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Sri and Kira Live, February 9, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today and shifting paradigms now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experienced during wisdom laughter and Clarity on around us guys we are in this extraordinary full moon up level moment and it is the first one that's happening in the whisper in the energy of this first retrograde and everything is soaring I'm loving that we're actually starting at 3:03 our time because of everything that could possibly try to stop us from Broad

passing today happened about soda we are so excited to be here with you right now and of course we want to reach out and say hello we love you and thank you for being so kind with our technical hiccups gone over a and sophrology listing over bbsradio hello we love you and remember we do have an 800 number and that is 888-627-6008 again 888-627-6008 if you want to jump in over at BBS we will be taking your calls there and a big hello we love you thank you for being here to all of you that are connected with us at one is talk radio. Com whether you're chatting whether you're viewing with your listening thank you for being here with us and we are going to get call board up in just a moment it was one of the things that we were unable to accomplish before we went live on the air but my beloved will be pulling it up right now so you can get into the call board at 5 1720

1500 again that's 517-208-1500 and you do get to listen to the show while you are on hold and my husband is bringing up that called the Ryan Hade over it YouTube hopefully at a Fishel Street and Kira thank you for joining us are YouTube Community gets more extraordinary everyday thank you for subscribing to our Channel and hey you want to subscribe because on the 14th this coming Friday I think it is I forget what day of the week it is but on February 14th Valentine's Day Street and I will be premiering The 20/20 Ascension symptoms video and wow it was a reason we were told to wait one and it brings us back to this very moment I just need to

just for those of you that enjoy such stories you know we have our happy little Studio here at everything is working everything is tested to do this we're getting ready for the show I turn off the computer the computer goes on and as I try to launch the video encoder so we can broadcast the video signal the mouse freezes and and then I try to launch a mouse freezes at everything is going a little bit

looks like howdy he goes we have Dell computer up like what do you mean with Dell computer reboots later at looking for some presents I came in anyway and it really was interesting because the computer was saying to us look I got my own timing today and this is not Eastern Time start at 3:03 and I want to know how share how delighted I am that you are here with us because truly this is a magnificent upleveling unlike prior years yes you know the Ascension escalator has been steadily year after year month after month. Giving us a little lift a little

the little, a little encouragement and I know those of you that we've gone through that sounds in the here's the fuzzy Vision that all the little Ascension symptoms that have a lot to do with the witness or witnessing the witness what does he know these kind of perspective situations that Consciousness is revealing along with how your body is responding to your Soul's desire to keep going and how did we get here right now how are we here and so let me I want to go back and just say here's how we're here guys the first thing I want to do is just remind if something my beloved just shared and that is for those of you that are

watching over it YouTube or when is talk radio's Jack catching the video stream to see I just put up the graphic and for those who they're listening here's the graphic it is a series of Ascension experiences of our divine nature. Let's just say we were starting at the foundation at the foundation you see the third dimension and in the third dimension one of the ways that we know we're growing one of the ways that we know we are awake is that we begin to witness ourselves and this has very much been the work of Tollway and a lot of the early beings that were talking about be here now and this is a very big moment it is a big moment in our third dimensional reality when we can learn to be the witness the witness we then can come to a moment of do we want to go further this is where I would call it the seeking begins because we become the witness we have allowed ourselves to understand there is more than what we have been shown or what we may have believed well as we

this ourselves more as we have greater forgiveness in our lives as we have greater gratitude in our lives as we have greater moments of expansion at one moment we engage compassion and when that compassion is engaged and it is engaged for ourselves we have been lifted into the 5th Dimension and you see how that looks like a big spreading of the Wings it's a moment of exhale of wow there is so much more and if you look at the graphic we lift up from the third with this beautiful illumination these little wings that in The Fifth Dimension because I'm soaring vibrational frequency that literally anchors us and The Fifth Dimension is where we become the witness her it's where we first become aware of our awareness where we are witnessing the witness of the third dimension and caring that compassion with c

