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Sri and Kira Live, March 15, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today and shifting paradigms now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are shreds era
welcome to Sri and Kira live I am wisdom teacher Shriram, all we can say is that the very top of the show is wow the past 24 hours do we have a lot to share today who and end with all of you that are joining us we bow before you we are so grateful that you are here this is a huge show today it is one of those you want to just stay here casting everywhere today where people finding us and we say hello to all of you glad you're here and of course we are live at BBS radio and talk radio and you'll catch both video and audio at those places
yes where you can also call us remember your participation is part of what brings us the greatest joy and you can call 627-6008 again 888-627-6008 if you call off of that line it would free that outline up again also over here at our larger phone 517-208-1500 getting pretty. 17208 1500 and beautiful angels earlier today and I were called tour pyramid and so we took a picture of it for you so I'm just going to walk away walk away a little bit and so it's kind of hard to describe here but this is what we call the lookout it's this huge meditation we have this
I'm about to the meditation caves there's literally meditation Grotto's and benches at The 5th Dimension Ed shreen I were in there oh my gosh we had to go in there today we had to go in there before we came and we're with you today so much is happening and I already feeling kind of like this very high-pitched so a lot of you may already be feeling that was were gathering together today and I think it's a lot of experience with the high aspect-ratio pyramids and these were the Pyramids originally brought forward by Alexander Gould who didn't Russia and they are so much higher frequency than the equilateral pyramid pyramid
nice size to go in and just be in that in that cocoon feeling it out and saying all right this is only going to get higher in frequency the one thing about pyramid energy is it sends a stabilizing coherent energetic wave out into the environment and this is probably one of the reasons why all of us around the world are so fascinated or Joy the pyramids because we wanted to make sure that we were working with our Cosmic Origins proof that were due here in 3 days and so there was a reason that we had to get this up and at the time we thought it was because of the group and then shree and I when we were there this morning what we realized was that we had to get this off to raise and harness that 7th dimensional frequency energy
descended frequency anchored again this is the first of several pyramids were going to be putting all over but really when we were there this morning it was clear history and I and we have been busy busy busy and we're just announcing it right now get your calendars out get your pencils out get your heart out and make a note this Thursday the Equinox March 19th at 6 p.m. Pacific Time or gifting the world with a gathering of the lineage holders so that we can come together in this moment of perfect balance and thereby ignite restored balance through a connected timeline momentum shift this is massive be there it is our gift to you tell everybody you know and if you are on our email list you just got the email right before
show came out there right now the energy of true Harmony that will not only balance what is going the chaos around the world but it will also invite a higher timeline to come forward and so this is our invitation and our requests that you join with us on Thursday if you go to Sri and Kira. Com SRI and Kira., it's a very bottom you'll find a blue box that is the sign of his free it'll put you on the newsletter list just for this event to the webinar to it so that you can log in and be part of this important we are better and so
please make a note this Thursday 6 p.m. join us let's just blow the socks off this thing let's let's really bring It Forward because me and I you know this was put up there Friday at our beloved beautiful beings her we're so excited that we've been watching and we found out late Friday evening but they had gone yesterday and this is where I want to come back to the spear and come back to the member and such fear this year is actually an overarching Ascension symptom we predicted this we talked about this we have put this out there with mention this was coming and end with this trisexual opening of March April May with these three huge super full moons and then in June remember we go from these three super full moon to a full moon eclipse that's why I'm saying
play and then June is coming right in and so this is a moment where the fear is trying to go expanded and after it was right I was right after the show yesterday right after Explorer the mystery show and if you did not see yesterday show please connect with that show a lot happened during that show yesterday but it was right after that we actually we're going down to watch the last to pick up his phone and saw an emergency who is our chauffeur he is one of our employees here and not allow incoming flights and and also no flights out either they're just shutting down the airport
