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Sri and Kira Live, May 10, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri Ram Kaa and Lady Kira Raa

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Ram Kaa and Lady Kira Raa

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Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today and shifting paradigms now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are shreds era
hey beloved ones and I hope you're feeling right here right now and we welcome you to stay alive and Mother's Day and an amazing Miracle Day on moment that is so profound that we wanted to just mix up little bit and open up with something a little different energy beautiful orchids thousand varieties of orchids that one finds in this beautiful country
purchase one for us and it bloomed and cats living for months and the whole house smells like chocolate right now we're really testifying the power of Miracles today we have some of your letters that we're going to read but before we go any further and happiness we do want to share the miracle of these amazing orchids are these look at this guy look at this are they scored just now wait wait there's more hold on wait now watch this one right here I call it my Violet flame has it was too it's too big for our set so first of all he still loaded how big this is okay but what's the best is yet to come look at that look at that look like eyes is that crazy gorgeous now
horse as free just mentioned Ecuador is known for over a thousand varieties for kids but yours looks so amazing shree and I have been I don't want to fall over I just give you some money so all of these are so I'm going to put this one right here where is the miracle that we want to share with you first and foremost about the orchids oh my goodness dies now I'm going to leave that one you guys see the stem that's the purple one it'll be in here the whole time and you know what I was thinking I think I might be able to do hey does that work for you guys can you still have some will have some work and energy going on right over here let's see if maybe I can get a little more there we are battle work I'll wait wait wait
but it's too much in there that wait wait wait sorry guys were making such a big deal over these orchids but here's the miracle okay we are living under martial law and tree and I have been witnessing the international news lately what has been fascinating for us living here under you know I say the word martial law what do you think or what immediately from sword for you well here's what we've learned at least living here in Ecuador during this moment we've learned that martial law really just means we're really freaking serious and that we're doing this because it is what needs to be done and there has been Zero Energy of Agony or people yes their head there are terrible things happening as far as food and things of that nature wear a shirt that in a minute however everything else has been literally blew me and the Miracle of these orchids is that in the middle of Perfect Tree in the new
what's happening right now and in the middle of the energy that's happening and there are some horrible things happening and why did she do it in Ecuador and it is it is not as bad as your national news would have you seen the many others and for those who are directly but they made the delivery of flowers mandatory for Mother's Day and and this is what I've been finding are these kindnesses there are so many kindnesses within this martial law that that it's really hard to feel like we're having any kind of restrictions really know the martial law just simply means movement is restricted social distancing is in a fact everyone has to be in their house by 1 p.m. everyday and so they're limiting movement contain the flow and spread of the covid-19 and salt
is just a few miles from right around we live in the Orchid growing District are known for their ability to cultivate all of these varieties is Mother's Day will deliver for free and I said God bless you let's have some of that beauty come to our front door because orchids take attention that we have a few that grow naturally here but these beautiful ones are there in the greenhouse you know that we're the cultivator and now they're in our home so they said we'll get them to you for Mother's Day well I kind of lost track of time yesterday we were busy doing our thing and all of a sudden it was getting dark and then I go right I got a phone call from some guy who is going
way past curfew and I'm not going to walk out in the street at night to try to flag you down here's how you find me good luck in the driveway because it was only then that I realized that I had read that there is a special permit had been given for the delivery of flowers because it was Mother's Day and to honor mothers and and what I'm wanting to share in this moment as we welcome you into the energy of this week which is big and we're going to have a huge conversation about it right now is that within any restriction there is always love if you look for it and you harvest it and how you respond to that love will directly affect your experience
that restriction we are in the energy of May of expansion and contraction and in this moment right now this week ahead we are moving into this profound mothering moments this isn't about a day or a gender this is about the reverse and this is part of why we wanted to share all of our Orchids with you and open up discussing what's happening because the angels are chalking the end this is today's background I don't know if we can really if you can see it but this is that Angelic portal of presents that remember we just finished the asteroid shower we're heading out our Mastery this is that Zero Point Energy laid over the master here so this is the ignition from the center of the Taurus which is the zero point which thereby ignites all the quantum field and so that energy is what we were trying to let
really close to me babe if we get really close maybe you can really use field and you see that coming out of the portal you see that's like registry and I that energy and so the visual of what this week is about so before we go any further we were so excited about sharing The Rebirth of the orchids when you're so much more to go and so much happening today where where is everybody watching over you need to say Hi how are you or broadcast Eli to PBS radios home page and Facebook page I believe we're also at Facebook stock radio and one this talk radio's homepage so you can find us and we look forward to hearing from you and you can give us the ring yet our toll-free number is 888-627-6008 and you're welcome to give us a ring there and join the conversation alternatively you can call us at 5 on
7208 1500 and so good heaven so many places that you can join us and thank you for being here and so again 517-208-1500 you can join the conversation and 888-627-6008 now that lines up really fast and so if you call and get a busy signal bulb at number cuz we do welcome in your calls throughout the entire program and Street in this moment in the energy of these orchids which is just overwhelmingly profound if you guys are really dealing with the resurrection
here's what's important to look at as we're moving through this moment right now to look at the May calendar guys so we're going to show you the May calendar at so let's go ahead and go there for a moment and SRI right there it is so what's been happening I hope you were tracking through this extraordinary full moon that we just went through that final super full moon that literally created this ordinary pyramid of energy and you see that creation Circle right that beautiful creation circle is now spinning out it's now melding with the 5th Dimension and when you're going to be lit again will be during the new moon up level so this week right now starting with the 10th of May
who the new moon up level of made 22 is about manifestation this this what did you put in your bottle you know is we were sharing all over at right what is what what was witness because the angels are here and there here in ways that are becoming more tangible we are on a moment where there is a demand for Rapid expansion when I talk about the up level moments again but as you look at this Challenger I want you to look at today right now may look at the being right remember this is the end of the Limitless you this being this coming up from the calendar there that's your limit was Natura rising up and and dissolving back into crystalline energy that one connection and so that's the ascended you listing out and starting the reunions with all that is if you
right here you'll notice I was sure wish for your earlier it's like right underneath is at the top of your neck and looking up so that is a potion and reception remember that this is a unique months in all the months of this cycle 2020 through 2022 because of this month the energy is coming in it's about receiving and and even if I sure that SRI I'm stealing my crown chakra tickling right now yes let's talk about that and we can go ahead and stop the store for a minute so guys this is very much about from day one until right now made 10 U have had 10 days of going from that Lotus Ace into the 7th through the star Consciousness ignition 6th and now it's right here so it's as if you're being in this one moment this but by next week in Philly anchors
here and the headship understand if right now we're still like this if you're feeling this energy and you're receiving it in the way as funny as I was starting that with you I just sat up in my chair lifted my feet off the ground because it's as if you're being suspended by the Divine and your body is able to just drain everything that no longer if you allow it to know I'm feeling a difference in the quality right around my sixth chakra and it's almost as if my center of gravity is there a pivot point I am so I know you said you will have your own Sensations because she's coming in and coming down to the upper part of the fifth chakra and igniting in you the recognition that it's time to choose what you're going to take in because remember May is about this expansion and contraction energy in both of these
