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Sri and Kira Live, March 1, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today in Shifty Paradigm now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience free wisdom laughter and flare here are SRI and Kira

welcome everybody we are delighted that you are here I am wisdom teacher Shriram Cox and David angels we have so much to share in this extraordinary March moment and let's Dive Right In and give us a call get into the call board there are lines open and today we have two different places you can call if you want to take advantage of that 800 number it's over at give them a call 888-627-6008 again 888-627-6008 and of course welcome over at 1 to stop radio. Called where you can also call us at 517-208-1500 so get in the queue let's chat with you in this extraordinary March moment

official SRI and Kira YouTube channel over here a little laptop people are saying hello to each other I love it we love you all to have everybody a hard as best you can with the so there's places you can connect lift my eyes you said that in one breath did you guys hold your breath so energetic today today and I think part of that is I've got an invite all of you with all my heart if if you are catching this show and you have not yet had the moment to connect with yesterday show please

you know what to do so later today you can find yesterday show over at our other YouTube station one is talk radio go watch yesterday show you can also find it all over at 1 to stop radio. Com it's important because when it's happening in March right now let me let me just put it right out there okay we're going to put up a lot of Graphics today so if you're watching us you'll be able to see them right away and if you're not don't worry about it we will explain them to you however March has a lot of things happening number one it is an awareness month in the cycle of Ascension Consciousness so in our cycle of our ascended Evolution it always goes in Awareness experience choice we have just transmitted from that choice that leap year Choice consider that guys it's that rare moment right and four more years Perfect Balance but pay attention to that there's a lot that happened in that choice yesterday so whether you were conscious of her know it was a big thing then sure we are in a month that has

the first of three super full moons in a row that one in okay three of them in a row March April May we are at the birth of a big moment March April May are going to be a unit and we'll talk more about that it also birth what it is Mercury retrograde pretty much for the whole month including the post base. And we have a micro New Moon calling in Greater Focus it's illuminated and it all happens on March 24th which is the only date in all of 2020 that when all the information there is just so much to talk about today cuz this is all this month and keep breathing. Feeling people's breath I'm being honest to God guys this is all good stuff

back when I was a kid about the months and wasn't March winds was mr. kite flying in April showers May Flowers May flowers for the Ides of March

however the whole thing about breath and wind is where my mind was dancing we create our own wind and the wind in the inner body actually works through every opening in the body you know we have those portals of connection there there the gates of energy and I'm not going to teach that today however I do want to just offer this nudge that you may discover this intuitively or you remember a teaching from a prior time when we inhale with presents

all the way in

and let it out slowly through the mouth and then the next breath we can inhale through those gateways just play with that and when we inhale through the gateways and circulate the breath throughout the entire upper torso what happens is that we clear that which is stagnant and we open to the the maximum amount of Tronix support that the Universe can give us to open the product support is saying yes to the upliftment now whether you know it'll actually this or not you can get the benefits I remember each breathing through the nose full and deep and circulate that in the air up into your crown and down in your belly and back out through your mouth

do that with presents do that frequently and be present to the March momentum that is upon us because you will be uplifted this month that's for sure not everyone will be uplifted and the reason being is because what is upleveling and what is happening here right now so our breath and it is important because we talked about this on yesterday show so please please please go revisit yesterday show where we talked about that everything is up leveling that whatever is in front of you is going to up level and the key in this is what we were really discussing on yesterday's experience is that the choice energy the choice has already been made if you're catching a slime if you are already seeing what your choices are calling forward and sometimes when our choices start manifesting in front of us even though we consciously called them in

if they don't look exactly the way that we had imagined them to look our ego gets a moment ago what the f--- this was how I wanted it to look and I am going to make sure that everything conform to that and this is why today is such a profound day because we have entered a month of awareness we are at the beginning of another up level cycle remember it always goes awareness experience choice of every time a choice completes we enter into another moment of awareness what is in front of you what are you being asked to look at what is staring at you right now and then can you up level the Divine blessed being within you

