are perpetually filled and in protection for Silver State of divine recognition that all ends all has been all will always be a boy
distraction is the moment when you separate from your reinforces the energy of lack or when you are constantly seeking can you ever find bikes you to remember that you are at the time where you are already into your own recognition of divine love are you loving yourself enough
are you recognizing through saying yes to the Divine gift that you are are you experienced are all Sparks of light when you love me no separation dissolves without the need to ask why he is simply not possible when you are in the spaciousness
when you are the love of one's when you are the loving one us all that you see all of that you experience all that you do comes of you
it is important to recognize that which of the four singers
we invite you to notice why you seek knowledge and to play with cc to seek knowledge or knowledge sink
do you seek knowledge or knowledge see
when you enter the balanced Perfection of the law in the love and Trust of Georgia Kennedy & Masten presents all that is manifest
are you loving yourself enough to accept the race
when they are unable to discover playlist to the perception of separateness
this separate this arises from the lack of hor love recognition and it is nice effortless load it is a gift of love what you offered yourself ever is Flo remember you are going to experience a limitation of the seeking knowledge
this is because the many unanswered questions open the opportunity to for the breed of form to be the only recipient
in the fullness of divine love
this is not that one is better than another or deed without the light there cannot be dark and without the jar light amp actions and through this moment the recognition
we advise you to remember Darkness from the pursuit of knowledge how do you know if you are in your heart how do you know if you are in your mind how are you feeling what are you feeling what is manifesting your focus experience when you speak the city's examples
anchors as you release every moment of every day with every single thing that you do all is revealed in her section are you in the presence of the Divine at all times or does the knowledge
dearest children made you were sending presents remember that if you must believe in what you referred to as Sin that the only sin is to interfere with the it would be sent
has it never stopped to take that what you know is true have you left the energies of another stop you from home and yourself love yourself 4C natural energies have escalated and many have felt it as he lives far is Judge what they are doing is perfect for them as the 3rd 5th and 7th dimensional Energies
you are preparing for a great explosion you live in a world of an explosion
a multiple energies that you are ATMs with detached loving energy and every experience you have ever had
you do not need to cross over to have a panoramic lights review you can do it right now every single day that you have spent time with love with a bin where they all get the job or should indifferent can you gift yourself with the loving recognition that all is in divine order and after your panoramic life with you can you gift yourself with a panoramic World reviews and claim peace with what you see
when you can come to peace with all that is around you that you can hold 1,000 others
the gift of Peace self recognition
offer yourself back yet do you wish to the explosion or do you wish to burn the heart in first with the recognition of the Divine Perfection all that is happening around the Divine dearest children it is your choice and either choice you make Aunt regardless of your decision allow yourself to be reached Judgment of the choice you make you have played your part perfectly to bring you into the blind awareness now all of your actions interaction expressions of being this cold forward the recognition humility gratitude love and Define recognition humility gratitude love divine recognition
or simple things to experience your life in form with manifested abundant flow dearest children Divine recognition of love this ceases to be divine loving Source guides the Light Flow as you know without doubt that each of you is in the other we encourage you once more ignite the Divine portal of self truth know how long has supported you are it is indeed your time together you are creating this moment every all in the end
there is the unification and the Divine Perfection many blessings
let's take a breath together
do that again as we inhale all they recognizing The Divide
exhale I Surrender getting respect
one more time in hell
Shuffle but that smile come to your face and welcome back and beloved ones that beautiful as home and are you all as we we feel so energized did clear and that Implement again was Amplified by the precious gift of David Raphael offering us the utilization of his incredible Graphics done with that song by Vangelis phenomenal we thank you and again our goal is to share one of these with you every week as it reveals itself for the current week's energy now you can catch that video again on our official stream Kara just a little later today we are going to post just that 12 minute segments and encourage you to visit it often if you would like the written text please go to Sri and Kira. Com it is the current posting for articles just go to article section is right there and please capture the current text for yourself the gift of May is the return of the Magi to the energy of expand
