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Sri and Kira Live, February 23, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today in Shifty Paradigm now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are SRI and Kira

Namaste beloved ones welcome to your community of light and you have joined right here at we are also over at 1 this talk radio. Com of course over at YouTube at official SRI and Kira and also over at Facebook at 1 News Talk Radio I believe and I am Master lady Kara Rob saying welcome and isn't the energy amazing it really is we are at a moment where we are Illuminating through this new Moon creation and tree and I are really pretty excited today because there's a lot happening down here in Ecuador and I'm noticing you changed our background which shocked me I was like yesterday we had the full Fountain and today we don't and so we'll see maybe we'll change that up. We love

and have you been having that kind of like a moment well hey we wanted to open up with our own kind of whoa moment and share with you what's happening down here right now right here in Powhatan AR our beautiful little indoor indigenous Village that we live in its Carnival and it is active and my heart is just like a horse it is you know here they are this is the first day and the parades and pouted a carnival celebrations in Powhatan are so incredibly well known that everybody comes in from Cuenca anybody that owns a piece of land or has relatives that owns a piece of land is here staying on it you know it's one of those like the town's people have everything shut everything shot and then they sort of kind of wind into Ash Wednesday and Lantana

that's right now it's party time and it's so we wanted to share with you you know we've been so blessed that we have a medical doctor that has come on board to help me part of clinical Linda are are indigenous Clinic that we are offering as a free service for pain relief for all of the indigenous beans up here that that live in this area and those that are coming from a long way away it's really quite passing the more people are finding out about it came on board as our resident physician and she is also now a medical doctor available here at tosa Blue Mountain along with all the other things were doing and she said that the video right now because what a great way to open up and she said to me when I saw her a couple of weeks ago she said we do the parade every year where in the parade and I said what what does it mean I mean in there

what we learned which I thought was so interesting what we learned is that the Carnivale went out the entire town shuts down for three days and every family that wants to practices and they are in the parade and they keep parading until everyone has danced and so is happening in our village pretty much right now they're straight is still going on and we just got this is Sunday they do want Sunday Monday afternoon this is our little village

it is Carnevale and so we wanted to literally from our home to yours share I I wanted to open the show it as soon as it came in because this is the energy that's in hand right now and this is the moment that is calling out to you this eliminated full moon end today this show you want to stay with us in the second half of the show we are going to be culminating with this beautiful illuminated New Moon co-creation connection it's going to be an energy connection one that will take us into a death of our own creative field and then please make a note write it in your heart put it on a little sticky at 6:30 p.m. this evening eastern time just take a second bring your hands to your heart and connect with shree and I because this is

we're going to be we're going to be up in our water therapy center at the fountain of creation and we are going to we will make a little Fillmore or take some photos but we know it needs to be a private thing between the two of us and we invited yesterday on yesterday show as well and we're inviting all of you to please when you are in that energy this evening I'll just eliminated New Moon all the things that have been Illuminating when Mercury retrograde just last week we all started seeing that eliminated void but today this moment we are in it we are collectively in it and so hey and now look at that and now we are magically at 6:30 tonight dancing with this point of creation and this Fountain will be on that did taraj right there is probably what 36 in

about to burn something in a circle and we will be taking pictures we will be sharing this with you and we will be there at 6:30 and it's 6:30 p.m. eastern time we will stop all that we are doing to be with all of you and we are going to be holding that presents for five minutes in the honor of Lord Shiva as we are kind of coming into the clothes of Maha shivaratri and so 6:35 for 5 minutes this evening that is Eastern time we ask you to connect with us and that as I'm sharing this I am feeling this inquiry you guys feeling that on the back back of the back of the head and this is because we are in up level energy remember that that up level that just happened when Mercury went into the stationary position opened up what we're calling switch on the February so we can show him that.

just to make sure you're really clear on why this is such a profound moment so you see this is the February calendar from the up level calendar that we put out if you don't know about it at official stream Kara at YouTube or at our website learn about it so in February we had to up level moments plus we have this eliminated New Moon which is today well if you look at the 9th and you trace that start with your finger to the 18th do you notice it's the side of a pyramid and if you take the 18th which was that mercury upgrade excuse me retrograde that was also an uplevel what's the Mercury upgrade anyways if you look at that Mercury retrograde we are in the culminating creation moment of this illuminated remember what was