to that 7th dimensional space entry can you put on the witness or graphic let's let's start with that one that's it this afternoon because this is really important for what's going on in March and so it's the witness there it is and so what if you are right now offering yourself the gift of saying yes to your multi-dimensional presents this is the up level that will soar you however it is a choice and it is if you look here at the graphic and if you're not looking let me explain it to you it begins with the third-dimensional self and and many many many of us have gone through the spiritual ladder so speaker the spiritual evolutionary process we first learned how to witness ourselves this is very much the work of like Tollway and a lot of other people out there it's a fabulous Gateway it's wonderful work and this is why I have such Mass Appeal because it's very very basic and it's so important right we have to master the basics the third dimension

will do everything I can to self create and take care of itself until we witness ourselves then that's the moment that many of us call The Awakening then we can lift into the 5th Dimension where we become the witness sir of that witness whereas my beloved Street teacher so beautifully have mercy on thyself you are doing the best you can give in the level of Consciousness that your time that form of compassionate that self Mercy compassion is what keeps us in the 5th Dimension because we are the witness or of the witness we are now in the moment where the seventh and Ninth Dimension have open this incredible flow and you notice that the longest sleep so to speak is from the 5th to the 7th Dimension and that's because it involves letting go and a street and I call it letting ourselves run around in the Borderlands of Sanity to discover what's waiting without judging that which is happening

and that's one of the ways you know you're moving into the seventh Dimension because that judgment release it so why is this so important in March well if we go to the March calendar right now we're going to put up this is the March up level calendar what I want you to notice right there at the top next to where it says March 2020 it says Visionary transformation through timeline I got patients this is the first month of that upswell of energy this is a moment where it's going to feel Rod it's going to feel big it could also feel overwhelming it could also feel intimidating this is why going back to your shopping spree dress really begin and end get our app learn the breath is free so if we look at March and then we'll go you know go back to the live camera here at but we want you to see in this moment is March nine is a super full moon it is

first of three in a row it is a trisexual it is that ready it is the pyramid these three months are going to sing whatever you birth in March is going to harvest in May and April is all about cultivation and so birth my angels plant your seeds say yes to your dream and here's was so profound is that on the 9th which is next Monday not only will the Super full moon Peak we have an uplevel Ascension up level day and it is also the day that the first Mercury retrograde that has affected the illuminated new moon and then and this is really you see how these three sections of March or laying out third month with three distinct energy Fields wake up I think it's whatever you want it to be

it's it's this year it's just magnificent opportunity is the energetic on nourishment and stimulation this year have been unlike anything that we've seen recently this has truly been and continues to be a magnificent year the 2020 let's look at how we can up level our sense of balance and be in Greater Harmony as we adapt our timelines to the highest expression transformation through timeline adaptation for quite a while now and one of the things that happened was we we said a few weeks ago on air that we have been guided that we need to appear in the United States one time in 2020 we were getting all the feedback from all of you we thought we were going to go to San Francisco and the flow is not there but dies we want to share with you as of right now and and I'm looking at how that

is out as well as of right now we are about 90% sure that we are going to be in New York City at the end of May and send us your emails does how does that feel for you all the doors have been opening all of the invitations so to speak have been received as it's just like effortlessly flowing and so we already have a lot of people that said yes I'm excited because to me it feels like a gathering of the Oneness family and think of that timing guys the end of May 2020 there is a reason that we have been called there and to all of you that will get to meet in person I'm excited to co-create that so send us your email to guest at shrinker give us your opinion what do you think you can also request a mini Soul read which is what got me started on that because I know that we've had quite a few that were sent our way this week but will be like to read one of them right now and really do that everybody's going through

this March energy remember guys we've only talked about the super Full Moon being the first of three in a row that I haven't shared with you yet is that they balance three new moons of a talk about that on the opposite end we have another balance coming in at the end of the year so there's a lot Happening Here we also want to look at and I'm just going to put up the energy flows

that in this year of 2020 in if you're looking you're seeing the energy flows for the whole year notice that January February and September which is where we're going to have the first of our second shift pillar now we're in profound shift the whole year but these for Mondays three months are a notice the other pillar is July August and December that's the other pillar however here's what I want you to look in the Middle look at March April and May those three months are forming a trinity of moon energy and likewise so we'll September October and November so you see what's happening here there is so much and this March momentum is that PC the pyramid March April May June October and November willfully anchor that pyramid Visionary Transformations your timeline adaptation however it is these neck

