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Sri and Kira Live, March 8, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today and shifting paradigms now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are shreds era

that one is talk radio at bbsradio and YouTube as well because our bike was off for the first few seconds we didn't hear you we had a great time to go back go back and read our lips were talking about today a grade is releasing so all of those typical Mercury things of course we're restarting let's just be good right here right now that you're alive I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka we are truly honored and delighted with you in this extraordinary this is that moment of that super full moon up level

Sterling it we have been getting pictures from all of you for Kure retrograde is is releasing even though we'll have to post energy throughout the month but this is all happening tomorrow and so it's a big moment and SRI where are we broadcasting today audio feed and they are sending it out to the world in various ways and also the video feed is live at official SRI and Kira has a YouTube channel live Facebook and live at the homepage of one stock radio and it could be over there but we heard we are live at bbsradio with videos so hey check it out over at BTS Radio. Well as our are easiest to jump into the call board as well

give me to call board and let me give you that first number because this is the 800 number so you want to give that call that's going to bring you right into our Studios over there if he dies +627-600-888-8627 60085 course the call board over at 1 to stop radio which is already buzzing with a lot of you 517-208-1500 remember you to get to listen to the show while you're on hold so give a call get into the Q and streets I really want to talk first or share first at yesterday's Explorer the mystery show was was so really revelatory there's a lot of information that was shared because can you put the March calendar up right now for those of you that are watching right now the March calendar and you you know the truth already you see that right of the topic calendar this is from Archangel zadkiel and and this is really what the energy of March

is helping us all remember and each of us will remember this in different ways because we are at the moment right now where the super full moon is opening on the 9th for those bees are looking at the calendar this is happening right now tomorrow March 9th Mercury retrograde is releasing and with all this happening it's like tomorrow is this shower of energy and because of that everything I mean everything is going to pull that third ShopRite in a moment to expand with ever greater truth and the reason is so important we are in the energy members always six days so this started yesterday on the 7th it's going to Pete's on the 9th and it's going to continue is going to start raining right in there on Thursday 12th this is all that moment and entry I do have to say you got to love that here we are in the middle of the Trinity and

one of those balancing energies maybe so to speak by be femininity and as today is international women's day I found that kind of a fun for a big hug of acknowledgement to all of the females on our planet our picture up here again it reminds me to share that we are at the top where the goddess energy is coming forward again it has been a very long time that this planet has been locked into the hierarchy and The Duality of the patriarchal system and that has been softening and it kind of the softening goes up and down and up and down but it is truly a trend that's happening and God bless us all the goddess energy is returned

we look forward to your presence of that when you really think about you know it is international women's day in my heart it would be would it not just be International Rising feminine energy day right because it's not just about being a woman there is also the Woman Within and So within every being there is a masculine and The Feminine and to take a day to honor that one aspect is a beautiful gift in balance with other days that Allen's balance those aspects as well and I wanted to share that in the context of what you just said tree because yesterday yesterday guys we had a huge discussion about how in this March energy which is very intense and start talking about that right now there is a key to making it through and it's really owning authenticity not just talking about it not just doing whatever you might with it but to real

even understand what it is and there is so much BS being thrown at us there so much being thrown everywhere in density that the only way to break free is to get showered with the energy of universal connection and this is why in March it's very much about the truth but it's also very much about the third chakra so Street where can I watch the replay of yesterday show because you really will at especially For Today Show you want to go watch that show the video replay at 1 this talk radio YouTube channel you'll also find it at 1 this talk radio. Com just click on Li shows and explore the Mysteries mystery show yesterday and really invite you to connect with that again so jumping into the moment at hand

we are at an end it takes my breath away even if I'm connecting with all of you amazing beautiful ones I feel this this pulse way this energetic pulse way we are at a moment where by Mercury is going to go back into that you know here I am position right it's like okay we have been on this ride together and now we have been in the full of this and this really opened up on Saturday so I imagine that there's like this polarity the saying come on come on where we're at the Finish Line you know Pull It in get the adrenaline and you can do this and because of that many beans are giving up because the police so strong to keep going but that's what we've been talking about the tired inspired lots of people are feeling they've been going backwards lots of people are worried and are graphic I want to talk about right now because the reason

