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Sri and Kira Live, January 26, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today and shifting paradigms now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are shreds era

Namaste beloved wasn't welcome to Sri and Kira live I am extraordinary up level weekend and wow let's just take a breath together huh and I I first just wanted to say welcome to everyone everywhere whether you're in this Dimension or not face for being here right now over at PBS radio. Com we love you guys thank you so much and hate today remember we also have that 800 number opportunities you can call us over there at VBS at 8886 to 76008 get in fast those lines to fill up and then of course you can also call us at 517-208-1500 we will be having both called boards coming in today very Dynamic us both of them were filling up so fast and exciting moment for sure and then also High over to one is talk radio.

where you can see you can listen you can chat to iHeartRadio all of the Affiliates that are carrying us and SRI which YouTube's are we at today homepage and we are at the official SRI and Kira YouTube official SRI and Kira. Facebook one is talk radio as well so guys you know Facebook is on I felt like you were saying game on right with us yesterday and I are now committed these first 10 to 15 minutes of every show what is going on with the energy of this week and yesterday we talked a lot about these Ascension up level events we started talking more about the energy at hand and today is very much about the propulsion or the way were describing it the blooming energy 3

Amber that this started this is our third one we've had two others we've had two other Ascension dump level and what they really are what we revealed yesterday is Guys these are these are time jumps these are moments of experience these Ascension up level experiences are a blessing during this two-year window they're going to they're so profound it's going to be this year and next year and there every month now again we talked all about this yesterday so you really want to go catch up and listen to that show but for today I think it's important to kind of recapture is it just the fact that in this up level NRG that's happening right now and the reason our Graphics looks like this if you're watching us as you see we've got kind of like this clock and time is here for a little bit of Letting Go and end this no Visionary Transformations this started on the 24th with the new moon

and it was the first the universe is referring to as the illuminated New Moon which is holding for the next two years which means that in this new moon energy for all who choose to see the opportunity when you go into the void is to walk into a void that is illuminated with all of the Shadows gone all of the feared on all of the doubt gone and then you're walking into instead of the Void of creation you are walking into the creation the energy of that creative spirit and so this was our first food next to the new moon of Illumination and then as we went into Yesterday the 25th it was the moment it's just that one moment where the first pindrop White appears and says now we are birthing this creation from this wide-open space and it was simultaneously the propulsion

which coincided with the first day of the Chinese zodiac of the Rat which is the first sign of the Chinese zodiac in a year of experience in a month of experience and yesterday we looked at the decade of experience we are in a collective moment that tree and I are referring to as the Roaring Twenties and we're going to be talking a lot more about why we're saying that later and Today Show what are the things that I want to remind is the energy of Joyful dance joyful expression joyful singing the energy of the twenties that were wanting to bring forward into your Consciousness is that a healthy celebration of the creation potential of spirits it isn't about the party that denies what's going on you know it's not the bands playing

this coming forward and face in the reason we're looking at this as the Roaring Twenties is because there will be a dream abundance but it all levels of manifestation and there is a roaring flow be talking a lot more about this needless to say the only thing that we talked about yesterday on explore the Mysteries which you'll find it the one that's talk radio YouTube channel and also at one stock is that we are at a time of code creative magnification you have more potential more potency for your Creations now than before I ain't so don't let any form of I'm not sure that I can do it from the Past come

because that's what your create is more of that I'm not sure when we stand in our full empowerment when we claim that which we are and we say I have a dream I see the dream I shall manifest that dream it happens and that's right now and then move forward with that because he was really what the universe is saying as the dragonfly is dancing right this whole Dance of the dragonfly does 20/20 energy we now have had the third very powerful dissension up-level moment and remember that we are going to be having these every single month and we revealed yesterday as it's not just in this year it's also in next year and this is because of that overlay of the escalator of Ascension which we have all been riding from 2015 to 2022 but we have now entered

