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Sri and Kira Live, March 29, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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seemingly out of control we are all experiencing time speeding up chaos shifting to a new level and is yearning to know the greater Mysteries of the universe what is it all mean Visionary spiritual teachers and best-selling authors free ROM call and Kira rod these Mysteries offer livesore meeting and invite you to open up your mind body and spirit the Paradigm for the shipping bringing you fresh perspective and Timeless wisdom here are three in a row
Namaste welcome everybody to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teachers Shriram car by are so grateful happy and honored that you are sharing this very special moment with us this is it on the radio 15 years are archives everywhere and you can find our shows everywhere we started out years and years ago on Seventh Wave our very first show is called Higher Love yes the old Steve Winwood song was our thing we are here now premiering a show that we have dreamt of days of creation completed yesterday and the week that we are in right now is is a potent one
are seven days of creation literally a hundred percent of our focus in our time was what can we do what can we do how can we help more help more the other we are better this is the moment we knew was coming this is the moment where it's time to take off all of the aleutians and really the master you are and what a retreat we're going to be before you is one of our new featured segments and so when you call us and that's why I'm bringing this up right now because we have two amazing phone banks open 2 hours worth of show a whole Community hour during our first hour will be offering the evasive medical intuitive interpretations of the week
you will have an opportunity to be calling him either experiencing is an Ascension symptom is Adam so for those of you that want to call in for either mini Saul reading or to connect with SRI rampai about the medical intuitive energy you will want to use the call board 517-208-1500 and that has a raised hand feed her and in order to activate that you would press star V on your phone and so when you call in 517-208-1500 if you press star five-five will see your hand raised which means you want to talk to street during his segment of the show and remember you can also call us on our toll-free line 27608
star producer who will be handling your call share with him whether or not you're calling for free if you are calling for sure he's going to want to know and he will let us know as well and so I hope you show and and where is everybody talking at 1500 press * 5 that's the raise your hand feature and that way we'll know that you're wanting to talk about the physical issues associated with energy and you know I know you want to give a special shout-out, and also we are grateful that you had the two hour time I'm slot open we have had so many emails come get about so much is happening right now and a lot of people have asked
flower show for years and so celebrating I think it is our 15th year on the air or maybe more thank you for helping us birth to show we wanted to birth for a while we're excited about that so Community right the video broadcast is displaying live at 1 to talk radios homepage at the YouTube channel official SRI and Kira at the Facebook channel for 1 this talk radio and at the PBS radio page where you can find her or Show streaming their the off in video yeah and the audio is also playing at want to talk radio for those that were just listening yet because you can hear that on your phone
we are excited during our second hour we are going to be we are going to be diving into the weekly about what's going on right now then we'll be going into the medical intuitive aspects of it and talking about how old can be coming forward especially this time where we have a lot of interesting Energy's playing on the planet right now at an end and especially with the virus and so now it's playing this week's energy as well we will be in the second hour of the show we will do as well jump into the chat what are you guys asking we're going to be taking your phone calls offering many Soul reading at the our goal is that let this be a Sunday celebration right right now
call you're living somewhere like we are actually living in Marshall all right now so you know it's your living where you at all those many years ago and for those of you that remembers 3 and I when we first started this journey together had a beautiful ranch in New Mexico must we used to have a huge we would throw open the door is everybody to show up so he would bring a dish somebody with play music the kids will be running around we do an installment that's what this feels like all of you is a lie
you're active experience is there a radiation to positive energy there is an Embrace of heartfelt acceptance to all of you and for all of you so what's going on with let's get rolling so guys let's talk about what is happening right now so it's from last week's shows thank you this is a moment where the 7 days of creation that happened last week let's start there. We had this incredible power filled micro new moon right micro New Moon after the
first super full moon so I have you been looking through it because you know if you flipped that very different perspectives what that left us with especially with that watch date last Tuesday of the 24th is that everything is out in the open there is absolutely no question is what are you choosing to see and the operative word there is choice this week the week ahead of us right now we're in it it's already here is going to be about the choice between love and hate and simple it is not easy and that is the key in front of us
have a little Mercy around is the people have found themselves in a quote involuntary isolation meaning that there was a progression with the spread of this virus and the reaction to the virus that has created this undercurrent now the undercurrent is one of those classic things like that Chinese symbol for opportunity
or crisis is your ascendant energy or it could take you the other direction let's take a minute I want to put up the witness graphic if you are wearing that multi-dimensional present as the blessing it is if you have stepped foot on the road right now then you have beautiful wide-angle lens you're looking through the telescope you are you are actually hovering in 9th dimensional energy as the witness witness through the 7th Dimension where judge
releases into that fifth dimensional witness or which is the energy of and so this is why the virus is a virus of Consciousness because the virus of Consciousness is actually the opportunity of a lifetime and it's deciding which way you're going to look through it one of the things in this is why it's so important that we had that graphic up there and and thank you for letting a show that to you once more is that this is a moment where uncertainty can be your friend let's start looking at the fact that the skies are already feeling better you know we're already seeing reports about how your is the air has been in a long time the planet is on a great time out by herself has supported this
single experience of the human existence right now is being invited to retreat
how do you Retreat is the question you know I know many people that are really battling with huge depression right now I had somebody forward me a cartoon they thought was really funny that basically was like all the words blurred together like you know it's it's marvelous day of the fort 48 lowing down and depression is a heaviness that is like a whirling Vortex remember this isn't ever refunding spiral okay so you have illumination spiraling up and you have this darker energy spent this is darker it's just a different type of energy
no face and it's like you can hear yourself locking the doors and going back down into the lower chakras and what is the first chakra about what is this by saying you are not safe you must be told how to be safe we want to control what you think safety is and because it feels so compelling and he's very loud and it's very well-funded and it's very powerful you find yourself being called into that black hole so this week is all about what energy is about love or hate and there's no middle ground here so if you're slowing down then you are absolutely
tractor beam of the black hole opening all right if you're feeling that you can't keep up with time which is where you and I are so long with it with multiple timelines then that's how you know you're nearly impossible to completely unhook now let's talk about what we're in hooky from for a moment because there's two two layers there one is to unhook from the mass Consciousness consensus fear unhooking from the consensus reality which right now is fear-based very strongly the other is unhooking from The Temper Tantrum or Dominic would squeal of your ego self
is part of this journey having a body the only way to relax the demands and the knee-jerk reactions that the ego is to love into quietude