turn and contraction and in that installment and the reason we wanted this to get out right now is because that installment is giving you literally a guidebook to 7th dimensional presents and how it's also sharing with you look the minute the density does no longer stop you from being who you are the minute you can be at peace with what density is putting before you is when you are I call it standing in the middle of the stadium and 100000 seats are filled and they're all standing and fouling because they now get to hold their torch and go to their Stadium that's the moment it's Master elimination Master elimination has nothing to do with ego has nothing to do with publicity and has nothing to do with how famous you think you're going to be or whatever you think you want true Mastery is an active service
service when we offer that and when we pay it forward that is the way we eliminate that is expansion or expansion energy Falls forward contraction energy us back and so this is why these two are are coinciding in this incredible energy of May that is inviting all of us into Choice remember the overarching moment is Choice say hey I am here I'm ready I am being guided I am taking action so often people confuse spiritual growth with sitting on the couch and bean zoned out that's a moment that's not a life that show
but it is a life until you decide to shift it it do it is well baby
so beloved was here we are wanting to connect further with you and and yes you know I I do want to just mention that this beautiful installment shared where you can find it read it again it one of the things that's near and dear to my heart is how if talks Arcangel zadquiel talks about how knowledge seeking knowledge will Sidetrack you knowledge for the sake of knowledge right think about that it is it's a lateral write anything lateral keeps you sidetracked wisdom is knowledge or a recognition that is actively applied in one's life or in what context for being wisdom wisdom is derived from and applicable to the truth of now knowledge is just stuff in the computer Banks and it will always feed
distortions your mind is so creative and knowledge Pursuit for knowledge sake can give one a momentary sense of power a momentary sense of accomplishment and then it will be like a Hungry Ghost wanting more remember that knowledge question for the sake of questioning constant skepticism is is your own way of saying a I'm terrified of what if all of this is true normally that's when you see the resistance those who are the most afraid have the most resistance because of God forbid what you are experiencing living being doing is true then they might have to look at themselves and when we can really remember that that they're just afraid that helps lift you and keep you in the 5th Dimension
right that's that compassion that's that loving forgive them they know not what they do and so it this is a moment where every breath we opened up the show earlier today every breath is going to be about expansion or contraction and this is why we have been offering so much support right out of the gate entry would you put up the this week's Community schedule again we mention the store in the first part of the show we want to put it up again right now because this week is two more up the upper chakra receiving massive information I mean massive information from the universe and so it's going to be a big head week this is why we're talking about knowledge for knowledge's a question for question six so we knew this week we tried to make ourselves available as much as we could so of course today and every Sunday we're grateful you're with us for a Sunday service be there tomorrow night
now said that our hashtag Monday magic they're going on there now are lessons night and so if you really want to go deeper with this type of work if you really want to learn more get answers to more of those questions about what we do and what is Ascension can offer your life, expand your Consciousness with us and right now we're in the middle of the lessons of light and this is our donation this is our service we offer all 100% of the donations are to support the clinic for the indigenous here and are you coming for the law as a dollar so why not check out and give yourself a gift huh the truth of your authentic identity and expand at forward show conducted by my beloved and they're always exploring issues and and themes that involve expansion into the wreck
mission of who you are and how to serve the expansion of law that says it has a wonderful wonderful flow and on Wednesday we're going to be with having an interview very excited oh my goodness gracious yay we're going to be on his show conclaves with the Stars radio over at when is talk radio. Us there Thursday night the lineage in just one moment the super full moon Quantum time leave on the 7th this is a massive moment for this month and then Saturday to special events this week number for one the one I'm really excited about homicide by the boats is shree's first Consciousness with healing at Consciousness as healing Mastery Program begin some and I'm really excited there's so many people that are really taking advantage of Consciousness is healing part 1 it was a three-part session a month-and-a-half ago and people had a beautiful beautiful experience is a lot of healing
