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Sri and Kira Live, January 12, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today if Tiara Tae it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience green wisdom laughter and polarity here are SRI and Kira
Namaste and we are delighted with you you're alive the voice of passion action I am Master here with my delighted to be with you this is a moment I want you to just first of all don't you love our background there's be there all the stealing my crown chakra already being tickled by a lot of you out there breathing and and breathing up I love my breath and really letting yourself be filled with that gift and then breathing and again my breast nourishes me ignites this illuminated presents and free and I have so much to share about this
my breast really through the nose for the nose
breathing it again my breath nourishes me
and you'll do sparkling Crystal and showers that you're seeing pouring down on street and I right now and share it out with you and I want to First give a big shout-out over to we are so delighted to be with you today thank you for joining us I also want to give a shout out to Oneness talk radio. Com where you can I chat in the chat room you can watch this video or you can also listen to the audio and of course there's a lot of people already in the car room boy is that feeling fast get in there 517-208-1500 517-208-1500 get to the listen to self going on at YouTube official having fun over there and a couple of folks over at Facebook and hopefully there's a little technical thing going on you never know where the technical Gremlins are going to be chewing on the cable have lots of them out there so that we can
right now I just want to first of all as we are all loving our breath being nourished by it really say thank you to all of you that have been present bring this Define extraordinary moment in January we are halfway pretty much into where that January 26th that we're going to get when he wrote the rat officially begins that flow that's going to start moving even faster and so I do want to give a shout out to those of you that just left tosa Blue Mountain. An hour ago we love you we miss you and we are so grateful that you were all here
right here right now and I know the one thing I will say is I say this with humility and respect being here that long every one of these beings has anchored a higher level of higher vibrational frequency of Greater opening of love and they're all so happy and I'm so delighted I feel like that mother hand that says go out into the world and do a spread it around
because it really is sad moment I love that you're sharing it that way because with the energy that has come in right now and we know you guys does amplification in this year of the dragonfly that this this January full moon has offered this beautiful lunar eclipse that called out to all those who are willing to listen and said okay look here's what's on the other side right the veil is lifted the curtains are part of the Kate way is open and then are you able to feel the deaths and end it is a wide a massive energy the depth of the choices being made in this moment right now right cuz cuz it's all the big choices and the way that I like to describe this is it's about allowing yourself to witness your choice and then to relax
find that choice and field ripple effect of that choice and not shy away from it it's that moment and and that's pretty like I get out of breath just talking about it the one thing that has been coming forward in my Consciousness everyday is the depth and the complexity of the interactions that happen as we move forward in a field of ever-growing Simplicity play with this Paradox there is a depth and complexity to the intersect again and and of course the expansion of our own being as we let go of the layers of imposition from Jessie brakes squeaking but you got that going on simultaneously what's really happening as we are all simplify into that which is essential and that
which is essential is pure it's authentic it's loving it's peaceful is joyful and it's now because it is happening for everyone it's either happening through a never finding respond spiraling energy that is inviting you to a greater sense of Awakened awareness or it's coagulating and it's becoming a very tight. So is this it it's it's very much the experience that your Divine Essence is allowing to be and and that's really about I want to go back to what we've been talking about for about a month now this is really about are you ready to say yes and step in the sacred Union with the body to carry the levels of consciousness that are now available for you to actually carry an experience and this is this is is just here on the planet and yet so many are already awake to it because it's like one of those moments that sits like a note
play success 20 years in the making all these beautiful are coming down through this extraordinary but the way I'm loving that this is being shared as in this was in that ensoulment that we want to get back to you today is that we are one voice with unlimited expressions and the power of saying yes to that and the power of calling that forward and and how that works with the release of the fear that keeps us trapped and density so it really is a moment of of celebratory energy and Cosmic ignition more than before you know is we do is we talk about these timelines and and the deaths of the things that are going on there is but one voice there is one heart it's God's heart and it expresses through