space starting Tuesday Morning from the airport so our Cosmic Origins group got moved to the June Solstice but I think what is so important SRI is that we only felt peace comes with Big Lots of glaring photos and we actually sat down and felt okay then there is another moment at hand and it's really a beautiful is everyone who is coming has had their play rescheduled we had been called not to book something for the solstice now we know why is Ryan so it was available
because this moment is so important what you choose to do with it is really coming forward as a. All happened literally guys as soon as we get done with you yesterday that all went down here are the Europeans own all the countries are close their borders and and Ecuador has very very few cases are made of the Cove in they felt it better to close the border than to have to deal with what might happen so that was their decision we respect that and here we are together news here at tosa Blue Mountain what we know to be true is all is well and what we would wish for all of you who is to feel that inside of your hearts as well
and I have really received as a blessing with you and so we wanted we've been spending most of the day asking and paying attention to what more can we do and what we wanted to really the peace and the Beautiful Blue Sky I'm staring at you know we don't have time Trails here because we just don't have air traffic either we're right here holding your hand let us be a bridge to you and you be a bridge to us because together we are better and this is when it was so apparent that rather than just be with 12 people on what is the first Equinox in the year of Perfect Balance right in this to your window it was to be with all of you and so I want to just again please put on your
calendar this Thursday night March 19th 6 p.m. Pacific my poor love right before we got on the Aries throwing up this thing on our home page looks but we did it because we this momentum March momentum and what we talked about the Restless show today this matters this moment matters and we invite you to bring your hearts into the alignment that's the highest good will be served and that we all are called upon to take a proactive stance does not necessarily me to run into this out into the streets and Shout something what it means is to actively engage what is before us and we are choosing to do that by gathering together the lineage Walters and and through the incredible loving power of Arco Creative Energy to
in motion a wave in right knee right here at the first of the three super full moons has with every aspect of its presents open the greater doorway I mean look what has happened guys to Visionary transformation through timeline adaptations of course the quote reality of this timeline is throwing a tantrum because it's doing everything in its power to keep you stuck is it what you to doubt yourself and think of all of the energies and so this is important to pay attention to Because by the time May comes around remember it's March April May rule by the
Palm Bay Comes Around by the end of May we're going to be where we were at the very beginning of March we're going to know something happen something's going on but we're also going to be far enough away from it that things don't feel quite abnormal yet that's how it's going to be absolutely committed to being in New York city so you might want to say that date to end and join us there because we will be having a gathering there as well back into right now the fear energy and and also that you know yesterday we invited people we gave you guys an assignment yesterday and a lot of you took us we're going to read some emails but we invited you to go watch it's an old movie from 2007 to go watch The Last Mimzy Mima
and rims and we watched it we finally got to it after our flurry of emails and going okay and whatever we finally watched again ourselves last night and I've got to say for me personally think it's over to watch it's literally the last 60 seconds of that movie that carries the greatest value for this moment right now and I don't want to say what part it is but go back and watch it again this isolation energy and you know here we are now in a country that has said its border and tree and I have permanent residency so we are able to stay and so what's interesting is that I'm not feeling a sense of isolation because I'm not buying into the one country borders are real effect anyway you and I were actually feeling more of a sense of togetherness and I think I've had in awhile
an interesting phenomenon when you realize the difference between the anchor ship that you will hold and sometimes when we're feeling unsettled is because we haven't chosen where am I going to Anchor what it what do I claim as my reality it isn't about conforming to a verifiable reality it's about being at peace with what you choose normal is a sense of Peace it isn't about checklist in confirming conforming and verify if you feel at peace with your choice that's normal that's where you need to be and so I offered to pack as a measure to if you have any kind of uncertainty floating through your heads because we need as being used to feel safe and harmonious with our environment right
and let that be so is causing a sphere then again it is a moment to pay attention and all my heart and soul please go connect with the 20/20 Ascension symptoms video again it is right on the homepage, there's a lot on the right now I get there but the reason I'm mentioning this right now is that when we pay attention to fear and know that it's an Ascension symptom then we are able to stay in are multi-dimensional presents and the moment at hand is 100% And invitation free do we have I want to go to put the dishwasher guys again you've seen this visual before this is the energy cycle energy flows for this year knows very very different than they were four 2019 it's a very different moment