three months in particular that will fully fully bring us into your Consciousness to the level that you are willing to up level at 2 and and this is always the right we are in the month is an awareness month you're going to become aware and the more that you relax the ego the more that you say yes I'm I want to do that you eat and you have to be inspired you got to really want it and if you really want it with some 3011 presents the miracle of March is that you're really going to get it and so how exciting is that every time you put up the calendar for the year this this silly brain of mine with these pillars of energy that straddle the Year this pyramid of energy in the center of the year yet

it's it's it's like one of those Sci-Fi movies if you step back for the pictures start look at it from a bob you can start looking at those circles represent in the box at has as if this almost a Rubik's Cube kind of meat pulses of energy that will be there to stimulate you as a multi-dimensional beings in your life march is going to reveal in space March is just going to be like hey guys

not only remember who you are but we are going to invite you we being the universal support that surrounds each one of us if you want to up level into that energy then then this is a month that's going to really take you there and remember we have yet to talk about the watch date we're going to talk about that in the second half of the show so you want to hang with us because that watched it is the only one in 2020 and as far as I know now the only one in the next in this two-year cycle of upleveling this gift from the universe that said we're going to enter in this two-year kind of Grace. Because it will invite a greater mass Awakening through the yoga spell dissension there will be a much broader list upliftment in energy and so we always bow before you who are here joining us because together we are so better and this is what we're doing right now eye-to-eye Heart to Heart energy to energy and the energy

March it's it's three energies that are like waves day and they're not mutually exclusive it's 3 energies it's it's like a it's like you know what ice cream is the cookies in the end the stuff in the middle that's what it's whatever you wanted to do but that's what these energy streams of you do most people just move through their lives they may feel like they're leading one way or another, more we are present and we're in a way through our life force energy and the energy around us the more we begin to discern the subtleties and for those of you that are tuning in Perhaps it is important that you go to oneaz talk radio and look at yesterday show Explorer the mystery since we began again that discussion of timeline adaptation there

launches reinforces the capacity for you to master your timelines and this to seem like a hotel yet you're doing it anyway we're all participating in Timeline adaptations highest expression let me give a highest expression is at 3 and I as you guys know when we were in India it was very clear we were shown clear guidance when we were in Varanasi I would both Street and I that the Ascension portal that we had established in Peru as a Mariah circles in 2005 is destabilizing and so through this Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation through our own reverse aging process and revitalization and life extension experiences that we are now so blessed to be living we were clearly shown while we were in India that we had to go back to Peru and really up Levelland

we be in the ubambo valley and really be at these sites in that exact moment and so this came from the the timeline adaptation and so literally we are in the timeline now where the first time we went was this year so it's really exciting and and what I think is also really exciting as we have people joining us who were with us in 2005 and so part of what that up level will be is that we are going to be working on that Ascension portal in the end there's a lot that has happened Mariah the energy around their way things of weather like in Peru live or not and if we want to or not this is what happens when you start learning how to navigate through this Visionary transformation of timeline adaptation remember that this comes from that extraordinary

remember last year was the Lotus energy this year is the dragonfly what does a dragonfly do at dances with the Lotus it it it it loves the Lotus and it uses the Lotus as its resting pad so last year was to finally relax in the living in The 5th Dimension this year is to start realizing what is a minute there is so much more and I can do it that's what March that's the March energy but with that the Eagles going to also up level if if you are still tearing victim Consciousness if you are still unhealed in some very basic chakra areas that up levels going to hit you there too and this is why the breath again is so important is Dimensions really critical of this time and I just want to mention a day ago we started masterclass on Consciousness and cultivating

that connected yet Transcendence State of Consciousness allows the master within to participate actively in the resolution and healing of old junk stuff is holding you back we're continuing this journey in two weeks if you'd like to participate in the inner child and your child is such a precious gift but it also carries all the pain of the spiritual inner child of the universal inner child and so yesterday was amazing that literally made his leap into the world and said you know this work I have personally witnessed rehoming this work for the the close to twenty years we've been together and I am so excited that is being released I really am

don't touch thank you thank you thank you imagine sending love that is required for Quantum chili I will say no more all right I'm seeing call boards getting 75175 or 888 if you need a toll-free 888-627-6008 resume over to the Cure radio email Let's Hear It Straight Talk by Todd and he said I was a first-time caller on your radio show