being fueled now where we give our love to where we give our attention to is going to determine the quality of what you experienced which will then inform your next choice well because this week literally that energy of expansion and contraction can choke you so think about it I've I was just sharing with you now to try this or I take your sounds do I take your hands stick your thumb so that you're like a two L's right facing each other and if you're up like this and what this is helping you do is feel the Cradle I feel as if the body is just as light as a feather it's like my body dissolves and is so light and so at 1 so that keeping my eyes on the device is not only effortless Joy filled to the steam Pig night that energy field however that exact same energy because everyone is having a shower of a
and the shower Banerjee now for the week ahead is going to be right here that same energy that can assist you to do this and also feel like a noose around your neck and nooses are designed to end your life so consider that that that noose around your neck is designed for you to end this life the expansion this is a very big week that is why we have all of our flowers and joy and when the energy gets this big when the when they contrast between expansion and contraction becomes that deep and not vast when the portal is open and we have enough of us remember the lineage holders got together on that full moon enough of us through all of our Crystal and connections responded to those messages in the bottle and I'm using that very metaphorical
Humanity was given a message no I was thinking about the remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still you know if you guys have not never seen that rate while you're home movie to watch again virgins are in Turkey I love the Remake however what I'm loving though is that I was actually understanding the perspective of schiano's mission in this one not to give it away but I'm I think by now you guys know how it works pay it's been around as a true neutral Observer and I believe one of those original ones if you were to take it into what we are being experienced if you look at that lesson for lesson of light from Archangel zadkiel that we read last week and that was in the heat card and it reminded me very much of the ones that chose to walk on the earth originally and held her sacred and consecrated her
coming back to say forgive me I know not what I did and really take that in because that is the moment at hand that it is that moment of being a mother to the mother to the mother to the mother of this energy of the mother expanding and today is the 10th bday in this month the 10th as we all know instead of the numerology is what it is about the OnePlus the Internet by the month of infinite life through expansion and contraction heartbeat right is not your heartbeat expand contract extension tracked right you are you are literally fueled by the post which is an expansion contraction it is hardwired into this jumpsuit
and so the only way to really witnessed it and as I said that I just want my whole spine want to go really straight so those of you that might want to be receiving the saying there are many energies coming out today as well so those of you that may be receiving this to feel that feel that energy that's the saying sit up straighter because it's spansion is who you are as well and you do Street it brings me yesterday and I learned such a valuable lesson yesterday and I feel like we need to share it is the movie Keanu Reeves Humanity awakens and that in the end it is love it is not giving up on love that is the reason we will continue
watch right now and so yesterday we were involved with a presentation I think the whole day and end call. We're sharing we're sharing our yesterday and I invite you to think about your yesterday because yesterday was May 9th May 9th was the the rapper on this incredible super full moon experience remembered open. Pandit in the seventh was the actual new moon is 5.5 6 7 8 9 so it was the ceiling of the store yesterday and asked the supermoon seals remember this isn't just its own ceiling now that three pointed pyramid of the 3 super moves there will be no more so this is the peak the Pinnacle March April May go back to what we predicted in February that it would be March April May it would be one unit however this one unit
has one more component and it's June and it's the June full moon eclipse and that is going to literally open up that are high in the middle of the pyramid which puts it at the top of the greater view which will expand and start revealing itself in July about that so as we really pay attention to that energy yesterday was the universe saying we received your message now pay attention and did you pay attention I know that I think that sharing our yesterday is to invite you to also pay attention in the way that we were witnessing what happened so quickly but invite you to follow the law, where do you want to start with your class right since it would never want it was amazing day a lot of things were happening around here
you're in Ecuador for us again has just been a blessing upon blessing upon blessing it is we are so excited for those of you that will be our first group back here in June so much more to share with you than had you come earlier the Perfection of all this happening but it was trees first class and for all of you for me it was how many spontaneous Miracle blessings happened during the class well yeah we are real time we can do this guy's I'm honored to be able to help those who gather to move into a space of Divine Healing and Miracle making this involves and part of letting go of our minds structures while introducing some new understanding it involves being safe enough to lift being safe enough to say I don't have to carry the junk from my past just to feel familiar
to be vulnerable at open to what is here now and I'm willing to choose to be in Union with my body with other beings and and so is so we go so what happened yesterday other than a delightful Gathering of a miracle makers who were here's one of this a shilling all of us have had physical issues or carrying something when you heal that what really happened the answer that I prefer took notice is more energy is available for your life service
when we take care of us we are have greater resources and reserves to be responsible to be in service to and and to reflect the love in the magnification of the light that is presently underway so it's not selfish to take care of yourself rather it's being full of the Divine self as it radiates through the individual individual rated life so what happened yesterday Well Community whether they were conscious or not it had so many beans were touched and so many of you are writing and talking about this stopped hurting eye migraines that stopped sharing on the on the elf moving through these processes and so this is really one of those moments of affirmative prayer because what is prayer right
right now a lot of people praying and that's a good thing however what is prayer was what you didn't answer to a prayer absolutely however the answer or the miracle came forward because the miracle was a gift of affirmation rather than a petition and this is very much the shall I say the the importance to know about is your prayer a petition or a creation your prayer is a command what are you sent what are you saying help me
is a wonderful opening if it's followed by so that I may help others
vs help me I am this I am that every declaration you make in prayer you are affirming
consider what is a prayer because right now we are all praying and so are we petitioning or are we creating this is the energy of this week is the ability to dive into the truth of prayer what is prayer and what does the answer to a prayer look like
it is expensive it is Joy filled and frequently it will look like something you never saw so many miracles happening around us and and so the other the other miracle I want to share about yesterday was not only what was happening during your beautiful is that and I mean that was that would be enough you know how many I mean Bonafide feelings that that people are just writing us and saying you need to know this happened in real time and things that have happened since the first series you know this is free second series of this Consciousness is feeling like blows my mind was the other thing that blew my mind right and I were very blessed we were invited to be on a Ascension panel for a group and and we originally had been under the impression that we had an hour presentation and then
the day before we were told no no no no you're going to be part of this panel with all these other people and we are like okay right now
what was so wonderful for me personally is that I realize what a bubble I'm in and I really mean that with all my heart that
the past really since since trees incident and and and a lot is happening with that today we're going to talk about well as well but you know we're in that one year mark right now and I'm going through things in finding a text that happened during the real time and then then you know thinking he was going to be okay and two weeks later he almost died again from the presents that was another mama where they were like if we don't do this now he's going to die now and almost worse than the first operation and so it triggered something in me and the reason I'm trying this with you is that was my if not now when moment that was my oh my God we have so much work that was the first thing that went through me was we're not done and I begged forgiveness from the universe my prayer was to beg forgiveness