I so remember that 2020 is the year of Mastery experience and we are also in and awareness month so remember that the cycle of are essential to our son to Consciousness I'll put this up in a minute this experience choice so if the overarching energy of the year is experienced then everything we do will have that component of energy in it in this month of awareness and illumination and the first opening of the super full moon you see that March April and May were the months that our first opening this Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation and we have the three super full moons March April and May and then June kind of like becomes the Moon is very much about the ray of light coming out of the center of the tri shul and we are going to have
play full moon lunar eclipse so 3 super full moons in a row so we're in a very interesting moment right now and I want to throw up the cycle to send him for a moment as well your cycle of ascended Consciousness will always move according to awareness experience and choice this is that every finding spiral that is constantly going on in your Ascension field whether you know it or not that's why living The Yoga of self Ascension become such a blessing because you know is my beloved husband always says so well you cannot play your way off this game board the only way off is to lift your Consciousness and so the gift and I really believe it is the gift that is before us and this moment right now is that we are
each being gifted with a moment to really pay attention to what's happening around us how we're responding to it and to pay attention in a way we have not paid attention before has been a galactic like hey Billy what is the Ascension symptom gift of fear you feel the fear and you are a human and you will touch it cool don't we must become aware that we are having the experience of fear before we can make a an Ascension of bantic up level choice if you just a conscious choice for conscious or unconscious
and I bet you're just putting a lid on it so if you feel it you feel it you look at it you experience it and in through your awareness of it you can decide to change the context that you're viewing it you know things look more scary when you're a child then when you're an adult the world when we're up really close that contact is more forceful than when we have a little bit of it a sin to view or Transcendent view it's important that we choose what perspective is more closely aligned to my truth vs my inner child or my fear the fear is only real until you ascend through it please go watch the Ascension symptoms video again it's at YouTube official stream Kara is that our homepage screen
remember that fear is actually one of the Ascension symptoms we are in a moment where you are being gifted with freedom and a power that you have not had before and you know just like yesterday when she and I were prepared we were receiving all of our guest here tosa Blue Mountain Haley and then and always immediate sense of peace and almost as if we had been given a blessing that we know how these two weeks free to really be with all of us you know that but our focus is now with us all productive another way and so we share with you to invite you to try on a meaning to up level your perspective because we are in this together and let's give each other a hug and a smile and recognize that all reactions are valid given the state of consciousness of the being that is reacting
Angie all the way to shift an authentic reaction is to shift your authentic energy to reaffirm the inner peace and the truth of our divine nature helped us become more stronger
Darien is the gift every single way
we have packed phone lines we have a Sony email to remember that you can always send us an email to and we've had so many of these three but I thought you also I just want to mention our writing and Thanking us for introducing you to The Last Mimzy Mimzy and children please do
do is whatever the phone lines and say hello and then we've got some of these emails sitting here and let's invite in you because this is a collective moment so how are you let's bring you into the Sea Kure I return just fine
case I got disconnected I would love them and they sell rating but let me just see what I'm supposed to say
I'm actually supposed to get in touch with you to about global online community that has been
in my vision for 3 years and I really believe it is time and everything that just happened to make an extra time so I just wanted to put that out there and do the universe and I'll figure out how to do that and I finally feel like I might be on the cusp of making it to the other side or what I've been a head of a lifetime and finally got to move forward and I would just love to have a mini sale reading thank you, the contact form and just send the email and we'll we'll get together we love to assist with that Vision especially if your eyes are calling it forward in this energy right now I find that to be extra beautiful and that you were our first call or your line was kind of saying I'm the first call or today and so do all of that I'm also sharing with you because you are radiant you