so there is this unification that is available for you to choose do you choose one list do you choose to align with the Oneness or are you dancing with the diversity of the alness you today and speaking of expanding the call board is like so if you want to get in there 517-208-1500 please give a call and jump in we're going to get you all very quickly soon yeah and so I let's let's talk about this until my because you and I were having a conversation early this morning for the first time in two months actually really get into the pool today and and it was such a gift of Freedom you know an opportunity to really reconnect with that that water elements and while we were in the pool you know there was so much energy
coming in around the energy of fear and how the sphere is being manipulated on the planet right now there is an energy around that and let's talk about it's rude through this this installment came in at 12:03 p.m. is what it began when the lunar eclipse but there's this one piece I think that was a short heart
alright your divine presence is frightening to those who would seek to call you crazy they are afraid because deep within their own sense of self
they know that you are not crazy yet to call Usain would me it would have to gaze at their own being not just breathe before I go any further because that is what this coming moment in January is going to be really having available for many to look at is this experience of a my engaging this at the level that seeks to tear me down or am I in the compassion of my own sense of being witnessing this from that higher Dimension and and here's what they go on to say about that that is the choice that all our way to the choice to gaze at your own being to awaken consciousness
or the choice to intentionally not these
both are the journey
and when the choice is to not see then it becomes frightening to believe that seeing is even possible
the level of Consciousness that cannot accept possibility or expanded thought as an option within the creation is density Consciousness experience
it is afraid of that which it cannot understand and it cannot even understand why it is afraid
and the level of Consciousness that chooses to gaze at its own fee
Open the Eyes of the Divine Soul lifts through the energy of compassion and Witnesses the fear through the Gateway of Ascension awareness
this compassion understands the fear and surrounds it with love fully understanding that it the fear cannot possibly understand therefore it is the embodiment of forgive them they know not what they do true compassion this is the moment and so it is there is more and I really felt sorry that that was important to to revisit right now because the moment at hand and especially what we were just sharing about the sanity experience and the nonsense that you notice where are you witnessing this are you the witness of the third dimensional beings that is afraid and is concerned and is freaking out or are you
passionately holding that being with so much love that conquers you in the 5th Dimension where buy that compassion expresses through your own Divine energy and love is that which is acting out it's a powerful experience all of you I believe we have talked for waking those people that you thought were your friends might suddenly pull prize and not be as friendly there might be judgmental
I want to say that I would agree with that and and just add that I've been really there lately guys I've been looking at just that and I'm always reminded having just been in Bhutan and having to spend Sarnoff in India that this is about the Buddha's Journey right the Buddha first said wow there is more and then went into the woods and then found a way and it was a very harsh to set and then when the Buddha said I am just going to sit here until this happened it's going to happen right and the Buddha said I get it the first ones to pull the rise against him were the ones that he had been with and so there is a beauty in that remembrance that when our heart is resident and full and when the energy that we invite or offer toward others uplift all then trust what's going on through you and allow it to me
Boswell said in the important to remember and I wanted to just add this piece about how as we awaken we we need it to awaken is marked by having compassion for others exactly and ourselves you've got a good beat on things and you're still judging other people then you haven't finished the job yet you've gotten the metal part down the heart has to lift the things that I want to share with you is this game of polarizing against or being afraid of the awakened self
the awakened energy carries with it a frequency that is unsettling to those who have not yet claimed Awakening it it can now that you can play this game internally you can have those perspectives those habitual points of you within your own psyche that it says what am I doing and I want people to like me and I'm afraid I'm going to lose and if so bad that Dynamic of the inner inner torment is hard as a reflection of the very thing going on in the outer world and so big the key here is to smile at that and to forgive yourself on that aspect of yourself with states that it becomes so much easier to be at peace with who we are at peace with who the others are and recognize that sanity has a different flavor in the ascended