and for several months something sweet and I have not shared publicly after she got through his second experience which for me was like being traumatized twice in two weeks. It was a big month that's what April 2020 was it not and so I'm sure this with you because we went through a real rough patch from May to August last year where our bodies weren't an alignment SRI had very quickly released 50lb on my body was in extreme pain I was still trying to learn to walk again I was like oh my God my husband and everything was in front of us and the one thing we did during that time is what the Divine directors all of the arcjet Archangel Archangel steadfast commitment focused awareness and complete trust and we did not hide anything from each other we were as raw and nakedly available
would you be well in August when when we had been in this kind of cycle and and part of us was both wondering wow is this going to be our new normal yet both of us did not ever think it could be
I go in because I'm having what I thought was a really bad kidney stone attack and I didn't I didn't even know what kidney stones were up never had anything like that but the pain was so excruciating that literally the day I was there to see the doctor I was screaming in the hallway lights all these people were like oh my God you know and was told after a cat-scan that I had widespread metastasis is basically the doctor's like there's nothing we can do for you go home you know that's it and I refuse to believe it I went through about 24 hours of wondering why that would be there but in that moment I made a choice I made a choice to decide that I was no longer a victim of anything that this pain that had crippled me nearly put me in a wheelchair cause me to gain an enormous amount of weight with was just slowing me down
with all their because there were things that I had to slow down to do and that they were done and that it no longer serve to me and that I was able to forgive myself I was able to really go with n and look at me again and and as Archangel zadkiel said re-up because we all re-up it doesn't matter where you are in your level of Consciousness it doesn't matter where you are to maintain a body form to maintain. Gets to be available to serve is a full-time job bottom line and so you either say yes or no but you're going to say it regularly and this week is the week was sharing this information with you because this is going to be one of those weeks is this going to free you because it's up here remember we're not quite into our truth it will relay
next week next week we slowly settling torch Ruth so you can only imagine that if this is feeling like a noose what is next week going to feel like if you're still running away from your truth
just pay attention that's all it says it's a it's a profound moment and so in the spirit of that I thought we should read this email that we were discussing earlier so you want to keep that up or should I just do it no I have it right here we have to write it over here so it's so maybe we can just share this email and give it to you to read it over here it's on my way we were in the flow as we are doing Sherry and this beautiful person wrote in and in his letter actually kind of explains what what happened here so so it should be that pops when you get to the time you just have to go up here and there it is alright so first of all we want to share that
this email was forwarded to us and we were really moved and the reason we were so moved is that as part of the Mastery mentorship is when we normally receive a lot of these emails and a lot of these letters and when this letter came in it had so many teaching moments in it that we really felt as United We Stand and divided we fall as we look at the way the arc Angelic realm is coming in which is what this entire show is going to focus on from here to close it is about paying attention and witnessing for each other testifying for each other pain attention and so this beautiful email rolling to use the first name of the person who sent it and we did get their permission but we're going to use it as a teaching tool for today because there's so much in here and it affects everyone in One Way or Another so let's share
two weeks ago April 26th I called in at the end of your Sunday service I am Paul from Mississippi my wife listens to you on Sundays and I lay in bed next to her as she does and I nap I had gotten pretty good at ruining both of you out however two Sundays ago I told my wife I wanted to listen as I was laying next to my wife you gave out your 888 number early in the service I remembered the number and I still remember it now there's a miracle totally I felt an unbelievable compelling pool to call you but you had just 10 minutes left in the program and I did call my wife was disturbed because I was talking over the broadcast to Don the producer and she got up and went to another room so she could listen to the last few minutes of the program for you at 1:43 and amazing series of events happened look
caller from Illinois couldn't be heard so you release the call at that point she was going to go to a collar but cheer up points to the computer and changes crew you would take next you were radiating I saw it I mean it was like these eyes moved to line three and it was me fall from Mississippi
some kind of fun how are you got to go back through this and give you that the other teaching points I have never listened to your program I have never had the desire to participate in Ascension I have read the Bible lead a coaches Outreach Ministry listen to Rick Warren every day and Ascension was nowhere near my radar I place all of it in the divine's hand and your readings
first SRI what you said was 100% spot on Chira what you said was 100% spot-on amazing my eyes opened my brain open My Soul open I am 3 weeks into my studies my wife and I have gotten rid of all the refractory distractions we are all in
thank you for taking my call thank you for spending just a few minutes with me my wife came back into our bedroom that Sunday with a huge smile and tears she has the most beautiful smile
I don't know what a lot of what I'm doing is called I don't know the terminology but I am learning and I am understanding together we are releasing our fears mostly mine I am studying the lessons of lights and so much of my past events make sense I love who I am I love my wife and I love my family I love that I get to train adult athletes I love you Paul call we all love you and I am sure that the chats going crazy over at YouTube I'm sure that there's plenty of people that are reaching out to you right now and for all of us as you're feeling this email we do want to go back and share with you a few things about this because what really is so beautiful here is that you're witnessing Paul's aha moment and that it is always in its own time and that the one thing that I
really really love is that his wife says I love myself enough that I'm going to sit in my own bed on a Sunday this is my time when I'm going to give myself an opportunity to just be me and feel wonderful about that and I'm going to do that and that they love each other enough that he says okay I'm going to hang with you but I have no interest puts me to sleep gray rights but that they were there is peace with that shows the balance because this is really important and it and it shows a lot of that twin Soul vs. twin flame vs. but or twin flame which were talking about in the moment and so I love that and then what is so beautiful here is that I want it I want to use his language right here I want to read when it's all said and unbelievable compelling
unbelievable compelling Paul how many of you have had your unbelievable compelling Pol monen Bingo that's it that's when you know it's real because his left brain was already being overridden by the soul it's like as I see him laying there I'm seeing this beautiful ascended Master sitting up and going come on pay attention to be and that's how it begins does it not and then what I love is that he actually took the action it's not just about the unbelievable compelling and Colt what do you do with it you still have a choice right you still have a choice and so this was very much about two people who are on very different Journeys in the moment yet sincerely respect love each other enough that already has ascended energy do you send that energy was already in the households so whether or not you call it Ascension with you call it love weather
I'll respect it doesn't matter what matters is it's a frequency so the frequency of availability was already there right and then I love this next one I love when we receive a lot of emails about the Miracles of oh my God hears a sequence of events here's what happened that is always the universe's way of saying that if the left brain tries to come in and just miss this we're going to give you a whole bunch of evidence or just going to set it up that there's is no way it can be denied and that's that's when you know you're in that slow as well that that continues and then what I love hear is you're basically saying the ascended Montrose self Ascension right when you were talking about bottom right here pop up up up
I was just reading it my eyes opened my brain opened my soul opened right open your mind expand your vision ignite your heart Heal the World the greater you ignited and it and that was allowed to happen and then I just love the way the last three paragraphs are modeling steadfast commitment focused awareness complete trust you're already doing that that is how about framework opens that's when the arc Angelic realm stuff that's true testifying that says yes this is undeniable it is happening in his happen and remember that the nice thing about May and we're in kind of a peak zone of it right now is that in this moment of this month we are able to really be between the dimensions and there's going to be a lot more of this tangible step by step