broad depth of self-love that we finally feel free we are breathing again and then what happened to see how lifting from the 5th to the 7th has the longest trajectory that's the longest one you'll notice that you lift from V if you look at the head at the top of the fifth are right above the crown you see how there's like a line that comes out a line of energy that comes out that's the invisible whale many many many beings touch V are in V don't know they're in V yet there is a self-imposed limitation because this is where I like to call it the the Borderlands of Sanity are and that's why that energy field is there it's when were in that Borderlands of Sanity that we can stay amazingly supported and taking care of an expanded and awake in this fifth Dimensions. There are many many beings that are and if we realized

we are not alone we realize that we are not crazy if we really relax into the trust of our divine nature this is the yoga of self Ascension and if we say yes to our body form and if we say I will not go without a fight let's make this happen then this energy it's like the only way I can describe it as it feels like you enter a portal of light and that's why I was trying to demonstrate here it's not so much that that's a body Rising it's a portal of ignition that accelerates you straight up where you become absolutely aware that you are witnessing the witness of the third dimension and in that witnessing of the seventh Dimension judgment ceases to exist because that is an energy that cannot be carried and it's barely in The Fifth Dimension the Judgment that's in the Fifth Dimension is the self-judgment that which keeps you and creates that barrier that Starfield that looks kind

dark when you first approached it and then we hit these moments these rare unique opportunities which have been happening right now in 2020 where the universe says let's open the ninth Dimension and for those of you that are in this witnessing experience off the witness her of the witness arise and become the witness again this is the moment at hand and there is the only way that we can fully share it with you is through this diagram and to help you break free because so many of us right now are still living in the witness energy of our third dimensional selves and then when we catch this glimmer of us it's almost like a wow and sometimes it'll almost feel like the moment because Deja Vu you are witnessing yourself right and that is a lot of time when that's happening is when the universe is saying pay attention you have done this before you are the coke for you

I hear you do have this presence within you that is screaming for you to wake up. That's what 20/20 began now I had a graphic but we did not have time for my husband to get it as part of today so so I just want to try and explain it and is it okay so let me explain this to you and I and forgive me but if you've watched our videos the two that we recently had official stream Kara if you have watched the three things you need to know about the 2020 Ascension then you have seen this graphic this graphic is very much explaining the overlap energy that is just come forward and this is why I wanted to begin by showing you that witness experience Again by willing assisting you to Anchor that because that's been the 2019 Wright 2019 was all about that will the other thing that happened in 2019

was that we were able to come together as lineage holders it was another quote unquote surprised that came out in 2019 that that brought us all and said okay this is this moment has come forward the universe is supporting you we are all here we are all Awakening we are already and so through that lineage holder Gateway so that opening if you were with us then one of the things that you would know was that we were in that experience in July and now SRI are you telling me that's up to you right now okay so if you're if you're watching us my beautiful husband just worked so hard to put this up for us so let me see this is so important to look at so if you look at the top of this graphic right this is the Ascension escalator of authenticity when did that Ascension escalator begin it began in 2015 through 2021 and this

watch me and I've been talking about the seven polarities of free will because the 17th polarities of Free Will are expressing during this time and if you have never taken or 7 flower is a Freewheel class this would be a really good time to go take it if for no other reason than to see that we charted out exactly the energies of this between this entire Ascension escalator and and looking at them from 20/20 kind of surprises us because what what does concern me is that they are playing out exactly as more shown you know forest for the trees versus the trees, but when we stopped to just take a look of what

yes and so when we look at the Ascension escalator of authenticity we are now at 20/20 and if you look in the background you noticed that were we're showing hands just breaking free from the chains of density that there is this infusion of light that is melting that which is seeking to keep you captive which is been looking for Dominion of your brain which is working through fear and so here's what's so amazing the Roaring 20s decade of experience remember this is going to be a Roaring Twenties it's going to be about a Rheem abundance and it's going to be about roaring slow but because the entire decade is experienced how that is being co-created is what matters in this moment and the reason this diagram is so important is because something happened last July and that's why I doubt the bottom here you'll see if we put in Freedom and resolution that an

did enter into the planetary thought body there was an upswell through the hatch tag lineage holder Ascension energy through there if there were enough of us that came together and said yes and this year we need more of us to come together and get ready cuz we're doing it again in July this year we need more of us to come together so we want to start getting that hashtag lineage holder out there we're going to get the July thing on right away so people can start connecting with it we together when we did our jumps when we travel time together and remember we did that on several occasions we did affect something that is such a blessing and that is that the Roaring Twenties decade of experience really was not going to get started in 2022 and what happened was we brought these two closer together to offer us two more linear years of rich