to a new cycle that has layered on top of a cycle and so this is opened up a dynamic energy and this is why the movement that this dragonfly energy is creating is actually a frequency it's it's a it's a it's a Harmony and it's really going to invite the question hey guys are you tired or are you inspired because what you are sharing is the inspiration of this moment and often times as an end this is really we're bringing everything that we have been talking about together really matters as we enter into this moment ahead because we are called forward into the experience in a way we've never been called forward before more are seeing more aware than ever and so to be called forward into this moment is to say I am willing to see with Clear Eyes versus I feel really sick

believing the lies that are you willing to see clear eyes and that's what that stuff or do you feel safer believing the lies because sometimes the ego is so scared that we allow that ego as it wraps around our form to stop us from claiming who we are it is the self-inflicted energy that stops us from discovering our Mastery and end the moment we've been given this beautiful graphic and everything that we've been sharing over the past months we are being given a frequency adjustment we are being gifted with two years every month with an opportunity to see with clear eyes because sometimes we are believing so many lies that we deny who we are and that in order to no longer

believe the lies in order to have the Clear Eyes we need to be shown over and over and over again because each of us has our own moment of the undeniable truth and I think that's the whole truth and there's a piece there about the authenticity how do you know truth from untruth right I know real from spin especially when the

I thought body is going from Fear to what to hopelessness to Absolute Terror and that means that that's when you will start surrendering your souls energy and when that kind of energy can take off can come forward observed over the last several years where we launched from many years ago is that the amount of BS or spin or altered truths that were in the common in the political play place a lot of the websites we started noticing how prevalent the spin was and how it got further and further away from verification validation that kind of thing and when we talked about this sort of thing you were so ago we were talking about the expansion of the Kali Yuga where the truth could not be discerned from falsehood

moment regardless of what your astrology says the actual date is the energy is here or are you willing to stand in your empowered knowing or are you hanging out in the seeming safety of not confronting the BS because when the BS is circulating when the falsehoods are circulating when you start believing your own spin so to speak what we have been is the fabricated virtual world that is constantly changing and and an unwillingness to confront the truth and then I'm willing to do what it means is to stand and empowered stance feels a little more scary little more naked because this goes back to what we were talking about story about that dependence and constriction I'm really comfortable right here I don't want to expand Beyond this I don't want

Toby on this will then here's the gift guys if you are comfortable there then get in there you do archangels odd kill it would be the first one to say if you're going to do it then do it well and the key is the or the irony or the ultimate Revelation however your level of Consciousness wants to see this is that they are doing it real goes in density or doing it really well so the question is those of us who are not how come we're not just as visible how come we are not just as available for our energy to be in harmony with the planetary somebody there by balancing an imbalance it's because of that and it's because the predominant energy is so committed to power that it will do everything it can to feed off of yours and you know this is one of the

but I think all of us goes through Straight you know each one of us three and I certainly been through our own multitude of Dark Nights at our own Revelations our own self doubts along the many years of the journey but I think that one moment we all come to and this is what I was mentioning earlier and this is why I'm so excited about 20 20 you get to a moment where there is an undeniable moment and undeniable experience and when that happens then in many ways it can be harder because usually this is the lion Coming Out of the Woods chapter 5 lost many times are those that want to tell you why you're crazy or or why you should not be having 100 my God who discovered that you are the master that's who you are but that is awesome but we are first given now let me share with you the secret is to why because the universe is celebrating that you're ready and so the universe loves you so much University knows what's ahead of you and so

you are loved so much that the universe is putting his arms around you with all those who are telling you why you should stop and the universe is saying are you sure are you sure because that's that moment and wasn't an archangel zadkiel sure who said to us you will keep saying yes over and over it's not just one yes but after that first yes I think sometimes I think I'm saying yes 20 times a day you never stop saying yes we're given the opportunity to us to affirm our prior Choice channel to continue to evolve to continue to lift because the cleansing process and I like that word better than the healing journey is a never refining alignment with the S Central you the essential truth of you and we practice becoming ever more authentic as we are filtering out the

