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Sri and Kira Live, May 17, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Lady Kira Raa

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Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today and shifting paradigms now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are shreds era
Namaste and welcome beloved ones to the voice of passionate action I am wisdom teacher Shriram car Sunday service the gift of our community the gift of this moment what an extraordinary week ahead while take a breath seriously There is almost too much for a 2 hour show there's there's just that much going on right now and you know if you got our ecard today and I hope you're on our newsletter list and if you're not how come you're not get on it go to screen share., Say Hey I want to get your with your newsletters and guys the reason I'm opening up our newsletter stray because I wanted to read it right there because here's what we're talking about guys we're talking about naked authenticity now what is that mean other than your straightener has yet to hear
okay what are we doing right now is what has kept us together for 18 years we have from the Minotaur cable. Chelsea man before Street and I even got married zajal came in with the two of us and from that moment on we've been living a truce that sometimes and sometimes is spectacular and sometimes as scary but is always divinely perfect and guided and as the years have grown which free and I now know is that the past 18 years for us have actually been our training for this very moment for this moment right now because each of us is at the if not now when moment and we've been here we've been here and SRI and I have been nakedly honest and that has been documented publicly 4/8
you go back and look at anything we have ever said anything we have ever put out all of the things that the arc Angelic realm invite us to share that have all come to pass and all we're saying is we're here today in front of you saying look if you really want the truth if you honestly think you can handle the truth then right now is the time for naked authenticity because we are in maximum creation but it's going to take going Way Beyond the illusion and we're doing that today and we're doing it in so many cool places are you can catch this video at Facebook and it won this talk radio and it YouTube official stream Terrace and of course listen to the audio with PBS radio and as well as the audio at 1 the stock radio we're doing our best to be easy to connect with your and find us and share let's grow this community help us help you
wow I had it on call us at 888-627-6008 again that's our toll-free line GIF top of our producer the Beautiful the amazing that he won in the only Dawn and he'll get y'all cute up there to get on the show when the 800 mine still up you'll get a busy signal so write down this number 888-627-6008 and what my beautiful husband has been doing right now is turning on the other call board and our apologies it is it has been a wild Electronics day or talk more about that in a moment but here you are you can give us a buzz over there 517-208-1500 again that's 517-208-1500
Facebook Sarah and you also have Facebook BDS radio so lots of ways to connect lots of chats to jump in on and here we are and we are I'm I'm just I'm already feeling all of you and what I'm noticing today immediately is a lot of pissed a lot of this guy stealing that high heart energy and I think it's interesting that you and I both had to wear shree and I when we were in India we both were blessed these are actually from Nepal news but this is a blue rudraksha planet for in terms of spiritual the power in the May 17th
is a gallery Shankar and this setting is a new setting that on shivoham you can have your own custom but this is what we saw that night we went in up to Varanasi we were so blessed to be literally like the only people on the Don G's and it was the shape and we saw literally Rising the Lotus Ascension coming up that evening as we were passing that beautiful Pooja that was happening down there to share something that's part of our naked authenticity opening is that screen I use for a reason right now right here I hardly noticed where we positioned them today but I'm also feeling the throat and then business to write this is that may energy the rain right now so street are we able to share the May calendar the met up level calendar cuz let's let's jump right
this thank you this is really important so as you look at the May calendar right now it is the power of the 17 it is that day of Maximum Creation in the middle of this creation experience so let us not forget that we have been in this 30-day fast free and I encourage you to go into this 30-day fast that's going to call at 8 on Saturday the 23rd with the combination of Ramadan and that this has been a time of are you really paying attention to you are you honestly in your creation what are you focused on the May energy is like a breath its expansion and contraction are you expanding or are you contracted and as you gaze at the calendar I'm just doing your quick recap getting us to today the 17th remember that this up level calendar when I was shown all of these
I was clearly shown to put in this energy of that this month was unique in that we have been receiving top in this has been a month that says if you are open you will receive and so are you open are you receiving right that's the expansion and is so if we look where this month began it was his huge bombardment into our Crown chakra remember we had the beautiful showers right all of the Halley's Comet little what's the wind saying hey message from the bottle what's your message right that's what we all just went through all this week we are smack in the middle of that you right where I was feeling like that is blue and the next lot of you that have X mukhi rudraksha wearing tight tight tight tight to the to the top front right now really important time because
we are going Way Beyond the illusion because here's the truth if you have been open expanding then what has been happening is that you're having an amazing journey aren't you you're seeing the blessings every day the Miracles are unfolding your dreams are coming true you know we are getting letters from people who sacred Union partners are showing up by being and Retreat they've been able to honestly remember who they are they're getting their off our moments because they've chosen to say yes well this month it's been coming because by the end of this month we need it in our third chakras you see how long the 31st and then as we're going to move into June we were it's going to write there's going to be a big Power a Dominion of power that's going to come in in June and a lot happening with you and that we'll start talking about but for this week look at your throat chakra
and the truth that is trying to come forward because every day this week is building up and you see the new moon up level on the 22nd which is Friday right and we're going to be that is going to be our culminating lineage and you see how when I put the calendar together do you see the ray of light that they're emitting out of June you see how there's that ReStore in white coming up from the junior. Coming in from xXx it's already coming in and you see what's going to happen is on the new moon up level we are going to literally take that you tore before creation that we've been working with and we are going to slant it's going to it's going to literally collide with the energy of June and it is going to explode and Enzo hint June is about explosion energy literally the expansion and contraction is going to move into explosion
but that's why you better stay in this week right now had to open with that guy right now and the soon-to-be now the past is just that it's gone it's over and when we are past Focus what we're saying is I refuse to expand first of all give a big bow out to all of you who are coming in June you know Ecuador is opening his doors against you in one of that could change but that is right now what has been published in what is coming forward lots of oxycontin's are starting to move from yellow to red a red to Yellow we have the light system but I wanted to give a shout out that with the powerful energy of June that is coming in to all of you that are coming to the cosmic Origins event to do what we're going to be doing now we know that we are going to be in Engle parka together as a solid dairy group in the only goddess Temple
fire engine World happens to be 40 minutes from where we are and we are going to be in that Cosmic egg of Creation in a month of explosion energy I just want to Bow before all of you that will be here thank you because we know that we all feel such a strong call and we are so excited to receive you and really thinks you're honestly her quite extraordinary so we're excited and I did also want to mention that a few of the people that were coming in June had changed to September because they had other plans already made so we do have an opening or two it's empty all your heart wow and this is this is a very unique Journey so I know that this is you know and we do it we also will be doing at the September equinox and the other thing I know is there is there is it because June let's I'm going to I'm going to snuggle with my husband I want you guys look at this graphic this graphic that you're looking at right now is part of the energy and you know why