opportunity to really make a difference and so what happened was this 20/20 Experience of the decade slid so that it actually began with the beginning of the year and is overlapping with the Ascension escalator of authenticity this is what brought us here now excuse me so here we are right now now what happened was that because of this overlay because of this profound blessing that has been co-created by all of us I mean please celebrate you this two-year up level energy burst this wasn't here guys that's why we just put the calendar out that's what we disinformation was not even here until the January up level events were almost over this really came with that January 10 lunar

clips and it was during that time that all of the new moon illuminated for the next two years meaning that every single new moon is a moment of great clarity and co-creation that we have been offered this 9th dimensional directstream and that at all of these up-level moments that are going to happen over two years are cute they keep accumulating without me the words so that's why this is such a big moment right now and that's how we got here where we're going can you imagine where we're going to be 24 months from now guys this is the meat time this is the absolute if not now when and if not you who moment and because of that

there is not even a breath to not be authentic why would you waste a breath not putting everything every ounce of your divine presence into this moment this is the moment of birth for guys not coming it's not the hind us and it's not ahead of us it's literally 2020 and 2021 let's get off that had dad go to ride baby ride healthy Community has a couple of qualities and I witness this in the chat room there's a quality of mutual support there's a quality of Joyful celebration of what's going on and then went and there's a quality also of honesty of hey hey hey it's so healthy Community has this given take it but it always has safety to be who you are

little microcosm you can call it at the cosmic Universe we are sending out at Ruth b I like to think of it as if you do those cleda lights they used to put down at the car dealers at night you do pigs going up at the sky you know we're setting up the bat signal the literally we are and then Every Time We Gather like this and you send out that signal intensity authenticity is and I am safe to be who I am so important and today we are going to be closing this show we are going to be bringing all of us together into this up level energy remember we are in it right now and here's a blessing this up level energy Peaks today with the peak of the full moon

however it's started a day and a half ago it will continue for another proximate day after today why because these full moon when we have up levels on full moons throughout this year and just go get the full calendar go to screen share. Com learn about the calendar when we have them on full moons it is a very big energy now I want to share that we are in the middle of something right now that it is about integration it is about the love energy this middle moment of February this particular week ahead of us is very much about love and that's also why she and I chose to release the Ascension symptoms video on Valentine love justly love you what a better way to say we love you than to share something that we know Sergio and serves the brightness of humanity and so again subscribe over at the YouTube official stream

join us for the premiere on Valentine's Day so this law of energy right now is Rich and it's large and it is expanded and being exposed because remember when the radius and it's full aspects and so this includes self-love or not this includes love anything right this is what you do and and really also going deep with what do you love what do you love and as you do that remember that it's the Archangel look round Arcangel zadquiel who specifically gays SRI of the eye many years ago and said remember in the ark Angelic Realms and the ascended energies trust and love are the same and so as this love energy is wow right now I mean it's not going to go get these smaller remember this is going to be a cumulative 2 years but this particular off level is very much

this one today is very much kind that energy love what it means is you have to look at your peace because peace comes before love are you at peace if not then the love could be unstable and ashri just mentioned you got to look at your joy love is kind of the glue that hold your peace and joy together and and this was given to us by Arcangel zadquiel day one get our free ebook on on the yoga self Ascension but it's peace love joy and so we're in a middle child experience right now and that's going to have everything that comes with it also gives you the blessing of Greater perspective because that good mind of yours gets to cognus eyes gets to see how this is fitting together remember the brain will never chart your Ascension path the brain is a witness and a calculator so let it witness and when you need it to calculate something

it is your higher mind it is the wisdom of the Soul which actually knows the route that you have said yes to that is so so true and you know Street speaking of the route that we have said yes to yesterday you and I kind of dropped the mic we kind of do. Okay boom go check this out and we didn't say a lot about it and so I think that we should talk about it again today and that is that yesterday on our show explore the Mysteries which if you did not listen to it please do because there was a lot more about what's going on in the up level energy but we invited all of you and we're inviting all of you again to please go check out SRI and Kira. Com tell us what you think of our house cleaning and specifically our home page scroll homepage let us know what you think and also go check out underneath Explorer about Trine Cara check out that page as well