to love it into trusting you so we can take a lesson our spiritual practice can take a lesson from basic psych 101 how do we talk to the inner child will you can't be an abuser you we have to offer it love safety reader it Waka watch all of our other shows this is something that's important the victim Consciousness member last week in those seven days of creation in all all of this illusionary co-created experience was a victim Consciousness or and bring it to Ascension Consciousness and so that she is playing until you finally break free being
you were unconscious there's nothing to straddle so consider that for a moment the beta d'arrigo personality in order to cope with the mass Consciousness to cope with density if there were no outerworld you wouldn't need the ego which you so it's de facto your partner the thing is that the ego identity is automatic and it is only overtime that we soften its knee-jerk reactions through identify more fully with our send itself now this unconscious expectancy has triggered insecurities meaning what we have all and I think everyone is touch this oh my goodness the world I was expecting it to be differently but my expectancy was unconscious I just assumed tomorrow would be a lot like what yesterday was in terms of the energetic environment
I said that no matter what level of Consciousness you still have a sense of predictability to say that the guy the game rules the guy that moment you re going to self the most the most because that's where the need to control is anchored your soul is in complete Trust of the universe the Perfection and the flow of of the Divine creation is there's nothing to tell about their self is in a state of uncertainty because it lost its control stick you know it's like it is going where you at what what do I what do I Bank on now so here is the thing that uncertainty can be your friend so wait a minute take a breath
the uncertainty can be my friend absolutely because it is a call to Clarity what are you relying on where is your Center what do you truly need not what does the inner child say I need what do you really need
and reflect on that because it's slightly different for each person however there are Universal needs that we all share and that does include a sense of safety and a sense of community in love and the ability to to be acknowledged and respected and all of that those are all human needs the key here is that when the egoic aspect is uncertain perhaps there's an opening to become more reliant on your souls truth to become more reliant on your authentic Essence and find a new balance balance I think it's important to recognize this as this energy is is going to become very everything illuminated last week we talked about so we are at a moment of imbalance that is slowly
balancing back however it will it can only happen from outside of that which has created it that's just basic Einstein even sure that and so the moment of really not only knowing you are an eternal being sweet are talking about the true yoga self Ascension the re cognition the Divine remembrance without any doubt of your Eternal nature and allowing that Eternal nature to leave the body because right now the body wants safety and so what could be safer for your body then you and biting yourself to illuminate fully then your body to actually receive the extraordinary amount of healing upliftment resolution remembrance that, when the ego gets this week it's how you engage density it's how you engaged
screen guys this is literally the blanco did that lifetime I mean this is really it in perspective what you anchor the choice you may remember and essentially it's going to be around 11 and so which is that very much about what are your density linear engagement move through that see right through the place where strength and courage meat is between spiritual activism in Ascension awareness so what is your Consciousness and all of these are in front of us right now and it's the unconscious expectancy or the the that is that energy it's it's unconscious of
what is still inside of you that's afraid because this is very much you know it it's very much a formula is is what I like to say and and it is very much the fact that when we get together and come together now in positivity then how do you feel are you inspired and are you inspired into creative action energy hate energy is part of what you're feeling remember last week we talked about how the greatest Addiction on the planet is to victim Consciousness number one place we lose our sense of true presence being in the now is when we dance between the victim of the persecutor and The Rescuer energy Witcher 3 faces
one energy that we call victim Consciousness all right when the uncertainty comes in and fear is experienced first recognize fear is natural it if it comes with having a body is itchy is are you willing to say oh I'm afraid and look at that and resolve it or because there is that insecurity of fear do you jump into judgment and blame which is remember just outside of society is we must blame somebody for Our Fate for our are uncomfortable why is it that we're talking about hate vs. love you know many a spiritual leaders they will know what the challenge is fear vs. love well hate is fear
with a judgement is playing into the victim addiction and it stimulates a natural leaning to blame or to hate another culture being person institution whatever my feet the hate than this place has all responsibility from here and it insulate you from having to feel your fear I would rather be angry than fearful is is consciousness of that ball was the quote from it is it is
a filter that will unpack the truth for you what I have learned is that whenever we have an emotional response the responsible way to work with that is to acknowledge that it's here cheaper so that my context of reality no longer includes that fear meaning I recontextualize how I'm looking at things because obviously limited lands there is no fear in God's Garden refracted I get it either we call the ego and someone a wonderful spiritual opportunity even though it's uncomfortable to look more deeply
right now you know I meant nothing I mean really it's been very very very supportive and there is not a breath that we are not taking that as saying thank you because we are very aware that the support around us is so that we can be more available for you and that your ability to be available is how we are able to connect and all make a difference and so again is if this experience is causing you anything other than the enthusiasm of the inspiration consider what is the project you've been putting off what is a dream that you haven't manifested are you are you really just did you prepare your spiritual emergency kit right you know Ashley and I have a little video coming out about the molotov cocktail of spiritual experience a lot of people are throwing
cocktails with themselves right now and they're not even aware of it because there is energy of having to be the mirror of your own Divine experience right now and this is where Soul mirrors is going to be going now we're going to be talking about the mirror of this experience on all the upcoming shows that's Tuesday night's number one is self-care number one is self-care are you making your bed when you get up in the morning are you brushing your teeth time to breathe are you taking time to look out the windows are ordered to go outside if you can and really say thank you to beloved mother Gaia to look up at the sky and my heart is so grateful that in this moment you are not being fumigated 24 hours a day to say yes to you try on your most beautiful outfit make yourself a beautiful meal light
candle take a bath self care self even more. We've just been we've been talking about our whole marriage it's been a wonderful moment with the life we LED and the life we're creating now and so we're sharing this with you because in this week of Love or hate which ones are you choosing are you loving you first do you have your arms of compassion wrapped around you because this is how you stay in the 5th Dimension if you're staying in that Consciousness right now it's all being pulled up remember it's like we're all on stretchers you know we're being pulled up while we have this density energy that is literally like a black hole and remember the clothes you get to Black Hole everything comes arrested at night
the time and I want to give you another little tip please the eagle thrives on predictable structure so even if for example you have a or had a painful relationship in the past at least it was predictable versus the uncertainty of having no relationship so I know many of you have been in a relationship for a to well it's like that right now our pattern of getting up and going to work or whatever you did during the day has been interrupted and so the eagle now is in a state of anxiety so give yourself the grace of some structure and cure already ran through the tips to get up in the morning and have a ritual of self-care it could be as simple as making the bed brushing your teeth at my blue yoga