ATS Graphics based on what I'm what I'm shown however what you're seeing right here is only a quarter of the full graphic that we're going to show you for June because we're coming in so this is the first quarter of it and next week we're going to show you two thirds of it and then the following week we're going to show you the holographic exactly and this is a creation moment so you see right here this beautiful sister methanol fear of creation you see it but it has all of this intention around it right now well this pyramid represents the three super full moons that just completed remember it was March April May and we had shared back at the end of February that the early part of March would look like the later part of May and that is exactly what we're seeing is is March we were just coming in to this whole moment of shift and may I'm not saying we're coming out what I'm saying is May
looks like the energy that was up early March and if you look at it it's very much pushing is it sin and so this is why we're getting this energy of the contraction has a Wawa Dove let's just say in Hastings things right now because it's coming together it's coagulating it's a variant recognize the effect of the contraction energy in their own life experience when we talk about these energetic underpinnings going on and we talked about it every show we talked about it every month we offer you the revelatory information of what has been shown to us that the flow of the energy that is is bathing the planet
what it does is give you an opportunity to look beyond your individual experiences and tune in to the cosmic forces because people have individuated experiences and when they look deeper they find the universal energy and so this isn't about predicting the weather on any particular day it's about predicting the trend that will manifest is your personal weather so contraction energy means that we are leaving the expanded state of being into a contracted self-preoccupation for most of us with that's how we're going to experience the contraction the contraction also means a densification movie more in to fear excetera however when I observed in people that I chatted with is when the contraction takes hold in their life they're usually spinning around a judgement
beer or a self doubt they're spinning or organizing their energy around a hurt
and so those are energies that collapse your field the collapse your joy and so one of the ways to know whether you're in the the zone of expansion or the zone of contraction you can you can look to that Joyce actors are you experiencing a sense of peace with your life is Joy a common occurrence if not look deeper and make choices because here's another thing authenticity you know we opened the show of mentioning naked authenticity means is that we are willing to accept what is and not run away. I love that willing to accept what he is and not run away inside of us and what we see outside of us because authenticity means we're not pretending it's something other than what it is this doesn't mean you have to understand what is it means you got to be willing
let it display to let it be and in that willingness to surrender to the flow from within the flow that that is is is bathing us what we call to bait is the capacity to love the Divine Evermore surrender is the gateway to God 3 that and and look at this Gateway hint hint that is opening for us right now okay I will I love to and so this is really an extraordinary moment because this is a week right now this May 17th through 23 this is that culminating week of the energy of the fast and remember that this Ramadan energy was part of the lady that was part of that Easter energy in the Passover energy so we are once again and this is why I have all this energy around June because everywhere
raspberry it's very Fifth Dimension is very sister mention that's why we're teaching because it's the support that has the energy that has come in through these three super full moon has brought us to this moment this final moment of what are you creating and what have you been focused on did you send that message in a bottle did you pay attention are you allowing that energy to come in through the crown that's really the Crux of this is that if you are open to receiving which means all of your activities are what are done because it's just the right thing to do is repeat that I choose to offer my services my thoughts my voice when I believe it is the right thing to do
reaction because it's just simply appropriate not because we're paid or because we have to prove a point or because you're and that is something I have bottled for over 18 years you know it was about 12 years ago now and I forget it guys cannot it was around there it was it was right before we left United States it was probably yeah it was probably it was before 2012 that was yes it was exactly when it was because 2012 you have a choice was already out and one of the things that happened was free and I were part of of what we used to call the carnival circuit and we were very well-known we are very popular we were the cover story of many magazines we were very authentic at a time when the word authenticity was really sad but not believe or Oria exact
it was it was like oh yeah I'm authentic now where's my checks and I and I literally had people do that to me and so there is this moment in free and I where we made a decision we made a decision that we knew we had to become International we had been offered some information about what would happen to us if we decided to stay living in the United States that we have a choice and decided not to make and so we we became International citizens and we struck out on an adventure that we had no idea would
wind up with our R1 home literally being stolen by a a fraud artist a con artist are you know having another a bean event after event but all the woman living in a country where you don't speak the language and then learning I think we're on our six version of Spanish I has been incredible big history and I have been blessed to live the diversity that is Central and South America we are feet on the street we are not expats we don't come down here and hang out with a crowd that came to do whatever we are here because we choose to be International citizens and to live honor and be a part of all cultures and so I think it's important to talk about that because what we have been creating over the past 18 years as we have model to yoga self Ascension is a library of information through first-hand experience that we are one and we have
lest actually spend quality time in many countries with locals being local and feeling and knowing the one hard experience and one of the things that has been so important in the recent travels from the tip of South America here to the equator is the association with the Andes Mountains clear that the Andes are indeed the Kundalini of the earth and the bat is available for people to touch into when they come visit very easy to connect. I think it's important for us to chat about and forgive me screen I have been expanding this conversation privately but right now and I know you guys are feeling it and its maximum creation week we're all feeling it how's your spine notice it right noticed your spine also noticed that there is a second Kundalini rising and this is what screen I've been talking about and we're going to be talking more about it will be talkin to
what about it in the Twin Soul twin flame special event because it is a dual-channel of cosmic energy so is this is your spine well you know I like I said left and right channel center right here that this is your spine so my finger is your spine these two channels of light and again we're going to be talking all about that in the massively important especially that be there this is a new Kundalini and when you just talked about the Kundalini in the Andes Union the reason you and I had to be stuck in India we were at you. We spent a lot of time we have spent a lot of time in India
mother but this is why we had to be there to bring back part of the Andes the sacred that that part of the Himalayas I think it was a missing piece of a unified crystalline bridge and that what we are all doing right now is holding that bridge open by saying we are one together we are better at this moment the greatest gift we can remember is that there is no color to our skin because our skin is the illusion our skin is just how we navigate what there is is one being too honestly release all that would seek to bind you and to see all as the blessing that you are
the true moment of Namaste shivo hum I am and it's been showering you all month and now it's saying this week what are you creating and noticed where it is what are you creating what are you number one what are you saying to yourself what are you looking at how are you have you been fasting if not then how about digging for this one powerful weekend and stay with it through our Friday night lineage holder Quantum timeline experience I am so honored again I just every time I think about all of you my heart so I'm just really feeling that energy and I just really When you mention the Andes
the more we share
it's it's kind of like the more we share the more we care this is not talking about the bubbly you know top of the mind kind of conversational stuff what we're talking about is sharing this connected connected to a truth to a knowing to a wisdom the more were able to be in that space of alignment and then share with each other the more present we are when a person needs a hand when when you know when when one of your family members or a child or partner is slipping into that contraction and the spiral begins in this that black hole of density they will call you in to Evermore doubt Evermore fear excetera what happens is there saying I don't trust myself enough exactly
