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Sri and Kira Live, March 22, 2020

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Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today in shifting paradine now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience free wisdom laughter and flare here are shred Zara
Thomas today in welcome beloved ones to the voice of passionate action I am wisdom teacher Sri Lanka and I am Angels thank you for being here in this moment right now and you want to begin by sharing our pyramid with you and some of the beauty and gorgeousness here at tosa Blue Mountain Sanctuary this is what it looks like here today stunning blue skies and we are wanting to radiate our love from the equator from Retreat I really finding out that it was no accident that this was our final home that after living in North America and the opening tosa Ranchos too many years ago in beautiful New Mexico and then going to the heart to Guatemala where we lived for so many years then going really almost down to the end of South America
superb I I can't begin to describe it and then being able to have the best of all of that brought here to the equator and so we felt that it was important in today's show to right here at the beginning call all of us into the Pyramid of our own Divine Consciousness and to breathe in the blessing of perfect balance and to come together with an open heart with an expanded mine and with Clear Vision because together we are better and in this moment we are grateful that we are together and better with you and sweet I know that when a lot of places where we're together and Oneness talk radio. Com and the video stream everywhere else also BBS radio one this talk radio has video 1 YouTube official SRI and Kira
as radio and chat going on so get in there that's what I meant to say to everybody who is joining the party right now
word we're inviting your calls were inviting your sharing were inviting your question so don't answer the phone lines during the show if you have a question for calling with a question please ask it and so remember today we are over at which means our 800 number is also available free what's that number +886-276-008-8886 to 76008 you get to hear the show while you're on hold and the same information for the one that's talk radio called board which is 517-208-1500 and you get to hear the show while you're on hold listen to the show while you're on hold so beloved Angels let's let's first of all breathe and and give ourselves the gift of when we come together
Community Gatherings experiences feel like for shree and I we don't see this as a radio show we as a community Gathering glad you been broadcasting on Sundays for so many years you're my you're my Sunday service and thank you thank you I appreciate that it is extremely important in this moment because we are two days away from a watch day and I want you to really feel that and this is meant to be shared and I want to talk about the sharing of prophetic information because there's so much going on and so when we talked about this watch that when we talked about the up level calendar what we're sharing is information that is handed down from the space of love with neutrality and so the watch
state that is before us is not one of those hold your breath oh my God something horrible is going to happen and I I really want to make sure that we clarify that you know really right up front is really an invitation to Consciousness and invitation to Anchor in the truth of your co-creative nature and be open when two more about this peak energy that we're all in right now so bringing you back to March 9th wow doesn't that seem like a year ago guys that was when we had that super full moon Mercury retrograde ending moments to remember this was like an all anchored moment meaning
pulling into Shore right and end this ship is like okay, it went. It was like okay we are here everybody do bark and get ready that was what March 9th brought us and it brought us the greatest Optical moment yet and it was evident it was clear that when you go to March 19th and you'll see on the calendar the way that the Rays of light you see around the night bat Hart energy was literally put their just in pain and you see how to what it into what is revealed on this calendar at the very top by Arcangel zadquiel know the truth already
and I want to really breathe and you know the truth already and this is why it is so important it came through with so many dimensional over life and that March was the first month of visionary transformation timeline adaptation which is why we had to go to the 19th and this was the Linea told her gathering this was the equinoxes and it's bringing us now we are in this experience and it's going to get bigger bigger bigger calendar this is a watch date because it is a convergence of all these energies that will only one time in this year and what this means
we are still creating through it was watch it pay attention to it because what reveals itself or never going to be about your conscious Awareness on that as well and so what reveals itself into your conscious awareness especially using those six steps that we taught Thursday night what reveals itself is what you need to be watching it's where your soul is inviting you to follow and that's where the expansion comes up with a master account how we meet that invitation The Accelerated moment are we not that 2020 was offered to us as a year of balance with extreme up level momentum and so the balance may not be visible unless we really stepped back from the picture and begin to look at this from a very center point of view and in order to get to that point of view we need to
honor how Consciousness works and how we are going to receive the energy and the energetic opportunity as we pay attention to what's going on there's two things that were just a little tidbit of something that was shared last Thursday is this one thing to notice what's calling your attention and it's also another thing to notice what's beyond that that you're not getting that you're being called to look at that isn't waving at you so to speak to get your attention that which is the fuel and that will be whatever and wherever it takes you and the invitation is in addition to that then pay attention to what's really got your attention not what is trying to pull your edges
