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Sri and Kira Live, January 19, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Bree and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today in Shifty Paradigm now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your experience
wisdom laughter and polarity here
Namaste and welcome beloved's to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action here right now and for those of you that are seeing this live on video I hope you like this beautiful blue crystal Observatory spaceship whatever you want to call it thank you for joining us here with it and a beloved ones just want to mention first and foremost hello and welcome to our beautiful we are so grateful you are joining us there and also over at 1 this talk or you can chat you can listen and you can watch and see where it YouTube today hey it's so join us and thank you for being here also wanted to mention that remember you can give us a call and we actually have two numbers for you today our usual number 5
7208 1500 call in now those lines a lot of lines but they tend to fill up pretty quickly and we have an 800 number for U Street what's the 800 number 627-6008 that's 888 627-6008 and that goes in through BTS Radio and say hi to you and keep you on hold until we're ready to just like all the other lines you can listen to the show while you are on hold but we are excited to have had even more lines available to receive more of your beautiful comment sharings and of course request form any Soul readings which is always such a blessing for us all now I have to take in a breath because even if I'm connecting with our beautiful beautiful Community right now you guys feel that it's almost like a pulse beat in the heart and we started talking about this yesterday about this extraordinary moment we are in right now this this wall of protection energy and we spent
lot of time talking about that on yesterday show a lot further with this 18 225th cycle wonderful time to be able to talk about the energy because as we're able to dialogue we increase our receptivity in this perceptual field or said differently when you're a little bit prepared or for Ward you're ready to receive more info notice what's going on so one of the values of chatting with you and sharing their the energy flows is that you are then better prepared to relax into them
wow that's kind of the other big announcement we made yesterday we wanted to announce again as well today is that for many many years did Ashley and I have been offering monthly Ascension and guidance and we've noticed a lot of CopyCat that's a lot of people whose guidance come out usually two days after ours with a lot of the same material and and so because it's we really care is number one for us we really strongly feel that the greatest service we can offer is to say you know what we want to connect with you as as in real time as possible because that's how everything is happening right now that's what 20/20 is about it is a real-time event and so we are now every week are Saturday and Sunday shows these first 15 minutes will be dedicated
for those of you that subscribe for the weekly audio updates that will be in there as well casing around the energy of the times because the Ascension energy frequencies are not standing still
celebration and with it it has opened up a lot of things at a very unique moment that we have all waited for a few know but it is important to remain open to the variety of energies and the flow that is sustaining you and us and us all to be open to the flow is to say yes I am I am available I am ready I am here you don't all of the Declarations of the Montreux self Ascension and so open this also means my mind is open to possibilities cuz what's coming hasn't been here before
Xavier you're just like I get my my breath was being helped beloved Angels let's really take a moment and breathed into to just think about where you are right now everything and we are old lady sitting at the 19th of January and so as we are in this imminent Ascension up level Justice Tree by relaxing into the gift of you and transforming from the I am here of the month result Ascension into cognition that will really breathe into the open your mind I am here and from their calls full word from the soul because we're allowing our soul lead I am ready and that's where you're sitting on the Mountaintop and you expand your vision in the universe appears
and through their everything within you says I am open it's a relaxation into the truth of who you are and that is the ignition of the heart it ignites your heart the ascended heart stabilizes you lift into the compassion of The Fifth Dimension and that's how we Heal the World and so sorry I'm sorry that was just so beautiful I just had it and you know because it's just such a rich moment for that energy sometimes being in the role that we play of delivery information sometimes I feel like I'm repeating myself and yet it's alive the information that we are here to share Carey's true that carries a dynamic that is available for this moment just as it was available on a prior moment now that was soon to be now and as we are in the now we are preparing
for the soon-to-be now because our energy emanates in all directions and Hazard energy emanates we are conditioning the space around us to become that which we are in 10000 we are conditioning the space around us to become that which we are intending so if our attention is on in Aurora or self-judgment while we're conditioning our future to have more of the safe so I invite you right now to join us in the no judgement zone in the I am here present and to recognize that all is well and we are moving forward from this place we are at 3 18th through the 25th 25th is is another we are eight. We've been talked about it yesterday show we are in an imminent Ascension moment