lenses the debris the tissue paper of distortion that the ego has accumulated along the way companies and this tissue paper of distortion is what allows the spin to actually create doubts in a reminder when there's Simple Truth is Out There When there's when there's flat out lie with enthusiasm and conviction it causes that tissue paper filtration of the ego to kind of go with that contain tru-spec hippie and then we start counting ourselves so this is part of the dance this is part of the Wonder as we illuminate our trust for that which is essential that which is true inside and we live for that place we just start to realize no that's not for me yes this is for me I shall stand up and I shall speak my truth and in doing so I discover the joy of doing it sometimes the gioi isn't found until we just do it

what you do is treat at as you were as you were sharing all of that and it was connecting I was I was reflecting on the three up level events we had in January and the reason I was reflecting on that was that remember when we had this beautiful illuminated new moon event on the 24th

it's opened up for the first time I just want to show this again cuz it's so important it opened up for the first time the void of creation fully visible meaning. It's about stepping with Clarity however if if you walked into the doorway and we're peaking then you were not seeing and if you went to the door and saw it close and sit outside and started thinking about all the reasons about whether you should or should not open it then you are not ready to see either and the gift of whatever that experience was for you is that every month for 20/20 and all of 2021 we are going to have at least one there are more there actually 20 events in 2020 of which we just completed the 3rd and the first of three Peak events and so regardless of whether you were aware of this or not regardless of whether not you think you did it right or were part of it

what matters is that whenever you are connecting with this right now your heart can start consciously just relaxing into the recognition that you are literally moving through multiple timelines and multiple dimensional processes through these Ascension moments that we are being offered through these fees Time moments and through that if you stay with the practice if you stay committed if you keep your eyes focused on I am done by the end of the next two years by the end of 2021 by that moment 2022 we will have more people awake on this planet than I've ever been before and it begins with this year right now and and that is because the one of the energy flows of this year is The all-encompassing Awakening of self Ascension

which means authenticity is getting its voice and we've been a steady voice of authenticity for entering our 18th year yesterday was our wedding anniversary and and so we are just so excited that identity is finally receiving the voice and end the collective Vision remember we are one voice with unlimited Expressions there's room for all of us and that voice when we are centered in our own Hearts centers that voice always is healing sometimes when there is Clarity of work did The Voice or the actions can feel a little harsh to those who are residing in them in a dancer frequency it can feel like we'll wait on the other hand how else do we know the difference between what is true and what is illusion out without a little bit of Confrontation

cuz when we are deep in the illusion the truth is confrontive and when we are centered it the truth the density seems a little in a sentence and a program it it it is indeed one of those paradoxes that as we grow what was seem true before is not his true but what it is I love that it's the springboard it's the foundation of forgive them they know not what they do because to truly embodied. To truly own that it can only be found when you are seeing it in the broader angle when there is a much wider angle lens when the Judgment has released because the sense of the Divine that you are is what is Illuminating you and you know along the way it's not always going to be easy and if anybody tells you it's easier

quick fix their full of crap forgive me and this is the year right isn't this year to start living a BS free life right to just so you know what enough I don't need the BS to thrive as a matter of fact I'm able to thrive outside of it my authenticity is my God and that's how I can have a truly live a PS4 life and not have a lot more too sure about that so you going to want to join us Valentine's Day weekend but we talked about that because living a PS3 life is a gift you give yourself and so we thought why not love yourself enough to make it your Valentine's gift this year so make a note for Valentine's weekend to be with us and more I realize what my heart is really wanting to invite each of you to look at you and I were having this conversation earlier today and I think this is a really important conversation and that is that when we are Thai