and this this is a practice because it's so you know one of the things that happens when we are a little bit upset triggered in fear whatever it took your word is we we often been secret distraction because to confront the uncomfortable emotion or the uncomfortable recognition to confront that means we must take responsibility for our participation in the grand play at things and if we find we're feeling uncomfortable or are uncertain about our capacity to take responsibility far better to deflect deny and distract that's so there's lots of opportunities to deflect and distract going on
so the week ahead this entire week is like a void and how exciting is that what that means is that we are going to be having this illuminated micro New Moon remember on March 9th we had what the first of three super full moon March april-may are a unit we've been talking about this for a while but these three months will come together however they will open and close pretty much as dance Partners so as we were in the early part of March is most likely what you're going to see coming back at the end of May and this is important because this watch dates that's coming up is this illuminated new moon what is the new moon it's the void and this whole week is radiating with that energy so here's why this is such a gift
why my heart is just please open and and and receive right this week do you have in front of you right now and entire seven day creation cycle it's right now. Actually got going yesterday all right but these seven days are the illuminated micro New Moon which means if you start if you think about it as a seven day of creation so rather than I'm at home rather than my life is different about thank you Universe for this incredibly perfect timing like wow did you do this for me you just gave me a 7-Day home location where I can create whatever I am ready to call with my sincerity my love my presence and threw my ascended heart and with that energy the week ahead White
living your dreams what a beautiful poetry written you don't want is sitting there right journaling poetry the week ahead is that opportunity and because the up level Peak energy is neutral and because we just started working with it through the Linea told her Gatherings that we are going to need to stay with this all through his wife and I are doing more of these because of that until we get to Tuesday things are going to keep looking like they're bigger than they are there's going to be a greater production of fear and today as I was doing I eat I feel like it's almost a directive from the Divine directors these six steps and so now every day I look at my clear and I make sure and I noticed what was behind it today and I did read it and what I found literally stunned me and because yes
someone in our little beautiful bubble here and we feel that this bubble is meant to radiate for all of you that's why we've been using pictures we take the day of each episode that's why we're really trying to to be that from the equator the perfect balance moving out and so this week remember that just the opposite is also going to happen there was going to be a huge upleveling fear there's going to be a huge level in a lot of other things we just kind of let the truth
want to talk about the picks up from yesterday's discussion Howard poignancy we're going to be out before we go there I just want to say to you all that when we talked about journaling writing that book
your Consciousness attract to you that what you're choosing to manifest and it's a cycle of our cyclic little thing when we focus on looking at the good and the highest we tend to call more of goodness and higher potential into our realm of experience when of the fear is not properly managed and I don't mean shut down I mean integrated and resolved because fear is a springboard to an ascended choice and we can talk more about that there's an article at the homepage of tree click on that go there but just for today this moment beer is actually a springboard to your Awakening because Dolly fear always get it makes you alert doesn't. It it it has an energy that can be harnessed and this is what I mean by managed it can be harnessed for your evolutionary Journey
is the ultimate Ascension symptom in that context vs in the context where fear is meant to be afraid of
will send you back the reactive spiral victim all of that happen so fear itself is not bad it's how we respond and work with it that either gives us an evolutionary opportunities for a reactive spiral so now everybody has got the energy of uncertainty in their field that's a little different than fear but relative is the energy of figs art I can't take it for granted well actually there's a value in MN hanging out with that energy for a moment because when we move into complacency which weed legal off of guys we miss a lot of the joy we miss a lot of the beauty in life and so now there's this energy of uncertainty that is going on
I need to dive into the truth or falsehood of it it's an energy conspiracy is the delusion of the illusion
and that's just a little snippet of a part of what was Sheridan it was very powerful and exactly what you're sharing what we're witnessing is a repetitive stimulation of the uncertainty and there seems to be a covert intention to stimulate more beer the fear in the uncertainty then Prepare the Masses for directives and that's a whole nother topic that's a whole nother conversation the question is what are you doing when you feel the uncertainty how are you responding being self responsible self response able and in the ability to respond we noticed that there may be an inner child element of ourselves that needs reassurance there may be simply the recognition of oh my goodness I did take a lot of this for granted
the future would be just like the past with respect to the energy of stability and now where do I place my trust isn't that the hidden gift where do I answer my trust because certainly for those of you on a path of Awakening you're not going to Anchor your trust in the outer world and some some Institution for government or whatever you could anchor your trust somewhere inside and I'll leave that to you to decide how that gate
how did mention yesterday that really kind of pulled together today show because we are living in a moment by moment moment I want you to really take that in guys the timeline has honestly collapsed and end the beauty of that is that when you can consciously navigate through time which is what we started last Thursday is that we can start experiencing the fullness of the timeline we're in without any hesitancy without any doubt without any secondary guessing and this is exactly why in this moment right now this energy of unconscious expectancy is rising and its meeting your level of Awakened presents and the one thing that shree and I absolutely honor and know is that if you found us you have