love yes but do it every morning and in the course of just a couple of days you're going to find yourself going oh this is a nice Retreat right you would encourage you and trying to inspire you to say wait a minute I've just been handed a retreat I have an opportunity maybe there's an opportunity to say you know what I needed a moment to just deal with what has happened because yes the world has changed yes there's a lot of bulshit happening behind the scenes yes it is a moment where there is a virus that is seeking out those that it can in fact some of the inspected might have the highest Consciousness you've ever seen there is a reason this virus is here and the greater reason
because we are at yet another level moment and there are always massive Ascension waves ever so much that the material shree and I are proud and blessed to have been calling for word for 18 years of what we know is that we are loved so much that Spirit keep this on a need-to-know basis this last year and all the others that ignited this now up level is up leveling and because of that. There will be Ascension way this is just the first one but they they are we are loved enough that all we need to know is that the way things are here so the question is can you search them and then
yes you can and serving them extraordinary and exhilarating and how do you navigate a great weight and so focus and it has to be really really steadfast committed right Focus if we really pause for a moment and ask ourselves what is essential
take a look at what is offered in your Consciousness because it may be the first blush maybe one level one layer and the next what is essential response could be another layer you might find if you ask yourself this question 4 times what is essential that you'll go through the density Paradigm the spiritual activism Paradigm the Ascension awareness Paradigm and the final response might be that Ascension Consciousness context of being done with all of us about our bodies and how this is affecting the other Humanity especially in the physical side but I want a video about this during this week because remember this week is All About Love or hate and you need to remember begins with self-love and and part of that sell flow experience is
what are you feeding yourself and I'm not talking about just food although that is part of it and every one of those levels of experience what are you feeding yourself and are you calling in the energy of upliftment inspiration and creativity are you finished with something excited or do you finish with it and you just need to go talk to all your friends and start talking about everything is going on and you know this one said this is why they're doing this but that might all be true but it doesn't do you any good the minute you connect with that all you're doing is feeding Eagle mine that wants to know that's that addiction and victim Consciousness remember victim Consciousness is what victim rescuer and abuser the abuser is yourself watching those videos that are leaving you at anxiety remember you will create all three so you need an abuser to keep your victim role busted that you're well at your rescuer can come in which is usually the spiritualised that don't forget to have a sense of humor as you watch this
motorcycle that's the reality show the illusion is no reality show reality show and you're having to watch it right now in close view so I just want to share with you guys at a Molotov cocktail is is usually a glass bottle with some stuff in it a little Rag and they let him throw it makes me so sad whatever I'm not I'm not saying that showed me this example and so the bottle is coded
my groceries by the way in grocery markets that are fully stocked there is no hoarding there is no stress and the one products that were very blessed what about 5 hours away from here your ingredients there's your bottle because here's your ingredients that go inside that bottle that makes for a very strong and potent bomb in your Consciousness number one guilt number to anger number 3 jealousy number for greed and number five doubt those are the ingredients stuffed into your bottle that was tonight the virus Consciousness jealousy and greed
anchor a position in the victim triangle they justify it and they make it righteously real because I'm right to feel these things long before it was popular watched miracles happen with people that have sessions with him and all all remotes are all you know you may or may not talk to him depends on your session but would I have also witnessed is that through his innovation of the avesa medical intuitive the Ami model I bow before how many people you have healed and are that not you have healed but did you have had the opportunity to assist through their healing I know in my heart that you are the most brilliant men
intuitive on the planet and that it is only because of your humility more people don't know who you are and I just thank you for never selling out I thank you for always for always being there through this week where the energy is hater love where is very much about witnessing the furthering of the Spiral is being pulled loose Shoppers being affected what are we looking at this week and I know a lot of people holding to ask you questions
whenever we are working with energy and Consciousness it is reflected through our chakras the traditional seven chakras each of them carries a a world and environment that together create or support the human situation The Human Experience so we had talked earlier about the root chakra being that stability place where I fear or insecurity can disable that now the root chakra is located right in your pelvis so think about it for a moment is we look at what is the energy here if my route is uncertain or Miss trusting of life if I don't feel safe I cannot walk calmly and clearly through my life
that's kind of the metaphorical understanding but what's even more potent right now this week is the third chakra
so Breeze take a breath on that number as well prior to Awakening is about power because before or level of Consciousness lift to the point of understanding love as understanding Integrity of of having experienced before we get to that point before we would even consider going to church so to speak
the only thing that's there is competition it's just about me right and so a more primitive man is one that's always looking out for his or her survival and power over the world and been dealing with the weather in dealing with competitive situations so mankind started off with a third chakra that was all about power Dominion in competition in and we all have threads of that in our Consciousness because we grew through through that remember that it is biology they say that ontology recapitulating phylogeny recapitulates we grow through the stages of evolution in order to arrive at a now and then you arrived at is bass tab it upon the attainment and working prior lives in Space the whole lot of pain your commitment in this lifetime so without getting too far down into the abstract
your third chakra is evolving or has evolved
from Power into empowerment power is based upon the the belief in separation that old model empowerment is based upon the trust of your spiritual nature
so let's play with that for a moment we can see that that's been shaking and so many beans are out of the planet if we breathe into the truth that I am a spiritual being and that my lifetime is an act of empowerment that I took birth for Spiritual reasons I didn't take birth is it accident of physicality so when we begin to really acknowledge the difference between the density based ego contact and the universal spiritually based off of identity your souls identity when we really begin to allow the souls Essence to express into the life than that third chakra shifts and it becomes an opportunity to trust your mission and express it in form in your that's the final link
as we acknowledge that we Are Spiritual Beings that energy that you could say it pours in from the Divine and it comes right into the vessel that it gets to the third chakra and it's about relaxing the Tommy no more doubt it's about having a nice easily operating muscular system because the third chocolate difference of muscles and instead of being martial art Chi thing you are empowered flow and you still have good muscle tone and your directive is connected to Spirit more than it's connected to your emotional body which is it is nature we have we have a whole list of people there better identifier but we're going to go over to the 800 number
we have Ralph from Berkeley standing by so Ralph welcome
don't hear you let's try again
all right all right well
hello hi sweetheart you have your hand raised to speak to Sri Lanka welcome to shrink your alive
thank you for taking my phone call so this morning meditation and I was feeling fine and then I took a bath and I don't know I hired my journals and my microbion on my nose those two things are probably being affected but so I wanted like you to do is just take him home and bring your hand to your heart and as you connect to your TV
just say I choose to connect to my fatigue
and where do you get us where in your body do you feel it most strongly see if that presents itself
the third eye needs to go the third eye is about your spiritual connection isn't.