March but it's all about Radiance and illumination it was that propulsion that came forward from that up level full moon lunar eclipse in January when all of this up level energy kind of burst so you can see that where has that brought us it's brought us to Consciousness as the moment of our up level experience and that we are consciously in a moment of creation we are walking into the void of creation but it's all eliminated that's a profound moment and that's right now and that has already begun what have you been paying attention to what has been paying attention to you what is going on around you and we got a lot to share about that including I noticed phone lines are filling and we haven't even given the number so we should give them shouldn't we

and then join us to show one of them is to call +627-600-896-2760 to listen to the show while you're holding show while you're on hold

there it is an amazing moment as we were just talking about today and remember guys you want to stay with us together we are better and we're all going to take a journey together at the end of the show today into this co-creation that's happening with you right now so as we were really preparing for Today show I receive an email at my private email and I'm not going to say who sent this to me out of respect for them however it felt really important to read it before the show today and so I did and I will share with you that the subject line really got me because the subject line was I thought I had it all figured out right right okay and I was like okay I need to give this some moment I really need to honor the person that wrote this I didn't even know kind of like when she wrote me his very first email when we first met I saw that subject line was like okay I need to

I was reading this email and I hope you're listening cuz you know who you are as I was reading the email I thought wow you're actually describing what So Many Masters like you are going through right now and I was reflecting upon yesterday show and the collars oh my God the colors yesterday in the mini Silver Bow before you all not connected with yesterday's explore the Mysteries shame on you if you really do however straight I want to read I want to read this email because I know that this email and you haven't read it yet so would you like to be so let's say it's it is fairly long but I know that a lot of people are going through this but here's what I was thinking is that let's let's start with this paragraph right here and

you have a sense of how to condense it maybe you should read this paragraph

guys everything we wanted to say today is in this email and I know that a lot of you are going to find yourself in this email as well so let's all just take a moment and appreciate an email being written from someone who had the courage and the relaxation of ego to admit I thought I had it all figured out that this person says when I write more of my truth comes to the surface to be seen isn't that true for many of us this week has been interesting challenging and also full of high vibrational moments the large influx of light has brought to the surface deeply-held emotions and Have Nots be up level this is what we were talking about yesterday I just want to I want to kind of address this as we go through it so how many of you and I remember yesterday Scholars we're having all these up level Mall

and yet it's it's getting to be like wait a minute right you know what it what is happening here I'm done feeling like the devil is returning my cycling doesn't mean you're regressing this means you're healing you know what we're up leveling are playing field rich

why this is so important right now has brought to the surface deeply-held emotions and old habits I am now realizing that I don't truly know who I am that is I just want to stop right there and say that when we when we realize or remember or reclaim which is what does Mercury retrograde is all about remember guys were in this for the next 24 months imagine where will be then I'm already excited about that and so when you are in this moment right now I really don't know who I am welcome to the Borderlands of Sanity that's the moment when you are absolutely being faced with an uplevel opportunity because like it or not recognize it or not to have that realization you're already in The Fifth Dimension you're being asked to pay attention

what's left of what I held to be true is crumbling and it has taken immense self-love and surrender to God

all of the rules that we play in life somehow seem to validate the excuses to hold on to the very things that block block us from True Joy I have no idea who I truly am without these roles and responsibilities I'm questioning everything because you are being asked to cross at Horizon and I I know this Horizon I absolutely have done that and NN can share with you that it is a very personal moment there isn't anyone that's going to get you through it if those of you that are also saying oh my God I could have written this letter and then why were reading it because this is exactly this moment this is exactly this illuminated New Moon experience where

you've got to decide The Who that you want to trust because right now you're stuck and that's why you're in pain and you know right before we came on the air today Street I am you. I'll read it later I want to keep going in this email but this is a very big experience because in this moment right now we are creating everything member we said this yesterday everything has up leveled everything everything is bigger please