first let's go to the fear we have to fear slide do a I want to put that up because I do think it would be good to just look at this for a minute so guys larger installment but here it is a quote from the Divine directors when people are afraid they will give away their power when people are terrified they will give away their soul and the reason I wanted to put that up there for a moment and introduced that is because as we are in this moment right now and I'm going to go to the 2020 energy flows for those of you that are watching it watching watching the video January February and September are bookends it's like pillars imagine them as a pyramid as two pyramids right that is it's like sick of this is Giza alright January February and September is 1 pyramid July August and December is another


the entire process is being held together by this lifted awareness this lifted 2019 mastering experience that open Lotus that calls forward the largest pyramid on the Giza Plateau now the reason I'm I wanted to share this with you as we're talking about all the things that are happening right now is that when we get tired we do more than give away our soul in other words being tired is even worse than being terrified because being tired is being 100% within that dependence and that constriction energy being tired as being 100% inside of it and saying not only am I too tired to look care or do anything about it I deserve to be this tired it's where we literally have turned upon ourselves and destroyed our creative is

in our dreams our lumination and this is when the density sanity does score of the three key factors contribute to the experience I want to outline a couple of those time before we do I want to just jump in and make sure you guys know because the other side of that is inspired cuz you cannot be both you are either tired or inspired so I need to know we're doing both in a loop when were in the lens of the fatigue of the experience of the teeth are not seen our inspiration we are seeing that which is blocking the inspiration and and so one of the things I want to mention is tiredness comes in in the way we're speaking of it has a couple of key players one player is you are a being

who has a lot to share who actually has inspiration and and an ascended energy inside you have awakened something pure and beautiful inside of you but you're hanging out in density compromising that what you truly are thinking that this is an act of love to stay in the same job the same relationship the same orientation whatever it is

why were ordered or focused on the bodies of stuff but but here's the key ingredient there is inspiration there is this life inside of you that is being denied because you're at your focus is on other frequencies that is fatiguing to you that's an essential tiredest the other tiredness that we were taking her out earlier today comes from there were a lot of people who have this Grand Vision of of social Equanimity and racial Equanimity and all of the expressions of the truth of the soul out into the world of density a lot of people were championing this some years ago and we're at least Baby Boomers and these folks that were birthing a new way of being together simply and part of that fatigue is that the dream was bigger than their ability to move forward with it in some regard so you have these kind of factors that are playing on these these awaken Souls

we're seeking to express service and you can bring this energy to every generation because certainly the Millennials are tired of what they are receiving and how they have been treated and misunderstood and as they deserve to be and then you look at all of the generations that the centennials you know I I have my I have daughters to other Generations cuz they're 12 years apart and when i gaze at the experience because remember we're in an experience month year and when I look at the experience ahead my heart knows that we can still affect that experience but it is for all of us and I see how so many are giving up look at the health issues that we have in the body look at the way that people look at our planet that is all the energy of I'm exhausted I don't know how much longer I can keep doing this will you know what we are infinite

not only are we if it and you're one of the things 3 and I are are in the midst of finalizing our reverse aging protocol and for those of you that want to join us and learn how to do this whether you want to become a teacher of this protocol the others whether you want to do it for yourself or your family right us and worried about how you can come and be part of this because what we know is true is is really straight everything that that was said by the Divine directors that is this body form the minimum this body of form is physically capable of sustaining is actually 120 years in Flash and I want to share that we are not sharing this because we are attached to staying in our body form Ashley far from it what we are saying yes to is that which the Divine director shared in that very powerful PDF that I have everywhere hanging when they said that your body has the capacity to have the vitality and everything that it needs to do to support

the soul as long as it serves the highest expansion of all and so and I do deeply into the S of that during 2018 and you guys are seeing and you see the results of that and so it's important to recognize in this moment that if you're tired then somewhere deep inside of you you have forgotten. You are a map turtle force and if your physical body is doing everything in his power to stop you and guys I have it all thrown at me and I had so many diagnosis is thrown about what was wrong with me and people prognosis in wheelchairs and and you know never going to walk right again and never this and never that blah blah blah and then of course we do it my beloved tree went through we live what we're sharing with you we made a conscious commitment and talked about it because we were tired and our inspiration wasn't gone but there was always an inspiration to be with you and then