full moon right so we are in the opening in March right now tomorrow of the first of a trinity of super Full Moon and what this is doing is unifying it's like imagine a beautiful sacred energy Circle has been drawn around the calendar from March to May right march to May and that that is a moment of extraordinary creation energy flows SRI at this right now and if you're not I'll do my best to explain it March is one of the foundations of the Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation and energy that is opening up on the planet and you see that we are in this energy of profound shift Visionary transformation

that is all spinning together so as this is the first but that isn't that is saying in order to navigate this you are going to have to kind of put your authenticity where your mouth is right are you walking the walk are you living the walk are you doing it because that is the way through and if you are doing it that way I mean if you're really doing it that way and if your focus and committed right because focus and commitment equals attainment a short so if you are really doing that then you're getting ready to get I would call it the hugest push you've ever had and that's why we put our moon and kind of this watery yummy Crystal and expansion number

we'll just you know if you're heading in the direction that you really aren't your heart is alive with you're going to get a push that direction if you're headed in the direction of a previous compromised get directions and you'll become a transportation wait a minute we're out of alignment with our authentic being this thing either way because through the awareness and the experience that was what is brought to us we get to level our choices however the momentum is there now while I sat there I mean a picture of a lot of please go watch that show did you see this one this is a third this is a collective third chakra moment and it is also a fist chakra

your heart and so one of the energies of propulsion remember we're being like pulled into this up level up level up this is a 24 month. Okay I just want to backtrack a minute if you're catching up with this so this is a 24 month. That was really a blessing that came forward from the lineage holders last year when all of this started happening and it's basically a two-year slide in the timeline that's giving us all a moment to say hey wait a minute if we stop being complacent if we're not afraid to be who we are if we learn how to really not manipulate work with the timelines which can only happen through the protection or the insulation of sincerity 11 presents then coming together as better we can all up level so that while we may not have changed events we're being given two years to get ready

and that is it's a Divine dispensation so here's the key no guys this is like the PHD of of wherever you are in your spiritual journey it doesn't matter what where you are whether you think you're at the very beginning whether you think you're at the very end this isn't about hierarchy this is about together we are better and I'm going to hold your hand and you're going to hold mine and I'm not going to ask you where you are in your journey I just going to be there so that you know that we are here together we're at we're going to transcend the ego need to compete and be jealous and have all those other ridiculous things come in that are really food for density right and we're going to come together and entry I think the reason this is so important is because this is only the third bowl of 24 degrees this is just number three guys imagine where will be 21 months from now

Farm job right we are expanding and what's unique about this time in history as we can do this consciously we can do this while we still have a body while we are able to connect with rounds with the form and be of Greater service greater emanation of love and healing and Harmony and beauty and balance than ever before in the areas so this is a fabulous time to be alive and the sure sign that you were in a fabulous time is in the outer world you're seeing the polarity exactly so speaking of rising energy I want to talk about the trash we'll just remember we talked about it yesterday the reason we went with the symbology of the trash will In This Moment is because

these three full Super Moon events and remember we're opening up this first Mercury retrograde which if you don't understand why this was so important please go back and watch our February shows that talked about it because this was the first Mercury retrograde during the illuminated New Moon energy which was the opportunity to reward wreath reconfigure bring it all back together put it all in motion this was the Mercury retrograde to celebrate and learn new ways of do you know we're still doing your dance all right like okay let me Hangout

she felt like it a pair like it yeah I can do this okay and that's exactly a great example cuz that's exactly what this is and tomorrow Mercury is going to go back in this super full moon is going to be the first of three to arise and at the end of this month we will have an illuminated micro new moon in the energy of the super full moon that is depth of field that is the opening of the multi dimensional portals and that is why this is so freaking excited and that is why she and I chose the trysil because first of all it is not the devil's Pitchfork although as we talked about yesterday perhaps a reason any dogmatic tradition the devil's Pitchfork is because the true use of the tri shul is to be the Slayer of the suffering right Tri means