voice inside of you that is saying you're ready for more you're ready to grow you're ready to have your ready for even more you're ready to go to a new level and so that's why sometimes we piss off a lot of people because we probably will crack some of your Paradise however that's okay because if if what you experienced does not resonate with you is joy than definitely keep going till you find the place that does we will each be in the vibrational frequency that we are meant to be and that's why all the teachers are coming forward and no matter what your experience has been with anyone along your journey if you're here right now it means that you're at that moment where you can love them and thank them for having brought you to this moment that without them you would not be this is the moment we're all of us first need to Bow before every single being experienced a moment brought us to this moment because
this is a co-created experience we are not victims and this is what's bringing us back to what we were talking about yesterday the article that tree was talking about please with over her and go to Sri and Kira. Com if you scroll on the homepage you will see the newest article it's right there go read it free and I are committed to putting out as much new material as often as possible our goal is going to be to get at least a few to 3 minute short videos up at official stream Tara over at YouTube so make sure your subscribe at least two or three a week that is our sacred intention because this is the moment where you must make a choice and I want you to really hear that because the choice you're making is happening anyway and this unconscious expectancy is what's going to sit behind your conscious choice and fuel you and pull you back and let you know yesterday we talked about the black hole
it's important kind of like catch everybody up but we did talk there's too reflective pieces here one of them is density which is the word that most accurately describes the mass Consciousness or the eagle based reality it is the densest energetic actually collapsing like a black hole experience shopping in M supermarkets and things
braids that you were sending presents can't be itself then has this been going on which is basically black hole energy using that metaphors one that draws in anything this kind of floating out there in the sample is that when we have a conversation with folks were very much anchored in density Consciousness we find that we either get fatigued as ourselves in order to avoid conflict because there will be conflict people that are vibrating at one level just don't understand folks that are vibrating another level and this is why they say simply love those who are asleep don't try to wake them up
new book that's coming out in the end of May so well which is really the dimension of compassionate Clarity the springboard to the higher Realms and The Fifth Dimension can only be accessed when we have kind of quiet at the lower chakras of the fear-based physical reality and we move into the heart begin to breathe the relaxed and at that shapes how we look at things and then we begin to lift end of the 5th dimensional reality which has its own old mirror kind of at the point of entry The 5th Dimension there is this reflective energy it's kind of reflecting back everything below and this is new remember that this is part of that fear Dimension member we talked about the fear Dimension quite a while ago and that the sphere dimension
does everything exist in the way it does that energy has now become like a mirror to me is very very kind of Merlin Merlin ask any physical true that in order to really anchor on the other side but it's reflecting everything and so that's part of the final illusion is to go through the mirror in the 5th Dimension and Reese and then you're in the expanse and you can see beyond the 5th but when you're in love just the entry point of entry in V what you see kind of sense the love and acceptance but also be reflected everything below and so it can let's just say it can support you dropping back
really I think perfect piano because here's what's happening and and this is going to Peak this week you're going to see the start getting a little out of control meaning if you're if you're looking in the mirror in the way that you're just seeing the met you know the third dimension reflecting back this week there is going to be a much greater voice in end time prophecies justifications of why it's all now and that through that there will be in the realm remember everything's up leveling all we're trying to do is bring it back into balance and we are doing it but it's going to take through May it's a three-month cycle and so just trust yourself trust the cycle and so because of this what got me this morning and I sent this link to a lot of my dear ones and said hey this is the real war
is the Real Enemy and I think this is going to surprise you what it was but again here in our little bubble shree and I are unaware of any of this because we just really do the work we we just stay focused we are the epitome of steadfast commitment and so the article was about the absolute exponential rise in what's happening and I did not realize that we were already seeing such an upswell and end time stuff which means what they're telling me what I'm seeing is going to however it supposed to take an exponential during this time and this is why getting together Tuesday night during the eliminated micro new moon is so important and I will share with you if you are watching us live right before the show today I almost didn't make it again because I was typing up what I believe is going to be the ceremony for Tuesday night it was delivered right before we got on the air today which means we are all already in it
I want to go back to the 7-Day cycle it's all tracking so you are in a 7-Day moment of creation where there is going to be an amplification or enhanced attack at your spiritual empowerment and so you know a time that also then is going to reflect off what is the third reflects Kong reflective next it's going to go into the 7th and the 8th and how it's going to be amped-up is it's going to come in through that other piece of you that's not quite as a send it as you would like to be it's a piece of you that's been hanging out in the back it's kind of like an escape hatch that goes well that all turns out that piece is going to be open and it's going to have a megaphone on your brain the war for your soul is this week it's this is a big battle this is like our Iwo Jima moment