ER entire row of Lights literally just got closer as we were sharing that and it looks like it's the way I love that energy of let in more light right energy is moving flight is closer remember that eclipse on the 10th right January 10th we had that extraordinary full moon lunar eclipse we hit this Apex moment very very early in in 2020 this was the opening of The Veil this was the moment that said look everyone if you're if you're breathing into this If you're receiving this ignition if you're if you're feeling it in your heart then it is available for you this is a moment that now was one of the first kind of like Ascension up level moments and the next one is coming right up on us it is Jenny
May 25th of this is coming Saturday and that's going to be another up level in a year where we are up leveling as matter fact I'm going to throw up the energy flows while we share this tree in this year we are up leveling for the entire year of 2020 but we're doing it in a very fascinating way we're doing it with this profound shift as anchored energy january-february September July August and December and so what's happening right now is that you see that Pink Arrow there guys that I've been talking about January to August is its own Circle in other words imagine that if you if you took January in August and you and you brought them together like a linear timeline there if that's what it's going to feel like now imagine then that you have this circle this unified circle of these eight months and that these four months underneath our line
Four Points write the perfect balance so September October November and December that energy is already supporting the lift and this is why we're showing the hands the Helping Hands that attending the hands that are coming from the center of the experience notice that the crown the opening isn't direct alignment as that dragonfly is inviting all of humanity to get up and you see how that's that Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation well this week right now that we are in the 18th through the 25th is all about the celebration but it's only as you appreciate humility and that energy is what has I'm going to use the word stabilized this wall of protection presents and we we talked a lot
what about the wall of protection yesterday I don't want to spend too much time on today other than to say go on in NY the things that I want to remind you is that this is brought this week with the opportunity to have Clarity to recognize what's going on for you because with your Clarity then you can cultivate the humility and the celebration of the flow which is what we're going to talk about more today but this is essential for this week that as we cultivate that humility and that celebration of the flow we've been are able to receive the up level is coming the 25th
that we are going to be having up level experiences every single month and in sunland's there will be two to three anywhere e had three and so you know this is what is so profound is that we stepped in on January one we were already in enough level and I do want to put a little caveat will Astros Pierce tree because all of you that were with us last summer in June and July all of you that joined us for the lineage holder program remember when we time travel together and we went to New Year's Eve right now what just happened that Vision go back to the vision that you called forward go back to the timeline go back and notice what is in front of you now because Visionary expansion adaptation transformation through timeline out of Temptation is 20/20 if they
it's the meat of 2020 and is surrounded by profound shift and the awakened self Ascension process so what does that mean it means and this is why the moment of Celebration is so big drum roll please this year has all of the perfect balance of all the energies in the right place to support the greatest Awakening in a single year and I Want You to Breathe that in I want you to really feel that that we honestly have that everything is aligned and you know and I know she and I are committed that more people and this is more people will find and discover the blessing of their yoga self Ascension this year than in the 18 years before I'm making that happen that's it we're declaring right now and we know that to be true because authenticity finally mean something because this beautiful mix of beings on mother Gaia right now our view
full diverse stunning group of Ages and experiences has finally said that at the end of the day it is authenticity that will show us the way because authenticity is from within authenticity says I am not afraid to be who I am authenticity says I am here I am ready I am open and I am guided and that ignites the greater opening and this the compassionate listen to The 5th Dimension so that's why we're at a moment of Celebration because right now it's next level the next Ascension this imminent Ascension energy up level is coming in with the Chinese Zodiac year of the rat on the 25th and that also happens to be our formal anniversary party. That's one of the two
it was on the beach in Encinitas in the srf it was gorgeous we at Sunrise by might be with all of our spiritual friends at and anchoring it at another level
Colorado sure he just moved in together like 3 months anyway back to this great this is a great year in terms of talking about the lime timeline adaptation consider for a moment that in a world of infinite possibilities there is a fluidity to the timeline and that we jump timelines and that we also lose a piece of ourselves sometimes when we're jumping because of trauma when we've had a traumatic event and we can't fully process it will a part of our energy remains on that time line at that event so that's another story that's it that's more appropriate to talk to the those of you there helping others in The Healing Arts however