well in this is shree and I are put out a home study program encourage you to go check it out it's called ascended sanity and many years ago we put this out because it was obvious that the levels of consciousness were starting to really become visible and because of that in the energy of the polarity the let's just say the experience the awareness voice of Sanity was also evolving and moving through another layer and so there is sincerely ascended sanity and there is density sanity and and this is a I think with the cianciola is also saying is that when you are aligned with density sanity anything outside of that Paradigm will be in the same to you because you don't even understand what you don't understand and then went through this gift of compassion and this awakened choice of beingness of gazing with him and saying wow there is more when that again
and you embrace it and you say yes to that what you are then that compassion a don't you into the system additional state is just the beginning where you are able to embrace it because you are seeing it with the wider angle lens that is ascended sanity and an ascended sanity and what is not yet the gap or the Gulf between density sanity and it sent it a sin to sanity is the one single Journey that only you can make and it's an all along the way you will have extraordinary experiences and some of them will be Illuminating some of them will be terrifying and some of them will set you back and some of them will set you forward but if you never stop saying yes and if you keep trusting that the Divine has. You it goes faster it gets easier and you crossed that boundary line from density sanity to ascend
ascended sanity we're honestly the brain relaxes because all the answers with hair and their and they're like an instantaneous download is the music living living in South America wee-wee. I I have grown accustomed to the fact that we have entered another culture and we love it. Color vibrancy and I remember when I was between density and you haven't left it when I say okay I'm going into the grocery store I need to remember that they look at things differently here
because it's all fine everything is existing every single person is getting that which they are choosing to be with it is happening the Magnificent has generated what we refer to as alness almost is the infinite tool chest jumping during a lot more about that go to screen share. Calm and click on the messages from the Masters and if the lessons of Oneness 12 beautiful lessons of Oneness that were delivered many years ago for really this moment in history and you can learn a lot more about that so I just want to jump in with us
I was like yeah go look for some stuff Urban wedding new things of their own or whatever they're all in their subjective world's richest part of the oldest more consciously to the fabric that is holding all this together when we're beginning to appreciate the Oneness which supports the tallness to exist now we're dancing with with a seeming Paradox and we begin to simplify Our Lives because we're coming into alignment with the Oneness and this is why this is why we're having this conversation with you right now because Angels the energies of manipulation have never been greater right now there is an energy that is
working with fear that is manipulating it so that the fear will become afraid of itself at which point Terror becomes the energy needed to jump start the systems your body actually becomes bored with fear because it became acclimated to the fear so how did how do you stimulate yourself you amp up the fear and so just as that experience is coming forward right now in the third-dimensional moment remember where an experienced year experience month and inexperienced rights in this Choice moment where we are all going through profound shift and Visionary transformation through timeline a tapped as The Awakening of salt Ascension so as you really breathe that in in this moment you also rather than that fear going into Terror Xperia
you are being gifted with a a true opening of the veil to see who you really are and say yes to that being in the timeline that has open the veil and said are you ready and I find that to be extraordinary because we aren't we are in that moment right now and the reason I sent out yesterday in the energy excuse me in the energy of the of the eclipse eclipse in water be received it as all time stamped the reason we did that is that we were clearly guided that it would include that insulted and that the radio show screen I've been doing what we've been reading that is so whether you're catching the real and live time right now or whether you're coming back a day from now to see it again or a year from now or ten years from now we have the ability this very breath
to come together as one voice with unlimited Expressions that is the blessing of true 1221 this is not the dissolution of the unique voice that you are true Oneness is the celebration. That one voice is heard and that the unique expressions are all supported that is the gift that is before humanity and ended is happening at every level of Consciousness and that is why I felt it was so timely go out now you know why we must give ourselves the gift of recognizing I want to swing from a tree if you did not listen to her show yesterday explore the Mysteries where we really talked about the opening this is like two installments in one the first let me count 1 2 3 it's like the first
paragraphs or a
hi my friend how are you let's chat it's very much it if it seems very personal because it is it's the personal we it's the personal one and it marked a very new beginning in the way the Divine directors were sharing because they stepped in under the presumption so to speak and and I'm probably knowing is more accurate connection that as you were coming in right you already know that's you are part of this experience and so it was very much about look let's just wash away anything that's an authentic let's cut to the Chase and let's just do that's okay if I found that to be very profound and so that that section of the insolvent we're going to get this back out again if you weren't on our email list you didn't you haven't seen this yet but we are going to be making it a little video on YouTube because it's that important and end it and here's where they said that that section ended with we are all we have been waiting for and it is time to