you know for some people and I know there's probably a horrible reference and I'm sorry but I just really want you to hear the intensity of it this is one of those moments when where is your focus what are you dedicate because if you can't speak it anymore you know it reminds me of our first got together and and what he said to you when you asked and he said you will be known by your heart not your words basically the the lesson that was shared was that every Bean is going to receive what they are asking for in order to complete their going to receive what they're asking for in order to complete this chapter of the Soul's journey and that you'll be known by your energy your heart and your energy you won't be known by your words and and the spin that you put hot text after it is truly our Essence which is the entry to the next evolutionary step
examples of when we have a heart-to-heart communication with people we have a different energetic experience and we find when we're heart to heart that words become less important object what happens is the doorways to telepathy start to open the everything becomes a little more poetic however when the telepathy opens we are often still listening with gout and it's when we listen was doubt that we can be interfered with it is only when we carried out that we feel we need protection it is only when we carried out that were worried about is this true or not when you can release that not through the eagle I'm going to talk about this in the moment when you can release this through the trust of that which you are that's when the true Freedom begins now this brings us to prophecy prediction all of you readers out there all of you want to be readers out there I wanted
sure one thing with you right now
the article that I read this morning what alarmed be in my what's Remnant physical body self was the irresponsibility of the information that was put out by Sylvia Browne that is now number two on a pond a Bookseller less than that has everybody in the spiritual world now believing that this is the moment she spoke about here is the key
we in an old phone
all of us in the stock rate of allusion in this land where you cannot be manipulated cuz we are wearing a free-will zone at blah blah blah how do you get those who are in a non-interference Zone to be interfered with you invite them to create interference with them and one of the seeds is the way prophecies are delivered and the way they are energized and the way that they are received and one of the things that early on all of the ascended masters in Archangel and I was that anytime you are delivered definitive information then what you are doing is a form of interference for you are indeed inviting the co Creative Energy of each to call that phone and that is why when you do a reading for anyone it is the greatest responsibility you can carry I take that so seriously because
when we are offered the gift of this telepathic communication of this ability able to receive it is our responsibility and how we deliver that information and I never met Sylvia Browne I don't I never met her I know that my capacities are equal to or greater and I say that with just complete humility and just go look at the data what I will say is that when we are selling books for money using sensationalism and making sure that what we are doing will see the consciousness of those that are trying to lift this is one of the attacks that is happening and this is something to pay attention to the more you are fascinated by who's going to tell you about this time who wrote about his time who prophesied about this time do you get it you are then responding to the lower element of that prophecy verses receiving it as a
reality so that those of us who are living in these dimensional Realms can appreciate it for what it's offering those in the 3D will find comfort in the prophecy but it is also a magnet that will pull you backward those who are in the four do you will find their ego in it and it will speed them and they will feel very special and they will be all over the Internet and they're going to have whatever it doesn't matter it's all good stuff because everyone's needs are being mad however there are those of us in Street and are you inviting you to join us there that are in this 5th dimensional and above Gateway that can love all the aspects of it and recognize that in the world of neutral energy rather than taking the prophecy and doom saying it and creating that look at all the things that use Nostradamus right
that's also because it was perpetuated and kept alive Nostradamus has been kept alive for one reason it serves the plan of density to keep those prophecies alive because everything that does happen is because the co-created illusion came around it and made it happen so what if your role what if what you're activating right now is a whole new level of Consciousness what if you're being given seven days of creation right now to activate that level of Consciousness and recognize that those prophecies were there for those of us that can see them from the other side to send the energy of balance so that everything is in Balance right there's always the balance and we are many beings on a spiritual journey right now are very much stuck in spiritual activism and it's going to get bigger and they have great words but in this moment you'll know who stuff and you know
know who won't be by the actions they take and the way they rise with all Rising everybody's up leveling expression can't lie and so are our words and energy are intended to remind you to look deeper to keep your truth detector your part open what are the things are there so many so many corollaries to this and and one of the things I wanted to just share is years ago I found myself thirsty for knowledge and overwhelmed by the number of books in print you know what you going to the bookstore and there's the metaphysical section or other sections whatever you're doing
do you have terrible right I want to see the prophecies or or how do I still travel if you don't like the Sedona Journal of Enlightenment it hasn't missed a pill or a magazine and hold it to my heart and to ask but a couple of different questions one question is what is the percentage of Truth in this publication know when I have to Define truth the truth means authentic spiritual communication and wisdom mission of true energy and so I begin to realize that most of these writings only had a very small percentage of Truth there when I found something that was more than 50% I paid attention because