whenever I'm in doubt whenever I'm in fear it's because the quality of trust has a cheated my Consciousness and that what I'm left with it are the artifacts of density and I try to organize something around that well it seems that every Sunday they're they're coming forward with these little bits that they want Street and I to share with you as soon as we're formalizing how our Sunday Services look in the format they take and we would love your feedback so please if you have some ideas about how you would enjoy our Sunday Services even more send an email to Jess g u e s t i shrink your just yes add string to and we would love that we would also enjoy your feedback and if you have any questions of course you can also right there as well so it brings us to the sense of an in this week of manifest creation right
I need a underscore that meaning everything together all of this has been building in May everything you have been receiving is saying
bring me out there bring me out there let's do this right what have you what are you going to expand or and I was sharing this was free the other day I don't know if I can do the full thing if you are Contracting I have literally been shown that the energy of the contraction is like this
I'm just a real collapse Inward and downward where you cannot see anything and that that form of collapse carries with it the trust reversion meaning that no trust no trust no trust No Love No Love No Love right those of you that are taking lessons of light you're aware of that trust and love why it's the same thing and so it's extremely important this week to pay attention to your joy to pay attention to the fasting you know it's it's kind of like that home stretch in the marathon you can see the tape and oh my gosh there's nobody you're going to do this but you're not sure he's going to keep going this right now this week cheap going and yet through this week and smile and celebrate and dance because this up level is going to be a Hold My Hand take a breast look at each other and go
we've got us a heads up on what we're doing when we get together that night expansion yes and this week in particular is about creation and moving into that creative consciously creative co-creative I am well if you're allowing a collapse if you're allowing victim energy to dominate your experience than what are you created
what's expanding for you because the expansion can expand the contraction as much as they can expand the release into a greater now so it's important to be mindful of his time to fast and continue the fastest week chatter that would bring you down because your empowerment thing is given to you you don't have to earn it you don't have to graduate if you don't have to read a book or take the class or empowerment is part of who you are now we're talkin about naked authenticity how about true power because you're off magic energy is informed by your Divinity and you know I love this I just I'm like a men keep going right on and the reason why it's naked authenticity is that
you you must be comfortable staring at yourself and that has every aspect to it you know I know it's an old thing go let you take off your clothes look in the mirror and keep looking to you can love you and you know what still applies to learn to look past the surface and learn to love and appreciate how about appreciate the fact that you have a body start there right I wish I was having a conversation and it basically boils down to this
we can prove the existence of God because you are here
you deserve because you were bored the Divine is expressing as your life so we don't need to prove anything that's just a tongue-in-cheek kind of thing when you look in the mirror we are inviting you to look past the Flesh and see the Divine energy or just trust that the Divine is animating this flesh because then the next step is to create from that place to know that you are a co-creator not a victim of this world now shows to be here and we are creating something so are you wishing to create more victim energy or you wishing to create an extension of love and lights it's up to you it is up to you and thank you sweetie because it really brings us into that Divine directors experience because what look let's take a moment and just received this from the Divine directors and it was a very Pope
the energy that cuz I brought this in when they were sharing this and they they said remember that others are idolized when your life is empty
and I want you to really breathe out in because there's been a lot of talk about you know the narcissistic culture and lots of conversation going on around that and what we are is the irony of that the conversation itself is is kind of propagating. Wichita she had failed because there's just so much ego involved in it and that's the beauty of it it really is and so the Divine directors I'm just going to read exactly what they said and we're going to talk about it a little more and here is what they said they opened up with if others are idolized others are idolized excuse me others are idolized when your life is empty is another's life is more fascinating than your own and the pole to engage their life is stronger than the pole to expand yours then that is interference
and I want you to really breathe that in that just the first one and it immediately when I received this I was immediately aware of the vast culture of reality TV being peddled as reality and that it is an illusion of an illusion and that when beings are at home in this is why we were talking about the fast when you are at home and you are forced to be in your home internet usage is up people are worried about him exactly what it is and to let me continue with what you're saying because this really is witnessing and the third dimensional reality right now and the reason for this delivery was to assist us 5th Dimension member June is going to be all about this Dimension and so here's what I'm going to start over read the whole thing so it's another's life
more fascinating than your own and the pole to engage their life is stronger than the pool to expand yours then that is interference actors and actresses are just actors
idolizing those who can pretend encourages your energy to contract
your needs are met to the fantasy of the fantasy of the illusion of the illusion
and to enjoy the craft and the experience of the play is to lift through the allusion to witness the beauty of the co-creation rather than idolize it
and I want you to really relax into what they shared because what they're really saying is you you are the are you the actor actress or are you the loving witness of the actor actress because this is the illusion and so there's so many debts to this there is the third dimension Revelation out at the 57th and so I wanted to share this with you because this came in today and I'm looking at this week of creation when the misinformation is expanding at the rate that it is when the ability when and you all know this or you wouldn't be treating it with our experience you wouldn't enjoy this community when you were staring at a bold-faced misrepresentation flashligh whatever you want to call it that is immediately questioned as being true by enough beings who were probably paid to support that then the planetary thought by
I fear says okay oh okay tired or inspired tired or inspired and so this is another reason why for June I have all this energy explosion energy and it's going to be coming in a lot of different ways that because there's a lack of self trust people then are are living Their Fear and they're looking for a solution outwardly either through idolizing another's life that is finding more power and satisfaction in watching the screen rather you know how many people do you know that really will talk about the lives of people they have to have never met no that's the best thing that's the distraction
God is the profound distraction 2/3 occupied more of your creative energy than your own life and then we have the phenomenon when people are afraid they will give away their power meaning their life force energy that is offered to another being and the people who are the recipients of this life force energy often times don't have your best interest at heart there's the narcissistic megalomaniac peace at work and so there is an absorption of the Public Power which will then seek to be a self-sustaining situation which I need us to the next one when in in the third dimension when people are terrified it would literally give away their soul right now it's not about reaction it's not about saying yeah that's wrong
and I'm going to do this and I'm going to do that it's about the remembrance that every single thing that we are experiencing we are part of and so when we become angry we feed the anger when we become judgmental we feed judgment and so it's all part of that and this is what Senator is Bob body right now is so attractive and so filled with ego and it's it's like it's like it's it's overinflated it's like it's going to burst cuz it's just inflated and then you have a fourth-dimensional energy that's like wow buffet and took like the fourth dimension is like this is the best because all 4th Dimension attached to eat though it's a wonderful place but it is attached ego until you Transit through the 4th there still ego attachment entry finds throughout that and I know that anger some people but it's just the truth and so after you go through the