operation that would come in directly but bringing that into our day-to-day life was getting really really hard in our bodies were fighting us living a passionate life and this is the other side of that conversation the fatigue is available anytime Lane relax our attention into a lower frequency or a mass Consciousness kind of experience and they're in the Lord is relative to wherever you are okay so do you

it's so the fatigue is like that's easy all you have to do is is stop saying yes and then start going oh well has had energy we get the spiral the other direction

we all took birth to accomplish something and I don't mean accomplish in the sense of I have a scorecard I mean to manifest that energy that we said yes to I'm going to take birth because I choose to experience a b and c and a B and C are always lessons of Love A B and C are always have a service component because they magnify the the purity of the love of the creation of the Oneness into the diversity of the form so each and every one of us has this this ticket to one this this ticket to Creation that was part of why we took birth and then of course we we we moved into the Illusion in the distraction and and now we're so many of us are finding our way back out if that that's dust the word Awakening again

an archangel zadkiel saying don't take yourself so seriously if it does not bring you Joy it ever this is meant something if it does not bring you Joy why are you doing it then why are you and if it brings you anger and you feel paid off by that anger then recognize that density sanity will not let go because anger is food for the soul of density and so is the sense of right and wrong and again every time she and I share this information I sincerely want to share with it so that it's always put in context this does not mean you can get away with anything but during this lifetime each being has their playground that they will have all its all right all of the experiences that will support the growth no one is immune from that not one being

however it is our choice when we say yes to staying in a higher Realm Of Consciousness and it is with just a lift of Consciousness that we can shift the balance and restore it because again and I have forgiven you guys I know screen are a broken record on this but as we allow ourselves to say yes to who we are as we come together with a greater voice then our greater voice can no longer be told that it's crazy it can no longer be told that this is not right that know there is one thing that's true and this is not true there is there is a big shift remember profound shift we have the opportunity to do it right now when is the greatest profound shift this year right now January February September I will be getting this up on our website very very soon there it is is the first moment of profound shift and the

the other pillar the other Trinity is July August December and so as we are in these moments right now then we also have of course all of these Ascension up level experience is happening it takes my breath away and it's an invitation are you tired because if you are tired then you're saying no to yourself and yes the density tired as when we collapse when the body starts wearing out inspired is when we literally can recreate our body shree and I are living proof we're going to put out some photos soon that we are living proof no surgery while I had no surgery surgery with life-saving not cosmetic you can literally visualize yourself into this state of consciousness but it begins with reactivating or turning up or getting clear on the dream you hold

for you and your life and the planet yesterday and this is the other piece of the are you tired or inspired yesterday at the end of the show we guided you through a visualization. Thank you for sharing those of you that have shared it but even some of the emails were just being overly love to hear from you and share your experiences and the peace my intention and the peace I want to bring forward right now is that when we re Max and allow our inner wisdom our soul to show us a magnificent day in the near future what we are being shown is the truth of that which we can bring forward your soul doesn't deceive you there's no spin the soul says this beloved is the is your best day that is Within Reach

because how do you know which tree was the one that led you through it if you have not done that go to the show just cuz the last 15 minutes and take advantage of what came through yesterday when he was guiding us first two are perfect day what was so revolutionary for me because it was the first time it's ever happened for me is that I'm actually living it it was me just here at tosa Blue Mountain it was at one point I was in my office doing readings for some of you beautiful ones I've been so blessed to do readings for lately and that I was out walking along the trails I was up in our meditation case but and I I was really really humbled and really blown away that not only can we go when we really stay in the yoga of self Ascension not only can we visualize are perfect day and visualize that but if we stay the course no matter what we get to live it because that for me was really like at 4