most of them are 70% filler with threads of Truth and that began a journey of discernment for me now the reason I share that with you I recommend that you use the kinestheology of your own heart to help you make selections of what vitamins to buy what what books to read what to pay attention to because either it is an uplifting energy for you where you're at it's going to take you to the next you know we're climbing the temple steps let's go one step up okay whatever that either I will lift you up a step or it's not and I won't say what the alternatives are but let's just say it's not going to lift you up that's that's reason enough to walk away this information of the predictions of such a butt from Shelby Brown or written quite a few years ago
either well that's no either I just want to say be mindful of how you are responding because this is one example of many mixed messages clear out there it's important graphic right now because this is what train I were talking about yesterday you are not a victim and you do understand that by putting out this type of information by addicting you to the adrenaline of who said this and who said that are you junk eating while you were watching your eyes feel how does your body feel how's your energy field feel right and so what are you doing to say yes to you and I want to show you here this is the victim triangle shree and I have been teaching this end and we're a little bit more about this but here's what we wanted you to understand after yesterday show
the world of the third dimension spins as the victim of user rescuer it's a it's a ever refining spiral you change rolls constantly but at the end of the day this is why dogmatic Traditions exists that need a savior because you are a victim there by you're looking for your abuser and your rescuer and you honestly have all three rolls inside of you however we are at the moment where she Manatee Nostrand I have been teaching this for over 18 years we are at the moment where Humanity must days and decide do I live in the third dimension victim of a triangle or am I willing to Dickinson celebrate that everything is changing and in that moment the victim transforms into the teacher the teacher the master teacher because a master teacher knows what it's like to learn the lessons and the abuser becomes the mentor because the mentor
understand what it's like and the healer is The transcended Rescuer because a rescuer is not heal this is why it's healer heal thyself a true healer is the Transcendent one and so are we ready to live in the ascended process of teacher Mentor healer seeing only the highest for each other or do we continue living in the victim cycle and if you want to know more about this this is exquisitely detailed in the article we just published a tree and Cara. Calm there's important as we can really be your servant as We Gather these distinctions and discernments and put them into the filters up here we begin to notice to what extent they are playing out in our lives but when were unconscious that we're in the pinball machine of the victim story that we just get bounced around until we are bounced enough to
waking to the pattern and Awakening to the pattern then you have a point of conversation they just as we're talking to you the years as a psychotherapist I was working with helping people become less in trapped by their victim and becoming more empowered to negotiate their way out of that however the level of Consciousness I was at then was representative of the level of consciousness of my teachers and those I identified with as a therapist and that is that we must cultivate healthy Egos and ego that can make go she ate or cope with the agreed consensus reality that's the definition of Health now there's nothing wrong with that because I got to step up and then when the burning for reunions for the Divine the yearning for a higher level of Truth the deeper you don't cost me
Consciousness without urinating is fuel we begin to realize that this too is illusion and there is a greater reality and I know each of you listening has touched that in yourselves and is working with that truth and this is why the path of self Ascension is as unique as you are Dogma is meant to create a norm self Ascension is meant to help you normalize to your highest expression unified agreement that everyone can look at is that in the end it's about coming to your heart that's just the beginning it what it's saying is that when we come to our heart and then it's about igniting a heart as our ascended presents as the gateway to our divine Galactic blueprint this is the definition of the Oneness with unlimited voices the essence of whatever
Mission brought you to your heart is the heart your voice is carrying into the Oneness and that's the beauty of it that's why all Traditions are valid all pathways are Divine because they bring us to the heart and when the heart of says for example I would say that in the end are we all not Universal and in my universalness and that Oneness I'm carrying in my experience of a Hindu heart and another is caring in their experience of a Christian hard or their experience of Jewish hard or of an agnostic hard of whatever hearted Arabic or whatever heart anchored you that is the heart that is your that's the rainbow and when we can see it except all of our hearts imagine that rainbow it's the Oneness experience that always holds open. Hart energy and that's why are first second and third chakra
this world are under attack because it's saying come right back down during first chakra and be afraid to tell you how to create when to create and what to believe and then we're going to take away your power and give you back that which makes you feel safe there by feeding that lower cycle there by your ascended heart is being starved so just breathe into that experience and I want to share SRI before we go to the phone lines that two things free and I have done because we had spent every day every morning now we take an hour and discuss what can we do collectively for this community how can we do more and one of the things that we've done is we have a very clearly seen the guidance that the Gathering of the lineage holders must continue and it needs to be a perfect balance experience this is going to start again this Thursday we need to do five more timeline adjustments during this 2 months.