and so it could be that it's time to look more deeply like poking me for all of you is what I'm hearing is Sri was inviting our beautiful color to connect to her foot and I hope there's a feeling a sense of fatigue are no others that are really into that was sweetheart what I got was that the reason this happened after the bath is that you are still in direct conflict with that connection was an invitation to enter the strong belief that is still hanging out in you that literally could be part of your own unconscious expectancy and for all of you right now if you are doing something that ignites who you are that ignites Your Divine connection and then you do something else and are left feeling like something in happen then pay attention to the entire song
and go deep within from that 5th dimensional space of love and compassion speak to the fatigue but also speak to the resistance speak to the third eye it's like there's two of you trying to speak right now and that's very very potent for a lot of people and ties right in with their chakras is where is the conflict in society and then look deeper and you can have a revelation this week is very much about victim Consciousness for Ascension Consciousness and so that is a very important thing because it's happening at all levels
all right that you've got another one waiting here okay so what we have here looks like a question forestry hello be able to talk with you I have being always maybe that my conscious
and I've been at work. I could make sure I could hear please watching. I'm craving Selden like everything text me down I like to be a normal person. I know but everything is so hard mentally and physically
I have all divisions coming to me like all of them down amphibian or diploid going up and everything is like
distinguished from each other and call me apart here so I'm struggling like it sounds like my head is dangling from cry like my head is like my body and January but I didn't pay attention to it and then I got the picture there comes a point where you are and bring another hand to your belly
let's just breathe together for a moment
and as you breathe with hand on Heart and Hand on belly
I want you to invite in the energy of stabilization
because truly the spiritual gifts that have been given to you are both a gift and a and can be destabilizing and your third chakra is definitely wanting to trust that flow that spiritual flow however there's some old beliefs that you're caring about what state is an appropriate what's permitted and not permitted and those beliefs which actually reside up in the throat chakra or inhibiting this this flow and so you're going to be teeter totter in a lot until we just slow down for a moment and say in this moment I trust myself
in this moment I trust myself to tell me the truth
it's about trust and truth and being able to accept both of those and quiet the body into a state of okay now I know how to be with this
would you like to add honey well I I would like to add that as I'm connecting with all of us that can say oh my gosh angel you're my story is your story your story is my story whether or not we live through it whether or not raining right now they're all stories and so now that you had the moment to say the story start right here right now you are in Retreat and Retreat right now you get the opportunity right now to be the you you've dreamed of being the you that you know you are and you know it's funny I see you I'm like put on your Rainbow slippers and pick up your fairy wand say hello to that what you know is true and no and celebrate that the universe is giving you a moment I really appreciate your your experience because it really brings us back to what's going on right now in the entire Global what this week is really going to help us 74 and that is
where in a 3-month window March April May I was listening to talk about March 19th course was the Moana Perfect Balance this is also the first of three supermoons March April and May are going to be one unit The Retreat started March one and it's going to end June one and so the question is if you are in your sacred Retreat home right now how would you treat yourself what would it what would you enjoy what would you want to be doing and then be doing that in your home patient Retreat because on June 1st the entire planet is going to walk up to their closed windows open them up and it's not a question of humanity restoring it's a question of what will it look like and so we all in this moment of creation have an opportunity to be literally creating and calling forward that which we are and your soul is screaming at you sweetheart so call it in its the moment we are all being
Ogden supported an amplified in ways that defy the mines thank you so much thank you sweetie you are welcome so wherever you want to go there you are so many
oh my God I'm so happy to hear your voice and your support and your guidance and I want to express in my life today and always is the love that I have in my heart and a lot that you both have in your heart and this community has supported and guided me and uplifted and motivated me and has inspired me somewhat I'm doing this last month and whoever i c i Express one thing for inspiration any things that I feel that I'm Guided by Divine to express what they need to be able to share and keep the connection I just wanted to express that so
I would love for
to just be in more balance to continue to be in the love Witch is in unity for all of what's happening to you for sharing that and as I connect to your energy the thing that I would like to share with you is that an opportunity is present for you in the creation energy this is directly related to the second chakra which is the basket of creation you know presently your second chakra is hungry for a little more love a little more self-care because that second chakra is the area on the body side of things that controls the organs of creation and elimination Saudia it's it's one of those balancing things when you talked about pallets I want to say this comes right down to the second chakra we
in its highest form it would say I forgive and release all this gone before and I embrace and nourish my highest Vision I forgiven release all that's gone before and I embrace and nourish my highest Vision as you choose to embody those declarations the second chakra then can flow in the cycles of change because our lives have cycles and the cycles of change are always upon us and so will we can be a little more graceful in our own letting go and receiving we can birth of beautiful future how are you doing repairing that my love
oh my gosh. Absolutely brilliant and I feel like I've been given a beautiful spiritual gift and I will write that down as soon as I have that phrase and repeated often and it's the president beautifully because I recently have been thinking about that missing my creativity and I just he's giving me a beautiful gift and I want to express my highest gratitude a blessing to the both of you and the whole Community thank you you know what street I want to share with our whole Community right now because as I'm listening to you what is happening this Saturday please write this down right now this is really important and it and it's our gift all of you miss Saturday however will be happening as a zoom webinar so you'll need to ask for an an invite this Saturday hours
we are opening up our monthly Miracle Gathering manifestation and ceremony to all of the compliments of our beautiful Mastery mentorship team if you are already a member you do not need to register we've we've got you we know you're coming however for everyone that may not be part of the master another shift please send an email to support at self Ascension. Com again that is support at self Ascension. Com so that you will get the invitation to be part of hours this Saturday April 4th at 9 a.m. Pacific Time USA we have been hosting these gatherings for years and we have witnessed thousands of Miracles when we come together in this miracle presents every month there's off in Anniston ensoulment there is so much that happens and so we are very very grateful and so join us this Saturday April 4th