September 24th 2017 and I are at 5140 wow I bow before you message him and that I was working on you say excetera a little bit about how the Mantra of self Ascension inspired him and he Incorporated in some music he was creating sure that with you next week you said you know since it's been this two years since I have decided that instead of trying to make a living I'm going to live my passion and purpose and my mission and I terminated my job and I'm concentrating on music and and and this creative work so Todd

all is his name that you can find him he's going to be featured on one this talk radio next week and he'll be up for the next month or so

take a look at this album cover listen to his Tunes download them if you want them and so really be blown away guys this is a major Talent we are so honored at that one to talk radio. Com is able to support him wonderful to see heart centered music come forward and I just want to share one more little tidbit because this is the sincerity that so nourishes our community has her heart you said I've been working on your navigating the inner Matrix program and it's been helping me with fear your steps back in but it's really helping me on with my self-mastery and I am now in your Bhagavad Gita course and that is inspiring me as well so talk thank you for being connected thank you for sharing your music and your love with the world and I want to say that the name of his creation and I want to say it right where is it

it's called sad love life send love light send Love Light by one more at 1 this talk radio next week mentioned something that I think is really really important for everyone to be able to know about and that is that you and I Street and I are very blessed we were invited to be part of the self loves Healthcare Kemp Symposium is going to be happening in early March it's going to be it's coming right up now March 11th through the 25th so hey I wanted you guys to know that as part of that Symposium we have put navigating animatrix in there on sale so just because Todd just look for it guys it's going to be coming up with a coach coming up

Vapor life coach too many help you walk through for essentially have price so you really want to take navigating your morning this momentous 3 month. So just what I just want to mention that because it will change your life and if you have a navigate navigate navigate if you have it and you have not pulled out in a while this is the time this is a curriculum that will stimulate evolutionary process each time you visited we encourage you to revisit so what I want to go back to and then let's get over to our phone lines as well because I see everything is filling up over here is that

I mentioned earlier that in March let's do we put up a calendar against tree so we're going to pick up level calendar this is the March calendar of the up level counter if you don't know what the up level calendar is please go to right where you are right now official stream Kara at YouTube if you're there and watch the video about the Ascension up level energy for 2020 learn about the calendar go to screen share., is there as well so we've talked about the 9th remember that we are in what's known as a season right I love this we are in this season of the three full super moons and that's going to be March 9th April 8th and May 7th but then here's what I was watching this point out to you later we then we're going to have a season of 3 illuminated New Moon supermoon September 17th October 16th and November 15th

wow this is massive and end in the reason I'm sharing this is if you look at this watch date and this is what I want to bring to your attention right now so we had we know what's going on to the nights so March 129 right now 3 today is all about that energy the energy of the super full moon top-level Mercury retrograde ending officially and remember if you have R app we give you a lot more every week inside the app we give you the audio file of what else is coming in so you want to make sure you're checking in on that the second energy of March begin the morning of the 10th and ends at midnight on the 23rd and you'll notice in this is why I was saying was like an ice cream sandwich that's like the percolation. Right right it's the center it's it's the yummy ice cream in the middle it's the cream filling it's whatever you want it to be but during that time that's when this March momentum in a well

Ernest is going to have more of a I call it kind of like building a building cooking the stew everything's going to be coming together so you percolating however everything is percolating everything is coming together everything is literally coming and on the 24th this is what has brought in this one and only watch date and this is exactly how the Divine director shared it with me they said watch this date gather all create create create and so the 24th is inside that illuminated micro New Moon which means it's about Focus it's about it's about taking that lens and tuning it so that that being that focused beam of light is what's illuminating your power of Creation in yet another illuminated new moon

does that mercury willfully release still a few more days after that we've really got all of this Reclamation remembrance revitalization and you know it's it's awesome the opportunity that's in front of all of us right now and and you know what we're going to be doing the ceremony March 9th every night Tuesday the 24th and that's going to happen during my show Soul mirrors be amazed so calendar right now but a date was treating Cara and this incredible create create create ceremony on March 24th at 6 p.m. Pacific time