these five times were going to meet have been selected through exactly what we were shown over the up level calendar at the energies that are coming forward right now please consider joining us please consider joining us we also posted a new article today please you've also put up the 4 gnomes at the app and that's free too so how did they access that if you have it it's free and spiritual Mastery with SRI and Kira you find it at the app store or Google Play and in the meditation Library we're going to continue to add fresh post teams there every month the intention is to give you a connection to ascendant energy to help cultivate your own discernment filters for you to make informed Educators heart centered choices the one thing that has frustrated some folks in our community of the past is Rideau Define that he paid for you we let you find your way we support your end
and so we will hold your hand while you're frustrated to get you through and here's what you really need to hold on to your heart
when you are able to navigate and that's what she and I are were Navigators we will show you how to navigate when you are standing is the captain of your own ship your own vessel then the truth is so rich inside of you no one will ever take it away again but when someone else tells you what to think when someone else tells you what to feel when someone else tells you what the absolute definition is one specific thing then you're saying yes to that rigidity and that's okay that's part of your journey that might be what takes you to where you need to go just know that she and I are here to assist your Mastery so that you can be the Mastery for others we are each modeling are ascended presents that is the yoga of self Ascension to bring you to that moment where by others are able to find that moment as well
which we are speaking and modeling is uncommon in our Collective lineage holder the Lenny holders on our planets are often will the folks are halflings I have never quite fit in or the one in your family that when you awake and there's one in every family and if you go right on her home story right now go find the lineage holders Corso find the core Gathering course join us when he's coming sessions get them both for free alinea told her is the one in their family who when you say yes when you when you don't stop no matter what when you keep going not only do you really Break Free the other side and it all better Fess you simultaneously are standing at the top of the pyramid at the top of the mountain and it's like you're
staff of light ignite and it's threes all those who went before you and all those who would go be in the future in all parallels you are literally a starburst and if you are that power filled can you imagine the energy that's been trying to stop you can you imagine the dirty screen I have taken you do realize that we were both we both had attempts on our lives in 2019 the fact that we're here talking right now is because of you you kept us alive and we're very clear on that and that's the only reason we're here we're doing this 24/7 the other thing that is is important to recognize is that there is a offsetting effect when one person awakens I'd kill it off and said as you awaken the hunt
thousand others are carried forward a hundred thousand others every every step of the way and that the energy of the in way of the Awakening which is a progressive thing it's if these are not fixed points there there is a progressive energy at work but as we lift into those awakens States not only are we experiencing the joy of a more direct connection and being this that is authentically connected at all part of the one and expression of the one joint peace and give me a climbing the the temple steps we have in fact a Consciousness that we are serving the collective through our steps and that making yourself more visible not in the sense of having to write a book and publish it but in the sense of your energy is not doesn't have a cover over it to make
allow your radius to shine is gift to all and you are an important trust your heart trust your guidance and stress just keep going and taking a break because one of your other services she and I are going to do is in about 4 minutes here we're going to be having to leave but we are going to stay broadcasting everywhere else we're going to get to the phone lines because we know that we've been sharing a lot of material with you today however that's how serious it is for us to share this material with you you know lest us not forget guys and I'm going to put up this graphic again that you are at the moment of a new era you are you are literally here by choice remember you stood in line to be on this planet and remember it's just so it love them because when people are afraid they will give away their power and when they are terrified they will give away their soul and so let's let's stay in this multi-dimensional presents and love them because the more that you love yourself
Adele the easier it is to break free of that reflection of the density to break free of that unconscious expectancy that saying well if I can't go to work everyday from 5 that my life is weird and how is that going to be too joyfully skipping into and going wow I'm sitting in the most amazing art experience ever wherever you want to be in your most beautiful studio in your most beautiful natural setting you've got all your supplies in front of you what do you want to do you know what's the gift look at your experience in a new way the universe you are loved so much that not only do we have this to level up to your up level happening which is why the lineage holders are activating and Rising because all these bursting Stars needs support right so not only do we have that but we also have the universe loving us so much that they said okay we will always point you and
direction of where you need to be what you need to hear and what you already agree to before you incarnated on to this planet so that at this moment you would be available to start would be available to move forward and I are offering the program cost it is on sale right now it is $55 and if you can afford it thank you and if you can afford another $27 you will scholarship we will meet you halfway and we will bonus another scholarship we are offering a scholarship we're doubly anybody that donates we double the benefit of this connection without having any significant financial impact