stop waiting and start experiencing and this comes from that diving in and saying oh that's it all right what have I been waiting for why have I been thinking that some other thing being energy experience is going to come see what we are what I am and how I do things why when you are right here right now just go to the universe has said so we're right here with you to stop waiting to start experiencing back when you're engaged rather than if it was
what happened by now if it's meant to be it means that you are taking the action to assist it to be as your guide and shows you that that spiritual Cop Out has been around for so long and then we become adapted to it and it is a part of that that middle part of the pyramid that's part of spiritual activism where my way of believing in spirituality is the only way that will ever be there by because my self limiting belief and this is the level that the entire planet is stuck in right now this is where fundamentalism is Brett do you know is in that you're stuck stuck between density, the bad news is you're trying to make them on their evolutionary process
okay let's do that trick is to recognize that sometimes tiny penetrates your own Bales are here is been communicated by other ascended beings in other ways and I'm reminded so much about one of those dear dear installment series The Lost Books of be seen in there about those were asleep those were drowsy and those who are awake and the basically it's a reminder that for those who are asleep all you can do is be the kind to them don't they're not ready to hear or do anything in their own time and in their own way they become what do you seen refer to as drowsy sometimes awake sometimes asleep and there's moments of
Gage and support their growth and if you're there and you're present your your part of it what I'm getting at here but love isn't that our entire shared a zone of experience this planet these cultures and Societies in political everybody is giving their they're all the political structures and all of that up as well some of them from another point of view versus density that there is a Divine Lila dance play oh yeah oh yeah Ashley Tulsa be our own trust in our own process and I trust in our guidance we must also trust that others are finding their way in their way
add that these seemingly tragic Expressions manopla fi and this time that you are also uplifting but guess what
your frequency is helping offset the seeming negativity it isn't about the artifacts the outcomes the dance of the particular events it's about the overall energetic environment where as we lift we are sending and a wave of coherent wave Alden to the giant attractor field of the bottom space down you know I've been shy share this I think we stared Tucson Soul mirrors Thursday night that that shree and I are finally really back meaning that you know we got back from our month long journey and we will try when we were here first guests arrived and now we have to still here is the first that I actually know what time it is and what what's happening my loves is that we are all in this moment being called to create the vision
that we have been holding that this is the moment where the convergence of the one energy as this beautiful unlimited expression is saying whether you are the baby at the breast or you are a hundred plus it is time for us to come together and really see each other and that I am one of the gifts that we know I've been sharing and having a lot of dialogue with with the beautiful group that's been on the planet where the benevolent kings in the benevolent Queen and and to really be present with the energy of the wisdom and the recognition of the Divine magnificence that is radiating to us through all of the generations after staring at each other and that is as all of these Generations come together we can honor the authenticity
we have held for so long that it took our children's children to wake up the planet to it a form of Separation when we relax into being authentic and this is something that I know but we couldn't not be who we are and so you might angels are who you are and you are here right now you are you are saying yes to you and that is what authenticity guess you with if you do not give up the truth simply because the untruth is being thrown at you constantly if you can trust deep down within and no in that compassionate energy that can Embrace those I can't even begin to understand why the truth would be important then you will not only make it you will throw
I've mentioned you will ignite masses of others to do the same and this is our moment to unite and and I love that that was in the installment and that was the other piece that talk about can I just really quickly and then we can go to the phone but really full there but I thought this was very interesting so for those of you that already read the installment another little piece so here's what they said they said go back to that we are all we are all who we have been waiting for it is time to stop waiting and to start experiencing this is the message of 20/20 it is simple and it is vast the dragonflies have begun their dance and the universe is speaking so now the universe is speaking so imagine that you're hearing this is like a universal question