and you anchor outside in the 5th Dimension that's that moment where you are in that Divine compassion that has not called you in but has free did you out and you become the witness ER of the one that would give away their soul and through that compassion you begin to offer an energy that will shift everything and this is often misunderstood and there's often a sense of lack of action around it and then this is why another reason we want to talk about the naked transparencias and we know we've talked about this was our first one we were talking about this since the very beginning that in order to really do the journey and guys right now we're all being called everybody is being called and so the first thing is you have to want it and I think that was a big basis and you and I coming together in Twin
experience because we both wanted the same thing and we weren't lying about it like we we came together and naked authenticity to have a healthier experience your body you got to want it if you have had a chronic condition that defines you and limits your joy if you want to shift that you really got to want to ship it rather than be in a relationship with it that allows it to persist because Consciousness is creative and Consciousness create a contraction word expansion because it is infinitely so when we are in a relationship with our discomfort what we're doing is a dance and the more that are Eagle identifies with that discomfort is part of our Norm to guess what it will persist it really well and so this week again I want to bring it back to this weekend
the phone lines with a lot of people holding on all of our lives here I think she's important to talk about that as we are being you remember guys this week is going to be at what is about high heart up to the throat really that you in the neck kind of the plug area right you're being invited to say okay maximum maximum put it out there putting out their try it on this week just be you get out there and always remember that and I love how Archangel zadkiel says it's so beautifully if you ever since a higher or lower energy if you are ever doing something for a sense of justice or because you feel that you use it just has a higher lower experience then you need to know it's not at the highest it's really easy and I think that zajal really is the one who really nailed it really awakens
if a recommendation a teaching or even within yourself or you just Blended that's fun is blue but I guess it's a little too green I just want I just want to see if anything's shared that you let into your Consciousness after bite you to judge or promote the hierarchy or leaves you feeling less than it is not of the highest and we recommend you smile and walk away from that way and you know there's been a lot of emails coming in from a lot of the community and a lot of you that are with us Monday nights and I hope you all join us Monday nights for lessons light and then we're going to be moving into the living in The 5th Dimension sorry but a lot of the emails have been about
really having to what you were mentioning earlier straight how to claim your power bed and how to do it and I'll tell you that the hardest thing is going to be with family and friends almost all of these are this one doesn't understand why this doesn't whatever the one thing that I want to share with you is that one thing that consistently over the past 18 years the ark Angelic realm that spiritual discernment is the pathway to Mastery and that spiritual discernment cannot come if your ego wants to leave the way and what that means is forestry and I we what we wanted when we met each other with sacred Union and living we decide we both want to live the same spiritual life we were both having interesting experiences and then we met we started having experiences on we were we knew with no idea it would what it would be, or where it would go we just have modeled
and yes looks like and I think that's important to remember so yes to the call to be in that flow of the Divine guidance and to not stop when it gets tough because it will get tough and yet you just keep doing it because it's the right thing to do in end the reason it will get tough is because we each have our own built-in Roblox what we believe right what we believe is an external stimuli look within and every time it's like okay how did this come together what brought this together versus drowning in it blaming it holding grudges around it it's better to look at it and say okay because of this this because of this this so that you keep moving forward no matter what and and I think that that's really important to to be with and you know I am thinking about this 30-day fast you know have you given yourself the gift
really feeding you feeding the higher presence of you and one of the things I can personally share is that when Once trust in the Divine is unshakable you can walk through any quote relationship crisis you can walk through any financial crisis whatever it is yeah it's it could be uncomfortable could be very uncomfortable there could be waves of fear etcetera however the Trust In The Divine knowing that all is well that the universe is built of love and that all is emerging as it needs to to balance that which had gone before when we move into that stage what we're saying is Grace happens all the time I love that straight you know that really is that Taurus energy right steadfast commitment focused awareness complete trust maintains that energy field
keeps the miracle manifestation robust your questions any questions that you might have about what's happening right now questions about the energetic stop it if you have experience and so let's say hello to someone from New York let's Okay Namaste welcome
hello trees. How many glasses
many blessings
regarding thank you for also by the way for your teachings all of your love for us and possible yes of course it is and and so my love I want to invite you to just relax and really just want you to just if it's safe to do so close your eyes I'm closing mine as well and just let your breath relax
yeah and it's interesting right around it's like it's it's coming out of your ears Amazon to describe it it looks like a ray of light is coming out of both ears I can actually feel it like somebody's tickling my ear canal and it's coming out and it goes right around the back of your head and then it's radiating up this beautiful energy of light and it's like it's like a projector and they're saying pay attention to what is right in front of you you have asked these questions before and we have already answered you are ready now know that and take the next step without the fear that is stuck with him and I want you to breathe in because your third chakra well actually just coughing up in my eyes deep within your third chakra it feels almost like a nice and it's very very it's old it's like an old pain
so they're saying you are ready and you carry great power Be not Afraid and that is all they're going to let me say because they keep looking at you saying you know this you've got this and so I love you and I bow before you thank you thank you for being the first one to open up that energy today wow I can hardly breathe namaste
thank you thank you all good night at exactly so grateful that you guys so much. Thank you for your services thank you my angel I love you honey wow do you feel that this is the gift of this community is that expansive heart energy Street I'm just like well and again right here guys okay to you I'm pointing to write this area and make sure you're breathing in fully and this is all right over the BBS call Borg vs everybody
I've been wanting to see it all and then you called
okay Ion
I want you to take a breath and I just want you to say one word just whatever word is in your heart right now taking a breath let it out and what is the word
and so relaxed the breath even more to your throat because the reason I'm inviting you to speak is an end really it's your it's your your guys are inviting you speak is that it's like there's a a muzzle on your neck and you know I talked about this earlier in the months that it was going to be like a new sticker some people was going to lift and four other people was going to feel like they were choking and there is like literally right in that area I've been talking about it looks like a big plug like a like a a black cap you know like like one of those plastic rubber caps at like the end of aisle and it's right sheer and your breath is an S is it is funny your third chakra is like, I'm right here like you are a profoundly
powerful person and you've got a lot of strength and a lot of energy and a lot of wisdom and your third chakra is like yeah let's do this you know come on and it's like I'm seeing a few clicks and your heart is like I don't know if I can do this again
and your third chakra is going yes we can't like a third chakra to charge your cheerleader which is very awesome and your heart is like in stasis but this this this thing in your throat is saying if you are ready then I am here and I will never let you down and I will not leave you and all you need to do is reach out your hand and I will take it and together we will soar again