our heartfelt desire to offer the support to be together live in a mentoring environment practicing the timeline at a station that moving forward so that together we are emanating this positive wave that nourishes exactly the same amount in free material that you can download today and start working with give yourself real support go to stream and jump in we're going to be together this Thursday night we need to do another jump right away especially with this micro illuminated new moon and make a note right now this Tuesday 5 p.m. Pacific Time right here yes. Com right at 1 to stop radio. Com over at YouTube official stream Kara we will be taking this illuminated micro New Moon journey together live be there it's a very power
journey and that's what came in right before his radio show so I know you're feeling and are audio past the top of the hour you daughter
we love you so much thank you so Street let's jump the phone lines remember we're open for your questions your calls and we've had so many people waiting so long straight let's just go right to the top of call board where we have an unknown wireless caller who's been holding that for 73 minutes so you got to come on first Namaste beautiful one oh my goodness it's Bolin for me your car guys sweetheart welcome to be crying it's like it's exactly what I needed to hear really really really
I'm going to be selfish this time cuz the last time I asked for the whole group and I know it's still for the group as well I wanted a mini sewing cuz I want to see if you know on track I believe I am I just want to hear some something I don't know somebody or something I don't know my own water in your high heart as I'm connecting with you right now it's almost like it's stopping my breath very high heart so I have my hand on my heart right now and I'm also guided to take my other hand and doesn't matter which is which and put it on my throat and as I'm doing that if it's safe you to close your eyes I'd like you to do so and of course anyone who it was also wanting to connect with this energy you're welcome to do this Pauline what they're saying is that you're in the middle of a massive vibrational realignment that deep within your heart you have cried for the
you have asked for this you have wondered they're showing me you and you've been like Jesus in the desert and and you're wearing this tattered Kate but you're you got this staff and no matter what you have not let go of it it's this crystalline Pure Life and it's like it's guiding you right now you're tired and your and your shoulders were swamped in your feet were hurting and it's the staff itself that you're connected to and I'm watching this energy radiates through your left arm I'm watching you stand up and watching you from the feet up being wrapped in this beautiful illuminated down and gold and and birds and before you is the slush Oasis and they're saying celebrate that you have stayed the course for what you have dreamed of is already on folding this is just the beginning
and so it is
thank you for the whole Community cuz I know that this is the reason why I'm here watching my third but I'm feeling some interesting energy so hey if you're well I feel like I'm okay so if you're feeling your third chakra right now and I'm feeling it for a lot of you like somebody just tried to attack you or like your third chakra was like oh my God what if I really say yes cuz we were just offered a Divine Cosmic portal of opening Paulina bow before your cosmic power we were all just offered a cosmic power opening I can barely breathe but I'm feeling the third chakra guys
I'm so deeply through our own heart center we are expanding the stability of our heart and then through the heart down into her abdomen relaxing 3rd so is take that big breath in
do that again the next breath extend the belly now
continue Big Brass Band
I am peace
you might feel very Dizzy Wright and and I'm I'm feeling very call to share that the opening that we just had has has left me kind of right here in an in between conscious connections and so I just need to share that we are we are all being prepared for the attainment that indeed is going to rapidly escalate Tuesday night and in so if you can really join us live Tuesday please do at 5 p.m. I'm being actually told to say that but as I'm sure in this with you what I what I am seeing right now or waves of energy and I'm seeing this eliminated remember it's a micro illuminated new moon and I'm seeing that this it's like the seven days is the depth of the dimensional connections you can secure which means they're saying that this is seven dimensions deep what's coming up and so where you start is where you are some
we will go 357 911 right some of us will go 5 or 7 or starting at 9 so this is a 7 Dimension experience coming in and end this isn't this is new we have not received this information before I'm so this is all of us right now creating this and again guys the time is right now I can't stress that enough you know what are the things that are in it
quick oats around in it had the pleasure and the confusion to witness the harmonic convergence 1987 I wasn't too awake at that time didn't really understand what was going on that we moved into Y2K we moved it to the Mayan calendar and escalator and what's happening right here and now is more profound more revelatory more of an Ascension Gateway that's all that's gone before this is our time and so be here now capable of being here now we promises
a few more of you so SRI let's I see Cleveland Ohio has been on there for 64 minutes hate when do Ohio
I think this is Monica
I voted hard how I welcome
I am rejoicing be able to say I love you to both of you and everyone
thank you and I'll talk to Blue Mountain looks beautiful so what a blessing for all of us to connect with you and I agreed the perfect country do custodians so that it can be for all of you
yeah yeah and thanks for asking and you know it's so precious is that I see you dancing it's so cute you're like a little ballerina with a little pink tutu on and you're literally up here dancing and as you're dancing there's like these little Trails of fairy dust coming out of your feet and they're saying that the creation that you are weaving right now how is filled with joy of the creation creation into form through the gift of your presence and from there the next what they're saying the next level Next Step will all reveal itself but that is about your dancing these beautiful gifts of a crystalline energy