aha moment and I really feel guide it to do it again with a D penny with new topics with more interaction so it's going to be potent and Powerful it is a workshop that you can sign up for a tree and Kira. Calm and if you need a little tuition help there is a coupon you can use car and the coupon is simply Consciousness so are you
be there I know you're meant to receive the healing that is intended for you to pay it forward and then tree and I are we had been part we were participants in the new life virtual Expo few weeks ago and they invited us back and so hey this time we have time to announce it and let you know to be there next Saturday the new life online virtual Expo you can actually get the whole day pass on and look at all the speakers. These lights out for you but it's the new life virtual Expo and shree and I are the score of the Final Act of the day we have a one-hour slot and we are going to be diving deep into the Alchemy of such as the rising Magi and so a really powerful program invite you to join us if you can on Saturday and so thank you for letting us share that and tree I was I was just opening up the
YouTube chat because of course this is not part of the show where we I don't know a WeChat that's right we can only respond to but all we do have it up again right now so if you want to ask us a question 3 will be monitoring the chat and and then we're going to be bringing in some of you beautiful once I've been holding on the phone lines do in your car or hopefully offer you some if you like and hearing your questions or concerns about the month of head anything you'd like us to further expand upon so straight where we going first okay alright we're over at the 800 number okay alright bbsradio namaste
Namaste how are you well we are delighted to say hi to you honey
am I fertile asking my question to Sri whatever you want honey this is the time this is our community what's in your heart I just was wondering if anyone else was noticing I'm having issues with like getting to sleep I'm I'm up like four five six in the morning and I mean it's not that it's a horrible negative thing I'm actually feeling more active and alert that I just wondered if you had any feedback on that
yes we do on several levels first of all welcome to my world that is you that is exactly what I have been going through since about April 25 and I am my poor beloved I'm like I'm I'm learning new ways not to wake him up because I'm not and the energy that is pouring through the service the inspiration so what I'm doing on a very physical level is I literally I am lots of information from the Divine director is coming in then I'm usually writing journaling on my computer I might just be meditating sometimes I'm just sitting sipping a cup of tea and just watching the sunrise but the key is what's really happening in my world and I'm looking into your energy field that I see the same thing and I'm sure he's going to also also offer you a little more your recalibrating to your true Rhythm and this is happening for a lot of beings around the planet right now with a lot of people who are
hang out of one space a lot of people that are in a new way of being for many they have enough flexibility for the first time in their lives to rebirth into the recalibration of what is the natural cycle for your Mastery self and look at mother Gaia she's doing the same thing in relatively short time our beloved planet is self-cleaning she's she's saying look I'm going to show you the undeniable proof that it's the way you all treat me that caused this and she's also demonstrating I feel Miracle of how quickly she can heal I mean come on it's only been a couple of months since people in India are seeing the himalia is again and I are we living in a valley the way it was a hundred years ago you know they're all of us are being granted the animals are finding a moment in many different ways trees are breathing and so we are all In This Moment
together right now and entry I want to just turn it over to you as well because what I have learned through this sleep pattern is that I'm saying yes I eat at different times I might eat four times a day instead of three it might be teeny tiny little meals it might be a smoothie but the reality is is that is free and I are both I'm going to turn it over to you we are all really resonates it's a I've been having it for years to wear used to be just two or three in the morning but it's definitely absolutely for 5 or 6 in the morning and I very much resonate with everything you said about Gaia Mother Earth I thank you you're welcome you're welcome fine what sleep is
sleep is not about being asleep or had just having dreams sleep is about taking rest and having conscious connection outside of the stimulus of the density World our homepage to scroll you'll see it do it it will make a difference yeah thank you that's valuable SRI something's wrong with my sleep know something's very right with my rest time that is a play with my being conscious up and how is my Consciousness informing me during this time and just kind of go there check out
we're still fly that insulted.