you are in a moment where you are and is it is it up level week right member this Friday as I have my hand up right now I feel what I feel is like waves of energy that's why I'm doing this and it's like dolphins leaping and it's like this beautiful energy of fish and now I'm seeing the make Spirals and Loops like this and all that slow is coming to you and to all of us by thank you for opening up this window and the palm of the hand after it's been ignited wow you guys feel that there is just a shower of energy and they're saying draw paint manifest Everything You Touch Is ready to radiate with the divine presence of the one that you are and so it is
much love dear thank you so much thank you
let's all take a breath
take a nap. Wow do you know it keeps getting more intense right you know this is one of things about our Sunday Services is that when we come together like this every one of you that gets on the show you know that and I love that are called words are always full because it's whether you get on the show or not just holding presents on the call board you know we are Each Coming closer to the energy that we co-create the readings I offer our soul readings they're not tarot you don't usually have to ask me any questions they are two souls coming together heart to heart and are open to say how do we serve the highest and I think why I feel so honored to give me soul readings after all these years it's because everyone is for all of us including Street and I so I just want to stop for a minute and this week of Maximum creation and M really letting it out there how much I love you without all of you we certainly would not be right one this we are at the Divine eyes of each other
tell me where we going hey Shelly understanding on some symptoms hey ya welcome there is a lot of symptoms going on we both of you yeah
Namaste Street and Kira
hey sweetheart
can you hear me. I help you
wonderful thank you Justin symptoms I'm experiencing
constant tinnitus and it has become more intense
it's sometimes the very distracting
in my daily life my eyes have been very tired and I feel like I have a tight band around my head and a heaviness
and I'm open to any insights or a mini Soul reading what ever comes to you
what street will you answer first but I want you to breathe in this tone this is the cosmic Meridian toner this is the one that I designed and there's people around the world and other carriers of the stone so I'm going to play it in I just want you to breathe in and receive it all of us in here that whilst re-sharing because that is part of what's going on is and then let's help you expand through that so just relax let's just turn into the tone and I'm pointing right to those eyebrow points right there that's that's where you wanted fine along with the camera and if that's okay if you don't see us just hear the towns with all breathe in
trying to breathe up
and exhale
and SRI I'll let you share one of the things to recognize as you've been on your spiritual journey for a while and that you are at the cusp of a major breakthrough and that that breakthrough is really about truly angry quote on the other side of the density strata instead of kind of straddling the fence a little bit do you know trusting your guides and your spirits and the rest of it but still having us a life that interacts with traditional stuff it's time to recognize that this energy in your head is part of the frequency that you called in this is not an accident there's nothing wrong with you that I noticed what I'm sensing is that the tinnitus I am and that the pressure and all that in the head is because your vision is anchoring in the world
spiritual family were moving out of the the objects of the world into the flow of creation spiritual family is it will fully open your third eye and so what's what's going on is you're being asked to trust that you can move through this this is not this is not a push down in the density it is a sign that you are lifting through the turbulence in lifting into anchoring in The 5th Dimension and that's a couple things number one if you have not seen a medical doctor is this is really disturbing you please rule out there are viruses that can cause this and so just ruled out that that's not anything else that you are not looking at now I'm not saying that's the reason is happening everything SRI said is 100% correct and really important to pay attention to in addition to what I want to share next
however I did just want to put that in there here's why what I have discovered when I went through exactly what you're going through right now I mean and SRI went through it as well this is part of why we also mentioned that we are going to be putting out and updated Ascension symptoms for this year normally put out the Ascension symptoms once a year time is compressing is expanding and Contracting this month of the wild timeline is most able eyes and that's why I'm so grateful we're doing that jump Friday night with the new moon up little thank you Lydia shoulders and so as we find out you know where we wind up I just want to make sure that we all pay attention to what's right in front of us right now so with this energy when it happened are you stopping when the tinnitus gets to the point where it's like you know this is really distracting are you focusing on his distracting or
are you able to and if not often try to do it more often sit don't try to not give you got to sit hands to Heart eyes closed breathe out through the nose out of the mouth connect with it and ask it to adjust the frequency so that you can understand the reason I opened up with this sooner it's just what she was saying is you are being your stock is what I say and I was stuck sorry was stuck we all get stuck you're stuck between two different dimensions and almost two different lives right now and so that is all going to resolve when you make your choice and let's not forget that may was a choice months so everybody's making a choice whether they know it or not that's why the top love was so important because the choice is going to be carried into it and so you're making a choice this month's through this expansion contraction energy with the overarching
you are Timeless and the receiving of divine inspiration in a way it has never been received before that's the band on your head Reese's let it in cuz they're not overwhelming you hear that your third chakra is inviting you to come to peace with your body in your life I was just feeling her Third Bank you let's just say I am happy with my life and I can digest it me I can assimilate it and some kind of work on that a little bit you'll find yourself in those two sermon moments of what it no longer serves me and what what am I willing to accept and this is the dance of of trust so bloated when you're on your way you are on the cusp of a breakthrough one way or another it will as soon as you decide
where you're going to be at the end you're making that decision this will resolve and so thank you thank you for pointing all of us to our Crown chakras right now thank you Angel
thank you much love Namaste Wheaton Street I prepare something very special for today and I want to share with you why in any energy today and this started on Soul mirrors last Tuesday and we had so many emails from so many people after the song Mirrors episode that we thought okay if you guys are down with this we're going to do this we're going to share more and talk more about what it's been like to be where we are now to buy at the place where we are able to share so that you may begin your teaching Journey or your journey you know this is a moment for everyone to ride and so
we were looking at after Tuesday night after the song Mirrors episode in the Ender and we were talking a lot about our journey and some of the earlier days and had mentioned watching the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still and so we have all these old DVDs and he's like I'll find it and it's okay I'm looking I'm looking I'm looking well as I found the Day the Earth Stood Still I also found our two very old DVDs from 2003 one of them was our first wedding on the beach and then our second wedding which we often said was are real reading into service which happened 21 days later at the very first time. Ascension in our home in Boulder Colorado and so it was really fun and we sat down and we looked at them and the next day I shared with Bria that I had found them and she was like oh my God Cara people need to see these and so we rely
I sat with the Call of the Divine directors to really and and the Ark Angelic realm and all the information that's coming through that we're going to be offering as a two-hour special event join us May 27th has to be this month before we get into the June explosion May 27th be there any donation is fine go to screen just be there so we wanted to share a little bit about our wedding with all of you as a way of saying we're still here and we're still doing the same thing lyrics there's two tickets here we have our first wedding which was in on the beach in Encinitas and we were there is sunrise and some family members were there and in a beautiful lady who officiated it was a legal ceremony
play children
I forgot how cold it can be at sunrise on the beach you know we were terrified
is there from that beautiful about that that we are intention was to give you all the time to show you more of the video but this is really old video to we were having a hard time converting it so here's what did happen because we were running short of time today as I was bringing in the final piece of our video and I wanted you to hear our vows and you will hear all of Sri Lanka has vows to me I accidentally cut out my house so I don't have to be part 2 event wheelchair and we'll put that on if you enjoy this but it's it's again woven into a beautiful our team in peace and we really wanted you to feel this energy on a lot of levels because that's what it's all about right now is divine Soul twin Union you the Oneness and the expansion