what is an important to say thank you and important day to come together and a really important program with that with the lineage holders so this is our opportunity to say please join us as our guest send an email to support at South Ascension. Com to get your invitation to the Saturday event 9 a.m. Pacific time I it's going to be proflower the Divine directors of goodness knows what's going to happen Saturday we also street I'm looking at the time we have so much to share and isn't it exciting that we're not we have another hour to go this next hour is going to be dedicated to keep your hands up those if you did want to talk to you or me or call me and I'll come in our conversation will also be jumping into the
phone lines it is 517-208-1500 or it is where can I refill the TV we created a little inspirational sharing for you it's runs about 7 minutes it's a combination of sharing and information we hope you enjoy it I also want to give a shout out to Benjamin. One of our community members in the middle of it I had to put in one of my favorite Benjamin songs Egypt enjoy the next 7 minutes we'll be right back
welcome to this belt Ascension classroom affordable and beautiful home study for your mystical Journey imagine the gift of studying everything he's ever wanted at home and on your time yes it is possible and there is so much to choose from as you dive into your home study experience remember that with every moment you spend studying this gift you ignite your Divinity a Mastery balancing technique and certification process
Cosmic Mike regression travel the universe and remember allow yourself the gift of navigating the inner Matrix with beautiful extended Mastery Program of the Violet flame will take you to places you may not have dared to dream to go and then you will ReDiscover the true gift of your divine nature yes the time now is study the ancient Mysteries and it's so easy to begin
Namaste beloved ones may the beautiful Buddha of the blue energy Ray Howard Divinity upon you and Together We Begin our robust Community our live chat mini Soul ratings you are questions and so much more of her go
and here we are of our first second to our show I want to give a big shout-out to all of you again over there and iHeartRadio thanks for supporting stream Kara live the voice of passionate action or you can watch you can listen and you can jump into that 886-276-0008 1500 and of course YouTube official Street and Cara hi everyone thank you for being here with us life we are going to connect with your chat during this hour and jump in there if we can I wear to take some more callers and you know ice I went and it was filling are teacups and everything
this beautiful man and I am drinking just for curious minds of the tree that grows in the Amazon and the locals need the indigenous the Amazon would get up before sunrise and soak them in water and they would drink it as a family and the why you say it is famous for its antioxidants and mental Clarity it says it's it gives you a mental Clarity without the caffeine soda a little bit of support myself to be alert and be here
because we are only about 45 minutes from the Amazon actually we actually have your toes from Amazon that goes by from our beloved Edwin who meets everybody at the airport and his mother prepares of these conditions family his mother prepares in the traditional way and so when people are here and what we serve because it is so vital and so I love you Rose Tea in the why you so I feel like we are really receiving all of your love your carpet right now right there are background that is our Fountain from the water therapy center of course with our beautiful and we just bought with this week of creation and
all dance of creation and energy of Illumination is radiating out to all of you and the energy of this week the chakras it's affecting and so I see that we still have some people and I'm noticing before we take the next person is that have you guys noticed that every person. Sorry it's all our questions isn't it kind of blew my mind and I was I was really going to like like with our first caller I like no no no this is the blessing of the perfect balance wisdom cannot exist without a context is a computer Bank of data wisdom is applied knowledge so we take the knowledge of the chakras the knowledge of the human
Consciousness if we apply it to our experience inform so the key here is that you know I was just grab the Tina said that you are a show is is kind of like this potpourri of workshop and conversation and relation together cuz you guys Inspire us and scroll through a little bit but there's a lot of love being pressed yes I'll let you check in on that but let's say hello in here because
get out there we go okay sorry I was trying to work on her caller volume a little bit down what's on your mind we haven't had raised from Sedona Arizona so we'll say hi to you
doing and caring and giving you being as modeling and all the rest of them just off and I have a
I followed you for years and I got to call her before have something that touched on me probably also but I have some physical challenges had surgery the end of 2018 that took away my shuffle my last load of my liver and kidney stone and fail and still a little bit of a bleeding hemorrhoid and I know what the issues are I can't seem to release I guess and I am doing a lot of nurturing and nursing and getting some other support from your past and other things so I just wondered what yeah well I tell you what you got Steve got three chakras that are calling out for greater attention and the first one of its kind of saying help me is your third chakra was certainly time
name of humanity right now at this time but remember the third chakra governs two important physical systems I mentioned earlier the muscular system because that's about the the empowerment piece of being power in the body is expressed through our muscles and for you the second physical system discovered by the third chakra is the digestive system and the digestive system the symbology is the ability to receive nourishment from life and to extract that nourishment into your body and and your your your expression in the physical so let me break that down a little further
you've lost all sound okay what happened when you made there
are my clothes getting rapped a little bit you're at a moment of breakthrough that is scaring the crap out of you and whether you're conscious of it or not it's deep within you and when I talk about it I feel like I'm twisting like knots in my first through third chakra it's like you've got a very good connection going on up here and that's where you're spending most of your time it's like yeah I know you don't believe it at the core of your essence you're really afraid and so forgive me but the fear is Raising its head and screaming at you right now literally making you bleed as
find a Stihl release and it's screaming at you and say attention to me it's like you have got so many of these other things done that your body is down here like a little child out sings Love me love me love me pay attention to me I want your undivided attention and in that moment I see you becoming this one energy and it's like you come out cuz you've got so much of the pieces already there and you come out of this like shell and you're holding these two torches gazing around with a smile and it's like your path is eliminated all the doors are open and you are like a rocket ship so I'm sorry I'm sorry I know you lost your moment. Moment there's one more little thank you thank you thank you
obviously you are a person who has taken your your spiritual path seriously you're taking your life seriously and you or symptom ology is reflective of Prior conflicts and prior you can call it beliefs or or whatever that we're kind of the way but here's the peace your 7th chakra is where the Divine wisdom comes in that has not been conditioned by worldly dogmas and beliefs I invite you to spend more time in that meditative state of guide me that meditative state of I'm an open vessel because this new chapter in your life is about really coming forward in the it with your spiritual nature more fully