Thank you
remind you I love you guys to thank you both now my same I love Namaste I love it I love it all right Siri who's next where we going we're going to Zachary from Kentucky online five hey Zachary
greeting SRI and Kira
I have a Kundalini Rising experience in 2012 and I've been pretty much of the private Mystic and householder Yogi since then but in the last few years I've been real nice cities have definitely been coming online to a much higher degree and accelerating and I've been called into spiritual service to teaching primary also and I would just like a mini Soul reading if you would beautiful because as you were sharing I'm seeing this beautiful image and you're in the very much feels very Indian to me but it could be Nepal as well and you're sitting on what looks like a a dirt area and there's a circle of stones around you and that's who speaking right now is it's that aspect of you and I'm watching this beautiful Crystal and Rainbow Bridge
between the two and then it when this Rainbow Bridge comes into the you that was speaking right now I'm seeing these 12 Yogi's come out around you and you're all in this beautiful Transcendent moment together and they're all saying it at the same time and it's interesting I'm feeling it come in right here is it's coming in right at like the Jaws like what they're saying what the weather sharing with you is wanting to go in so that is comfortable to both receive and say and what they're saying is that that what you are being called to be is that what you are start there and then return again and you will discover a greater expansion before you breathe again the Stillness of the of the pure Mountainside relax again into that deep breath of luscious knowing
for within the now is a cup filled with love and an opportunity to share it with wisdom knowledge reverence respect and humility and so it is
thank you many blessings Zachary thank you
the song look like that in again forgive me guys I was really not here has been having these readings a lot lately especially the one of the things to remember for all of us in the Sakura brings this forward for for everyone is that we all have a path in our path is our life your life is your spiritual path your life is your serviced and some of us serve a different ways at different times in our lives the one thing I want to say to everyone that was sent to me by one of my mentors is there's always more
there it is like sometimes we we did it we have a fruit we have received a gift in our meditation or in our experience that we should because we're just so delighted to have received that and that can be a trap because the eagle thinks there's a specialist there and this is why this beautiful and so much that you just brought through about surrendering add and letting go of any ego and peace because there's always more do you think the infinite universe is going to stop at that one gift do you think the interview for the universe is going to stop at this one point of realization there is always more now how do you receive the more I must surrender more boldly I die and I lay down my will and I allow the divine grace and flow to
inform and heal and that my beloved's is the Journey of of the enlightened one and and the opportunity to the expansion remember that we have been sharing for a long time do we have to fear Dimension graphic by any chance I don't know what to do but we've been sharing for quite a while about the way that this is a very fine spiral and we very much earlier this year talked about how the fear Dimension was going to get really big well that is what you're seeing with the virus right the fear Dimension actually bonded with an energy that could very quickly get to anyone and everyone based upon level of Consciousness you know the one thing that shree and I have been having extensive blessing conversations about is the fact that the one thing that the virus does not have is a Consciousness and when we talked about our consciousness
feeling when you look right here and you see that the third dimension right now has spun out in this every finding spiral the planetary thought body which is based upon fear now moving into Terror which is there by given this energy to like this heartbeat of the fourth dimension that created a dimension within the dimension known as the fear Dimension because this is where you can get lost and remember that this entire area from the 4th Dimension fear Dimension planetary assault body and third dimension is ego this is where the ego resides and that is why the only way you can break through is to let go of the ego and it is also why look at how much I eat I put in like that ocean of distortion there look at how huge that or ocean of distortion is and then that heartbeat of the fear Dimension that's getting bigger and bigger so big that it's actually causing spikes in the 5th dimensional energy this is what we've been a year
and so the gift of this moment is that as this may energy has just come in and I want to go to the energy flows for the whole year as this may energy has come in if you look at the entire year guys look at the entire year January through August was in the linear world was going to have its Third Dimension experience so this just started being whispered about January which means by August you might see it just being a whisper again so that is see that pink line there that's been there the whole time however what's been wrapped around it if you move into the 5th Dimension is that transformation energy from the dragonfly which has that trident opening right profound shift Visionary transformation timeline adaptation and the full Awakening to self Ascension elimination and if you look at the squares January February and it's going to return in September September's going to be a assassin
it'll offer a lot of flexibility because it's one of the profound shift anchors and what are the next profound shift anchors July August and December everything's going to start shifting again March started the three super full moons March April May and June culminates this Moon experience with a full moon lunar eclipse and so these four energies are the bridge of lifting into multi-dimensional Consciousness and this is why we are here now in may this is why the May calendar shows us beginning up here now I know a lot of you I'm seeing in here I'm dizzy I'm feeling we all are in the middle of an Attunement do you want to talk about that tree or should be there soon there's multiple things going on