like you need to know SRI I didn't go anywhere I was right here and I was just ecstatic that you had a visualization of that wonderful day and you were invited to see what you were doing and who were you with and what was the backdrop of that but the energy was always one of the lightness of Joy Food Service that is the truth the authentic authentic energy of the Soul inform and so I want to call your attention to that because we had talked about tired tired and and tired means you given your life force energy to that which is not congruent for you it's okay to be in service it's okay to talk to those who are asking you questions Etc but pay attention if you start feeling tired it means that you have allowed them or that environment or

your preoccupation to pull your energy into a lack of Harmony into a Harmony that is Discord rather than concordant with you this beautiful visualization from yesterday about your perfect day is the other half of this gift it to and I just want to underscore it one more time before we jump to the phone lines and hear from you and that is when we have been given an inspiring vision when we have a quote fantasy that is actually lined up with our heart and our inspiration then pull that energy into your body step into it feel it because the energy is the bridge to the actual manifestation it begins with the energy and then the details start taking shape

add energy will guide you that is inspired living not tired Lily and you say yes to your dream and yesterday one of the things that we encourage you to do and we still encourage you to do is argue even clear with a dream is you have for your life you know one of the things shree and I this past year had to get really clear on was what was our Dream for our life we were at we had very much place in front of a certainly the medical world the traditional allopathic medical world that said time for you guys to retire and I looked at it and said I think it's time for us to do more than we've ever done and that's not what I was conscious decision to be tired and retire or to be inspired and say wait a minute we're just getting started and that was really a big one has more potent

the I believe now than before and that is when we can look out into our friends family in the world and say who can I help how can I help and what are my gifts that are appropriate to share because together we are better cuz I help how can I help what are the gifts I have to share and to look at that extension of the spiritual Legacy that is you and bringing it out into the world in a beautifully authentic manner you will receive energy back we hit this is the giving receiving gratitude cycle when we give the Pyramid of grief gratitude keeps that machine Dolan and onward making it this morning but you know we've been doing a lot of dancing and singing and some fun cooking creative recipes this weekend and a lots of fun new things

sugar-free almost no food free and I do want to give a shout out on site residence coordinator here at tosa Bluemound she made us the most beautiful sweet potato crust with stevia with pears off of our tree we have so much food here right now, and eat our food please all these beautiful pears and show she made us a pear pie and it was thank you honey the pie is gone it left in 2 days I had it for breakfast lunch and dinner was great and thank you thank you thank you we loved it so much as we love you and the phone lines to share that remember that the miracle formula is sincerity love and presence those three together will always call forward your deepest dream you're the mean

what you're seeking to have ready and there's lots of other energy sets that we can teach around that but the reason I wanted to bring that forward is that when she and I you know we were recently in Asia for quite a while and when we left boot on early and went back to India early it really was a moment of sincerity love and presence and really really looking at you know all the things that in my mind I was sure we're going to happen and they did end or they look different things that manifests differently I'm the one blessing and there were many many many but one of the blessings that came out that show me was that I am actually going to be for the first time other than you and I talking together the revealing the keys of Ascension starting February 3rd and and that would not have happened had we could that this all the push came while we were back in India as we moved into a more authentically aligned decision process

leaving Bhutan going to India and having some time just together just to be with us and we hadn't planned on it but what came forward was a great clarity and I'm curious Bhagavad Gita class starts in just a week please don't miss that you will love this class and this is an opportunity to touch perhaps one of the purest writings on the planet let alone the keys that are hidden within that writing as revealed to through Kira's incredible by connection to the divine presence of it thank you and we begin this is weather is a specific that I do ask you to purchase it's under $6 at Kendall you get all the information when you register but remember this is not about dog medicine is not about religion this is not about anything other than connecting with a sacred piece of literature that through my 25 years of an

study and connection with the ascended Realms I literally have passages that illuminate in violet light and I'm shown the hidden code and that's what I'm going to be showing to you and one of the gifts that I know is part of you of the one for you to receive is that you will most likely discover there are other codes that are waiting for you very personally because this is a universal text that how would that was coded and preserve that can assist anyone who says I want to go a little deeper then and in this moment of 20/20 with all these Ascension up bubble events that are happening with the intensity of this experience energy the one thing I was shown in India was it had to be now and had to start the very first week of February so that's next week which blows my mind it's next Monday night right it's literally next Monday one week from tomorrow so please join me if I know the details. Com

say hi to some people I'm so ready to say hi to people so let's go to the phone yesterday