I'm questioning everything my ego has flared up numerous times with the replaying of old tapes and I have folded a few times I have been able to bring myself through it with compassion and less self judgement as I keep doing my practices and seeing the Divine in all of it you know secret right because you're caring is compassion for yourself that's why you're here because the minute you lift the minute you decide to trust the up level lift and you move into the seventh Dimension the judgments that you're imposing upon yourself right now become loved away you love so much the aspect that has freed you to see beyond and that's what's happening you're being invited to see beyond

this week to get amazingly and with gusto I held a belief that after such an amazing influx of light and Reclamation of refractions left along the way that somehow everything would stay smooth and high-flying it was for the first part of the week and then on Wednesday bam all kinds of things begin showing up mostly internally which been manifested in my life experiences that I have no words to describe have been my companions for the last few days and yet today as I awoke to my mind still trying to control I went into my heart and finally cried out for support

you loved yourself enough to call in the compassion for you but also further clarity about a Clarity of what's being pushed to the surface for healing and release running from myself and my ego is a lot stronger than I gave it credit and I realized that I'm tired which made me ask what inspires me and truly brings me joy and this is really important reason I've been talking about this for months now right are you tired or are you inspired because you cannot be both but you have to see it and I think we should read the next part

so part of me is like how did I end up here again ever have that happen another aspect is joyful for the recognition so that I may choose a new and so here I am at this crosswords in deep contemplation of why I am here now and preparing to consciously choose I'm going to meditate in journal to get clear an answer those questions I can't wait to be present for the share Journey this afternoon on the radio show as well as with the class was SRI all is truly well self-reflection and seen within with Clarity and honesty rocked my world this week yet I'm still here I'm still choosing self Ascension thank you for your listening and your eternal love and support it is truly appreciated known and recipe reciprocated beyond all illusion and ego

thank you beloved one for sharing that blessing with us today and thank you for the gift of saying yes to you I know that a lot of you listening right now a lot of you on the phone lines a lot of you there chatting I know that a lot of your feeling this way this is because everything has up leveled without exception has everything and so the key the real you know you want the key to the law right there is consciousness and this is our first illuminated New Moon inside our first direct Mercury retrograde meaning that we are directly into the retrograde radiant illumination what you are creating right now matters it matters for you it matters for your world

what you are creating right now matters and here's the here's the discernment right everyone everything is creating it is without limit right doesn't the Limitless Creations already happening what we are and I are inviting you into isn't up Loveland Consciousness that will assist you to become aware of everything of all the pieces that are right in front of you right now paying attention with that Clarity but it was just a not email right paying attention and saying okay if I reflect if I think about that Radiance of light member we were showing you that beautiful Ray that beam of light between those three dates in February 2nd up level everything's already gone hello hello hello remember another Perfect Balance energy coming in Saturday and so

what we do with that beautiful gift is important to us and not the gift of this illuminated presents so one of the things we have been talking about is if you are in Partnership and remember it begins with your body always is that sacred Union between the body and the soul but once you have that take Partnership if you are in Partnership tonight is a really good nice to share with each other what what are the puzzle pieces that have been eliminating for you share the puzzle pieces have been eliminating for me and and let's put our pieces together and see what that makes your call is a gift and that's why we're inviting you to join us energetically at 6:30 let's put our pieces together and see what this makes at creative crucible that is at the edge of reality it is the connection to

that which is ready to come in the form and so trust your imagination trust your dreams because they are the gateway to your joy is right back to that tired or inspired is because if you are tired then you're even too tired to carry your dream because it becomes easier to just let it go right to just say if it was meant to be it would have happened if you visioned it if it was in your Consciousness at any point then you have the capacity to manifest it we are inspired eternally how we work with that inspiration how we Inspire the inspiration how we illuminate. Inspiration that's the way the journey we use yet we are eternally inspired you're inspired to give up its all inspiration it's

what is that inspiration assisting you to create and so the inspiration around you right now is saying look what's been calling you and threw that up level and Consciousness why not throw in a hefty dose of self-forgiveness compassion and just say wow I am so glad I'm here right now I made it and together we are better I made it right and as this beautiful moment comes forward and as we all go into our own co-creative dance this evening or dead today right now it's it's all good it's all here I remember going to continue through Tuesday so you aren't doing his Tuesday night as well put together notice notice what is ready to be released love it and to release right because everything's up leveling so those pieces of the eagle flares in the eye