that's why you're not in learning about everything Street lots of places where it says get on the list or just send us an e-mail and ask him will get you on the list some music to be just a little aside I think it's that are autofocus periodically don't know what they're focusing on because of the energy projections it's so we may have to switch to a fixed Focus kind of ledged consider putting in a title for emphasis has been on the longest for going to go to Concord California hey is this song

say hi

hello whoever I was right before 5-6 we got you

it's Elizabeth armor Amara calling in love love love for you guys

yeah well, I sent many a love letter I'm horrible at writing to you directly but she'll love you, you love letters I've been sending you in my heart and I thank you by the beauty of your

unveiling Alchemy in such a beautiful way our creation and and how time is so liquid in flowing we're almost at the six-month anniversary of the beautiful transmission from the Great Divine director that you have been reading daily and I can tell you I have been reading daily so he keeps getting more

it doesn't send the first forty days I started doing it in a program that touched on so many facets of creation golden compassion for all

and abundance and then lifting to the 9th and

it just tells it all it says once we drop judgement

the expansion the Anna can be in the way of financial expansion but it's the expansion of our Dream Smile because I've been singing the Mantra of self attention and waving at them to open my mind expand my vision ignite my heart Heal the World and everybody has taken a while in moments to sing them on herself Ascension because I think your message has created it so we could sing I agree I am here you still. So, come on we're in New York and let's get the whole crowd singing together let's do it

I think it's so you know I understand and I didn't personally invite you to San Francisco for our family members from across the pond so it's the right time to and I think it's so perfect and it's affordable well yeah

it's time we have a surface tension choir I really truly believe birthday month and I didn't quite get in to ask for a mini still reading but comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb thank you exact that I was going there next because that is exactly I've been sharing with people all day long that go back with the eyes that are awakened now go back and read just book 5 of The Lost Books of the essene right now this moment and read it with that open focus and

it's the perfect moment for that

truly truly that maybe my reading but if there's something else that you want to share I'll be all everyone else is at 3 and I are both thanking you for the queue up so thank you for that I also sweetheart just want to share that I am really bowing before the spiritual discernment that you are modeling you you have a choice to read the Divine directors PDF every day isn't it you know when we were in Bhutan I gave you all copies of it laminated with the Fig leaves and all of that and it's like we can lead ourselves to the edge of the ocean of Consciousness but only each one of us knows how we're going to navigate it some of us are going to swim some of us are going to get in a boat some of us are just going to stick in our toes some of us may try to drink it and some of us might just say I hate the water

and they're saying that this is the way your life is showing itself to you right now and they're saying decide how you wish to navigate your River and then love how each is also navigating their own and so it is

thank you so much many blessings many blessings to you my beloved angel will see you soon said so many beautiful people let's go over 200 number 627-6008 but let's say hi to it looks like wine number to Pauline from New York

pop into our Arch amrapali we called your name there we are and SRI died on the video stream could not be put back into Focus until this very minute and we did not do anything so we are loving your energy

puppy Gillette are producer now

yes I'm sorry it bad that the audio is on mute and he'll try to connect with you and see if we can get your line clear or he saying it looks like you're lying is clear now or and I'm not I'm not sure so let's go to another collar so let's go over to this board and let's go Indianapolis owner of the car the US

you're on the air

looks like you're trying to talk but we don't hear you

hello hello hi sweetheart there you are

Hi how are you we are just delighted to be sharing a sacred moment with you

man, I'm glad to be on thank you thank you welcome to March and March

Summer Waves

are you

how can we serve you

well I was wondering if I can get a little mini Soul reading of course

thank you go ahead and take it and I'm going to invite you to turn down whatever speaker on hearing so that it can be clear or energy and we are and I want to invite you right now to just you know it's interesting that your nose is stuffy because right behind that I'm seeing that your eyes are art it's not that they're tearing but they're looking it's like they're saying show me that which is true you know like like come on and the end this nose feels more like a cleansing to me it feels like there's stuff that you're just really trying to release and so the the message that's coming through for you is is all about saying yes to a deeper relaxation into the receptivity of that which you are connecting with another words there's like a resistance like I feel I feel when I'm with you like I just want to lay back in bed and just go