here's the thing for everybody when we are anchored in our love Center when we are in the ascended heart and that were not operating from the lower three chakras of polarity of fear of safety issues and power over and we are right in the heart or higher in our frequency are timelines shift with these same old is that brain of yours it says I'm expecting it to look like it used to look I'm expecting more trouble or more lack or more something and trouble and lack and a habit are all of lower frequency energy
we are in this moment of grand celebration that also carries the energy of humility now we want to talk a lot about that today because what does that mean how do you have this huge celebration and humility together well this is the member are your is a perfect balance here we have these dancing dragonflies and it is about the ascended heart chakra so let's let us not forget that either and so what happens is that wrong moment which this is the energy of this moment is very strong and as we talked about yesterday is receiving this boost all all is without extension to limit the all is to judge that which is co-creating and limit your own experience you know to to say that will be all is allowed to do this except this or that or them or those is really just a revelation of a state of consciousness and spiritual activism but when we lift up through that and we
recognize that the olnes is expanding infinitely and that we can therefore expand within it and so what does that mean this is how this wall of protection came off this energy of the 18th through the 25th is worth diving into the year of the Rat what's happening is that
our inner guidance system our are in a rocket ship is saying celebrate I am here I am ready I am open hey you guide me right exactly exactly form and the spiritual oversoul are at a unique moment that has never been before and this is why tree and I I mean we trust me guys we never thought that the next part of our mission would be too physically and body the reverse aging process to have to literally die and be reborn again literally have to go through this to demonstrate that as long as you are remaining in 5th dimensional Consciousness the physical body will align as long as it serves the mission so that's the moment of celebration at hand for the body to actually be able to hold a high enough frequency to sustain life
Consciousness that prior to the Millennium would have put you into somebody you know you'd call your gathers around and say okay I've reached that moment now we are we are able to be here in 3 and I are literally living in modeling that right here at Blue Mountain everyday and you can do this to its it's what we come together as community and call forward we really do cosmic Origins we have one slot left for March and I think we felt like maybe 3 left for September so come come fly with us I just get excited about the whole timeline thing because absolutely what it means to me
is I Delight in the freedom that is represented that as we ate her in the ascended State we are free to create without the encumbrances a fear-based motivators is the fear-based motivators that are so subtly and better than our subconscious that drive most of humanity funny or or how do I look or what do I weigh and all of that stuff motivators you have actually pulls your energy into the causal plane of polarity because fear is a polar energy love is acceptance has no polarity acceptance says aww so I am witnessing
Dupree a present and the future that are aligned with your mission with your vision of the expanding up imagine really feeling that it's a blessing as much as we relax into the flow of our ascended self only good will come forward it is true it is that simple and and the gift is that love and hate do not exist simultaneously I'm just remember that you're either in love or is it's love and hate night and I don't want to make it seem so clear-cut but you know the Arkansas
energy in order to in order to love this is what I do enjoy about the four steps of Ascension especially since we're talking about celebration with humility which is really important to understand what's happening this week right so the four steps of the yoga of self Ascension well and there are no particular order which I love our fans is always such a jokester unconditional love right and unconditional love begins with you if he gives with you loving yourself you know remembering that you have done the best you can given the level of Consciousness at the time because when we can hit that level with ourselves it's like an elevator to the Fifth Dimension it ignites the compassionate energy and suddenly that extends into the forgive them they know not what they do and the broader vision
Ann and recognition and understanding that we can indeed make a difference when we are able to see the bigger picture and collectively not be afraid to know that it's a big moment tree it's a massive celebration this moment and this is mrs. Wonderful's Paradox is life is light a photon or whatever it's called. As we talked about the great memories and moments and as we relax it to the flo we create expansion so enjoy them both definitely do people calling and everywhere we go to the 800 number and start over there
hi to Linda from California from California welcome
hi sweetheart welcome to the show
I have mentioned to you for so long
thank you thank you how can we serve you with word where I how do I serve you sweetheart