free Schulman suffering trisexual is the destruction of the threefold suffering which in the world of this illusion one aspect of that is the suffering of the physical body the second aspect of that is the belief in karma or the need to recreate Karma or past life attachment and the third is very much about the eagle mind that which is attached to all that is attached and so we can transcend through all of that and we are being given a window and March up a lot more about this next weekend between this super full moon of the nine micro new moon I want you to think about that which side of that are you looking through right I feel like I'm on the pirate ship right where we've been called spiritual Renegades on the ship with us so we're out at Sea I love this even better with this right here in our trash and we are and it's like okay so it's like gimme gimme it

Sandra you looking through what are you saying

look right there it is. That's what's going on right now if you don't mind or your forehead I never really looked at that you saw most of it is well it is it is a trinity the more we hang out with the sacred symbols whether it's a sacred geometry applies also however the symbols Cherry a meaning not all symbols are carrying a nursing energy

the symbol itself is overlaid with an intention or attention and so when we when people keep overlaying a symbol with certain energies it begins to represent that in the collective Consciousness or at least of the shirt energy field so valuable straight I'm as you're sharing this I'm I'm I'm thinking about how how many times have you had like an inspiration right or maybe on and a certain animal runs through what that means versus right cuz I wonder what that means it is you're going to let somebody else be an authority on the express or had versus perhaps doing exactly what you are doing bringing your hand to your heart not know what the saying okay what am I feeling you know becoming self-aware I mean what you're describing is this is the precipice of self-awareness

discernment that comes in when we have surrendered to the spiritual path for sufficient you can call it time but time is the right word for sufficient duration sincerity that the discernment filters open you know it's not just about the third eye opening because there can be a lot of distortion there it's the heart being in a state of surrender to the Divine the the recognition that I am a vessel a Divine vessel with the vine vehicle here on Earth and end-all and everything that goes with Divine surrender as we practice that these discernment centers open and we are liberated from the causal thinking of the density brain the causal thinking of the density brain is that very vehicle that has kept the patriarchy has kept the hierarchy has kept the distortions Run

amen tree I'm just going to sit here and let him go that's for me right now I'm talking about the Consciousness is healing class and we're going to unwrap it even further is that the ego the precious identity that we grew up with you know it's like oh I'm so dystology for my ego

can't discern the difference between content and essence

Interline highlighter pen is the Soul Essence is artastic Juices Flow Essence is creation is Downstream from that content is what has been created that we're now arguing about what's better what's worse with what you were sharing because you know that you were just telling about the heart and you're right now this moment especially right now with this yank into what's going to happen tomorrow third chakra it is all about the third chakra however you already know the truth and I want you to just if you bring your hand to your fist chakra and I have my hand on my third chakra here's what's going on guys the heart has been insulated hasn't it it's like it's been so you're doing all this work on the hard but it's not going anywhere

and because of that the third chakra is not feeling safe and this is at the core this is about safety this is about feeling safe and the mind of density is addicted to fear and this is what the Divine directors have been talking about this is why SRI and I are coming to New York that is confirmed and I want to read this quote again and again because this is part of what the Divine director shared with us there's so much more will be sharing live in New York City please join us the end of May but here's the quote you guys know it right when people are afraid and a hand on heart because this quote is meant to just be a beautiful way for all of us to understand better more to expand right when people are afraid they will give away their power and when people are terrified they will give away their soul

and I want you to notice what happens to your fist chakra as you even hear that or see that and this beautiful quote which is part of a much larger sharing that we will be having all of this in New York please be there with us if you can but Trina are also going to be in so I was we are moving up right now as we are up leveling into this experience your truth is already within you there by the bullshit o meter is going to get bigger and broader and it's the only way I can describe it guys and it's why in the month of March starting March 18th 3 and I are Beyond ecstatic that a vision we had manifested so that we could offer true support to those are serious you don't do not join us if you're not serious cuz this