yeah I had a little thing going on one of the things that happens in these interactions and especially sometimes are more than other times we are at a moment of expansionary not met and I think many of you have felt that this particular presentation this this community service has a dynamism of that is is tangible it could be felt and we encourage you to allow that to be felt encouraged you to feel the soul mirroring effect this is what year is Tuesday night show is so much fun so mirrors
when we are radiating our love to you those of you that say yes to love radiates it back though it's a reflection and what happens in the reflection and amplification that too is an Alchemy and so this this is a 10 amazing wonderful time because where is a living Ascension moment a theoretical conceptual presentation the words are fine because they will be really pestering monkey just will not be as much fun but when the mine is cooperating with the grace with the wisdom just like the ego child who's in the car seat going
a mind caught a comment I think the person identified themselves as an angel and she wrote in the YouTube comments what's going on my hip hurt something along that line and so the pulse that I want to reflect back to you beloved one is it's time to find joy in service
this is not about any judgment this is about find a new way to be in the energy of joy as you are actively sharing and assisting a serving others and that pain will diminish that Joy is the joy that's outside of the emotional Joy right that's the joy that comes from the total release of any agenda around service and that the service is offered because it's just the right and obvious thing to do not about rationalizing it making a checklist around it how do you spell mahadik exactly or you going about it just doing it because it's the right thing to do and this is that moment you know the universe everything is clearing right now isn't it mother beloved mother Gaia is cleaning she's beautiful she's radiant she's quiet in so many different ways we are to we are reversing this is the return of the Magi and this
why I remember that in the ascended imagine you were Reapers in yourself right now with your fullest ended numerological life in front of you well whether or not you have an Ascend in numerology reading with me or whether not you learn to send the numerology doesn't matter what matters is call bat in call in that you are now the wise adult the wise woman the beautiful queen the beautiful Chang the benevolent leader that has really taken the journey and as a Divine director share with steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust and during these Thirty days and it opened with Ramadan during these 30 days right now can you fast from the addiction to that which seeks to construct you from that that seeks to take you away from who you are to tell you that you're not good enough you're never going to have enough on them around whatever it is no matter at what level you are right now and Trina witnessed it.
float around us a few days ago and we were able to immediately see it it's out there and it's strong and so this is a much to say what if I give it all the Divine what if for 30 days I take a fast from anything that would pull me away from Who I Am What if I knew in 30 days if I gave myself the gift of putting my spirit self first what would my life look like and what a wonderful time to try that on and so that's really what this moment is about right now teacher that I had one time and she said to me what is Lent you know we just got past Easter to do that end in the season of Lent she said lent let's eliminate negative thinking about you my love for helping me along my way and we are at a time when the power of your choice has more potency and effect than ever before
healing class I stressed people your intention is sacred intention is the yearning of the Soul it is the action of the essence of you that's the intention the action runs through the filters of the world so it's having a clear intention is primary and then the the behaviors the actions we we find those over time so it begins with intention and if my intention is to let go of my addiction to outside dramas if my intention is to let go of negative thinking of my intention is to be a positive force to be in Divine communion yay yay what is the source of true nourishment pause for a second I want you to just maybe Journal about that source of true nourishment
with the understanding that and this is what Arcangel zadquiel has shared so lovingly nourishment is what ignites the soul to awaken sustain enliven and bring you back to your divine nature so once you know a nurse man is you can find the source can you not right we're being shown we're constantly being shown the secret to connection connecting with our eternal life is not buried we've been revealing it at the keys are all over all of the Sacred texts that we've been blessed to bring forward from the Arkansas lacrosse and so as we start decoding what we all know is it was for this time that's why all of the doors are open and speaking of open doors free should we invite in another one of our beautiful at the log splitters
from Ottawa welcome
honey thank you for taking my call I'll probably get a mini Soldier thank you may I get a mini soul-eating
yes you may thank you for asking. I just want to be for We Begin I want to sit a little straighter if you can I really want to invite you and actually any of you that are connecting with this have your spine is straight as you can and and that includes the neck right and just allow yourself to really be in that moment and I want you to close your eyes to do so and to bring your hand so that they're cupping the neck now open your eyes to see what I'm doing but this is how they would like you to be and they're saying that tilt the head up just a little bit and to begin breathing in through your nose
bring it all the way down the belly out slowly