I couldn't have seen this and whatever okay they've up-level thank you thank you for showing me that you need more love right and then there's other pieces that are saying hey let's go let's go well together and get going right you do one of the things that continually kind of haunts Maya Maya where does from time to time is the difference between being spiritually functional

edit lighting exchange is to operate at a high level of principle to operate with with with compassion and and principles that are truly your your your guiding 12 position and and to operate within the world in that way however to be in like you've lost all sense of personal identity and I think some people kind of confused because yes that is all true however that is the moment that's before us right now is where we can have the two together different than the the classic understanding of a light man this is important to understanding

of Spiritual Awakening but here's the thing most of you of hers sure about this if not I'm giving it to you really briefly we are all born into density which is the ultimate ego State and then we grow through density into spiritual activism which is where we recognize hey there's other people hear other people have needs and there's concern concerns be on my personal life

spiritual activism has some of it is very much a highly principled but it's a fact about moving to Ascension awareness which is the next level up on that pyramid we're now quite in the 5th dimensional energy in the love Zone meaning we're at 500 or above on David Hawkins levels of consciousness and love is that zone where the context of reality is more important than the individual acts the behaviors the content and so it's very tough to hold a conversation if you're in that love Zone to try to talk to somebody who's in a very basic understanding of ego States

there's many things that just won't be understood and this is one of the dilemmas in our world today is it when people are coming at something from Trulia refine state of being but they're interfacing with someone who's holding a more me focused ego-based reality the motivations the intentions don't quite hook up because right before we got on the air today those of you that were here the minute the show open today you notice our show up and about a minute and a half late hundred percent pure and that was because I had to write down this Divine directors inspiration that came forward right before the showing on and I didn't know if I was supposed to talk about it on the show or not and everything that you're sharing is is making you realize I want to go back to something we did yesterday because it's exactly what you're saying and yesterday one of the things we talked about is that

when people are afraid right when people are in deep fear they will give away their power effortlessly as long as they feel like you can't you know don't get into my house leave me alone so when people are afraid they will give away their power and we all know that fear has been really out there in the planetary thought body right however when people are terrified they will give away their soul and the reason that I wanted to go and ensure that again is because each day this week and the letter that I read earlier in the show is one of many many many many letters that have come this week and they all had a similar experience within them all of them from people that that write me privately owned and some of them particularly

not I want to say very not the word nasty but rage-filled and misdirected and and very it was just a passing Journey for me because I'm watching it, and witnessing it and it was funny because I was I was witnessing that I realized that throughout all of my this is what I wrote down is that not all of the years you and I have been blessed to be walking through the yoga self Ascension together and I mean for all the years we've really been blessed now and are 18 Seer together I know what I have learned is that those who scream the loudest that you the ones that are just really attacking you with all they have I mean they are coming at you from every angle all the while telling you why it's for your own good but they are coming at you with with us everything is Slate Run

what I have learned and it really hit me today and this is what I was resolving right before the showing on is that these are the ones that carry the most fear

so if you are being in any way made you feel less than for who you are whoever it would ever be that is coming after you is actually afraid of you they're afraid and so when that happens rather than interphase it at the level of Consciousness it was sent at why not simply bring your hand your heart knowing that this is just fear talking and when people are afraid they will give away their power so in this moment would have they done they've given away their power to their ego they have forgotten who they are they've totally forgotten who they are because they're so engrossed in that energy right this is what you were just talking about just to wrap that up as as that is happening then the way to solve that is to let It Go Don't engage it don't go tit-for-tat but maybe lift into that says

dimensional space of non judgement where only the melting love of compassion comes forward and asked a simple question what are you afraid of

don't engage the content is not real what's real and their world because they have forgotten who they are is that they are afraid and stuff that is why they have forgotten who they are hens that's why they're afraid it's a self-perpetuating cycle and you as a master have an opportunity to just bring your hand to your heart weighs the compassionate to your own presents and look them straight in the eye and say what is it you're afraid of most likely they will or will receive that and then it'll open up a greater gap or they're going to get worse and then you know it's time to disengage right stop trying to beat your head against the wall most challenging thing you did as we lift in arara levels of consciousness we become less understandable or understood by those who are Anchored In other free