it's really about I'm going to do what it takes and together with our dear friends Lisa Wilson and Tammy I'm in the four of us are leading an 8-week mastership mentary. This is personal this is about your life this is about really getting into it go to our website train click learn and there's even the first session as our gift to you it's free you can watch that anytime it's already up so feel like hey you know I think I need a moment or I need to go watch an hour or something that's really going to do something and give me some real tools it's our gift to you in this moment because this is an intense breathtaking moments because everything is amplifying one of the wonderful things about this is the first time we've done a collaboration was so excited is the perspectives in the in the different life experiences of our our fellow Masters are offering and put in contacts will understand

and everything that you need from wait all different perspectives now and there is a live chat that will run the full weeks so I support this is a new way of reaching out and really really do this together you want to break free you know do it together if you have a partner that's not meeting you at a place you want to and you to do this together if you can just commit to bring you where you want to go I want to come back to this 35 thing let's do it as you're sharing this because your insurance is that with the third in v

are you living in your body or is your body supporting your ascended presents and that's going to determine a lot of these issues so I just want to okay I know you will take a breath together

as you take the next breath notice

how does your body respond to the breath Breathe Again

where is the tightness and where is the spaciousness Breathe Again

and now let's bring our attention to the fifth chakra that's road you can add a hand there if you like

hand on your heart because I'm feeling some some grief when we really connect our heart to our fifth chakra we also connect to all the times we did not hide our true voice we did not hide the authentic communication now this doesn't mean we're swimming in a sea of Sorrow this means the residue in our tissues is up to be cleared and all it takes is a loving breath

let it out with clarity

and now a firm

it is safe for me to know what is true

I am safe with my truth

it is safe for me to share my truth with those I love

I am safe

and those simple Declarations of Truth offer reassurance to the ego state that compromised prior we can't simply kick me in the butt and say shut up it's much more effective experience to offer the eagle has to do so it can been shut up and trust you don't want to let it drive the car but if it does come along for the ride up some toys your good so when we touch into these wonderful energy centers in our body that work through our body not in our body they work through the body the body is so wonderful until

where is been holding on to disconnect the eagle was designed in the energy of separation

what does that mean we're going to have fun on Saturday night and it will always mislead you although it can sometimes to do it in a fun way to pull into the Super full moon is coming with Incredible support I mean tomorrow especially mean like a shower of energy and things are going to start coming together and things have been kind of piecemeal or going to look right and people have called or things that haven't responded together and that's going to keep going till the 24th remember we've got our here I was trying to remember how was your day

it ties into the ego because remember that this energy is not just affecting the ascended energy it affects everything energy is neutral so everything that has focus and commitment will be and so that doesn't necessarily mean that everything that has focus and commitment around it is necessarily positive or perceived as positive through your lens what's important is to rise into another reason why we chose the trash or hold that destroyer of the threefold suffering right and allow yourself to rise into General status be the compassionate witness stand in the 5th Dimension and allow that energy to lift you higher there will be extraordinary amounts of distraction and let me share with you why because I normally don't talk about things like this but on the March calendar those of you that have already gotten up level calendars thank you for supporting our free clinic by the way

for the indigenous here in Ecuador if you don't know about the up level calendar go swing and click on it learn about it or it official shrink are YouTube watching right now okay here we are in a month where the desert feel energy is all about you don't the truth already it's it's whether or not you can see it and and whether or not you're even going to the cycle of awareness experience with it or is that so buried that that truth that is within you that you do know is unable to come forward March is also the first month of visionary Transformations are timeline adaptation now we've already talked about the right that is tomorrow you are in the shadow of this incredible wondrous shower a life right but remember that shower is coming down on everything so what you're going to receive as a shower of light will very well be received by others may be as a shower of something not quite as light but look at the 24th