the music the word is more
Curious to look at Tara's face to look at my face from that time it isn't just the time has past there have been structural changes quickly shifted and we're not talking about like wait up and down we're talking about skull structures and things of that nature. And when you see this we had no idea you know we were getting married we were doing our thing and so we are going to offer to you right now a beautiful moment if you are listening to us you're going to be listening to Pachelbel's wonderful Canon in D as beautifully woven with Graphics by David Raphael and all the folks that are Taemin and you'll see all this as soon as we roll This video enjoy it and
good morning wife
who is Sheriff
I pledge to you
no longer remain as a separate individual
Shooters in Miami
the portals by ownership
always on display
welcome back everybody we hope you enjoyed the interlude and are sharing I know I did the other part of the house but then I was thinking it was because you all need to hear how amazing my husband is and that I can actually test 18 years of that actually being lived and what that feels like and the blessing of say yes to your mission and coming into sacred partnership it is extraordinary it really is and in the spirit of their twin Soul twin flame experience coming up we hope that that was fun for you it was certainly fun for us wasn't it to read a little bit yeah yeah it is it is part of the nakedness of the author is that
were born in the world naked are we not we come in without an illusion we come in perhaps with a karmic contract with certain things we intend to be you know to bring the complaint but there's no pretense and one of the things that's important in our authenticity is to remember that this throat chakra is either the chakra of expressing your joyful truth or the chakra of perpetuating a contraction from truth we do you think of for example of the BS that is associated with a used car salesman all he wants to do is tell you what something you want to hear and get that sale and that is a throat chakra that is disconnected from part and Truth or a person who is thumping the dogma and and is truly wanting you to buy into a concept of belief
Haitian it serves their agenda and buy you a lining with it they win so to speak that can track your throat chakra so you have the I'm trying to BS the world energy or I'm I'm I swallowed a limiting belief energy are the energies that will constrict house Rexburg from your heart to your throat is like that bottle point we have these incredible chakras of availability up here and our divine Galactic blueprints Springs up from there we were going to be unpacking the 5th dimensional energies which is the revelation of the Divine July 5th through the 12.8 assembled chakra system
know that this chakra is either your point of Liberation and joy height of collapse and confusion. Lee Hart's they're growing I'm bursting I'm ready to connect to the Divine the Divine is saying we're waiting we're here we're available there infinitely only you can do this or so the throat chakra because the truth will set you free when we are willing to embrace what is so what is true what is out there then this throat relaxes are respiratory system functions better let me talk on the respiratory chakra governs you know if you have
you are allied with a limiting belief whether it's about God in the universe or about what it means to be a boy or a girl or whatever the limiting beliefs or if those are ruling your Consciousness there is a state of collapse here doesn't mean you can't breathe it means you're not optimized you are missing out on some of the joy that could be yours because one of the throat is open there is a full exchange of the breath into the body that which is old and needs to go is released that which is carrying the sacred and bigger ation of Life the product is brought in and open throat chakra one that's aligned with loving yourself and knowing what is so allows you to flourish
and that is Joy so zajal calls it the truth chakra I like to add apps to join chakra also but truth is joy is not yes and love it all weeds together I mean you just got to love that story and I I really want to talk about those agree from the lungs because this is the other piece of it is that in this energy right now remember it's about receiving and we are in this week of expansion I really maximum creation and so when this energy I heart the high heart does what talk about the high heart because I think people need to hear more about because this is It's really it's this it's this this 2020-2021 these are being gifted we are being gifted with an expansion opportunity unlike anything that
transpired before really it's not that all be a lot of other beings weren't correct it's that we have actually expanded this timeline we are in Uncharted Territory that's one of the first ways that you remember yourself that's one of those big expansion is to let go of you haven't done this before because you have and you're in this timeline right now and all of us that consciously jumped here and we all know who we are we've been jumping together for two years now when we jumped into this timeline we remember we came asking where we can all be of the highest service and this was our choice you've been in a body before you have experienced this before just get over yourself Ascension you have not done before not like this
all of your tired of Journey
Ascension is the choice to restore your authentic being while still having this body while you do to be the Christ Consciousness in this body and for feel that and may is a choice month so what does that mean remember that what is ascended awareness awareness experience choice we're constantly cycling so right now we're going to trace mus June is going to carry this explosion energy we are going into an uplevel moment that let me have your hand is little that it will be like this with each other okay hand in hand and hand that's Friday that's this up level moment and it's going to be one of these we are all standing here you're looking side-to-side we all see that vast Horizon out there and we are not afraid because we know
that each one of us has claimed our Mastery together we are better and we are finally finally say yes to being together that's the gift that expand right now is that receiving that and letting go of the limiting beliefs if anyone has ever told you you are crazy love them for doing their job because what they're doing is saying are you ready are you ready every time you were triggered it's the universe working through that beautiful being agreed to be the one who would deliver the message they love you that much but it's the universe going are you ready you don't have to be in a foreign country to talk a different language has their contacts there knowing that they're operated at whatever is known of a call it their normal their reality and sometimes they're just so far apart that people think you're a little
in many ways I was just Googling that I'm feeling like we are all kind of like spiritual Warriors Without Borders and end as you were sharing I would have appreciated the multinational support of this program that we have always honored and been grateful to receive people from every continent on the planet and that's the gift of our community we are a crystalline Bridge of profound light and each one of us is here because we have opened up that chamber into our Mastery well and we've seen the table of Masters and we've seen our place and we have walked up
shot down and it is like we've never left it's that quick the minute you say yes and it doesn't mean that there aren't times you might have to get up from the table but it does mean you know where it is you know what it feels like and you know deep within you it's the truth that will keep guiding you so this week I do challenge you just do it because it's the right thing to do try that one on just for a week we've been trying that went on for quite a while now and I can share with you that we could take up a whole show just sharing Miracles and so try that one on end and that's feeling are color Street like we've got questions and one of the things that is made by two different than before is that the high heart is becoming more anchored in more people it when I
could the heart from the intuitive Overlake Center we first have self-love and then we have the capacity to love a partner and not everybody has the capacity to love a partner some people are meant their birth is I'm going to go just me and the Divine not not a physical and so their heart shocker will illuminate a little differently but what's happening is if you imagine the heart chakra as a pyramid which would be about where your thymus is when we begin to love the global family that is an IR self I have partner and I have a global family I have it all it illuminates almost like the eye in the top of the pyramid there's a radiation of lights right there which begins to an orm the throat chakra to come into Center alignment
alignment means to to be true be true to yourself and be willing to express that to your life so the global family is is it is secured I've been sharing very openly I every time we get together we are better the global family is being activated we the lineage holders we the ones that are Awakening are radiating an illuminated hearts that has an energy that goes straight up and so there's two things going on there is the Figure 8 energy of the Earthly stability and then there's a vertical figure eight energy in the harsh next this