and they're saying do that but as you do that steal the hands of the universe coming around you and ask them ask that energy to really show you where you are holding resistance and one of the things I will share with you as I keep seeing what looks like a big rope around your neck and is pulling you in two different directions and it's like this it's like you're really feeling torn and what they're saying is it's like one of those finger puzzles right the more you try to break free the tighter it's going to get there saying relax Focus be in the center and it will unwind and that's what they would like you to hear and I think there's a lot of other people having that same experience right now so thank you for being such a beautiful surrogate for so many

thank you love you guys and still love what you doing thank you we love you honey thank you for being our we love you we love you sweetheart you're such a huge call for today where we going next to my love is Michigan alright hi Michigan Namaste welcome it looks like Mount Clemens Michigan High

it's Cassandra how are you guys today

I just was calling in one for a mini Soul reading and to something that she said yesterday about pain in the body and not taking anything for it because it might mean something different so I was wondering what all my pain in my knees right now is 4

I know what you start and I'm right with you but I think she should begin in and I want a kind of energetically come in behind that yesterday I was talking about and symptoms and that one of the messages that archangels I'd kill gave to us was that many of these experiences like the eye focus in the ringing in the ear and such a joint pain can be a signal that your vibrational level is Lifting and if we tried to Medicated too much you're going to impede the process of moving through it with ease that's sad we also need to trust our own guidance on when does get medical help and when and when to look at it what we have discovered many times in many of our community that they say hey this this pain is it scares me I don't know what it is to go see of allopathic physician

or it looks like arthritis or something or tendonitis but there's nothing you can do other than take a painkiller and that's a sign that okay there is a higher-dimensional way to approach it okay so I never deny yourself some medical help but used as information don't become a slave to it because we must be the master and I are on Union with our bodies one more thing I want to say before it tears your knees are part of your local motion are they not so symbolically the knees or about the ease with which you are moving forward and it's particularly interesting whether the pain is in the left or the right side so in a general sense the left side is about the future and the right side is about what's gone before

and so when we have pain on one side or the other it gives us a clue energetically if there's a Klingon energy that needs hearing a resolution or like on the left if there's a fear of moving forward and so these are these are none of these are to Define you these are opportunities to TuneIn and and have a deeper relationship with the energies your body is navigating on your behalf sweetheart and I want to share that

first and foremost when when I have been on my healing Journey especially 2019 although I've been on it for about five years now what I have understood for myself is that when I finally was able to move into a layer of acceptance that my body needed to have experience as it was having the experiences themselves started to resolve and the reason I'm sharing that with you is because the resolution that you are seeking through these beautiful beings that are around you are saying there is a greater moment of acceptance before you and it begins with yourself and that is of great value for you to notice what this pain is forcing you to look at and that the more you look the faster the resolution will come forward and what they're also saying is that this is also inclusive of all the bodies and other words so when we look at the knee or are or we look at anything really in the

legs the chakras that are being the most affected their are the feet and the route and so somewhere between you're feeling safe in the world and your ability to express that you are literally stuck and so this is why that acceptance energy is coming in around you and so similar to to the other caller it's like I see you just at everyone this morning

write an exhale and just relax and as you exhale and relax and just stink in sink into your bed and exhale and then bring your hands to your heart and smile and say yes to you and listen to what comes forward but listen to it from the non-judgmental expansiveness of that 7th dimensional being that has released the Judgment that is now focused on that 5th dimensional beings that is holding great compassion that has its arms around this third dimensional being that believes it's in pain

and so it is thank you my love, stay Thank you thank you sweetheart thank you so much and the one thing that's on the street I want to go to the chat over at 1 to talk radio

it says whatever message the Divine director or the Masters want to share for us all and that she's also I want to share with everyone she was also commenting in on the excuse me the New York City and she's saying yes it's meant to be the end of May so that we can get as many lineage holders as possible together and yes you're right we're going to move up the Linea told her Gathering and we will do a live lineage holder whole Workshop in New York so I'm very excited about that yes. Okay and I was so I I do enjoy that what she is she also wanted you to hear that I am a recipient of a scholarship and was absentee from the group healing this is what she did on Saturday in