noticing thank you for saying yes to you and we look forward to the two of you really befitting your union and and your journey because it was you and I both know when when you come together and that experience of wholeness it gets pretty amazing journey we may think that were on a more colloquial path earlier in life however your entire life is your spiritual journey and to be in full alignment let alone partnership with another being magnifies the love and the joy of that travel absolutely of that many of you know Anansi manam who was a very visible in our community for many years until a few years ago she had an incredible experience with breast cancer
brought her into her ascended form and what is so amazing is that her her partner of many years is with us traveled around the world with us many of you know Jean we're going to be bringing you and I just want to open it by sharing that when John first came to tosa Blue Mountain he brought me some oven arms item some of her personal things that he felt that I should have or she had shared with him I could ask John when we have them on just a moment
and I was actually I have all of these I have altars everywhere and so I have the beautiful my beloved bought me when we were living in Albuquerque it's actually a beautiful hand and it sucks that and it's very very old and we were there and it's the featuring one of my excuse me and I've had hanging on it ever since he gave it to me this beautiful stone I think it was an eyeglass holder that was an odd but it just feels very right there well I was watering my bamboo I have beautiful bamboo on this altar as well and as I was watering my bamboo Ali spell
and brought me to that and when I look down a non came in behind me as this huge ascended Queen I mean I did not even want to look up and she literally tapped me on the shoulder and said hey John
and I was like done done and I was like Wow and it started this dialogue and there's more there but it's it's kind of personal we'll see where John wants to go with it but John is over online 5 at the 800 number so BBS let's say hi to Jean from Washington DC
Batman say hello hello sweetheart
all thank you thank you so much I'm Nam came to me also and tell me I have to be to release all resistance I do have many so let me start by saying thank you so much because the last Monday I have so much to deal with I called sewer I need you I need to talk to free she said you need to answer some questions and by that time my crown chakra exploded it says you have all the tools why do you need help on Monday it was in deep density until I start doing my Tunes big grizzly
on Wednesday I was able to connect with My Soul into say yes
and when I go to email on Thursday
and I have my doctor's appointment for Friday I'm dealing with a little bit of cancer which I think that is very easy to get rid of all American Deli on Friday
everything came together down to the decision who is going to be with me for 72 hours well thank you so much for allowing me to be in a relationship that is so football with Trump and
with all the lessons are open my mind
I expand my vision
I denied my heart
the world saying yes and expected to be got it and keep my eyes on the Divine so with the super moon and I want to take you both I love you so so much thank you prayer has been answered and is continually showering the blessings of the alchemical gifts of the yoga Solace pension upon you in all ways and SRI Jean has a beautiful being standing next to him that we are just a doering pictures of thank you for sending that offer what I've worked with many people who have have had to deal with quote the system the veterans hospitals in that and the insurance and all of that and every time they talk about all it took how many
how many visits and come back tomorrow and fill out this form and where John didn't say crystal clearly that I want to underscore is he walked in and in one moment every doctor every appointment every schedule everything was done it was like it was like the finest a red-carpet we will take care of whatever you need right now and to me the miracle energy influences the density as well as the ascendance because the density need to tell you that radiating such Clarity and love that it is time for you to have your needs met sincerity love and presents the miracle formula right sincerity love and presence with the prayer of creation and so we bow before you and everything's coming together in your life we are so happy and inspired and thank you for the blessing of Sarah
with all of us we love the manifestation of your Miracle we love you thank you Angel
thank you so much, stay and do my Ascension family in America team thank you love you thank you what about this moment is is so potent is that we are at this moment where everything is happening in the quantum field experience has everything so for example we've been talking about this and this week I saw it happen quite a bit stringy and I live Ascension we don't just talk about it I didn't it is our life there is no those are positive come here are those of you that meet us that says spend time at ourself Ascension campus where you actually can live us like an ascended being and try it on and see if you can live this way you know but anyway what happens is that we each know when we are being authentic and we understand what authenticity is and in this moment the authenticity of
pension for us is my living it we are like these orchids we are living it and we feel very strongly that tosa blue mountain is coming into full bloom and that like a gorgeous. Blue will last and everyone that comes will be able to partake of that and what I learned yesterday on that panel and I wanted to share because it's farthest Miracle energy it really yes was that I spending so much time and really the seventh Dimension right now I've been in this bubble and I'm aware membership with all the guys I'm aware of what I'm aware of and I think people in Brea Rose is he or she can you do I'm here I'm participating and I'm doing laundry and making food you know all the things we do for my birthday
however it was really fascinating to be on a panel we're literally everyone else on the panel with teaching something but they have no idea what it feels like and its first I went through I saw myself responded that on all the density levels and and then moving up through the rest of the levels which was divine Perfection but it was a fascinating moment yesterday that I did not realize that living this is still not common and that it's more about being in a radiation connection then it is there was one woman that kept trying to sell her 45-day program and I was just fascinated and and another woman that was screaming at all of us like she was angry telling us why we shouldn't be angry and you know and it ended another one who claimed to have the keys to all of the DNA that's moving people laterally because she herself
see what's happening and I was in that moment where that there are teachers for everyone shared experience has strata of Consciousness strata of attainment there is a teacher for every being that's the intention that we stand and Mastery together right and sharing with you certainly there's lots to teach much information to share however more importantly is when we share our information it's because we know the truth we're living it is part of our being. A concept that we think is pretty good
every time we try to talk to linear ones were just like boom and that was cool we just sat there with our beautiful full moon background and what I enjoy I mean what I really did enjoy was I learned so much I learned so much I had no idea I mean they're talking about how we are just now entering the 5th Dimension and some of them were talking about the Wonders creativity in the fourth dimension and God bless them that's their spiral who's to say that it's not theirs to experience however what it also reminded me of was how beautiful you are that she say yes to that which is saying You must go beyond the Paradigm of the time that expanding into your multi-dimensional presence is the greatest service you can offer because you are saying yes that is what's Harold it in all this archangelic presents right now and that's why the help is here
weather in the chat the love in the Shari's willingness to be transparent witness witness Witness steel content feel good feel joyful about where you are right now there is no need to compare to anyone there is a need to be with those who are awake and to see yes and to see and start a knowledge in the everyday Angels because they're out there and there was going to be more and more of them and you know the first thing I want to say about everyday Angels is that as I was putting on my mascara Believe It or Not guys right and you can see I buy expensive mascara I really do it's
and so this is amazing but anyway we were in Amsterdam we were we were trapped in Amsterdam in an airport and we were there for like 23 hours right is it a little hotel inside anyway I was really not well we were on our way over to boot on the disc answering that I'd be going through I have been losing a lot of weight very very very very rapidly I was weak I was not well I was not sure it was very hard and anyway it was all so wonderful right because my body broke through I had to get over to India that was for sure and Baton so when we were in the airport because