to this
so this is an emergency that's happening right here and now in a more accelerated beautiful way
do you know no matter what we say I might you just relax it's an amazing wonderful time trust your journey let go of the need to be right let go of the old way of doing things smile in the knee-jerk reactions, because a whole Paradigm is opening and if you really find that's hard to do and stop making it hard to do and get into it sometimes you have to dive into it to wake up through it so are you hurting yourself pay attention have you given yourself your do that's the first way we start lifting as much as dimensional witness or energy give yourself your do
are you heard the tinnitus right are you listening are you listening is often times this tinnitus is multi-dimensional experienced hire experienced literal opening of abilities that one as I had before we see why lot of people resistant you know this week it's going to really be up here and so it could almost be a lot of walks shoulders a lot of that compress member I mentioned they literally showed me this as what the contraction is doing its going to try and kill people even further in this week and so this is why we're sharing that in a moment where we are receiving and I mean the floodgates are open keep your eyes on the Divine fast from anything that would make you doubt yourself and that which does seeps through and tries to get you to doubt or throw you off course that's your moment
that's the moment to wake up and go thank you beloved master I am ready remember that's all it is so if you get more of those and you'd enjoy it just because you're you haven't paid enough attention yet and that still reduces down to what you and I talked about the show would have held us together all these years you got to want it your commitment has to be exactly what the Divine directors of said steadfast commitment focused awareness complete trust and that was our invitation for the past 30 days is to have just try that on and if you're just catching up if you haven't had that experience why not this week why not this week and you know this week there's a lot of support out there you've got today tomorrow night join us for Monday magic you can jump in anytime join us lessons of life really amazing right now Tuesday night Soul mirror so much going on with this
continuing it and just going to make a return appearance in the middle of the month and then we have the Thursday night New Moon kind of priest special ceremony being held by Jess and I encourage you to check that out and then Friday night lineage holders on the night of the actual up level remember this is the up level moment of May this is the one we were standing up holding hands and we're going to go that is this Saturday and yes right let's share that here's a calendar if you want to just look at those dates one more time tomorrow night Monday magic 5 p.m. Tuesday night Soul mirrors 5 p.m. Pacific time Thursday night the monthly Newman Circle and ceremonies to fill a 2 by Jess that's at 8 p.m. eastern time Friday New Moon up level connection Quantum jump guy to get the big one going to stabilize
is not stable and so that's part of why this is our big jump so I'm very excited about it on that up level evening as well and then Saturday your culminating consciousness of TV doing some really Dynamic energetic meditation visualization of pain and dysfunction and then of course when brand new material to our video workshop with you live on Wednesday May 27th in there guys donation just part of it help us keep eating all these people thank you you know I will donations have come in to support the indigenous and I felt called to reach out there is a group in Cuenca Ecuador that is eating the Venezuelan refugees
is really dear to our heart and there's so many beautiful people that knew they had to leave Venezuela however the opportunity to support themselves is very limited because these other countries that our neighbors have been talking to law school professors and doctors and lawyers and you know people like all of us that are now on bread lines and have no home presently feeding 100 people for a week and I'm very pleased to share that with you it warms my heart that the generosity of this community is touching the lives of those who are lifting out of this page this isn't about charity this is about sustaining the heart and doing it because it is the right thing to do and you know there are a lot of Venezuelans hear some of them are on their way to Peru some of them are or here and it is a really extraordinary thing as screen I become International citizens we live in witness things
we read in the news that are 100% not true a lot of it and what we can share with you is that there is certainly is an element in every community that goes without saying however the the most of the Venezuelan refugees really just want to go home and they really want their lives back and they're good people and a lot of them are starting to come into here and I want to thank the Ecuadorian people because this is so true of Ecuadorian people you are a human hear you are a person that they listen they want to know your story they wanted a rabbi for people who don't understand because they want to know your story if they want to know who you are because they care more about your heart that's where it begins and I think that's so beautiful that we live in the heart of the world you know here we are at the equator exactly you know and I just want to share that hard as well because your heart is pumping into this heart we
R1 Hearts that's the gift right now receiving so that we are being and we're getting ready to have this huge Fifth Dimension Collision come in this Friday and explosion energy in June I mean like I get out of breath talking about it I really do love you guys. I know you do say hello to more people yes all right vs and it looks like we have Karen from New York online one
hello hi hi thank you thank you so much for picking Mike taking my call
I wanted to call in this because I've been sick all week it's not a virus on careful to tell everybody that and I've been wondering what it is spinning and going topsy-turvy I was throwing up even water and dry heaves the first day he was able to get water in and for several days that's all and then I started eating a couple days ago and I'm little bit better about not there and it happened very curiously so this has been on my mind last week
last weekend I was going to Alternative news sites to find out what was going on cuz
I know I fell into density and I've been worried about all this news about the mandatory vaccine so I was trying to find more information about that and then later on Monday morning I was on the computer and a big malware you know my age antivirus program found malware and a big box came up and secure and I was like oh I wonder which website that was from and it didn't have a name it just had to address so she only met was curious and put in the number of the address of the website to see which one it was and it didn't take me there I was just another one of those malware secured boxes came on the screen but it felt like it was kind of a pal like something came out of the computer and hit me I get this wave of dizziness right then and I said well let me get out of here I stood up and the room was
I went to bed and slept I got up later that day I said I'm fine okay all good got some coffee went back to the computer to check my email and after a few minutes it just started again and I got away from the computer and I've never been the same since that's when the roof started going around and going topsy-turvy and all the other symptoms happened and I've been like that all since Monday. Thank you for sharing I'm grateful because I was able to just track with you very completely I'm going to let strabe again and just relax and let us smile energy come into you the one thing I just want to do is remind you how beautiful your smile is because the universe is smiling at you and they're inviting you to receive it by mirroring that back and I'm streaming let you continue
surely you know if there's a similarity here between an earlier call her we had it was having nuts and Iris and I I want to say to you first. Congratulations for knowing that you needed to step back from that connection what was being transmitted over there over the computer was an invitation to compress and distance yourself from the trust a soul it was an invitation to go into conspiracy and or density into cause-and-effect remember density one of the qualities of that mass Consciousness is this strong cause-and-effect Newtonian kind of experience where you do we do this we get that this is happening therefore we have to punish the cause or go to war or whatever it is that polarity will keep you off your path of loving ascensions so that's part of what you were rejecting and and good for you I test
touched it I didn't serve me I backed away meanwhile you've got the stuff going on so you know it is has to be cleared and Transcendent there your ego is relaxing you are on your path have no doubt you are indeed lifting and yet the eagle will want to put that toothpaste back in the tube the eagle will say I'll just go look at this website or just noticed this headline and start pulling the traction energy which is an interference and because of this chakra appear on your head and tapping my third eye that third eye chakra governs your pituitary gland meaning your endocrine system that governs the organs of vision and your auditory