you are literally at a moment where it's like everything that you've been working on and I'm still as interesting as I'm sitting with you I feel it from Deep at the top of my second chakra alright feel like these three fingers on my second chakra and a lot of you if you're feeling is to me but I want to sit on something very straight and then I'm feeling it lifting up from my second chakra going right here to my fifth chakra has a very interesting balance wave energy going on but it's not in Balance it's a balanced way but it's not in balance and it's like they're saying to use a stand-up put my arms in the air and taking a deep breath and just let it go and then they're saying laugh like you've never laughed before dance like you've never danced before and steal the truth of who you are you are in a birthing moment and they're saying that all birth is beautiful and what awaits on
other side is already created you just need to let it come in and that's what they want you to hear today my love and so many blessings namaste
thank you so much so much gratitude both of you and all you do and what you've done for me thank you and more people. And it's part of the community. I look forward to connecting you remember that there is very much a virus that's going around on the planet right now and it's a virus that is infecting your brain it is a virus that is saying I am going to look real and I don't want to remind you about the Divine directors have been saying that when people are afraid they will give away their power when people are terrified they will give away their soul this is a really beautiful sharing because what it does is it reminds us all the time you know I had someone write me the other day you said I'm not
using the Montrose Health Essentia because I'm afraid to say guide me and that broke my heart because in in the human side of me what that was saying is I don't trust myself enough to have that energy remember that the Mantra of self Ascension said was since already love and presents can only activate that which is of the highest I am here I am ready I am open is the sincerity the love in the presence there by the guide me comes from the humble heart and so I just want to remind all of us right now even twenty-four hours we've had to be taking some things even one breath at a time and as I'm connecting with all of you right now it might enjoy seeing what I'm seeing in the Bronx so you really want to be working with that but the Macho self Ascension is so easy and so valuable it's non-dogmatic it has no alignment is a neutral energy field opener it ignites
descended presents in neutrality which is why you know it's the Ascension presents I am here I am ready I am open guide me not I want to be here I'd really consider being open you think about a moment where I shall a boss I just grab them all up I am here and then this one with the she buys works really great now I'm here I'm ready I'm open guide me I'm really trying to establish that in a residence that keeps us in that has dementia because as you said so well you cannot play a way off the gameboard is all about the Consciousness frequency and it's going to be all about being in that fits dimensional presents through through the Gateway not the destination for when you're not there yet kind of like
but what you will discover is a place of clarity and rest and in love and support this dimensional energy is is really when when the his Holiness the Dalai Lama says my religion is kindness is the energy of of compassion to all beings it is a place where we can sincerely say I get it everyone is doing the best they know how give it their state of consciousness somewhere in that energy then we can apply the same unconditional acceptance to ourselves and say I've done the best and now you're at a launch pad because with Clarity can come clear action that's why I wanted you to really listen to yesterday show remember that we all have these protoplasmic jumpsuits we are those of us that are that are communicating in this way we are carrying a third-dimensional form
however we are at a new time where we can refund we can consciously bind with our physical form through the yolk of self Ascension uplift our frequency to where we can sustain a higher vibration that has ever been available before that's partly why the virus is here you're navigating new territory there is not an antibiotic for the level of the raising of ascended Consciousness however remember that you don't want to be foolish with that experience either if you are carrying a body then be practical as well because when the body knows that you are responsible for it that you are loving it enough to take care of it then the body relaxes enough so that you were scented presents can exceed and expand beyond that we just trying to limit you the spear is the virus
fear is the virus and the virus of density is igniting the fear to move into Terror whereby instead of just giving away your mind you will give away your little soul because you want to feel safe this is pulling everyone back down into root chakra energy and this is why you're also seeing the rise agreed you're seeing the rise in in ridiculous amounts of wealth in incredible an equity because it's root chakra root chakra is all about me available straight hair or not I don't think we do as we expand our Consciousness on the planet we are all born into density Consciousness and then sometimes we sit there and so density Consciousness is very much me mine I have tunnel vision how does it make