we're dashing through and because you take as little as possible and because I live in Ecuador I like to take advantage of the duty-free shop out of the country and that's always where I buy my makeup and what was so beautiful was that it was something I wanted to do for me and it's the one time a year or two years in this case where I get to spend a little money just on me buying something that I really love you with all these mothers on Mother's Day remember to always treat you and what was so beautiful was I walked back to the counter and you know Kara she looks upon people think I look a little different than the average person and as I was well maybe not whatever I know all the girls disappeared thinking and this one beautiful woman walked up to me and I started talking to her about how I want the absolute best for now
do they have out there and actually started talking I noticed her energy field was glowing a soft pink and she was very collapsed and so I also noticed that she was definitely not from that area and I and I just saw a flea look arrested habla espanol and her eyes lit up she dropped the mascara she was very short Columbia and she hadn't spoken Spanish in a long time and 10 minutes later the supervisors coming over trying to get her to stop working with me a half an hour later I have every free sample of everything that was going to buy and then she brings me member that she brings me out right outside cuz like I'm going on break wait a minute wait a minute and we have been talkin about God we have been talkin about mystical things I was talking about what the universe is and how I see us all as one hard and we are all one being in one land and she was a very devout Fundamentalist
and we were meeting in a lot of space and the only thing between us was pure love and she might have a picture I forgot to pick you up the picture of me with her because what happened was I waited outside in this terminal and she came dashing out and she grabbed me and she gazed up at me and she started blessing me and she was offering me to relieve my pain that my journey would find the release I had never talked to her about my pain I didn't say a word we were talking in this level we never left the love space we held nothing but joy for each other and hear this woman was offering me this blessing this Angel inform offered me this blessing and when I return to that terminal 6 weeks later I was paying for it and a lot had transformed on that journey and I knew that the cancer was going to not ever manifest into what
I had predicted and so sometimes everyday Miracles come in Chanel mascara and I love you because you are berricle shopping right now and are you paying attention is your prayer of petition or is your prayer a creation because this week is intense and this week is all about keeping your eyes on the Divine to manifest remember we are in manifest station so and everything blooms manifestation right now March 10th through the 22nd when we come together in that incredible next experience about level because Miracles just isn't a fluids it Miracles are part and parcel of the Divine flow that is underpinning the linear
Melody when we are so focused on the Newtonian reality the lower levels of consciousness I have a cause and effect that the only way I'm going to get anything is doing this and why are you doing all that jazz the chi with Miracles is to start recognizing they are happening there gas or bubbly through into the density you do I just being called in that line and getting that extra service where it wasn't part of the linear flow and yet it happened. How many little ordinary miracles do we just thinking all well it's not big enough o really because the more and that leads me to the next Point Miracles low when Joy is on-the-go you know where where
are Divine Union with our mission in our hearts and you don't have to be effervescent you can just be in that he's still knowing that that is radiating out and touches other beings that touches other situation and the response is only good everything up levels how far whatever that depends on other things but the key is when we live our joy our joy has returned magnified and miracles continue to happen take a look Frost let go of what you think it ought to look like and get into the flow of the spontaneous emergence of more joy joy through what happened with John Wright and end the love Factor that's also coming around him because what's tree and I do know is that in the presence of true love all healing happen
yep doesn't require a second be in the presence of true love right when the petition is no longer one that petitions that one that becomes the creation so high I want to share because this I was I've been calling out to the universe as all of you know and and really can we do a screen share okay so one of the things that has been happening right now and we're going to share that in one second I want to go right here is that you amazing amazing beautiful people every Monday free and I are offering lessons in Ascension and this lessons in Ascension program is ongoing is like Sunday night service Monday night lessons right hashtag magic Monday Jett Tour website get registered you can join for almost nothing it's a donation if you want to donate a dollar do it you know Jen
in there because 100% of that donation money this collage was Friday this was during the full moon and so we felt compelled to share this with you in real time and thank you these are your donations in action and you are inspiring joy and SRI to pleasure a little bit about what they're looking at our hearts were really called because of the covid-19 lockdowns worldwide's people are being told stay-at-home don't overtax are Hospital Systems excetera well there's it's the law they have to stay at home and what's been happening during the 6-8 weeks that this has been going on is that people are out of work they have no income and while many people have veggies in their front yards they're lacking in Staples they're lacking in soap and toothpaste and and all the other
things that go into rounding out Healthy Living starvation has actually many of them yeah there's a couple of the people in this photo and I have no capacity to take care of themselves very senior people who are other gentleman who's locked up in his house to according to Brielle spell over when they showed up with more tangibly we said let's take action and in this is what I believe we are meant to help those that are visible to us to be in community and then that is how we grow the love and during this special time we felt called to allocate the cash that have come in from your donations for rice and beans and soap and all of the things that will contribute to the health in the well-being of people who are in need and you'll see up in the top left
DND sweatshirt and Boots who also works and we have really been assisting his family now for almost three years and so he has been the one that has made sure that the neediest people in the village are getting this this experience and so they first have to go to The Dispensary where everything is put together and all of the bags are created and end these are all of the things and then that's Brianna you see they're delivering and Angel and the street you see the streets of doodoo the Bell walking down the street there you see him delivering a woman who literally lives under a home and then you also see down there the very typical homes now it now kind of ironically our home is made of that house you're staring at however our home I was completely fully restored and as you can tell that home is the way most of the homes around here are made and so there you know sometimes electricity is not there and we're at 7,500 feet in the mountains of right
it's hard to be without food and sanitation in the middle of a time when it's also very cold is also not very comfortable so there are three ways you can you help by also calling in yourself and being with us on Monday nice a hundred percent of your beautiful donation goes to the donation for 100% goes to everyone so what is displaying okay sorry guys thanks for sharing now that we have it now
cuz we already described you share with us we share with others and this is a way of expanding both our respect you the peoples who are connected to the earth and the sand are the foundational energy of the humans on this and that lady as well as just the expanding Hearts night lessons just getting to be the central click on it get in anywhere finishing lessons of light right now but you can certainly join it at any time and then we're going to be driving into living in The 5th Dimension number to you can just offer a donation to these humanitarian Aid programs that also includes supporting clinical Linda the reason on gallon this picture is walking is because of the
he received at clinical in. You also see him carrying bags and he's able to work again he was almost paralyzed in his arm and and walking was too painful so him deliver his also saying that the pain clinic works and so again that's where you can donate see that screen share. Com or the one you've been seeing too much of so we won't put it up again will just tell you about it she and I are as you know our Union Souls now how do we know this the Ark in telegram reveal to us the four Original Soul groups the ones that are there that bursts into everything is happening now remember is outside of linear time where we find the greatest fastest answers
in that process we were shown very clearly that twin flame when Soul are mirrors of each other now I need to breathe and so now and this is why we've been invited to have a 2-hour special event that we are going to have May 27th Wednesday get there now what's happened is with the 5th dimensional mirror open