I am here I am ready I am open guide me to open my mind expand my vision if my heart Heal the World you're ready a lot of the solution to the physical discomfort will come from the spiritual anchoring love you thank you for being
thank you so much God bless you all
thank you so much, everything is good over there okay I'll be there right now in hundred or 888-627-6008 and again that we are in a profound moment around the globe right now we are we are all in Retreat she is in Retreat so what is your retreat look like are you literally retreating into the lower depths are you that are you are you letting all of that encapsulate you because the mirrors of our souls are wide open right now and they are showing us they are reflecting what is reflecting in your life what is your mirror showing you
right now that is the energy of this moment that is the energy of this week and entry I see you typing over there what's the YouTube right now with the sound have no idea why that happened is everything was on here so lots of My Wife and Kids are so you know it looks like everybody's still here and I like the color well let's see if we can improve you do we do hang out hang on one second I have to I have two players left believe it's on Austin, Stay Austin from Edmonton welcome to the show
hello how are you guys doing maybe bsq hear us here we are a sweetheart welcome in your voice in SodaStream welcome to the show thank you thank you so much I was just going to walk the First with energy resume and I'll back home I'm doing a lot more grounded and yeah it's just I feel super super excited to be alive right now in these times
it's just wild and I I wanted to call in and request a meeting Soul reading from Kira
tickle in my throat so I'm going to drink a little water and well as I do that I'd like you to start bringing your hands to throat chakra
because that is what is screaming right now is your throat chakra and it's like you have a voice and Ennis energy that's coming through around you is very on Coral to me it's like these beautiful and it's All Acapella and it's all these beautiful voices all these harmonies and it's not like they're saying don't listen to the words listen to the energy they're saying how you feel listen to the energy and they're saying that you are receiving a download you are receiving in a two men and I guess you brought that for all of us today and it's a throat chakra Attunement and what they're showing me is it looks it's it's such a big and tall banded looking straight up in my chin is pointing straight up in my entire throat chakra is available and they're saying bring your fingers to your throat and I'm doing that and showing you how I'm being called to do that but they're not
specific but they're saying bring your fingers to your throat relax your mind relax your breath relax your eyes relax your shoulders relax your body and In This Moment receive this blessing and I'm watching Archangel Gabriel come forward or Gabrielle and I'm watching from the back what looks like gold and light surrounding a blue band of light so I can see him bigger and bigger and then I'm watching this mckeel's a deck present these are all coming out of the Squire this Corral this acapella group and I'm watching his presence put this crystalline energy around that gold energy and then I'm noticing that through that there's like this beam of cosmic light and you're suspended in that you're like hanging in it and so I'm allowing my arms now to just be relaxed and pointed toward the floor as we are suspended in this illumination
the harmony of your own soul signature is inviting you to receive it once more and they're saying just relax breathe and be her in the moment at hand it is the truth of you that will guide you and it is the illusion that will seek to disrupt that truth with a band of disruption at the energy that would seek offer it and so it is
wow oh has it as I was as you instruct me to put my phone in my throat chakra is literally like pulsing like I haven't felt my throat do that before and last night I woke up at like 2 in the morning and I just could not get back to sleep cuz I was so much fun I had all these ideas it felt like this download coming through thank you so much, just so you know right now I'm getting incredible rushes of energy like everyone right now it's like it's coming up out of the spine and it's lift as going up the back of the head and then straight up and it's like we're all being washed up up up up up and so you for bringing a gift for all of us today I love this community hour look what we get to do thank you love thank you how are you
and that was about sleep I have had my sleep let go if you are in the middle right now of the energetic wave of sleep disruption because that is something that is coming in this week because it's one way that unless you're very aware of what it is it could it could affect what's the week ahead guys love or hate attention to myself everything this week if you stay up for the higher Realms will be magnificent and so right now I'm feeling like I literally feel we all just had an opportunity to kind of Pop through that Fifth Dimension container and it's expected very cool to do this together
and I just want to mention for those of you that have called in over when it's talk radio the 517 number if due to the internet fluctuation we kind of lost track of who was raising their hand for some form of medical intuitive reading that is something that would bring you Joy or to share a symptom or get some inside so that we know if that's your priority
Emory can you hear me we can hear you just fine sweetheart
thank you very much
this is Mo
blessings prayer
coming with her
sing the one that brings it down and grounded to certain localities or for whatever it is and in this case I'm thinking right here in New York City area I'm like 40 minutes
so he requested is for what does agrarian mean that we can bring in and get whatever it needs and also if there's a many sold
well first of all Bri
show itself right now thank you thank you for giving me permission that there is an opportunity for you that is connected to your heart chakra now you're sharing is about is a very loving base sharing about bringing in more love and light for everyone in New York let alone everyone in the country in the world and the piece that comes up for me as I connect with your energy field is what about you
what about loving you more and so that you're able to receive more it's one thing to ground energy it's another thing to ground or bring through the Divine Law when it's time to take a rest and in so I I just want to reflect back to you my dear how are you nourishing you at uark or what are you doing to love yourself so that it's in there's a balance between the love of the global community and the love of your your own vessel itself immediately was shown the victim triangle in the past how you've been doing this is as a rescuer you've been actually trying to rescue even though you might consciously have a much more centered perspective and if you're still trying to rescue that means that the victim in the abuser still there as well and so this is actually fuel to cycle inside of you it's like I see this little cycle inside of the pyramid
not stuck but very much in the lateral lateral lateral lateral you know so now the question is Sri just mentioned when I just saw when he was with you I literally saw you like this beautiful meditating that you are in his gorgeous meditation posture your eyes were beings of light your hair felt like radiant streams of emerald Emerald ignition and your whole body was floating and you were just laughing and laughing and laughing and laughing because you were doing exactly what she just mentioned bring all of this energy that you've been using on the behalf of the world into you and then what I'm seeing is as you really call that in you start automatically lifting and you were sending out I kid you not it looks like Sonic