smiling and as you let the headrest they're saying this is your moment to receive the energy the illumination and the empowered presents that you have been calling out for within the energy of your souls awareness that which has been seeking to be revealed has been covered in the dust of that which is fully complete the more you realize and let go that what is before you now was simply meant to leave you at the door of what is the faster the unification the abundance and the truth will be before you arrive beloved Queen of the Seven Rivers it is your time to remember and so it is
thank you
okay I'm glad I'm sorry honey I don't know but I pray that whatever came forward for you will reveal more breathe into it and receive like to receive as a lot of energy there I the studio is disappearing for me right now all I'm seeing is crystalline light that's all I'm saying right now and so thank you for getting that for all of us feels like the seven Rays to me take a breath beloved it's important in this time to be more conscious of your breath breath is a gateway to expansion breakfast gateway to heal each breath is a gateway to life and when I say life I'm talking about living forever in the Divine energy living that stat acids as true life and so the breath is the exchange
range of acids and it's it's the dance of the Paradox between being both separate and part of something it is that flow that can you feel the tingle in your flashlight free free and him the breathing we let go of the thinking we let go of the distractions and we become consciously connected to the energy of that which is
Reflections are in important to breed because what other so much I'm just with you and I'm just wanting to know whatever you want to do forgive me I am out with the Realms guys you guys have called this in did your beautiful point because that was really important and we'll say hi to Roman from Los Angeles Angel
all right, stairs trim to write thank you very much for having me I hope you're doing great I am doing awesome and I find the more I remember my freedom so I remember so this stuff is Zion from and I feel like the player and I've started to reconnect Queens amber alert and a shave their message and last you ever get rid of double chin Myers and Josh is going is going to come but if I could have made you
something maybe they want to say to me I think maybe you can help me with that and this is the perfect thing with you what I'm the minute the minute you started sharing I saw this huge portal that was every color beyond our rainbow I mean the most extraordinary display of color opened up behind you as you started speaking and then I saw this gold like At first I thought was a big tall collar but it's not it's like this big gold almost like gold made of gold like a not quite a funnel but it comes up from behind you and go straight up like this and then you have on this white kind of like a robe with gold braid right around the top here and it's you and your eyes are like emeralds I just see Emerald Rays coming straight out of your eyes is like this huge and
old Ray propulsion coming straight out and what they're saying to you is that it is your moment our most beloved one to remember to go beyond that which you are reading or may understand through the words of limitation in the dimension that has created them you are here now today as are many who are with this message in real time now receiving the energy and the remembrance that will take you out beyond that where he has started is good and where you are going will take you beyond if you allow it to be in this moment you will be invited Beyond let go relax and be and so it is
thank you so much thank you I really appreciate it
Namaste watch Love
take a minute here
I really can't breathe
so beloved ones we're going to go a little slower here for a moment as we're coming to a close for today that's been some powerful energy transmission shared I think this is just the beginning of may put out such a big schedule oh my gosh wow guys I hope you feel is eliminated as we do and we will share with you that we're not hiding anything this is happening more and more in real-time where it's becoming easier to stay in the ascended Realms and and it's that that's what this month is about so let it let it let it flow and expand you
it's one of the reasons I wanted one of my earlier Sherry's and I just kind of tie ribbon around this one of the reasons that information is presented is so that it's easier to expand without the Mind interfering and so may is it is a month of true expansion for those who are ready to fully surrender you have this experience I had this just very recently where I was in RR Temple area and I felt call to open the Bhagavad Gita and I asked what page and a page number came into my Consciousness I open to that page and the passage was about those who surrender fully unto me will be comfy
keep your eyes on the Divine and all times and that was two days ago that I was in there this morning and I said I just said hi to Siva
play any day sale
it's been so popular and I just continued it was a secret objects there so many wonderful energized jewelry and sacred objects, and if you use the coupon codes code soul soul you'll save 33% off until tomorrow and then it's over that's the Mother's Day or a happy day sale so everything I wear is malas for Ascension so I went today to the same and I said show me more and I was told no one page more just turn the page one more after the passage what it read was keep your eyes on the Divine at all times and if that is difficult than b
the service of bhakti B and divine loving service to the creation is the eyes of the Divine to see the Divine energy underpinning all the creation but if for a moment you don't see the Divine and you only see the creation and being service to it be a lot of wonderful beautiful angels this week connect with us we offered you lots of ways to find us we're going to put up that Ascension again over at the official stream carry YouTube from a very beautiful moment of Illumination from having been with you we love you so dearly and would look forward to seeing you again real soon and know that we are here with you and that all is truly well many blessings
what's an email to ESPN2 radio.

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