so yesterday we made that invitation and I must say that my heart is touched and maybe want to share while I'm sitting there well I tell you the zoo GIF to take it one step at a time is that you focus on the work we're very focused on on living her authenticity and our Union and I we realize it many years ago by since we'd updated our photos and so we updated our photos and yesterday we check it out tell us what you think and check it out they were all taken by our Bria rose right here at TBN it was one of those note that they were just taking like four days ago I mean these are as current as they get so we were just celebrating in the up level eight

what's the purpose of a photo is to communicate the forward in 2019 for the first time when you arrived at our home yesterday was you learned that there was that as authentic as tree and I are and and we do share an hour we feel strongly that as a stream enters the greatest gift that we can offer you is not to teach you anything it's just live it to demonstrate it live it be share what we know so that you can make it even better and move forward that's what we're about and the one thing that we did not do last year was Cher the complete death of what we were going through personally because we really number one under very strong guidance we really felt that you know this community

hot dogs so much to bring my husband back to life right you guys those of you that have been with Street and I for many many years now some of you 15 16 years and we love you you are our family at this point you know what that's free died and what he went through and we also all know that night where we saw all of your prayers we were watching it open in the he was watching it in the intensive care when I went in the next morning we could see it all and we we felt so honored and so humbled and so grateful that we really did not want to come out and say just what you think that's all they're going to throw at us it was our general Year guys it was certainly are five-star general Year have a significant life experience let it

inform you let it wash through yourselves let it shift your your perspectives your Consciousness and your choices that's because it's a great experience and choice we are constantly self-corrected self-improving Santana lining with ever-greater intention with that which we have set forward and I know for myself hovering over my dead body in the hospital and saying no we're not ending this way this is not this is not the contract this is not the mission and reanimate what came that whole process and I'll be sure you more about this in the coming months was knowledge was revealed

a process was revealed that brought me into Greek humility with the the locus of Consciousness required to restore the body and I don't say this lightly I I wanted to live with it and be it and not just say hey guess what I saw or they're lured I wanted to be the wisdom rather than talk about it and the time is now coming to talk and share and similarly Kira had a very challenging situation come forward for her and she'll be sharing that as she is ready willing and able to do that and so we just wanted to give you a little glimpse of what's going on and invite you to participate with us because there's no secrets there is timing exactly and the one thing that's free and I want you both to know all to know I had both is like I'm looking at all these different things for give me all of you to know is this

2019 was absolutely the year shree and I could have said it's time for us to transcend the body goodness knows the universe came to both of us in very different ways and one of the gifts that we were both given was independently we each had to make the choice to stay on the planet and then we had to make the choice to commit to if we're staying here again then we are not staying silent we will not go down without a fight we will say what needs to be said damn the torpedoes and the politicians and all of the mainstream new age that that don't want the truth told because it might not be as profitable and so we are here we are ready we are open and we have been so strongly guided and the only reason she and I are on the planet is because we know that together we are better we know that we are not done we know that the yoga of self Ascension is Sitting Waiting for as many beings who are ready to say yes to not own

right but to be successful beyond your wildest dreams and I really feel strongly that the reason the 2019 experience happened forestry and I was number one it did bring forward all of us hashtag lineage holders and now that all of you were United it was right after that that I was told I only had six months left on the planet that happened in August and they're like widespread disease and you know you better get your Affairs in order and I was like no I need to go to Bhutan biopsies and I'm on this plane with all these stitches and you know when they did the biopsies and when I went through all of that in early November. That was the last time I would let an allopathic physician touch me and I I have been blessed that I have literally been in the reversal of this for about set

well I'm now 7 months I'm now 1-month Beyond one supposed to be dead cherries healthy I mean guys I am literally I'm on the treadmill an hour a day I have my body is normalizing steel my weight keeps changing I'm reverse aging because the Divine directors through the ascended masters when SRI had his experience and the wisdom that has been downloaded into him my experience was accept who you are and here is who you are and I had yet another Veil literally peeled off of me and that is how Master lady Kira has evolved that is why I must claim that regardless of the I got to tell you brought me to my Borderlands of sanity and I have had this for months for months and I was the resistor

and so as we are all moving forward right now as we are upleveling together right what do you love and what is loving you and in those two questions I pray that yourself is right in the center and calling in that energy because we are at a moment that has not been beef or right we are in can we put up the energy flows I just want to show the energy flows and then I am I'm seeing jammed phone lines everywhere today we're going to get on as many of you as you can so for those to be there watching on the video look at what I just put up this is the energy flow sequence I know you're seeing this a lot because it's really important to understand there are three energies this year that are the dragonfly experience that are the dance of the dragonfly the dragonfly is Dancing with profound shift Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation you are not crazy and the greatest mass Awakening