twin flames are reflecting and staying in this lower contracted energy whereas twin souls are flourishing finding each other John and Chantel coming together because of the wisdom ignition this is a really important discernment and sharing and it's part of the authenticity that is expanding ways right now that's either going to expand everyone around you or contractor will both you get clear and so this to our presentation is coming up in just a couple of weeks now the Temple of self-assertion is our legal non-profit organization and that we operate under that spiritual mission to support the expansion of law
turn light on this planet at this time three ways right join us on Monday night just make a donation come to the Twin Flame or twin soul and why it really matters at our website is posted on the homepage you can click on the graphic learn more about it the donation is $8.88 or less if that's really where your heart is so I know it's a hundred percent to the clinic and food we eat the food program going guys so thank you for letting us have a come forward and straight is this the fastest showing a wholly-owned on the phone keep holding on to us but first we want to play a little video I'm going to go freshen my cup of tea and so this video is got a beautiful artane mint display with installment that is truly powerful
opportunity to connect ever deeper to our Celestial Panama will be right back
that's not a yes it is. Doesn't have a green box around it
sorry guys we can't get to play it yet we don't know where it's hiding. You need to get it up because it is up yeah so it's it's
sorry everyone there it is we don't know if we're not sharing all right here we go there we are
let's make it bigger and go back to the beginning it's on the ego
welcome Divine pillars of light now relax and breathe as you are in a crystalline Temple of creation together we are and the breeze and smile again if you are in an opportune moment to expand Evermore into your own orbit we asked you to celebrate celebrate every breath every breath
celebrate that you have one bite the experience of breath into your form breath is your gift how do you use to get them out at the shop and taking the breath of life and yes as you breathe
you open the portals to fulfill many Destinies are you offer yourself from love of breath as you offer yourself the gift of to buy Brett did that recognition again arises as all that all that you are together this becomes the one gift the one ship of the one when you serve love you have everything when you serve knowledge you will constantly to see when you seek knowledge you are perpetually CP
are you sleep love you are potentially still and In Perpetual fulfillment all knowledge already exists Define recognition that all is all has been all will always be how often do you insert a boyfriend
distraction is the moment when you separate from the reinforces the energy for when you are constantly sick and you ever find bite you to remember that you are at the time where you are already found you just need to know it as you looked like me into the depths of your own soul into your own recognition of divine love are you loving yourself
are you recognizing true saying yes I do the Divine gift that you are are you experiencing everyday is the recognition of the Mastery presents that we are all Sparks of light
do you love me enough separation dissolves without the need to ask why or and answer Define recognition of the love of God
when you are the laws of one when you are the loving all that you experience all that you do love you
it is important to recognize that as you visit and visit again that what you consider to be Home Depot
we invite you to notice why you seek knowledge with cc to seek knowledge or knowledge sake
Ustick knowledge for Nolan state
when you enter the ballast protection of the loving species of that what you are from there all knowledge itself and it has already been in the loving Trust of door Divinity and masculine presence all that is manifest
are you loving yourself enough to accept this
we are unable to discover breast for section of separateness
this separatist Alliance from a lack of chord recognition and absolute ignite effortless Laurel it is a gift of love what you offered yourself you are scared to experience without limitation Darkness appears as a byproduct of the secret knowledge open an opportunity for grave afford to be the only recipient
the wholeness of divine Darkness
this is not that one is better than another or you without the light and not dark and without the dark there cannot be light you are here at the time of great combination and through this moment the recognition of divine Perfections of why you have come to this planet right now is before yes
we advise you to remember Darkness manifest from the pursuit of knowledge for the seat of knowledge it is a variant of the Mind energy
how do you know if you are in your heart how do you know if you are in your mom how are you feeling what are you feeling what is manifesting around you in the seeking of knowledge becomes your focus the life experience becomes challenging because all comes in two variants energy instead of Harmony energy when you seek little mystical experiences you demand to open up the veil ask what you are you are entertained by the astral and content with stopping there for some this is good for others that is valuable desire and expectation for what you believe the Define should be reviewing to you
every moment of every day with every single thing that you do all is revealed in for sexual
are you in the presence of the Divine at all times or does the mind and treat you to be seeking knowledge what is important to you
your children may your ascendant presents remember that if you must believe in what you referred to as said that the only said is to interfere with the it would be a sin to interfere with the path of another another another song to take that what you know is true have you left the energies of another stop you from movie called where is you and you can't eat with all that energy into yourself love yourself love yourself lyrics Children The 5th Dimension
Betty accidents. Physical body energy released as the third energy. You you are preparing for a great explosion you live in a world of an explosion so powerful time of closure
pay attention to your attention smile and say thank you
crossover SVU
single game that you have spent time with can you free them from your Consciousness can you get yourself a mortgage can you get yourself
when you can come to peace with all that is around you and you can hold 1,000 others
self recognition
call for yourself. Do you wish to claim or do you wish to find perfection of all of your decision to allow yourself to release Judgment of the choice
all of your actions and interactions expressions of gratitude Define recognition recognition license for which manifested slow dearest Children Of Love Too by loving source to life flow as you know without doubt yourself truth know how long can supported you are it is indeed your time together you are so creating this moment
every right there is and the Divine protection many blessings
first day it will welcome back here we are time is just marching forward and love is expanding timelessly that is such a profound insolvent and that is toasted if you want the text of that I know every time I listen to it we felt it was really important not to move forward we felt that it was really about the energy of this week and about right now remember united we stand divided we fall weather start talking about that and we're also going to be receiving your phone call so we just want to share we see a couple of hands are already up over in the 517-208-1500 call board yes you can use the raise hand feature which is * 5 1/8 * 5 if you have a question for Shriram, remember he is a incredible master of a saquon bench and he's really been nailing it on what's happening with these physical experiences in this Ascension energy right now to raise your hand if you have a question
888-627-6008 hey guys let us all know at either called when we say hello to you do you have something to share have you had a miracle experience this week do you have a question or are you requesting a mini Sol reading and what street I have been finding is that these nice things have been kind of coming together and today in the energy of sincerely twin Soul we felt that it would be our gift to all of you that all of your reading request today will have a combination of us responding to you so happy energy of the mother and the mother with that however I wanted to go back to that quote from the installment and if you were just with us right now, things are really stand out from that is that
it when you are at peace with all around you then you ignite $400,000 and so when you are at peace with all that is around you could there not have been a clearer more potent more profound message from the universe than what's happening right now and saying look we're just going to give it all to at once because we can't wait another 20 years not going to dribble drabble it and you're going to have this experience and not experience if you really want this just remember you want it you have to want it if you really want this if you really want to jump into the suspension if you really want to do this
then that's why all is in front of you and I mean all because it's going to trigger every single Mastery Point within you whatever you been hiding from yourself whatever you think you've resolved whatever it is this will bring it forward and it's a it's a champagne moment right this is a Apex member that Junot what's the June eclipse going to do it's going to bring the I to the pyramid which listen to the top of the bigger pyramid so wow really well place of going off so it's just an amazing world and the other again is that. You'll also says are you feeding the explosion or the ocean
right and then it's he also goes on to say you will ignite the diviner he says ignite the Divine portal of cells truth that's the Angelic presence that's the mother of it all that's the Moment of Truth nourishment because the final thing that I wanted to quote was was odd still says when we are within Unity judge