I would love a mini reading
yeah wow so I want to invite you first and foremost I'm going to bring my hands right up to my heart center and and as I have my hands on my heart center I'm also being directed to put my right hand up on my throat and so I'm putting my right hand up on my throat chakra as well and they're saying close your eyes relax and take the gift of You release from your throat that which feels like it has stopped you
and open and cultivate within your heart which has been locked away
and then they're saying breathe through your nose and on the exhale released your hands
you know that we are here we have been with you all the ways we are the Angels UC out of the side of your eye we are the color that often calls to you you smell Us in the flowers and you hear us in the wind we are ever present and we love you and so it is
many blessings deer and I'm a little dizzy thank you sweetheart thank you for being here today we love you honey namaste
well beautiful beautiful I just want a wonderful energy to come forward and Assurance I want to share with all of you too I'm also feeling in this is part of that celebration humility you know before we get too far away from that because the week I had this celebration energy that we've been talking about all of the dimensional portals that are open all of the energy that are coming forward these convergences the escalation the next imminent Ascension up level in a year that's about upleveling happening next Saturday the 25th so in the energy of that celebration which is also an action right through celebration you are I celebrate that I remember right
find this celebration can be the tool of the ego to pull you back from it another words when we say yes when we celebrate times there will be many conspiratorial energies that have been hanging around you for a very long time that are going to go out of their way to pull you back and don't be afraid to know that the very first one might be your physical body notice how your physical body is taking care of you notice your relationship then notice the emotional body notice the habitual whatever's because this is a this is such a strong moment and because doesn't remember everything is getting amplify guys this is the all this but because this is the week of strong energy kind of like strong man and it's it's a week of really having to call in the strength of knowing your divine presence
as we call in that straight but we're really saying is I'm allowing it to be so rather than resisting or pretending to be less because our divine strength our empowerment is always present we simply have chosen to turn the light down a little bit of true empowerment is one of Simply trusting that which is so trusting your ascended self in this moment I trust myself I tell myself the truth and I'm willing to share that truth with others there you go the flow will be enhanced illuminated way and I want to I want to jump in and say but you just say and I share that truth with others this is not about proselytizing anything what we're saying is that true
through others by living my authentic life and that's really important to understand I don't want that to be taken out of context because that is what it's about it's about you know living an authentic life you know shree and I first published a cord Union the journey home the path of authenticity in 2003 was an end and that book has been in constant print because it has become a classic of the yoga of South Ascension and what was in that book is just probably more relevant now then even the day that it was published and those one things aren't as to was that do not change my words because those who are ready we'll find the keys and I do want to share very quickly that along with finding the keys after 25 years I have finally acquiesced to the request ascended Realms and I'm very honored that starting February 3rd I will be sharing with you these are literal codes that I have discovered inside the
Adidas that are the keys to Ascension and so I invite you to please come join me February 3rd when we begin to go to Street and Cara. Calm and right there on the homepage you can click through to see more and learn more you can click on a video to hear more but give it give it a shot you might enjoy it with all the mustard Taste of someone who I have two master's degrees I've studied I know what it takes to be an expert in something for 25 years. E-list and this education and discipline together with her divine inspiration had a creates an amazing opportunity truly don't miss amazing opportunity I do want to say though because
it started pretty straight right PSI I want to say
things that this was
25 years but I will say this in this is why I want to share it was only after you and I got together that the passages would start Illuminating themselves and violet light and I was literally like seeing beyond the passage into the passageway and so anyway I need her to share it with those of you that are ready to hear it and so check it out between okay where are we going babe we are going to our other call bored let's go to New York where is this right here we're going to eye looks like maybe a lake in New York City water energy Namaste welcome this is Stephanie I called you a while ago how are you doing well we are just delighted to welcome
I called you a while ago and I would like the one who just couldn't say too much about how much I love you guys and how much you've helped me and I just wanted to I didn't want to ask you because maybe you've covered the material but I was wondering if you could do with soul reading for me or perhaps share how you guys talked about so much I want to the humility is right up my alley and I have it but I think it it kept me from stepping forward because I couldn't believe that I have but I'm glad that you're talking about this and but my question is is how I can