Southwest Engine that has ever been because we are at a moment where it is the inner peace where it is the Awakening where it is the moment to be and so if you look at the squares on each end there's January February September and then there was July August December okay we are right now in a moment of profound shift that is affecting the Awakening and is the Cornerstone of the Visionary transformation through timeline adaptation and this is why these up-level experiences are so valuable this is your moment to move forward this is your moment to say I am tired of the bullshit forgive me but but come on guys do you want somebody who's going to keep lying to you and telling you whatever you want to hear because it might make you feel a little more comfortable or do you want somebody who for 18 years shree and I have been an unwavering sacrificed everything

live authenticity and to say we will not sell out I don't care what what the mainstream political do age groups talk about this is the moment if not now when and if not you who you're here right now because you are an incredible Master because you are ready and you might have some rough edges and you might be that the wisdom teacher we should all be dialing for either way together we are better can we recognize recognize in this upload moment in this wondrous Journey that's just beginning this is the first up level of the first retrograde this should be a dance party and so can you say yes to the love of you that releases the Judgment freeze you to fly into the 7th Dimension and ignite the Oneness recognition that we are always going to be one voice we just have them

when did Expressions that's the blessing of co-creation so I just felt really enjoy the things that I want to remind each of you is that everybody is working on different things different aspects in their life and and that's the key to remember is there's a few cliche kind of phrases that have truth one of them is this too will pass you know whatever whatever you are in the thick of something know that it is not permanent it is energy and energy is in motion and so whether you're have a flu your have a fluing a Chancery moment ahead a key moment they're just moments of an energetic expression that you can look I have an experience with and

we are not defined by labels are mine uses labels because it has mental filing cabinets and the truth of ourselves as energetic Masters the easier all this road trip here

don't get Sunday. That's one of the things I have to share is that living here in the Andes Mountains you know that I think one of the blessings of our up level and and what we are at have certainly up levels is the fact that our Dream mention is finally here and you know if you really want to dive into the work to the yolk of Health Ascension why not be here at Ground Zero on the campus right we have all of this amazing Mountainside the Andes Mountains we have our own meditation case I mean there's so much going on here but the gift of the saint Pedro I just need to share that we are so blessed this is where Saint Pedro grow wild this is where and so we we harvested with you we we move through these energies together because sometimes the moment of expansion, when you're outside your own world enough in a pristine non 5G nan eomma mean we are in an EMF free zone which is why I live here our home is made literally

bamboo mud and straw give why not say yes to you but it's how we say yes to do and I just wanted to bring all that together because that's the energy we try to bring to you if you can't come to us here we're trying to share that with you every time we get out of there are many Pathways to dissolving the barriers to Oneness psychic structures are great habit creatures and sometimes a workshop helps dissolve The Habit sometimes a plant such a San Pedro helps dissolve those habits and connects you with the Shakti we have also learned how to connect you with that jockey without ingesting it literally connect with San Pedro and get all the effects without having to take it before when we really understand that it's all energy and

qualities of energy frequencies of energy then to be able to transmit those energies and to receive that transmission offers all of us the blessing and the APA level that is the healing opportunity of any one of these various things we've also noticed hear the Andes and given our own state of being everything moves so much faster and so much further than Quaver ever before every being on the planet. I know what it sounds like old guys I do but everything on the planet is having this you don't let me give you a great example of this have you ever seen yourself perhaps more successful than you are you're like but I know I'm supposed to be this or I'm supposed to look this way or do this I know that's true and and you might have even called it forward so true that you're you're frustrated isn't happening