why is it that we remember this is a collective personal we that they were talking about in the beginning why is it that we are not organized what Paradigm does that even exist within to be organized is to simply be living the gift of Who You Are
I love that supporting each other and coming together as one voice with unlimited Expressions so I go back to the installment that came in a December. Said imagine that world where with every breath with every moment with every gaze all you ever see is the highest expression of all that's what you see and that is what is reflected back to you and I think that's what this community does every time we get together and I know we have just had the blessing of living that from December 23rd our first guest showed up until today
gather together whether it's it's a living room cup of tea with with send it friends people waking up or whether it's a more formal gathering at Community anytime we do that we magnify each other's love and light and that sends the signal out at that ignites
Remnant self doubt that you are not crazy that indeed holding this positive knowing knowing that this is the reality all it takes is enough of us to step outside of our own self-imposed shadow and say hey guess what there's just too many of us to deny and that is the one voice with the unlimited Expressions the undeniable proof of this elimination in harmony with all of the levels of consciousness being together seeing each other for who we truly are and thereby inviting the creative essence of Gaia to reignite once more it's a very exciting opportunity we are all aligned with this essential creative capacity and it reminds me to remind you
focus on what is emerging focus on what is positive be in your heart consciously breed because it's dead easy to focus on that which has gone before or that which has something missing or or a perceived fault it's dead easy to focus on your your your neurotic behaviors rather than your positive intentions choose to look out at the world and see each other at our Highest Potential we are saying yes to the creative impulse that would lift because one thing I know is fact as our vibration list the problems that were created at lower levels of consciousness just Begin to Fall Away
don't have to chase them you don't have to go through miles of therapy you know you know just Lyft Lyft left and keep going Don't Look Back which is also lifting through all Dogma you remember that it's Dogma that feeds RJ and it's hard out that feeds r r self-annihilation in many ways where we just will not accept gifts of the truth of who we are and this is not the annihilation of the ego I'm talking about annihilating the experience in and of itself whereby we are unable to even know we are experiencing and so in this experience right now we have this Rich opportunity to really go to our heart center as the ascended anchor and one of the gifts that when we look beyond the dog wasn't all of that is that we begin to see what we left behind for ourselves the clues as crystalline beings of Life remember that you're here with
your we are all here with help and we have left Clues along the way from before this planet was solid and they have all found their ways and acts as each time as us here in our experience of this linear timeline right now we have our own clothes that are and what are the key to section that are actually buried inside of the ancient Vedic texts about the buy Pita I wanted to just invite you to check out it is my honor at the request of the Divine director said after 25 years of studying and having these passages eliminated before man having this incredible communion that I have been invited to offer this as a 9-week series of spiritual support starting February 3rd at a time when the profound shift is really happening it just it seems so extraordinary that this is the moment to reveal distance
I'm inviting you to come join me there is a little short film the little 2-minute video on our home page, if you want to check it out we would look forward to welcoming you have those ones that is a lot easier and more fun to do it together and to be able to share the explore each each evening once a week so check it out and bite you to treat yourself yeah and I know it would be my honor to be with you on that Journey so I'm excited and so all right well I mean you should we start right there at the top and it looks like maybe Burlington Iowa meetings hey Burlington Iowa namaste
just a strange Cara High
first I want to tell the two of you happy anniversary poems for happy that the informant that you turn off at the moment but it honestly I felt like I could start crying and hearing it and just the Gratitude of what you both offer and that it's something that we individually can take away and illuminate our own life so thank you so much for that thank you so much and I felt them
but that made it wasn't just for me but I know it wasn't just for me is one for many of us and so I'm calling
first of all angel I'm like I'm so glad I wear waterproof mascara because I have tears coming out of my eyes
thank you I know why you had to be our first caller I know why you are here today meaning that
there is as you as you are sharing and as you were inviting this energy around you first came in and you're in very top of your heart center and then it went up to your throat Center at it for one moment I almost thought I couldn't breathe and then my eyes just spontaneously felt this like release and and then my third chakra at first felt tight and then it was just like loaded like like this beautiful floating River and all of these voices are saying at the same time and it's like I'm listening to every Angel every Master every incarnate being and is his beautiful beautiful Symphony and they're all saying the same thing do not be afraid because we are here and we have heard you and you are ready