how does it affect me how is it safe to literally the chorus of me me me and that's what you're seeing with this energy with this isolation with this separation this is very much trying to pull us all the way back down into a root chakra I had a moment the universe has opened the gateway to the ninth Dimension do you see the polarity do you feel that you know it's like it's like these two energies and that's why you want to feel your spine align you want to feel yourself rising up because that energy is just as strong as the energy that wants you to stay in your first chakra you are making these choices constantly that's what the spiral is about and you know Siri that's part of why this is the moment for all of us to do this time you don't remember all their ship through this time again Thursday night so join us it's hard it's our gift to you just be there
sharing of some teaching and a guided experience that will help us a coordinate our energy and our positivity so I can't wait for that how about you I go to Sweden
hello sweetheart Namaste welcome
hard time and it looks like we lost it so we'll come back to a little bit honey but we love you it was such a gifted touch it with you all right tree where we going next, the 800 number as well alright hey Thailand namaste
msad11 Tree in here at Highlanders in Portugal Portugal has moved to Germany World We Were Meant to go to the dollar metis and Italy like every year 3 days before they close down guidance said to go to the sun spice place so we're on a glazier and the day the Glazier has closed down their hole ski area
again guidance said to go back to Thailand two weeks early so the unchangeable and 88 hours right before all things being equal I will land in Thailand with Sam I'd love to have a mini meeting this is the time that no other may we live in interesting times as you know we we just sent out to eat card for the Equinox Gathering and you know this is that moment where we have all been invited to this amazing dinner of this Gathering of the ascended masters all we have to do is wake up and say yes to the invitation this is the moment we knew was coming this and it's and it's happening in real time and and yes yes yes you know I will share that this morning I actually had you in my Consciousness and was sending this message to you if you need to be back in Thailand not because of what's Happening Where You Are
because of who you are because all beings that are carrying this anchored energy right now will be wherever you're going to be and it's going to keep remember the 24th is the watch date so this week this is that week and this is also the opportunity this week we're balance can be restored that's why she and I are so clear that our event was was canceled by close the country so that we could free ourselves up to be with all with all of us and so you are heading back to be where you must be for the 24th and where you must be there saying to gather the remaining energies that are folding around you it's like I see you and the way they're showing this to me is that you're sitting in what looks to me to be almost like a Space Capsule and you're sitting in it and it's like it's building these walls around you and the walls are all of the mastered energy that you have done in this lifetime
I'm going back to Thailand kind of like brings the doors closed and my whole Crown is igniting right now and it's like it opens up your in this you're in the seat and you're not having to drive you look up and it's like you dissolve into that which is ready to take you to the next level wow and I'm losing my breath so thank you thank you for bringing that to all of us I am grateful for you and I only have one thing to say I'm going to be transferred and Diane card for the first 50 minutes of lineage shoulders before I get on the plane to take my love you both and many blessings fear hides out his grief grief hides out in our lungs and so I'm inviting all of you right now whether you're feeling this energy in your lungs are not let's let's offer just a beautiful connection of long energy
for everyone that we're connecting with right now and SRI why don't we go over to the 800 number or I came to the show
Hello thank you you're welcome welcome honey
so I was just kind of blocks in my life trying torn between family type stuff and doing what I really want to do so I'm just confused and I was hoping maybe you could give me a little guidance
well first and foremost thank you for calling and I want to share with you that as I'm connecting with you I'm feeling like a how do I describe this it like like there's does this stuffing in your neck it's not that your neck is is full or close but there's like this stuff so it makes everything just a little harder you know it's like there's. I want to but I wish it was easier and then there's no way that would be great but I'm too tired or will I'd love to balance swimming seesaw energy going on and it's very much in your fifth chakra but it's also really in your third and so what they're wanting you to hear right now is that within your third chakra is an extraordinary really strong beautiful it's like a crystal of creation and I'm watching it and it is amazing
and it's and it's in there and yet over it is this layer of energy that has guilt on it and they're saying that when you release what you feel is guilt and understand how to integrate that what you think is separate the answer will reveal itself as if you have opened the door to a new world and that is what they would like you to hear today and thank you for sharing and being with us my angel no mistake