. Visionary adaptation through timeline adaptation you can literally slide to that timeline timeline and bring that in this is what started in 2019 and 2019 to 2019 we all started with the multidimensionality we all started moving through timeline then we had the Linea told her I collectively came together shree and I guided you and we successfully and oh my gosh that you know we got like six hundred emails from people sharing what happened and now we are in this up level moment and when we are in an uplevel moment everything up levels everything up levels but remember that this up level moment is about the expansion of the energy of Love however that's in all River all energy on a compass thing so that's the energy of love in all of its aspects so pay attention first how you are loving you what is loving you what do you love and then

I want to just invite you to try something on entry and I are going to be publishing some articles this week as long as it as well as remember subscribe at official string here at YouTube because we are putting we are premiering will be it will be there we are premiering the Ascension symptoms Valentine's Day and so I wanted to invite you to try something on right now if you are carrying any fear if you are carrying any doubt if you're carrying any guilt anything that is judging you that has stopped you from knowing the truth of who you are well the first thing that you need to remember is that you are not crazy and you are not alone there are so many of us there are too many of us as a matter of fact there are just enough that we are the threat to those who would seek to call you crazy it's not that you're the one who should be afraid it's that they're afraid of you

because if you say yes to you they know that you have the creative power they know that together we are better they know that if we get our egos out of the way that there is not anything we cannot co-create and that's what we've spent the past 18 years living and demonstrating exactly what you already know that when we can say yes to ourselves without guilt or shame or doubt or fear then we break free and I want to go back and put up that witness diagram again then we break free of that third dimensional witness we anchor The Compassion of the 5th dimensional witness her and we live above that self-imposed Aurora Borealis in the seventh dimension of non-judgment witnessing so that we may evolve and Ascend and become the witness again while we stay

I'll have a body and that's why this two-year overlay is so important that we were talking about earlier we are all at a moment where we are capable where the universe is supporting it where we have the energy available to do it to stay in body look at Street and I okay we are capable of consciously not only staying in our body but consciously inviting the body to reverse age regain Vitality get clear and carry forward the mission that maybe this was the moment you were born to do it for maybe there was no missed opportunity maybe we've all been getting better because together we are better maybe we have always been preparing for this moment and we are loved so much for being given two more years how exciting is that two years are potent

a joke for those of you in the recognition that it does is the passion to say okay I will be heard I will make my stand and even if my stand is a silent

a silent radiation fastest and that is a visible tangible shared experience in our Collective because we are at the time where these these these will create positive ripples only for second deposit Ripple is that which expands okay offers a permission and an invitation because are we not already ready what we are here either tired or your inspired and that was one of the greatest gifts that screen I got to live through 2019 was to really pay attention with every breath am I tired or am I inspired been holding for so long and then remember guys we are going to go together on a journey into this up level energy before we close to show today

the 800 number and I were going to welcome Robert from California online one Namaste Robert from California welcome always a pleasure to

thank you we're honored thank you for sharing

I am a feeling it's certainly the strong momentum and surge of energy budget fabled adult coming up depending on the meetings.

will taking a deep breath and I want you to go really down as you were sharing that I was feeling like a not congestion but just like an energy and your third chakra and this energy and your third chakra is really what wants to speak and end until I've got my hands on my third chakra and what it's saying is this it's saying that you have the power to co-create from your deepest dreams but there is something inside of you right now that's that's like limiting where you're looking and what they're saying is whatever brings you the greatest joy will will evolve through this moment however whatever is calling you from a sense of obligation is a reminder of what's really in front of and that's what they want you to hear today so thank you so much for being here I'm very grateful namaste

I'm grateful I was taking a breath thank you my angel it's all taking a breath okay let's go over here we're going to go right over looks like when I go to Augusta Georgia hey Augusta Georgia over here at 1 Des Namaste and welcome

greetings. I love watching your channel just an inspiration to me may I have a mini Soul reading and I love the new photos of all sweetheart I love you so much but the minute you started speaking literally like out of your truth chakra came these cute little like dancing fairies and and they're dancing all over your shoulders and then they're like tickling up here in your in your head and and what they're saying is they're saying beloved one we are here with you now we are helping your hands move we are lifting your spirits and we are inspiring your creation and they're saying that when you bring your hands to your heart and you breathe and you let it out