it's so if there is a ping something happens there then that energy is not stable and those physical systems will have a response of the vertigo is is a response to the disorientation between the souls truth and the density truth that's a big piece of it now of course we always say when you're having significant symptoms you may want to check have a medical person look at this and provide you with that perspective you can decide whether or not it's valid for you but if there is a virus at work there sometimes we need a treatment I so I'm not doing anything other than saying the energetic side of this is you've got to interviewing energies which one you going to line it up with a jump in right on that because about the to the energy so my love as I'm connecting with you wow
your your energy is so big that everything amplifies and too much computer time for you is actually amplifying what's keeping you in density it's not about what you're looking at it's literally the radiation that comes in through your eyes that's why I was saying yeah your eyes thought even though all your I saw was the pop-up the pop-up carried with enough alarm for you to keep pursuing it now here's what they're saying though is that in the pursuit they say like a Fail-Safe was activated and what you're being invited to do is to sit down quietly going to meditation and go back to the moment where that happened and they're saying go to the moment between the moment
the last thing and keep following it everything up until when you walked away because you received is fascinating at the same time you were receiving what would look to be like as in you know I got ya like just what you were six. Saying your higher self was actually sending in a Zang and so what happened was it's like you were electrocuted and is what I'm seeing I like like this and I can equate this to the very first time I had a crystal side I kid you not I was in that was sitting with a beautiful man who was a channel in Florida who is doing a recession for me and in the middle of the session to my right is crystalline stairwell open there's like what it in everything dissolves I don't even know how long I was there I barely remember being where I was and a lot of things started opening up for me after that we'll that's what's happening right now is that
and so I think that this moment of exactly just the reassurance that you are okay yeah things are shifting and sometimes we have to push through meeting walkthrough physical discomfort in order to get to the expansion on the other side and not let the bodies fear inhibit our expansion and to remember that when we get a light infusion I had what I thought was the worst flu of my life my nose wouldn't stop running I was congested my ears were full headaches I didn't know that when we literally have an electrocution of light go through us there is a purge and that Purge is happening because you were literally
about to receive the whammy only what happened was you received the higher energy that came through at such a high pulse to read to repeal it that your cleansing here's a guess they're telling me 7u resonating with 7 within 7 days you're going to be have more energy more intuition more insight lots of water lots of self-love they're also saying drink water with fresh lemon and a pinch of salt and you can put in a Stevia if you want to but you need that and they're staying at least three glasses of that room temperature a day and so thank you for carrying the energy Terry cuz only a master could do what you're doing right now thank you my love
thank you and I asked how much lemon in a water or does it matter to me like you've got a lemon and you cut it in half and squeezing it and you're using it a few times each have you know just enough to really Infuse it yeah and have fun with it when you squeeze it jiggle jiggle you have the most beautiful smile keep using it
what's the weather is so much thank you honey not feeling the crown energy today big big big creation what are you creating right now
all right there we are so it looks like we are over in Atlanta we have a wireless collar in Atlanta Georgia so Namaste welcome Atlanta Georgia
Monster Jam. This is Cassandra say welcome angel
thank you I am very grateful I'm so happy you got my call today more than ever I needed you to pick up the phone and please do
I I was going into
go back into the victim's we can go back in an email came from you guys about the twin flames or the one announcing the big 2 hour and a half and I was I was wowed completely until I I stopped what I was doing I open the email and I'm asking everyone to do that because I'm sure it's going to be amazing
why will my angel I feel like you just gave all of us have been decelerating which is to always say thank you to the Miracles that happened every day before us and first and foremost thank you for that you know I mean I'm I'm still feeling that aren't you owe Cassandra Angel and 1st Street and they're saying that pay attention to all the synchronicities that have been piling up right now your resonating right now in perfect balance that number for only you're not in the middle you know when we have that perfect for that equilateral cross it's about staying in the middle and they're saying that these wobbles are because you keep trying to venture out till like 1 and when you do that even though that one aspect is part of it of the
you forget about the others and that they're saying it is time for you and they keep showing me this and it's like I'm taking my hands out in the air and I'm cupping them together and bringing them in to like I guess I'm over at my like if you can see me I guess I'm right above this is how I'm doing it and I stay cheap how I keep seeing this around you and they're saying call in the energy of the universe really that in as you bring your hands together breathe in this energy and receive and as you open more
you will remember it all
and so it is
much love dear
thank you for saying I feel everyone just received Cassandra thank you for the Attunement I I well I'm like really off woohoo I'm not here yet guys but you're going to remember how we did that cuz I don't remember beautiful and again I need to bike to move my cup it's become a weapon alright Street Angelita from Los Angeles
hola Como estan how are you
lindisima I found you guys and it was happenstance and I couldn't even listen to what you were saying your mere words I was bawling and all these childhood memories just kept coming up so I know that whatever happened today you guys are going to help me do this is my thing I'm very Taipei I'm very 3D almost masculine but lately the spirit has been finding so I've been doing things and communing with nature and going to places like Sedona and don't you walk on and just it's getting a lot bigger so now when I pray it happens that it rain or it hailed in La which is obviously random and then earthquakes Etc when I interpret that is I'm not making it do stuff I'm now coming with Mother Nature and I'm picking up the current and knowing when to do my prayer
because it's every time it happens after a really really really deep prayer and I do a lot of feeling for the planet because the work that I do is kind of social work so it just pains me to be in these positions and not be able to do anything about it but now that I'm getting more into it I feel like these negative moments are finding either not me but my family and I feel but the thing is I've never been in till I glue do or any of that like I've always thought about it and you give it power and because I do see it okay and and the first thing I share with you is this my love welcome welcome I love you so much my arms are like oh my God so I can hug you in person feel my arms around you right now
you are at a moment where you yourself are big initiated into another up level of being able to witness yourself and so right now it isn't about what's happening when you're praying is about witnessing the prayer
and being able to really pay attention and see that connection because you are at a paradigm-shifting moment and that's part of what it is a fascinating thing is going on inside of you it's like I see this turning like a like a corkscrew almost and and it's really ready but it has to the core cast from the bottle and right now you're still doing this and that is to let go and I will share with you that I I hear you on the Taipei almost masculine that was me * 3 and so I get it and so for you to be here means you are really ready my angel you're ready and you have waited your life for this you have been prepared for this
dive into it and let it expand there's a no accident you got on today is our final collar I'm just glad you yeah yeah I love you honey roasted processors wonderful thank you I love you I love you on my God I just want to remind you that authenticity is what you are and who you are and how to be in the world and naked absolutely we are at the time when everyone out there is one thing truth there one in that radiation of divine love and divine truth and you are a Step up Transformer for that and we come to a close bring your hands to your heart smile a little bit take a breath
I'm simply trust that all is truly well we'll see you next week love you
stream KIRO live to have your questions answered send us an email at 3 and Kira and check out more information at 3. Dot-com you next week, today

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