thank you I'm trash you a question about that hopefully I usually don't remember
oh okay well then I won't bother you with that I think I get it I'm thinking I need to release the guilt of my family that I feel and see something and this is what you're thinking then go with that it's always the very first thing that comes up that were questioning that is exactly what they're inviting us to look at so yes I would say honor that and listen to the Steve you thank you thank you for being my love wow is it a pyramid hahaha you guys are carrying some extraordinary energy remember this week is going to be very much like this this this is a big big week remember the energy is speaking right now drama chaos sphere confusion remember that the
when are your timeline is throwing a tantrum which is why on the perfect moment of the Equinox in the year of perfect balance the hashtag lineage holders are having an emergency Katherine and we are getting together and we are going to go into the internal workings of this timeline together Thursday night and so make a note be there straight go go register to get the link all right Siri where we going now go to Alberta Canada here they might be closing to Canada, stay
hello namaste
we're doing well if we were noticing your dear friend of ours her mom was here in Ecuador and they literally she wanted her out last night on the last flight last night
some crazy synchronicities
well first of all thank you for asking and thank you for for being available you know and that I'm feeling for you right now I keep hearing the word I want you to hear that it's coming right in on the right side of the supply was right in the center of my chest is right to the right of that and it's wow it tries to take my breath away as I'm sharing this with you by the way and so what I'm hearing clearly is that you are in a moment of divine initiation and that everything is going to keep up leveling and that what is most important for you is to be really they're saying resolve this within the energy field of which it is creating and to really pay attention to the breath and really pay attention to what you are allowing in you're like you're like this beautiful tender butterfly that just came out and it's like your wings are still
there are strong and they're gorgeous but you're still learning how to really go the distance and so thank you for bringing that in for all of us and and for bringing that forward I'm very very grateful thank you I think we only just feel that don't me and a necessary clearing up over to New York in here
hurry never say how are you guys we are delighted to be with you angel
wow this is this is crazy this is my second time calling you guys ever congratulations
the mic my question is well one of my question is I have recently purchased what they call Bowling For Soup on YouTube how to use it or or you bought one of the owners that I created the crystal one from us
so I just want to share you should have received a whole PDF that has all of the different ways to use it on it so please please please send an email to support support at self Ascension self Ascension calm and say hey Sue I need my PDF and then there is also a short video that I am finally finished editing that will be going out this week to everyone and I'm sure you're already on that list as well but yes yes yes and thank you for asking and stitching for sharing because that explains why I kept seeing your Cosmic Prime Meridian is because as I'm talking to you as as you're sharing with me right now you you appear very Regal you're very very tall and you're wearing like a knot like a shawl it's almost like it's your hair like it would be almost like my hair only it's very much like a crystalline energy
your Prime meridians are fully illuminated and it's almost like they are your headpiece and so this is why you were called to be with this and please help others get a toon what they're saying is that you are at a moment of redefining who you are through the first glimpses of the remembrance at the depth of knowing that you have always seen always heard and never could confirm and it makes me want to cry because it's such a special moment in your life and I am so proud of you and so grateful to meet you and I hope I get to meet you and where in New York City and end just know that you are you're on track and you are you are it's right here how how you move forward I want to keep breathing I'm losing my breath
and so as you're breathing as you're feeling they're saying hold this presents and so I'm literally staring into the camera right now and they are telling me that I am staring straight into the energy see my hair as this crystalline I don't know scarf and my crystalline Prime meridians are open and they're saying that to each and all it is time to know and may you know ever more and so it is a blessing stew
many blessings to you guys I love you both and much much love to you and everyone listening to this cold is ice strongly feel that was for all of us is not once but for those of you that that may not know the cause with prime meridians are literally we have to Prime meridians that connect us into our Cosmic Consciousness and of course this is part of the Alchemy of self Ascension and understanding that she and I are actually going to be doing a free lecture on that in New York City at the end of May or even go to our website and learn more about the prime meridian and hold the star Consciousness and I get if you wanna know about start Consciousness go to YouTube official stream Kara and look at the star Consciousness start practice