you will hear more and that you have always heard them and that now it is time to take the action that you were born to do and I just want to Bow before you because this is a big year ahead for you and the number for is huge around you lots of Perfect Balance lots of still Center so thank you for bringing that energy and for all of us today Angel we love you many blessings

wow thank you so much, stay, stay she go home I thank you sweetheart beautiful beautiful people where we going so many all right we're going to go to it low know where we going are we going over here is that we're going Jessica from Saskatoon Saskatchewan over on the 800 number yeah hi Jessica namaste

hi there thanks for taking my call or pleasure

I I spoke to you guys in the fall about I had grown out my multimillion-dollar company to say yes to who I am and in the last six months I've had over 200 people come to all of my events and I'm being such an impact in such a shift and really teaching people to rise to their highest self and and be the witness and last night I was going to sleep and I said to my committee guide me show me tell me what the collective and are our community here and they need to know and so I'm here I got the I got the message last night when I was falling asleep you guys came in my dream so I'm here I feel like you have something to share for for me and for everybody in our community

well first of all I just want you to know that I have tears them I'm trying not to cry tears of connection and they're tears of joy and the reason I think that I'm so deeply moved as I connect with you is because what what you are already doing is exactly what is needed more of us to say yes and and keep keep moving forward and they're saying that it's time for you to gather those meaning that you know you would gather with others you know reach out it's time to gather together a greater force around you that greater force will bring together another greater voice another greatorex you're the group that you're working with right now is really about I'm going to use the t-word it's really about trust and that's another reason why you were

confident guided to be here today and why you got through I mean at least 200 people holding what's so beautiful is that this is the end and all of its aspects you are shepherding part of that but as you are shepherding that all of those that you are touching Arco shepherding the up level of trust so thank you for saying yes thank you for being who you are I am honored and I am just truly bow before you thank you my love

thank you and have a great day YouTube so let's all bring our hands to her heart and just taking a deep breath

and we're going to end the show like this so I do want to remind all of you please visit SRI and Kira. Com check out everything is happening Please Subscribe right here at official stream Care at YouTube because of the video coming out on Valentine's Day get ready for this at room and I want to offer you a little trick to help prepare your energy field and so first off make sure you're safe where you are at the safe to close your eyes and if you're not that don't do that safe to relax and be with us and if not check out the video later alright to begin I want a hand on your heart and a hand on your third chakra meeting you just hide belly and let's take some big deep Kundalini style breaths and pranayama style crafts to clear out any habitual stagnant energy it looks a little bit like this

just do what you're comfortable doing what we're doing is getting the cobwebs out energetically

and if you feel a little light-headed if you feel a little energy moving then you've arrived now you can relax

breathing deeply let your eyes closed

and bring your attention to the base of your spine

write down at the root chakra

this is the intersection

of your skeletal system your intersection of your Divine energy in the form

I don't want you to imagine that there is a beautiful generation energy and this is the Kundalini energy that is generating figure eights that go right up the spine and a white Figure 8 lifting up like a bubble going up to the second third fourth fifth sixth seventh and eighth out the top and we're going to keep doing that we're generating these figure eights

just feel sense and imagine the energy of those Figure 8 lifting up your spine and exiting the top of your head

feel how the Energy starts opening and connecting in your crown opens and now beloved ones I want you to imagine a green Figure 8 that comes off and it tickles your heart center the green Figure 8 comes up and expands the heart center the green and the white figure eights are both alternating know your heart is expanding once Crown is expanding and you begin to feel a little light-headed yet stabilized by the expanded heart read that in a let that be right now

and as these figure eights continue to Bubble upward connecting you upward and outward since your energy field

feel that orac energy that surrounds your physical form and notice how expanded it is it is lighter it is fluffier it is wider at higher

and with your beautiful intentions send your energy field out further

Beyond structure beyond the community beyond the Earth take a breath and extend your energy field out into the Milky Way

touch the cosmic energy now

feel the renewal that comes when you connect outside of the planet into the cosmic context of energy

and just let it go shoot for a moment

and as you relax

come into your heart center organizing yourself right there


how light you feel how connected you feel and the quality of the energy that is yours to work with just notice

each and every one of us has our Pathway to the ascended State welcome home 11th


green Carol I have your questions answered

call and check out more information at 3 and Kira. Com you next week, today

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