excuse me when we are within Unity when we are in unity judgment ceases judgment CSUN now that Unity is right here is it not and that again and is why we put the title for this week as united we stand divided we fall in the energy of expansion and contraction it's really easy to have judgement arise on both sides until we really break free and so in this release of judgment and remember we're all kind of hanging this week right is how is that feeling right so and in the in the release of the Judgment this week the unity energy this week really own this this week the unity energy will ignite greater Miracles as the energy of division will solidify judgment so this is a week about and the more you let go of judgment
getting right here right look at yourself the more you let go and it takes me right back to what we just read or just heard both in that ensoulment when we are within Unity judgment sesis we just have to be in unity then you go back to peace with all that is around you and again I think we're going to post that video finally on the web woman is out our website official cam go really died in for this week to the fender if ever we get men something it's right now because the mother within us all is that Divine dispensation right that you're Divine dispensation that ignites unconditional love. Close your eyes when your hands to write your and The Rebirth of the first week of May this energy of all these beautiful flowers birthing
cold in that return of the mystical Magi and with that reversing energy having the script Rewritten having the scroll put out in front of you literally right
it is your presence and your openness to this portal to tangibly keep sending the message make the prayer the creation of the universe is watching you are in a respiration with the universe right now tends to the 22nd go it's it's ready ghost hat I mean everything is manifesting so why not commanded a manifest for the highest of all that's the blessing were in right now that that is so important because it frees you from construction limitation and that helps that noose through the upper throat chakra issues have a lot of pressure to the flow that whole area also is about your eyes but the upper throat chakra is price
Marilee the respiratory begins right there at the most our willingness to accept that which is has a great degree of impact on what we experience and this gets back to the non-judgmental and the peace when we are willing to accept he's a beloved Creator I'm willing to accept whatever must be present for me to continue to expand my mission of service I'm willing to accept it and in that beautiful heart centers a prayer of surrender to the divides the flow enhancers and we moved through that which is designed to support all guide me and then breathe it up into the ascended awareness
open my mind expand my vision ignite my heart Heal the World As I am healed this is a Oneness experience and that is why it is Rich and that is why the energy of united we stand divided we fall is really rich this week because in the unification of this energy remember we're here it's lifting us up while we're receiving if the body is an agreement and the body is saying yes and there is harmony between Body and Soul then that is the effortless list but anything that is got this contraction and it's going to feel like a new Sand by next week is going to be because we're manifesting so this is the 10th through the 22nd so Street let's let you know I'm Lovin our prayers right you know remember that when a prayer
the creation it was holds judgment there is no judgment but a prayer that prays for victory over another or a prayer that seeks to diminish is a petition and often petitions back to myself so pay attention to how your praying this week is well I know I am born and raised in Illinois Illinois
hello stranger. How are you doing sweetheart
yeah I was to call her that I couldn't hear you you couldn't hear me and when Paul got his message he trying to get dropped all my God I'm sure you are right now in Sri was called to call you first met I just need to breed this and yeah a man I'm with you
surprise way pick up to my left ear rings real for like 30 seconds every time before we can act.
I feel it
love you guys I hope it goes without saying I love you this community and everything that comes with it is beautiful I love it love you connected with you guys love you but it's been bothering me for what I am
I was wondering if you could tell me if there's anything you could tell me about it feels like on your Lumbar and I here's the thing your spine is symbolically your spine is your foundation and the different zones of the spine affect different areas of the body of course however from a kind of an energetic flow standpoint it's where are you willing to receive support that do you feel supported it in every level and when I say reliable level I'm talking about the physical the financial and the emotional as well as the spiritual and those are they kind of the levels of the spine and yeah I am sensing that there is a trauma imprint that it is very old if it feels like you just nailed it when you said
you know they had an accident like like literally I'm feeling at may I have my hand more like my waist level and it has been sharing I've been working with your back and I keep hearing this voice it's and it feels masculine and it's like it's like one of those you better be good and I'll crack you on the back is that kind of a feeling whether that was literal or not it's that sense of
protecting yourself and so that when that when that cracking hat when those two bats happened at 12 it was like an anchor of a much older belief system all of which here's the gift all of which that spot that your wife but so much love into is actually the key to your freedom and they just keep telling me love it more love yourself more put your hand on your and I've been using my left hand by the way the whole time I've been working on the back I've had my left hand are put your left hand on your back put your right hand on your throat close your eyes if it's safe to do so and just just they're saying just receipt and they're saying just received this message I love you
I always have I always will nothing will ever stop that
and taking a breath relax your hands and just feel the arms of the Eternal mother around you now and I thank you for calling that in on behalf of all of us who are looking for the support of our Eternal mother she is here and you are a powerful being thank you for your blessing
if you feel it is and this is different guys those have gone through the Kundalini Awakening this is different this is a Kundalini that has a power and it's very much about Rising truth Rising confidence Rising Master Ace and it's it's it's very different than the Kundalini that has arisen before and it is getting ready to come into a peak moment next week and so I think it's very extraordinary appropriate that we're working on this spine alignment as we together today come forward because as we are mentioned during the first half of the shower as I was invited to share is that
we are in the middle of the show is more than just a show today there is very much in a tournament and I are not able to chat with anybody today is that we're really caring this energy I believe these organs are part of the energy you are here for a reason and say thank you for staying with us tree with so many other people that want to buy Michigan it looks like maybe Mount Clemens I'm not sure Namaste welcome
thank you Namaste I love you guys I absolutely love listening to you at the same time because
I just
I'm trying to keep my eyes on the Divine like you always say and
so I've been in the lessons of light I haven't really been able to study it because the final week of school and everything and
I just wanted to say that there's been a lot of
1 things in my life and I've also noticed that are you were talking today then I have been for my phone I guess because I
since October of last year we got into you and I are going through the same thing with his father
as far as being the mirror and The 5th Dimension and either up or above or below it I'm hoping I'm doing the right thing by my so there is one thing that I've noticed but my question is
1st Street
I am having
visually impaired and I am having trouble
I can say trouble
I'm just wondering why my vision is going out of accepted it as something that I have to do I know it's something that I have to do but not that I really need to know the reason but I think knowing the reason would help me
jumpstart what I'm supposed to do
yeah yeah yeah and that's how you know
there's more there than we can do in this setting however I want to respond to you to say that when one thing declines other things open and that what is before you is the capacity to sense he'll and no outside of the physical Vision that's one gift that is being offered to you the other is to be able to surrender into the recognition and it feels like you're on this the recognition that your life is here to serve and that whatever May transpire will transpire perhaps temporarily perhaps longer those are not fake issues to look at what is yours to look at is to be willing to say I love my life I love the Divine and I am willing to flow with this and then the peace that comes from that first surrender New Opportunities will become president it's all