and they just keep saying that over and over again so I'm sharing this with you I feel like I've been on this whole journey of clearing out all these Remnant particles that would have sought to even in for one breast stopped that which has already begun and so thank you for sharing such profound energy thank you for being so beautiful and thank you for the blessing of you I'm very grateful to meet you thank you thank you so much I love you too very very much thank you thank you we love you too sweetheart, wow and you feel that tree like I'm still feeling what what it is almost like a breast of of new life is the only way I can describe it but it's been like holding and some people start chakras and I'm feeling it moving through the heart and moving out through the throat and I'm inviting you you know breathe in through that knows right I love my breath
and really relax and do your breasts because you know often times is one of the things that I'm always so honored with all of our callers is that I really feel that we're all surrogate and and I felt very much to me we are creating this reality was having a shared experience just because you're not aware of parts of it doesn't mean it's not going to hot
offer my heart and ask for a tree we know it is touching many many others expression 7 hey let's say hi to somebody else tree oh my goodness gracious how about we're going to New York it looks like right there you are. Hey Namaste New York welcome hello hello Namaste welcome
hello I cannot believe you haven't spoken to you guys thank you so much for taking my call Angel thank you for being here now
oh my my name is Autumn I'm from New York and I've been reading and listening to you for quite some time now I love you guys I reading you in a sister. I love you guys and I got a lot going on and I am all over the place I would really like a mini full reading and Possible Oh Angel Autumn of course first of all Angel bring your hands I'm bringing my hands if you're watching or if you're not with your just listening like right at the the high heart like just under the throat put both your hands there because there's like a flutter in your energy field there and it's almost like an anxiousness or nervousness and it's and it's like it flutters on your heart space and it and it triggers a sense of indecision or even skipped us a
and it comes up into your throat and it and it moves right up just like a little Mist over your brain and the reason I'm putting my hands on my heart with you and SRI is too and I know that we're all doing this together right now is that deep within your heart center there is this beautiful it's like a little flower is and it's it's some it's like green as it's different colors of green and has as pretty little golden Center and it's like it's sitting there all happy going as soon as you see me we can go and if it's the spin this letter that has kind of check that away and and so I'm inviting you to really relax into the potentiality
that there is so much more in front of you and that you already know that and it's about just relaxing into it and going you know what okay I'm going to know it and I'm going to let that manifest animal let that comes forward and I'm going to see where that takes me because you have so much explorative energy and you you know there's like so much you can see and so I'm inviting you to relax and do that and have fun with it and go enjoy the ride I am so glad you got through today and do many blessings thank you so much I love you guys what time is it all right hey let's go to Indianapolis up Indianapolis just hung up okay Indianapolis if you heard us you can call back or I how about right here in Twin Cities let's do it
Twin Cities Namaste Twin Cities High
hi hi Cheryl
we are delighted to connect with you today
re-reading I literally felt my breasts stopped and so just breathe as number one and then it's interesting I'm seen your head like like like you would be in a prepositional most like just bent and I've seen your hands on your stomach and and there's one one aspect of this that almost feels like I'm tired you know I'm just I'm tired and it and this is feeling hard and then as I left I see this golden like Kate it's like this beautiful gold and white cape and it's over you and it's saying
just just say just relaxing to me I'm right here and that that is really the energy that you're being invited to do right now is to relax more and to really sink into that relaxed moment knowing that it's already it's like the only word I can give you is it's already done it's already formed it's just that there's there's this rest between this if I'm tired and it's too much and you know what I'm going to let this happen and so that's what they want you to hear today and thank you for being here today it's a gift to connect with you honey
thank you so much. Does that really resonated with me and I love you guys so much and appreciate the time you honey Namaste you know I'm I'm just I'm I'm thinking again I'm thinking I'm I'm being guided to recall that as as this moment right now of January is here and remember guys we are at the 12th and that we are we are building there is this this vast experience energy and that do you do you have the energy flow there is the 2020 energy flows there it is I want to put that up on the screen again for those of you that may not have caught this last week because this is really important and I will be expanding this all year long but remember that if you look at the keys are the square those are the months that will have the greatest profound shift in 2020 and they're like bookends it's