fully relief I had a battle with cancer and I survived it and you two were very instrumental in that because I don't subscribe to psychological help like I know the road but you still need counsel and you guys helped me so much with that I can't even tell you and I'm strong and I'm healthy. I want to let go of the the the I want I want to know what the meaning of it is because I say why not me so obviously I called The Experience 4th but it still was pretty traumatic and I would like to rise more from it's hard for me to explain so anything you can offer me I would love will first angel I want you to just bring your hands to your heart right now and with your hands on your heart and as you're taking an addy conscious breath I want you to feel me I am right there with you holding you
I have like I have my arms around you right now and SRI is standing right here with his hand on my heart and we are offering you yeah I love the interaction the animals and so she's sitting right by me yes you did very much so I can feel very much feel it and so here's the first thing she and I are going to talk more about this but what they're saying is that it is time for your eyes to be opened wider that the humility that you haven't bought Aid was the energy of disempowerment in the body and that okay I guess which is actually true humility is the Bowing before those that have gotten you to where you are as you continue to assist others to do the same
it is about not not forgetting the internet
and they're saying that you are ready and that when these remnants appear they're going back to her heart again they're saying then you love yourself more and that moment you love yourself even more and in that moment you breathe in with your hands on your heart and the only words you need to hear our I love you I love you and you are never alone you have incredible support and guidance around you it's about releasing the disempowered old Shell it's like the dragonfly coming up out of the Cocoon right you're releasing you're releasing the old Shell so everything that happened in there was amazing because it brought you to this moment but now it's your time now the humility comes through the recognition of the responsibilities and the blessing
celebration of the mission at hand because you know who you are celebration number one and you're ready and the world is finally ready for you thank you and I love you thank you so much thank you to thanks for your help and I just wanted to say I I feel like sometimes that's why I manifested the illness because maybe I had to get like cleanse out that is exactly that's exactly it I'm out of time but that was exactly. You honey we love you too thank you for thank you sweetheart wow you do I just want to show that I am really every week the call because they always are our part of you know we are all one Energy Right One Voice with unlimited Expressions that's where our power becomes invented the
old eyes are color brought up a couple of really important point is not a victim I'm not worthy of having so many people here at the New Year's celebrations and each and every one of them received an Atlantean healing chamber with a lot of tone and and release work. It's so beautiful it's really sweet and I was out exception everybody had a fabulous up leveling a fabulous experience and here's what I've observed how many people are carrying this Remnant energy of to be spiritual means I need to turn the other cheek even when it isn't warranted or I need to just
say yes to that which isn't serving me at the moment I need to be a victim The Rescuer and you're also looking for a persecutor which means no teacher will ever be good enough it will always be everybody else's fault and and so that victim triangle is prevalent in the density levels of consciousness and what happens if we move out of the victim triangle into more of a mentoring triangle and we that's another conversation but here's the piece I wanted to share some more carrying this Remnant energy and the energy is truly a Remnant it's leftover software bits are in the subconscious mind that periodically
I just sit there and to clear them freeze energy for Joy freeze energy for creation freeze energy for now and in that freedom for Joy for creation and for now we live and ascended life we live we live a life of true humility because we honor that which has brought us here what happened was it was fun to witness this in real time right we're just doing this in real time guys cuz we're all in this new phase we had a lot of fun we do a lot of dance nights and things like that and it was it was at final night together after everyone had gone through that Remnant hangover humility from other usually other lifetimes or other lifetimes on this planet are you really in that like if I really do this or blah blah blah
but it is illegal bass and what was so extraordinary and something you and I never do witches dance with the crowd and we were dancing with the crowd was that it was a moment we're on that final knife old egos have relaxed everyone have been living here moving through things saying yes to living in The 5th Dimension saying yes to only seen the highest for each other saying to themselves letting them wear the clothes they wanted to wear let him know we're letting them say what they wanted to say and be received instead of after all that healing chamber and all the other of the lot of San Pedros and other things that happened what I witnessed with the blessing of being able to witness every one of these beings interacting in The 5th Dimension with each other and the humility was an energy that carry with it respect admiration and opportunity that says