waves of love and compassion that are neutral love and compassion so you don't need the specific the mind is an Engaged and it's like instead of being the one that has to call it in the body abused the body just think about this let the body be the victim and then have the need to rescue your body has become that which is listing you in harmony with your soul so that you are sending out I kid you not girl Sonic booms of love and life so I had to jump in Sri because it was so visceral and it was so tangible that she was sharing not to you I really wanted you to hear what I was seeing
so how does that feel hearing that my dear
years was not the way anymore we're at Matt and be the radius Sonic fighting girl when you get this done oh my God like the dark doesn't stand a chance it's so do it before it we need you
all right I love you Mom
thank you sweetheart and almost all right street we have another that's been waiting to speak with you quite a few hands are raised now so where you going what are they called or there
hello Siri and Tara V calling in from Calgary in Canada like crazy and a couple of health issues that that's kind of alignment and everything from this really hoping I was too much going on for me thank you I want I want to save it for you in particular and for all of us the respiratory system is about exchanging the essence of life it's it's this this intake of essential energy The Prana that's in the air and the release of that which no longer serves you know there's many different ways we we receive and release and and so the lungs
particular are famous for Holdings on the suffering for holding onto Old hurts and all judgments and so when we're Wasted it's because we are in fact clearing that which no longer serves us so keep that little piece in mind the other thing is the dry cough has a big to-do with Flo the ability to kind of be let's just say to be more of the bamboo and less of the oak you know if you have treats to go with life's ups and be able to keep breathing through that not to hold your breath on when we're on the roller coaster and so those little tidbits around the respiratory system that I think can assist you to have a deeper sense of love and self understanding because we are all evolving and every single one of our
our sacred organs is doing its job to clear the way
what I saw
how was your life scripts have been activated they've been triggered In This Moment beautiful group around you that is really supporting you and as I'm trying this with you there like pickling right here they're tickling the back of your head and and they're saying let go of the Judgment stop when did you forget how beautiful you are when did you forget how valuable you are when did you forget how precious you are and if you really need to hear it we are very proud of you and we love you dearly and so it is this is that moment every Sunday please join us every Sunday noon to 2 Pacific Time wherever you are tuning in right now be with us again and I wanted to share again
Saturday April 4th is a beautiful day to really be present in the creation energy of multidimensional Illumination and so through the generosity and kindness of our Mastery mentorship we are able to open up this month ceremony to all of you so please send an email to support at self Ascension that s e l f a s c e n s i o n. Com and please come join us we would really appreciate you being there a heartbeat heard and yet there was a number of folks that said love to mow and and offered her support system I got getting a mixed message
Cerberus people over at BBS where are we how about Betty from Kentucky say welcome The Stranger live
don't hear you. We have a huge cardboard over here but we're a because of the audio we want to go over to PBS so there was more people can hear me we can't we can't hear you and hopefully so can everybody else
oh yeah okay that's good thank you for taking my call I'm so excited I was wondering if I could get a mini intuitive reading on my house please so I know what to do so I can move forward into my life purpose and Mission better place a medical intuitive so at your system so what would you like him to be gazing at in particular and then we're happy to both share with you absolutely
I am having issues with my vision and also with my right with my hips and general right hip and back Mobility I'm sort of like locked and in a lot of pain so I eyes and lower body
wow so it is there is a number things going on that are inhibiting your ability to live in joy in your body and so I want to say to you let's take a breath
and the thing to remember when we have multiple symptoms is to start where we're called to start and what I mean by that is well you may say you know I need to be more mobile it could be that your body is saying to begin somewhere else
is one computer we're trying to clear it okay there we go and so I would say to you I can offer you this the hips are all about your comfort about being in the body and then are you having a balanced life you know when you think about the hips you have a left and a right and actually that pelvis is is a teeter totter you do you actually swing one leg and then you swing the other leg and that's how we move through life and if the spiritual energy of your sole reason for taking birth is not anchored in the form than the form begins to deteriorate a little bit I begins to decline in its Mobility so using that as a clue
I would say to you is time to meditate more and receive your spiritual guidance of where to go next what is the next best step for me you hold that in your Consciousness as you go into a meditative State and that cloak right now is being held on by a sense of loss by a sense of dreams not manifested by a sense of almost having given up by a sense of what's the use and so I'm feeling all of that and it's like right it's like on your shoulder right now Archangel Michael has got his sword and he's like hey hey I'm right here and he's saying stand up and take off the coat again my to my crown chakra is just being like it's been like they're tickling it and they're saying remember that Joy is your Birthright
is your Birthright when did you give in to the pain the pain is not your God the pain is not your truth the pain is the wisdom that is seeking for you to remember and so. I've into it they're showing you like falling into a pool a beautiful pool of warm water and you're floating and you're talking to the pain and the pain and the floating each other so that your 7th dimensional witnessing experience releases all the Judgment floats into the compassion The 5th Dimension that's radiating like the smile of support as you're in this healing lotion for simply saying yes to who you really are and so that's as you were sharing tree that's what I was experiencing so go fall into your bed sit in a tub smile and
in and put a hand on your on your knee on your hip and just relax into it and just simply say I love you and I am really sorry if I forgot to tell you that lately but I will always love you nothing can ever stop that because that is the truth of who I am I am love and we are in sacred Union I am here I am ready I am open guide me and then really listen my love Journal do whatever you need to do but listen and then take the action I love you honey and you are so powerful and so allow that power to empower your on Retreat who's opening up those doors I bet the most beautiful thing I've ever seen we love you honey. Mustang
how do we love you too thank you so much and I can feel energy running through my right leg as you're talking whenever whenever I streets are talking as I could feel energy moving through my right hip and my right leg credible please please please be there Saturday morning if you have a prayer request if you have a miracle request we do have a free confidential online service send it to the ceiling light the healing lights that is our kind of Miracle hotline and it is confident it is not read by anyone but all of those prayers and Miracle request come into our Saturday morning Gathering which is 8