wow how are you feeling right now where is your Consciousness 10 minutes this is the key to notice that we can stay in the compassionate arms of that fifth dimensional Gateway and that way we are ignited to then be the witness sir of the witness we can be in are multi-dimensional experience that is the gift we're being given and and you know it's a whole planet theoretically says we're taking the chew each time out maybe this tantrum needs a timeout maybe this illusionary tantrum maybe the best thing that can happen as you go to your room and you go to your room and we'll meet at dinner all right and meanwhile I'm going to go start cooking and said so that's kind of where we're at right now and again I just want to share before we invite our next caller please please
is join us this Thursday on the equinoxes March 19th 6 p.m. Pacific Time USA get the information it will only be to send you the information you are not registering for anything else please tell everyone you know let's bring our cells together we are better and this is the first moment of balance to be rich opportunity first moment of balance first aquaknox in the year of perfect balance in a month of momentum
5 days before the watch date that's the magic number isn't it 5:00 is eternal life 5 is the living on five is the number of Sheba and so there is so much going on with this aquaknox that tree and I know with all of our hearts that everything is in divine order and you are already on that or you wouldn't be connecting with the show so I just want to offer that moment of acknowledgement thank you thank you thank you and I think she we should also mention that we had indicated in Horry card we would be doing a journey today and that's what's going to happen Thursday night the journey needs to be a lot longer we need to go through several different stages of preparation and multi-dimensional transiting so that we can get and do the timeline slide together so remember when we get together Thursday night when a slide or timelines and so that's why we're not going to do the journey today but that means we get to say hi to somebody else tree where we going to go
Maryland alright Namaste Maryland welcome
hey it's Megan and I was wondering if you would offer me a mini story today if you're watching this on video insert you here and that's that's actually
I don't even expect to get on I was like oh my gosh what you were sneaking you on the reason I said insert yourself here to this pyramid everything around you was saying stop they're saying remember who you are remember when you have felt the best go back to the moment where you absolutely knew the truth of who you are and as you call that in expanded outward and they're saying that your eyes are now getting ready to see what you have not seen before your ears will hear that what you could not hear before and your breath will receive the upliftment that has been waiting for you to say yes to and so it is my love many blessings
thank you so much and it is the virus of fear and we let that one in voluntarily and so when we are able to remember and recall denies that fear is actually in Ascension something for this year please go watch that video again stream the 2020 Ascension symptoms when we can recognize that and own that then this moment no longer has a grip on us we are no longer terrified Source Soul ignites we are no longer afraid so our brain rest and we remember who we are to the compression we weave around our life and that
can we stay in the 5th Dimension and begin to become the presents how to breathe in there is a lot that is shared on this show and we we share wisdom we share energy so we co-create this weaving together and sometimes we just need to bathe or bask in the frequency in order to truly integrated to claim it because we are healthy and we are all choosing what we believe to be best for us and for our community and as we continue to surrender the need to control and instead trust the universe and claim that which is ours to clay that can be done from the energy of surrender which is what
this energy of claiming of creating is what we will be basking in for a much longer period of time on Thursday at 6 6 p.m. Pacific so do get to Sri sign up with all that little bright blue box at the bottom of the page so that you get notified how to login in and join the community on that date and until then
breathe and bask in the truth of your authentic nature
yes every breath is an opportunity and every opportunity is an uplevel every time we breathe with Consciousness we align more closely to the truth of our Essence so it's such a sweet it is and hey be sure to make a note also join me Tuesday night on Soul mirrors Haywood has your life reflecting a very special 5G episode how does the 5G tune into the 5D is this part of what's going on is there a way that this is affecting the virus with answers to all those questions and more very special guest stars on the show this Tuesday please join me as well on Soul mirror 6 p.m. Pacific time as we come to a close today may you breathe consciously may you remember and trust that all is truly well
stream KIRO live to have your questions answered send us an email yes at 3 and Kira and check out more information at 3 and Kira. Com you next week, today

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