is a little tricky because people say well you know I'm I want to bargain you know I want to trade this for something else and it isn't that kind of dirty the dirty as one of let me surrender and be at peace with this knowing that I've done everything I can to take good care of my body and my health and I looked at all those resources and then move into the Divine surrender that will allow Grace to come forward and I want to jump in because I want to address what you mentioned about your mother and your son and I also wanted tied into a tree was just sharing because I went through with my vision not I feel yours yours is part of what would happen would be that in order for my truvision to adopt the vision of this illusion would become limited and so I am extremely nearsighted and and that's gotten more
since we've been together and yet the other Vision makes up for it and that's the other piece on to share with you is that for me when I experienced was that in my acceptance and saying yes I also learned that my prayer could be the creation and I chose it was a point where I could very well see that my vision was going to get to a point where navigating Destiny would have been very challenging that was also divided into the moment when I have all the pain in my body everything was contracted in and saying okay if this is how you're going to serve them this is what's that will look like and that's what the universe does for all of us when we are in pain when we are feeling that we have something we cannot control we are feeling like things are just what the heck is going on it's when we're pulling it all in its when we're pulling it all in because we're saying you know what I only feel safe in a bomb shelter right now imagine really living in a bomb shelter what would the air smell like what would the septic be like what would the real no I mean what would be the
outside the illusion day-to-day reality of being there and wildcard of the emotional bodies of all the others you were there with why would you do that to yourself because that's what you're doing when you go in your bomb shelter you're in there with all your partners in pain and they want you in their we bought enough food you can sit in here and get really depressed with us right so I'm I'm really trying to make a strong point on this that the option is to really say okay that's one way I can serve and then to get clear is your vision tied to that or not and the only way you're going to get clear is to use that prayer of creation and say I accept the level of vision that sustains my body and its peak Vitality that sustains my family with the greatest amount of joy and that invites me to be able to serve and that's when the Miracles come in and that's what I did
that is exactly what I did and for me it was that has commitment and so you're in a big moment around that and your situation with your mother the one thing that is important for you to do is it's not whether or not you're speaking to your mother it's are you clear really clear and without any hesitation in your left brain that it is correct to do so sometimes completely disconnecting from her biological family is the healthiest thing we can do and it's only the guilt we carry around it that is often heaped on us by other people's perceptions of how we should be a parent that that makes us double Jess and so the first thing you need to do is get clear is this sincerely of the highest is it up is it is it Kinder for me not to have this exposure and that and you really need to look at you first and then you might want to jump in on that the role model for your son is to be in your clarity
sit down with him if you feel that he's modeling you not speaking to your mother than you sit down with him and you share with you why I suspect he's old enough to understand and if he's not then speak to him in a way that he can don't let it just be an unspoken thing don't let him assume let him know give him the gift of knowing City and transparent glitter what is good for you because what good for you is good for your son you it is your job to create that environment of safety and love and Clarity so that the younger ones made learn from that energy bought out there to you but wow do you have beautiful energy happy Mother's Day celebrate your amazing
much love dear
thank you thank you sweetheart Namaste online all right High
hi Namaste Namaste sweetheart welcome to the show
thank you thank you for taking my call this is the first time I call actually and I'm so excited this is America all I wanted for Sumrall to thank you for all the love and support your given to this community and I am connecting with you too and this beautiful Community every single day of the week to keep me out of the cast of distraction on misinformation that's up there and it's always brings me back to peace love and joy and peacefully in loving today in my bubble and I'm grateful for everything you're doing may I have a mini celebrating please and thank you so much well absolutely and first of all I think she and I agree we're just spilling your Radiance and your bubble is quite beautiful and it was so pretty is that it is it's all like
like I feel like you're some more orchids you know there there's this there's this energy around you that has this very harmonic pitch to it I I just keep it it's like it's singing but it's very high pitch very melodic very vocal Ford and it's like it's coming in from all of these they look like Buddha's to me every aspect of the divine feminine in Buda form they're all right here but in the center is this huge green Torah and around you is like this beautiful describe it is like a misty fragrance and a lot of rosewater Rose a lot of Rose a lot of roads and what they keep saying is that remember to gaze within and pull forward that which you know and when you open your eyes always delivered
and so it is many blessings that you're floating in a Lotus the other thing I need you to know like this is the middle of it
thank you so much much love I love you sweetheart Namaste I'm still floating on the flowers around us and then the energy of the lotus which you know the Lotus is such a beautiful flower and it arises from above you do from the muck from the chaos God shines and it's a beautiful metaphor for how we are authentic energy some on the phone right now to overline 5 it looks like Jacob and Joanne from Chandler standing by
hello Namaste SRI and Kira thank you so much for taking your call and for this beautiful Mother's Day and the Miracles have been happening for us this whole weekend in connect me with everything and with the lessons of light and also with with the Consciousness with the yesterday and Jacob has been really connected with all the messages today and we just felt compelled to call in and use a little bit shy but he would just like to speak with you for a little bit better thank you and welcome
hello my name is Jacob. I have a mini full reason and back pain no pain
sweetheart I love you so much oh Angel you know of course you got through today I first and foremost want your heart to hear this I want to relax your eyes relax any need to do anything right now except just be here right here because this is not an accident honey you are opening up a Gateway of Miracles first so money right now you're an angel that's why you got through today you are the living proof that angels are in form and you have this beautiful my whole Crown chakra blue blue blue blue blue Archangel Michael is standing behind you and he's saying my son arise you are ready to remember who you are you are ready to fly again and your heart is receiving all that you need to know your beautiful body of form is simply fragile because you have
Jordan so much light so quickly you have been blessed with those around you who understand and will nourish you through trust the mother that is with you or she will Shepherd this moment you are a rising and the journey before you is beautiful vast and so valuable all bow in this moment that you are on the planet we are great filled and we are here we are ready we are open sign us, stay my love I am so honored to meet you I see you I see your beautiful mother I love you dearly thank you thank you for being
much love much love namaste
how pretty beautiful let's take a moment and fully absorb right here and it's in it I'm feeling it on me and it's like this and it's just crystals crystals crystals and it's like we are all being offered in this moment right now the opportunity to receive the energy of the archangels I mean to really feel it feels and it feels as feeling like are I'm feeling like there is right here guys I'm just going to it's just like this
I'm just sharing that with you you might enjoy feeling at yourself and and noticing this energy but we this is the verse this is the moment what is your prayer how are you praying because this will be a week of prayer so are you praying through your creation or are you auditioning all prayers are being answered you are being uplifted wow straight I'm just like give me guys the Saturday of May is one of contraction and expansion and that we have the opportunity to choose we have the opportunity to manifest and as we live our prayer not just think the prayer as we set in motion the realization of the prayer because we we are a receipt
Optical it's one thing to say I choose to manifest X y&z but you don't open the door and say Here's the vessel where do manifestors the life where it'll manifests that which we are choosing to be available to + width + 4 because it's always a service in the contraction sometimes will feel it and we'll go take a breath get back in alignment with you Jake Wood prayer and just use those energies in those feelings to guide you
beloved want to be with you today we celebrate you and tomorrow Monday magic get to shrink join us on the lessons of light because this is the week you want an energy in your life Tuesday nights O'Mara's 5 p.m. Sunday Monday Tuesday stay anchored rare is the creation with you again real soon Namaste you're a and check out more information at SRI and Kira. Com see you next week, today

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