Consciousness is healing which learn about it and she said but I felt it in my heart something huge release thank you sir and then she said I'm really looking forward to get the recording and so yeah that went out today so if you're not on the email list or if you didn't get it or any of you that were in the consciousness of stealing class that email did go out a few hours ago if you didn't get your recording just right support itself and we'll help you out all right and so Angel let me offer imini Sol reading to you because when she saying you know whatever message the Divine directors in the Masters want to share for us all they actually have been kind of sitting here and so that's why I was like oh how perfect that she couldn't get on the line that you do your hair and you want to talk radio. Com chat so I'm glad you're over here as well and hold you over in the YouTube chat know that we love being with you too and so let's bring our hands to her heart

so what they're saying and it's interesting in this is definitely coming in from the greater essence of the Divine directors is there saying to all of you that have been waiting there is a spark within the Ed that is now ready to ignite allowing the spark to ignite will further illuminate what is right in front of you that has been unable to be seen until now open your eyes wider ignite your crown Fuller call forward the healing energy of your divine presence grab the hand of the one next to you and allow that energy to radiate for all and so it is

unless I'll take another deep breath thank you sweetie we need another deep breath

thank you thank you all thank you all you know this is a moment of divine co-creation tree and speaking of that I want to put up that March calendar one more time because there was one date we didn't spend a lot of time talking about and that is the 29th of March notice that March is the retrograde carries you through the entire month why because the post phase ends literally on the 29th and so we actually will start transiting into April on Monday March 30th so March is really a repeat of February as far as 29 days energetically February in 29 March is going to be another amplifier of that energy and the 30th is when we will actually start shifting into that April moment and so it's also a month of awareness and so what does that mean it means and

I think it's important to to remind all of you it means that what are you aware of what is a planetary thought body doing because as the Divine directors have also reminded us and has so many of you write and say please say this and every show when people are afraid they will give away their power and we're witnessing that because we are lifting we are in our compassion right and when people are terrified they will give away their soul and so when you're witnessing and I wouldn't let slip the witness again because I want to make sure your understanding my terminology so when you are witnessing which major in the seventh Dimension when you are witnessing that which is seeking to trigger you the witnessing energy is inviting you to release the judgement first walk through the Judgment from the higher angle lens then wrap your arms of compassion around yourself as the witness her of that which is engaging in the illusion

how it is affecting you you are at a moment where everything is up leveling everything is up leveling and between now and March 9th there is a lot happening it's all going to be in the app tonight look for it for those of you that are part of the mastering mentorship your updates will be in there tonight because it's that important you get it March one because it affects you through March 9th then we're going March 10th through the 23rd and then we're going to have that 24th through the 29th those are going to be the most days and remember the 24th is still a watch date so make a note to join street that Tuesday for a create create create ceremony that is holding the light of that micro New Moon Focus pinhole of radiant life kind of like you know if you put a mirror in the Sun that Focus ray of light ignite Sapphire that's what we're going to do we're going to be that ray of light ignited through the Sun

when you take a camera and you bring the f-stop the focus top-down the depth of field is expanded it's so interesting metaphor opportunity to magnify through that Focus so hard to remember that you make a difference you with every perhaps you as the Breather are breathing into your being our breathing cross into your being your breathing love into your breathing beings bring it home bring it here so that it may then may radiate outward and remind silently that they too are the vessels of peace love and joy we are that which we seek and we are Coke for you

is spider whatever our thoughts are we are cooking as we breathe consciously trusting Our Lives because we breathe consciously trusting our guidance as we breathe into the Mantra of self Ascension I am here I am ready I am open guide me as we do these things we begin to co-create a Harmony that is only just flourishing beyond our imagination right now and I am ready expand your vision I am open ignite your heart guide me Heal the World I can't think of anything I'd rather sing thank you for being with us today

until we have the joy of being with you live next week's breathe deeply and know that all is truly well

thank you for joining us extreme here alive to have your questions answered send us an email to guess at 3 and Kira radio. Com and check out more information at 3 Yura. Com you next week, today

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