of course shivoham Namaste I am you as you are me and it was without anything other than complete connection and the blessing that little microscopic mini thesis or hypothesis tested proves that we can do this then that together we are better than people that are bringing their group and learn about what's going on here and together we are better is the energy that allows all to have their very being knows it is humility is that energy that says you to have an opinion you to have value
that moment where when you attain the Mastery of the master it's not about throwing away the master it's about valuing before the one that got you there or the 2 or the 10 or you know and it's not saying that that's about all of that you're giving something away it's a claiming energy it's a release you know we are the four steps of the Ascension while another one or the co-creative nature that we ourselves have called forward so that we may become that Master awakened again into the state of awareness and as we mentioned earlier on the show this year 2020 Everything Has Come Together that this can do it but it's going to be a strong energy because
we're going to be going through Rapid Fire up level imminent Ascension upgrades up levels energy expansion sometimes at the rate of two or three a month and every month has at least one and our next month the 25th celebration simultaneously the celebration is also saying yes to the co-creator is mine especially the ego aspect and comforting it when it tries to pull you away because remember everybody celebrating at every level so it's not just a celebration of an Awakening there's also the celebration of the condensing that's the world we live in my angels that's this go around and in that experience that we are all here because our world our world is so tender and yet we take it for granted
Sims the human ecosystem the emotional systems in Everett out every level of existence there's always a balancing going on and some time to rest or even contraction and so it's important to recognize that the flow is healing the flow take care of its year of Divine Healing that that is one of the gifts and it's an experience year the first of an experience decade and January is an experience month and this is why it has been so intense so fast we've had three up levels that are happening it's profound but you know what yours is a good news if you are celebrating and you carry that humility the humility that just says thank you for getting me here the one that says I love my life I love my breath I love the fact that I am here that
the wall of protection it's built through one moment of gratitude at a time that's what true humility is it not it's that gratitude and so when we have unconditional love when we released judgement then another step of yoga self Ascension is sacred Union and that's sacred Union begins first with loving ourselves enough to accept the sacred Union the Oneness of this Temple that opens the gateway to the sacred Union with another Temple I mean it's just such a profound moment that's the Gratitude that's the human I like to describe it as a helmet-to-helmet that just says may you remember who you are the blessing that you were wrong
and the gift of Awakened presents and when you can step into your wake and presents with that humility that's the humility that then says let's open up the entire universe whatever you say hi to folks here
yeah I will say hi to candy from Oregon
do we have you
hello there you are welcome here
Namaste what a gift to have you with us
it is a gift I've tried so many times thank you thank you you're welcome we're so grateful
I would just like a mini So reading
will taking a breath and it's just so cute as I'm as I'm connecting with you it's really cute there's like this little dancing like the cutest little girl with would like these little patent leather shoes and she's just like dancing around like happy happy happy and she is so happy and I'm seeing like little flowers and like like not mean you like but anyway she's just dancing and what's interesting if she dances between your third and fourth chakra and and they're saying and it's funny I'm watching these two beautiful ascended beings and they're like they're like touching the back your crown chakra and then they're like rubbing your head as they're sharing this and they're saying In This Moment
remember her call out to her and dance with her with only love and as you do we are here assisting only light to restore that which ever hurt it is now time to stand with Grace and presents to claim the truth within and to begin dancing again and so does my love thank you for asking
thank you thank you thank you my love many blessings wow I want to breathe because it's interesting is that often times I enjoy often when they show dancing as as part of the energy because dancing has Freedom connected with what is dancing freedom freedom to express Joy right energy Vitality if you are up and dance and you have the energy the breath of Vitality and so it really is always such a profound blessing when dancing shows up and I just want to bring that up because it is part of 2020 is that dance above the dancing butterflies dancing celebration and slow there is movement