Woodbury New Jersey

oh my gosh no my face cream to happy anniversary and happy love every day and I would love to have a taste of that sweet potato pie it's going to be on the standard menu. We will be serving

tosa Blue Mountain

absolutely and I come more for the part I come for your energy and your mom are all your wisdom so you can bring and I I'm just like every every Sin Cara and every sentence and wisdom that you bring I take a deep breath and I receive it in my heart and soul and I just really am so excited and I feel this year is so spectacular and I just want to express my highest gratitude for this moment and every moment I can lie to you and the Soulful community and I am feeling so many blessings and I really feel great cuz I feel like I'm standing in my question of my truth right now and it brings me the greatest joy exactly what you said so I thank you for that

oh thank you for sure and I are tangibly feeling that and I'm just standing in this beautiful Divine space bowing back at you saying right at you sister I made us

thank you for being my soul sister and soul brother and I just really wanted to express my highest gratitude love and appreciation and if I can have a mini Soul reading would be phenomenal honey taking a breath I don't want to share with you that as I've been connecting with you from your heart all I'm seeing is illumination elimination elimination in your second chakra and the third is your creation and it almost feels painful to me and so the message that you are being shared right now is the one you just gave yourself they're saying stay stay right here in this moment because in this moment your second chakra is that only healing it's revealing it's sharing with you everything that you are ready to create

so I have my hands on my second chakra right now and they're saying when you when you can sit with the spine really straight or stand with a spine really straight I'm also feeling some congestion v as we do yeah you want your hands on your second chakra and then bring in your breast bring it all the way down to those hands and then blow it out through your mouth clear your throat there it is clear your throat lift back your head and receive the light that is pouring through a moment of New Birth is before you create and so it is


pictures of divine rebirth and I thank you for your presence and bringing this folder to me and my highest gratitude love and appreciation for you and everyone on the call thank you so much honey Namaste thank you honey my heart is just like wow I'm just kind of breathing you know breathing into that right now and I'm thinking let's just go to New York New York I need a ride there is climate around the world hear Hey Namaste New York New York

hello hi namaste in welcome beautiful wife you are tired and tired of inspired now I feel like you guys are served as a reminder so you know I miss you be inspired like being tired and going to call you back to where you were and I've been Ella saying The Dark Night of the Soul so I can fight ever since I was five 6 so

physically like I'm not getting it right for the past couple of weeks I have been feeling energized for the same time you know when you said be inspired like I'm not saying I'm not inspired but I'm stuck between trying to figure out what to go forward with or what do I take the leap of faith on you know like there's a lot of other factors like this some stuff with the family there's like a bunch of things that are happening

I can clarify it and you know I was hoping like this made by the night with other people as well because you know you made me physically tired and you don't know you're not tired but physically you are and you can accept it until you know you got that final push and I was hoping you can maybe help me clarify this this point biggest