this is why this 9th through 24th energy is about creation creation creation inside a 3-month bubble that's got its own ignition right remember we're in that Trinity the three supermoons March April May however in March we only have one up level day and it's right now and we have a watch date and it is the only thing that was offered for the entire year and so there is a lot losing my breath but it is why it's a v v shop for third chakra energy there is a struggle right now for more than just Dominion of your thoughts the planetary thought is moving from Fear to Terror and if you try to navigate that through the realm of density that is the self-imposed prison that is the glue that's going to keep you locked

and that's why the BSO meter is getting bigger because they want to distract distract distract and coming up this month so I'm very excited that on the 18th we will have had our first session together because that's another reason you know we looked at the timing and it was like this is the moment we're real support from people that want BSU is really needed and so breathe in and also in the upleveling of the energy the song The Sly pirate that is the ego real become ever more spiritually manipulative and this and we need each other to kind of keep us quote on quote honest and I that what I mean by that is it's so easy to give in to the seduction of our own ego because it's hours

and that group fake is going to play out in whatever way is heading and having a a community of spiritually no BS mentorship will help us please connect with the Moon is Arcangel zadquiel many many years ago in a tree and I first got together. She'll just kept giving us all these practices and it was right you're in this for the Long Haul at 18 years later we're getting stronger than ever and moon gazing was one of the ones with a beautiful discourse coming about and if ever there was a moment to benefit from Moon gazing oh my goodness gracious right now the next few days please gift yourself

we have folks that have been standing by a long time and so are we going next

oh my God I'm so drill this is an amazing as every week that we connect with you and I'm just grateful to be a part of this community and I was so excited when I got home last night I was walking up my stuff and I was like oh I need to moongaze because there was an aura around me when I get home I'm going to look up and I'm going to get my intentions for what I would like to create and be so I just wanted to share that with you so I just think he's such excitement to connect with you and I would love if you have time for your in New Jersey you know I have to say hey we're going to be in New York City May 29th through 31 it would be awesome to hug you in person so just dropping that

amazing really is so hopefully you can come join us so now that I had to just share my heart to yours since you were right there's I your energy field right now right here over your hearts funny and Os tree was just talking about the stiff in your case it's very much. The very like the high high high heart and the lower lower lower truth are dancing with each other but they're not congruent it's like there's there's a piece of you that's yes yes yes and there's a piece of you that every once while just says oh fuck it you know forgive me but there is there is that piece and so that peace is actually choking you it's like if it tells you things that aren't true it it it it inspires you to do things that really aren't in your highest and they're saying this is the moment to Love You More and You Know It

we've been talking a lot about the obviously that's why you're our first caller right now until I've got my hand on my phone act right now and when to take my other hand and put it behind that so that I'm literally holding my neck with both hands and close my eyes relax the breath and they're saying In This Moment notice and what I'm noticing is there is huge pressure in your third eye shoes and it's congesting your star Consciousness and so they're saying in this moment breathe out through the nose at Depauw they saw breath bring it all the way up as if it's coming out of your crown imagine it breaking free into the stratosphere and then that breath comes right back down like a comet of light and blow it out and release your hands and they're saying do this more do this often and and that which has congested and created what is in front of you will very clearly reveal itself and I

you were definitely our first caller because this is exactly the moment and I mean for a lot of people and so in many ways I think what we're seeing in you when I'm connecting with a new right now I think you're also taking on a lot of stuff that isn't yours and I don't think you're even aware of it and it's especially it's it's like a flat plate in the left side of the heart center and I I really sense that it's a moment for you to say you know what I'm going to take care of me because when I take care of me I am taking care of everybody else so breathe into that my angel

thank you much much much love to you thank you to you and blessings thank you so much you're so beautiful to my heart and I value and honor this moment and every moment with you thank you thank you my angel we love you right now let's do some deep breathing and I'm feeling a lot of long energy right now as well long energies about grief and so you know we are at the blessing is together we are better and that's why I'm so excited that we're going to call the Elders in person in New York because when we come together right now today this community is so positive this community I think is about as close to troll free as you can. So what does that mean it means that it's because we are each radiating that first line of the Divine directors we are holding when Street and i gaze into the camera we see