4th very important you there so take good care of you this week and we'll talk to you again awesome both of you thank you sweetheart we love you and we're going to go to Arizona
hi, are you okay I was out picking lemons off my tree every person is called in and I was guided to call Rent-A-Car
I forgot to put my hand on my heart and I had visions of
one reason okay
is it raining or for yes I think it's just general overall I mean from a
nobody's talking about with the timeline the Egyptian timeline first time I heard you guys I was in the backyard in 2016 so I've been up with you and follow you for a while now I'm recently I started doing some spontaneous light language singing sure if you want a wonderful as well and see if that is useful for you and I trust it will be the thing I want to say to you is that your opportunities are primarily resident in the fourth chakra and seventh chakra now what that means in the fourth chakra when I tune in with you is what I feel is that you're carrying an old relationship wound that has not been fully
resolved now the only reason I mirror that back to you if you mentioned about your twin flame about this relationship that you're wanting to call in and and that this old wound is going to inhibit the full intimacy opportunity that you have with that person so I'm sharing that with you because sometimes we get so far Downstream that we're used to having the denial inside of not being fully in giving and receiving in the heart chakra fully available to receive intimacy and to give so I want you to have it take a peek at bat in your meditation the other thing is your seventh chakra is very much plugged in to receiving Divine wisdom and light and love and I would say to you anybody who has that open look there for your answers
was connecting with the singing that you were mentioning that's been coming in it's very much a dance for you it's calling into it's like it's getting Beyond a brought the brain and so let's start speaking to you in a way you can only receive where everything was beautiful like this beautiful pillar of light that's in the middle of you that that's very that's getting fed and that it's starting to Blossom and so whenever whenever something from within starts growing whatever is around it that doesn't serve it is going to have to release and so you're going to start going through like like stuff that you probably forgot about and stuff that wasn't there and
this is part of your own up level experience because the moment for you is Uncharted Territory and once you relax into that even more than more will reveal at a faster and this is very true of a lot of beings of divine presence right now so thank you thank you for being present here today
and thank you very much I'm open to New Opportunities. You know street it's amazing what's West jump right over to PBS radio
hello hi sweetheart welcome to the show you got through your voice
okay yeah great well yeah I've been in my heart chakra for a few years but I don't feel very connected higher up like I don't hear any voices or get any you know I'm I don't I don't know how to get answers for myself I guess that you know to my higher self I guess I'm wondering what's going on and I'm getting frustrated with it yeah we should just take an 2012 off of one of the things we talked about is that frustration repels sincerity attracts and when we are sincerely frustrated which you are I see it all over you we are literally attracting the repelling and so what does that mean it means and fear and as I'm connected
as I'm connecting with you right now your third chakra is hurting like I have my hands on my third chakra there is this heart this beautiful anchored hard but there's a third chakra trust me or not cuz you're ready to pop it's all right there it's just that you haven't been really ready because this third chakra has been like a cork of fear and doubt and so it's like all that good hard energy has been trying to get stable with the third chakra then add on top of that what's happening this year in the planet right now of course you got through today of course this is the moment we're talkin and of course she had to do it twice because you're being called to your higher level of being what are you picking up on sure with you there is actually a inhibition in the fall of the flow in the third chakra and what this means is your digestive
two processes compromised it feels like the nourishment from your food is not being absorbed is going through the system too fast and what happens here is that it's basically there is a subconscious message saying I'm not sure I can trust my life so that's the unhappy side of it the positive side of it is what's not to trust you don't take a look at bad because the third chakra is about trusting who you are and you are a powerful spiritual being sued the city of those messages if if you can't trust being in a body then I can't trust what this body is receiving I would say to you you're hearing more than you're acknowledging your receiving more guidance from your conscious that you can work with this rather just here okay I got to have some stuff
play songs and that's why you got through right you're ready to break through your body are you able to bring spiritual energy into the body and express it out through the muscles and example of doing that could be Tai Chi or yoga so consider what does it mean it means mindfulness movement that I'm going to take a. Of time each day I'm going to tune in to my guidance and my my love of the Divine in whatever way you can do that and I'm going to express it through Sacred Movement they could be free-form dance it could be a form of Tai Chi or yoga mindfulness walk where each step that I take I used to do this myself this exact one I love myself I'm open to
more I love myself I'm over Devore and I would get in this Cadence as I walk you know what to I trust myself I love my body and you would say the Declarations that are important for this this beautiful vessel to hear wow movie the key with a third chakra is its energy in form it has to move and that's going to improve the digestive process it's going to create a crucible that you can then okay I'm safe in my body now I can be safe with my spiritual energy see how that works a lot everyday it's just I don't do other things like yoga which one you want to do but yeah I need to to calm down but I'm very isolated saw I think I've been kind of losing my spiritual connections since I've been trying to focus more socially or trying to make connections art I really
what connections on a spiritual level because the people I know just don't relate to anything I'm high and jump into that fact there is some serious Community forming over there and so you don't find you know if you're not social with those that are supporting you than be social with those that are and that is lesson 5 the lion comes out of the woods of the Lost Books of eocene it is free is that our website under messages for the Masters Lost Books of the message. I read it today if you read it before and then also read the transitioning through triggers articles that we have up choices and you are ready and we are at a time how did that happen
we love you thank you and Angels thank you please make a note join us this Saturday please please please send your email to support at South Ascension. Com I want to be there Saturday. We will get your resume link sent to you and beloved Angels breathe in and know that she and I love you dearly Hands-On hard
and in this moment I trust myself I love my community and I trust that all is well
as we affirm that was positive declarations we affirm the truth of creation and that is your Birthright Namaste XI
thank you for joining us as free here alive to have your questions answered send us an email yes at 3 and Cara radio. Com and check out more information happy birthday Kira. Com you next week,

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