now January February September and July August and December and that the Pyramid of this Visionary transformation timeline adaptation Rises up from both of these profound shift experiences and it brings us into the heart of that dragonfly energy and this is where I invite you to really become the dragonfly and if you start flying feel how that pyramid is Lifting and how that energy is inviting you and that's where the spin comes in and the spin is this Awakening to self Ascension this recognition that we are at a moment where buy everything that you deep down know is true off of that which is probably the most is what is ready to support you to get you through this is a moment of extraordinary and an incredible
connection and a moment where we are being invited to remember our heritage R-Truth well beyond the Paradigm of the perception and other reality that we are co-creating we are being invited to expand our vision and I don't know that we have that one here SRI the expand your vision there it is right there how do you expand your vision you got to open your mind so we are invited to expand your vision
wonderful wonderful life so important that we continue to relax into the truth of the expansion of the moment the habitual orientations often time sneaking around the edges the fear base Society often times treating trigger Shadow elements within us and we have information your highest truth exactly we are better because we help each other do that I was just over it yet the YouTube Chad and and just really touched by all of the Sheraton are in a little Tom mannion because it's important to remember that as we encourage each other as we pay attention to each other's we love each other we are supporting the expansions and together we are better in so many ways and I just want to let you all know that we have tried to Jump Into the Mystic radio chat today but for whatever reason but I know you guys are having an amazing journey in there
free I'm looking at our time can we sneak in one more call her all right why don't we have they were right here in front of me are there we are we're going to go back to it looks like Nyack New York maybe Namaste a Nyack New York
yes but thank you very much SRI and Kira hi
turn down your radio honey
all right
pulling up now
you better focus on the phone
are there are thinking that I'm having
I'd like a mini celery
basically dealing with Wellness am I dealing with joining with my body as my partner
okay Mo I want you taking a deep breath first to fall and really With Me Reason through that knows really deeply I love my breath really breathe and relax.
Do that again my breast nourishes me let's breathe in my breath nurse just me and bring it out and mow first and foremost yes you are absolutely in a moment of choice you are absolutely in a moment and honey I will share with you that I through personal experience know that this can be extremely challenging however the other thing is happening right now is that it is vital you pay attention to your physical form in density what is it asking for and are you listening let go of all of the spiritual overlays and just first give the density body the attention she wants and if you do that you're going to find that it will relax and then you'll be able to deal with the spiritual body and then you'll be able to deal with all the other bodies and the key is your breasts I want you keep consciously missing on deep breath and thank you for bringing this in for everybody because there are a lot of us going through that right now but trust yourself.
your body and listen to it I love you Mo I'm so glad you got through we love you honey namaste
thank you
thank you we love you honey bye sweetheart I love you too you know I love that mow got in because this is what's happening and remember guys it is a big Choice moment and then I want to just pick up on that a little bit because our bodies are dancing with the dimensional energy as much as you are and if there's always seems to be just a little live because the body's know a spirit into forms antibodies are integrating these frequencies and and in order to integrate some frequencies this necessary to expel other frequencies that can involve human crisis that can involve the congestion of pain a symptom of me you know where did we go so we must if we choose to live a life of love we must listen to our bodies and offer it the reassurance and perhaps an intervention that is needed
do you know if you're not listening how do you know if you're not loving and respecting Your Vessel so this is part of the reminder that we are in sacred Union with our physical and this is the compassion that will lift you into the 5th Dimension because when we can accept our body as our sacred partner in equal partnership with the illuminating presence of the Soul we thereby begin the process of reverse aging we begin the process of weight normalization and we begin the process of Ascension into levels of consciousness that have not been supported by this level of creation before this is a celebratory moment and it begins with the compassion you have for your physical form so I love that
recognitions that were stimulated during this broadcast I want you just smile and breathe
and as you breathe may you trust may you know that all is truly well namaste
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