I'm not tired but oh honey we hear you. Angel angel we hear you not only do we hear you we see you so first of all my love I just want you to know that it is no accident that you're on the show today it is no accident that you're listening it is no accident that you are here you are so profoundly powerful that's why this has been going on since you were so young and from one who had the same type experience hey I am so I hear you and I've got my hand right out I've got you I get it now couple things while you were sharing part of the tiredness is eating away at the willingness in your case and you have this huge huge entity standing several of them but this one since he's I don't want to say he's a Taskmaster but he's like this very rust big like kind of Master and he's looking at you and simply saying

well what are you really willing to do and he's looking you straight in the eye and it's very strong and as I'm certain that it feels like my entire Crown chakra is being tickled with like a thousand little lights of Illumination and it's like I'm watching all these beans connecting with you saying if you show us the commitment we will show you the way and that the other piece of that for you is that they're saying remember that your joy must take you first and that needs to be true Joy the joy that comes from going you know I really could see my life I really can see my life this way and that as that becomes richer the greater paintbrush of the of the clarity starts making all of those connections and so the three things that they're wanting me to share as I bring this to close in this moment is that number one

you got through today because deep within you is the need for reassurance and let me give you something sweetheart you are being reassured on many many many levels you are not crazy there is nothing wrong with you you are simply in a moment of really learning how to be you and the other thing that they want you to understand is that when you feel that Which is less than Joy notice it notice what you're doing notice what you're feeling and then literally take a breath for your hands to your heart or your second chakra or your forever and you can bring your hands anywhere then just just just I do this when I can't bring my hands anywhere I do this I just know I'm touching them together and ask how what is the way out of this that would bring me joy knowing that Joy is not about giddy Happiness joy is about knowing that right action and divine service have been offered gifted come come forward and so thank

my angel because my throat's getting tight because so I want you to breathe even more bring your hand in your throat the reason your throat is getting tight is because of your truth chakra and so now is the moment to say OK as I'm listening to this and feeling constricted in my throat what am I afraid of what is the truth that I am so afraid of and then love yourself more and let your body speak and so does my love thank you for calling in we we surely understand we love you Namaste and how does the show go so quickly I mean I think all of us I see the phone lines lighting up the chats lighting up everything is lighting up and you know I lost for words things that's important to remember is that when we have been in a depressed

situation I and I and I have it. Of depression in my life what happens is we tend to attract to us the lots of manifestations of that depressed energy it could be difficulties with the job could be difficulties with the family could be difficulties in the marriage or the or whatever it is and we in and all of the outer World tends to reflect back that depressed energy and sold the thing I want to say is that when we find a thread that is inspired when we find a thread that is pure brick attention there we begin with hand on heart we begin with saying I trust my life I trust my guidance and follow that thread when we say but all these other things aren't so good then what we're doing is we're looking at the defeat rather than looking at the emerging creation that is inspired and so work with the thread and the rest will begin to pay

stop the glow a little later and have the courage go back to that dream the one that you have either created manifested and are now ready to look at the next level of or the one that got hit in and put away and then look at sometimes the dream just needed a shift sometimes it just needed a different perspective but as we were in this moment right now the gift of the week ahead is to really be clear as your choices come forward is this Choice coming from my tired or my inspired and to recognize that when we are tired we can also begin that cycle that leads us into the dependence and constriction that takes away that which offers us this abundant and I want to share this again because when we talking a lot more about this all week long this Roaring 20s decade and I wanted to reach you exactly the way we put in the newsletter we are in a moment

right now of either I mean extreme abundance like abundance that so if you're in your sincerity 11 presents you're going to have miracle miracle miracle miracle if you wherever you are and whatever whatever energy it's going to be a Bund and the other thing is this roaring slow so wherever you are flowing whatever you are creating if you are creating this if you are pretty more of this than you're going to get a roaring flow of this and it could be pretty intense so pay attention to the tired and inspired when we tie on our awareness cap then we get to have the experience through Consciousness that leads us to the next choice when your energy is lighter when the inspiration comes more naturally noticing when your energy is waning harmony with our body and our spirit and speaking of harm

play with the body and spirit it has been a delight to be with you today and as we come to a close today I invite you revisit yesterday show please have the Nuggets that are there for you and breathe them into your heart three and I one spot for March 6th left for September and we're going to Peru check it out so go really well namaste

stream KIRO live to have your questions answered email and check out more information at 3. Com you next week, today

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