but they need they need to meet with something right now it's like looking up at Sky writing you need to reach up and decide which one of those you want to pull in and the minute you do it's like boom and so I'm I'm just grateful to connect with that for all of us today because when i gaze up and see the sky writing and what you've been weaving together it's quite beautiful also thank you for that gift
born in the clouds it was awesome thank you thank you for sharing it with all of us my love even wear pink today I must have known that was going to happen we love you honey honey black tea
wow that was so powerful that you all shared and so thank you for the Vol. Definitely the path I want to be on is the ascended Master healer the mentor the teacher and I have just been feeling like Mike I know what I want I've seen it I've seen my life. New timeline and the helping thousands and thousands of people with my gifts
and I've also been feeling these like my feet are in almost see meds really having mud and the energy he is trying to hold me back and into you know I feel the
the battle how many and
even with my body and it's doing things that is not explain why I'm 56 on 157 and I've been having periods for the last couple of years they after going through with the pose of menopause and they don't know why they can explain why and weird things like that and I don't know if maybe three can give me some insight Tara and I feel like it's some sort of energetic thing because they can't find any medical reason why my body is producing hormone pill
well I am so breathe because I see it all from the from that level however I am at ash tree to respond first because which tree has to share with you actually ties into what they're already sharing with me so I think sure you should share first and thank you for sharing because I know whether or not they're going through many many many of us have gone through a similar experience where why is my body acting this way and why do they tell me they have no idea that they have no idea
best that alone is confirmation that you are responding to a higher directive that we're not living at the cause and effect of the physical world so just smile at that and then also spot smile that you're busting a paradise you know you said you know it all that
big the big for all of us to all of us to remember is that the the physical body is expressing you could call it a symbology of a higher blueprint and that the second chakra is the chakra of creation and elimination and the cycles of creation and elimination arbuta is a beautiful metaphor when we look at the the entire reproductive system because what is really saying is that you are available to birth a vision and you already claimed a bit of that when you begin sharing your available to birth of vision and that that Vision in the physical is is symbolized by the uterus and holding the new life and and Nursery that new life and allowing it to take for man to be shared with the world after an appropriate. Of incubation and
and so just take the essence of that symbology and say oh my goodness my body is responding to my sacred energy saying I'm here to bird something and it's in his body's going we know how your cycling your body is it okay if you're not ready I'll give you a clean slate do you do realize what a miracle this is given I end this is this is what I want you to share first you're in the middle of a constant Miracle your body member work what are we in the moment of right now this is the moment 20/20 you're a perfect balance are we ready to claim stake we're Union are we ready to say alright body I'm going to stop fighting you I'm going to stop figuring this out I'm going to stop seeing this as strange or unusual you do what you need to do because the rest of me has this and that's when those shoes that feel like cement are going to feel like living off practice that's all I can say that's ready to be transformed
you are weighted down there is a deep fear inside of you offend yes to who you really are and so right now the way I see you is it's like you're on a stretcher and that hurt you are being pulled up in one way and your eyes are there but your physical body knows that you're not trusting enough to do it and so your physical body is saying no no no will of course it's your core that's responding you don't have balanced yet and so only you can say you know what enough to wreck the power that you have to melt the self-imposed chains that you have on your growth because the minute you stay anchored in your growth without putting limitations that energy will start melting what is happening the creation birth and what SRI helped me do when I had to have a hysterectomy was we transformed what had been my uterus of this world into a crystalline universe or excuse me a crystal ball
start start sending energy of crystalline light around and create from your Crystal and capacities and the transformation will support and even greater Union of the one which will birth. Which you already know is earthing now so thank you because there's a lot of us a lot of people are are touching this is a third chakra moment of course the first and second are involved so thank you for bringing that to all of us today we are very grateful
I am so grateful for both of your
sweetheart thank you thank you I need to bring it to a close and I apologize but look please be with us Tuesday night be with us for the we are going to do an Attunement through this illuminated micro New Moon together on Soul mirrors this Tuesday 5 p.m. Pacific one to talk radio. Com YouTube official Street and Cara be there because we were in that moment what are you creating this week as you have all rap get ready for the updates they'll be there tonight
breathe into those hands right now through the center of your heart
and he'll the truth I am love
I am light
and say hello to your body
thank you body for carrying me
and as we close together in this form with each breath may you know the truth that all is truly well now.
thank you for joining us in stream here alive to have your questions answered send us an email to guess at 3 and Kira and check out more information at 3 and you're you next week, today

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