we feel receive all of you as a highest expression of your divine nature and we hold that everyday for every being we hold that for each other for those blasted beans that are here every day at tosa Blue Mountain that is why we feel each other and end each one of these I mean there's over a hundred people on hold there's no way we're ever going to get to all of you but every week those of you that are the ones that come on I think it's for all of us and those of you that are holding your supporting all of us too so I wanted all this really receive the gift that we're being given right now because I know I'm feeling it it's a profound time indeed this is a profound community of Love release any expectations to that which is happening and I feel a lot of of

it's not just sadness it's it's like an old age I like a grief and and I think that as we grow together when I say Grove meaning becoming ever more in line with ours authentic energy to grow in our truce to grow in our love to grow at our service as we grow together we need to expand through the crust should I personally enjoy crust the holding onto what what exactly there's no judgment and what what is breaking for what she'll be yes and that nut is what is because

we are traveling together or we are in this together spaceship earth here and beyond that you bring us your love your attention to us and to this entire Community every week is truly a wonderful Gallery about what's going on at tosa Blue Mountain we are on a lot Is Happening Here we are now receiving Our Guest for Life turn around and revitalization program we are very excited to have called forward a incredible series of protocols that really can facilitate or so much Beauty but through it all you know whatever reason you would come with it would be for us, whatever you're coming for what I can share is that I know that part of the quote secret of the reverse aging process that we're working on right now and incredible vitality

let's hear what I'm witnessing is that people that are here for as little as three to four days go back to their Community is robust and there is that this is like Ground Zero crystalline light right now that's specially those of us that are holding these general staff so I encourage you to connect a mountain goat atosa come join us we we are completely sold out however in September there are a few I think we might have three openings left for that Cosmic Equinox and guys you know that's what we do in March to and shree and I are the only people that have private access to these ancient artifacts that we are granted unprecedented access with and every time we've been with them more messages keep coming through we also are granted extraordinary access overrating a Perko which is the only Incan Temple dedicated to the goddess it is a goddess Temple it is shaped like an egg there are portals

we actively opening their we do incredible initiations so I invite you to pay attention to what's going on because maybe this is your year maybe next year we just opened which is the New Year's Event which usually sells out very quickly and it is already it's getting full fast so it's all here. Com check out the events in South America is holding which is also why in 2020 I find it fascinating shree and I are living in Ecuador which is the equator run in 2020 we have to go to New York City and Peru all on this side of the planet and so there's a lot of information coming in around not as well and so just sharing with all of you that we are in the middle of a big year of perfect balance and it's happening in different ways to Ecuador, we are happy to customize a program just for you

all right by Angel Street where we going to go alright we're going to go to Pueblo Colorado hay in Pueblo Colorado namaste

Heaven Grocery and Cara on my beloved's I'm so excited to be talking to you the first thing I just want to say thank you thank you thank you I am loving the way you presented is just so beautiful and so clarifying I'm just in love with it every week I just can't wait to get on with you and hear what me next thank you I'm all you know it's my party

Shri you're clapped up I'm just telling it to. I just thank you both for all the support that you're giving out there and I just feel changes constantly and I'm having my moments of Sanity is a I'm feeling very very blessed it is my birthday I am 55 today if you could please and thank you and the mouse like jump to your line I kid you not and I was like I love when this happened so of course you had to be here today and and I mean happy happy birthday I love this Synergy I love affirmation

on your birthday the day you got through you just got to love affirmation and I'm also enjoying the 55 because remember that 5 is a number Shiva as well and so I remember my 50/50 air and it was a very strong year of clarity because it's about the OnePlus the internet and Angel you your birthday is happening in the middle of the Trinity right so remember that you are in this moment where the entire galaxy universe expansive presence is inviting you into balance and and they're really it's funny it's like they're all looking at you like mothers like I'm seeing hands on hips in like and they're all looking at you like a mother and they're saying you got to take better care of yourself that you have got to take better care of yourself and and there's this one who's very huge big big big Crystal and light energy in you insane