about the 18th to 25th as well is that from January one until really Thursday the 16th it was kind of like we were on warm up just like okay get ready 2020s here okay we're ready Warren 2020 we're warming up this is like the okay you better make sure you got your water to be dancing all night what are you going to need you better have it already are your comfy shoes on you know that's this week because starting 25th guys it is literally a bullet and an entry I just want to go back to that energy flows cuz we started talking about that earlier you're a tosa Blue Mountain not a bad one to show though there we are okay so that Pink Arrow January 25th and that is going to jettison us we are going to just be
go in this Marathon through August and then we're going to have a nice slow ramp down September October November but December is going to offer more profound shift it's the loss of your head truly truly you know one of the things is still kind of floating around in my brain is our caller who talked about cancer afflictions in the physical body always have a spiritual component hundred percent of the time there is one reason why something happens would be to do you a disservice
manifestation as a physical ailment is as unique as you are the one thing I will say pretty Universal is when we have an Affliction we are in the gymnasium of empowerment
we are cultivated our Spirits Are Spiritual muscles you know they told us to take a little time out love ourselves to call practice at almost every year some people in a more serious Affliction is is like okay I'm lifting weights put on the heavyweight feel the power of my healing fat capacity to move through this I want to get reacquainted with and that the doctors told me twice was dead and and he is here right now doing really like like blowing all the doctors away because she just talked about this the only reason he's alive today and really you are the most brilliant medical intuitive on the planet he is a master of Asic Quantum intuitive healer and I just want to Bow before
an offer my gratitude you know that's humility guys is saying when you know you are in the presence of of that to offer that appreciation that's how we celebrate each other this celebration is happening at every level and with every moment we are building our wall of protection together we only attract into our lives that which were ready to master oh yeah you didn't call something in that was going to defeat you you called something in because you're cultivating a Mastery and we begin to look at these quote symptoms as simply energetic stimulations to move Beyond and there's a lot to be learned do you know when what area of the body did the congestion or the tumor happen it
you unlock the rest of the gifts the gift of empowerment is universal however the full understanding of why was it my throat why was it my gut why did it happen here personal and sometimes we are we are rather complex aren't we were rather wondrous and that's a celebration and and I want to go back to that because I think it's so important to be there an affirmation is to be able to breathe and be and say I am wonderfully created yes you are and creating and let us not forget that in the ulness try to let go of that with the mind of form because the mind of form wants limitation the mind of form loves limite
it makes it feel comfortable it says okay I won't be scared if I'm inside this this limited experience but when we can say yes to ourselves and lift up then we're able to see that much broader View and it really brings us into this extraordinary experience and the broader make everything in the journey worthwhile you see it for what it is and you're able to also call into yourself The Joy the celebration of an existing at all you know it and I know it's a really old little saying and what we resist persists was really true and when a planetary thought body that is filled with fear moving into Terror yesterday show please just remember one thing that we said yesterday straight when people are like this with you when people are afraid they will give away their power and I think we all sing that happen
well in the Dead 2 five Realms right now they're not just they're not satisfied with your power anymore so that the planetary thought body is really being told to go from Fear to Terror and when people are terrified they will give away their soul and we're starting to see that we're starting to see a lot of people giving away their soul and and and feeling good about it feeling justified in it and that's all part of all this see that's the key is to lift up and say okay thank you thank you for playing your role so well that in this round of the creative illusion I get to play this role you could have very well been that roll more than once so it's about it's about to Simply appreciating that what you are now is also does not mean that we're not just hanging out doing nothing it doesn't mean that people can get away with anything that there are no ramifications that none of that that's not what we're saying at all
what we're inviting you to consider is that when you are able to carry a broader View and expanded Vision Trust of your own inner Compass call it Mother's intuition call it whatever you want but when you can trust that that's when Real Love Comes forward right trust and love from the Arkansas look around their words not ours trust and love are the same energy and so when we can trust our divine nature enough then we are loving this beautiful protoplasmic jumpsuit in Union with that which is eliminating it and threw that sacred Union we flourish we wake up we become aware because remember my angels it doesn't begin until we wake up to our awareness and that's the gift we haven't offered to in this year for more beautiful things to wake up and never before and
it's a wonderful time and beloved Timeflies we must say goodbye to you for now and so take a deep breath bring your hand your heart and know that all is really honestly truly are you well

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