you have adopted some habits that deep down you know do not serve your highest mission and now that that mission has started to unfold with greater propensity you must make the choice so I need you to really breathe that is because the year ahead for you really is momentous the OnePlus the infinite and you're having it inside the super moon right this is all about am I ready to supercharge my life am I ready to say I am worth it and the minute you do it's like fabulous you're ahead for you you're like a comet of light so thank you for the blessing

thank you so so much I love you both deeply we love you too sweetheart many blessings her reading was really the energy of this moment I mean this is exactly what's happening right now this is what this incredible up level energy is calling forward and we're in it together and I did notice I'm noticing you're touching your your your high heart I'm feeling kind of like what would people use to call butterflies right but I'm feeling isn't connecting with you guys are not in my stomach they're here it's like butterflies in the heart and you know remember that this is the year of the ascended hard this is the year of anchoring the ascended heart so that the Divine Galactic glue can print can remain open to sustain you effortlessly and multi-dimensional connection and so feeling all these butterflies on the heart is saying you're

it's there but maybe you're not trusting it yet and this is this is that moment where you always the truth is already within you and it's and if you're feeling this saying hey are you ready to dance can you breathe in and you know whenever you're the butterflies right doesn't deep breaths help calm them down the spiral where you going because sometimes the knee-jerk reaction whenever we have any kind of excitement a butterfly is many of us assume the worst and so we need to practice trusting that the only good is coming to us and through us only good is coming to me and through me I am it's just all about presents my angels are so much happening around the world right now

we could do that over to Singapore and we're going to welcome to the show Namaste beloved one welcome

Namaste Street and Kira it's a blessing to have you here how can we serve you I just want to say thank you to you for so many years I must say that you have been such a blessing and I can feel myself growing and positively so so I want to say thank you so much and I would really like to ask for a mini Soul reading

and it is my honor to oblige and I want to invite you if it's safe to do so I'm doing the same I'm sitting I'm making my spine even straighter my feet are flat on the floor and I also am going to take my hands and distress them in my lap and I'm going to close my eyes if it's safe to do so I invite you to do the same allowing the breast to be consciously through the nose out of the mouth but in a nice natural Rhythm but focused as I connect with you as you started speaking the energy for you begins at the bottoms of your feet and it's very much like a pickle very much like a tingle and it's coming up very very gently almost as if you were just touching your feet in water and taking them out and touching your feet in water and taking them out with you standing right behind you is this stunning Quan Quan Yin energy and on one side is what looks to me to be a very

various cereal golden energy I would use the word Buddha light because it is not that it's a Buddha it's very much so and a very ethereal golden presents and on the other side is this blue pillar of light and these three energies are coming together right behind as you're sitting up straight and and it's like I'm watching this unified ray of light going into the back of your heart and what they're saying to you is open your crown more relaxed in to the breast that you know so well and remember that you are at a unique time all as it has been will be no more lament nothing breathing that which you are and focus your truvision into what you already know is happening and invite the rest to manifest and so


wow that was amazing thank you so much

thank you sweetheart you are amazing thank you for getting through and I can't but I'm here I'm here and it's been happening a lot that's why we're like wild we need to prepare to be in New York City of Divine connection is here to be shared and in the purity of that connection the wisdom and the truth are recognized felt and serve the expansion and we're just delighted to be conduits of Love off the one hand and we are delighted to share this time with you each and every week you know as we come to a close for the day I would be remiss if I didn't say be careful what you ask for because why is I smile we have asked for a continued upliftment and up leveling up the work of self Ascension

to be able to reach more people to be able to offer that energetic let's just say the energetic authenticity so people can then discover their own authenticity and I know each and every one of you is part of that and for that I am truly grateful and so there's much more to come we are going to be sharing more with you each and every weekend Saturday or Sunday show how to string check it out claiming authenticity live a BS free life are you breathe deeply band may you trust that all is truly well namaste

thank you for joining us at 3 and Kira live to have your questions answered send us an email to guess at 3 and Kira and check out more information at 3 you next week, today

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