and it's it's one of those things if a person is operating from fear not yet level of Consciousness which is very defensive question authority already conversation that involves a compromise is it from their point of view is giving away their power they need to trust you so one of the things to keep in mind when having these conversations

is to break brick ready to start consciousness of emanating Beauty connection trust and peace an end to be able to say to somebody I see that what you're saying is really important to you and I respect and I value that and I am asking what it might take for you to trust me and what I have to share as well to open up a conversation that acknowledges each other rather than only argues the point because often times people that are not ready for that level of intimacy you know we are not dissing advice what we are sharing is that it is important on this day of co-creation to lift into those higher Realms of consciousness

where they are at. Where you are. You have to find the car from there is the model of self Ascension which released a couple weeks ago and I want to share it because in our email today she was talking about she actually experienced unconditional love the four steps of the Ascension as we're gifted to us to Archangel zadkiel and clearly told there was no specific order you're constantly going to be in this experience our unconditional love Wright surrender surrender looks like be in Union with the self and to release judgment and in the center where that Taurus pulses out you see the piece the love in the joy that's the stabilization of the physical form and so we wanted to share this with you because In This Moment Of Consciousness as our up level moment as this illuminated new moon

which is Peking right now if you're grabbing and remember that if you grab any of our shows even a year later the energy of that moment is always there because this community is so blessed and so Street I need to share that we have got to go to the phone lines my ears aren't you guys hear that there is like the loudest it's like I'm hearing the phone lines so where we going let's let's go go to Mexico I'd love to go to Mexico from Mexico

hi hi sweetheart hi

both bless you thank you for your all your videos everyday has guided me and

I called because I been in the Awakening classes for you already like 3 years and I know I don't I never even thought that I could know what I know how I've transformed now also physically in the way of like my contacts I completely left my old self and now I'm liking a limbo and I'm completely surrendering but I don't really know how to crisis

Electrike Uncle financially I only know how to do the old ways and I'm struggling with you between finding new ways of practicing with who I'm honoring who I am which is I'm completely committed I just don't know how to

crossover my contacts is that make sense

yes it hurts and foremost I was connecting with you I had this beautiful vibration pulse in my heart and it's in my heart and so yes honey you are so anchor do you are so committed you have a beautiful ignited high hard and I can feel the pulse ways and your third chakra is afraid he was very much we were just just saying the one that is yelling in your case it's like your third chakra is yelling saying tell me what to do you know I don't know what to do I'm nervous here and so what what I'm being shown is that you have incredible skills and talents that you're not really looking at and big this gift and is coming in have like I'm calling them the tribe because there's like one two three four I'm pretty sure it's 7

and they stand right behind you and any I keep calling them the tribe some of them look very indigenous but from other worlds of of of energy summer very anyway this beautiful tribe around you is what I was hearing that's why we had to go to your your line first and so for those of you that that are connecting or Norway want to I'm going to take it I'm sharing this with you. Dre I want you to take your pointer fingers and literally stick them in your ears and breathe in through your nose out through your mouth and then pull the ears out the fingers out and feel this energy that will open its like I'm stealing your crown receiving this new Beautiful Ray of Illumination and it's coming in and it's cleansing and it's and it's just it just keep saying you over and over again breathe out up remember and trust you have more info

have you then you have been aware of and it is time to see with clear eyes and so I believe you're being given a clearing I believe that we all are I believe it was meant to be for our journey we're all going to want to just a moment so thank you thank you for being the PowerHouse amazing woman that you are we love you dearly

thank you so much I really appreciate you going to do about the the illuminated are you guys all feeling that it's wearing really does all right let's go over to the other call-board where we going straight to where we going to Portland Maine right now I must say Portland Maine brr I bet it's kind of weird down here sweating are you got to tell me what the weather is Namaste Portland Maine

Namaste tranquera hi Angel

about four months ago I called in and told you I was going to India

and I just returned and I feel like I matter of trust and I quit my bike here and went to India and the United States with a I have you and the collective to thank that I thank you guys so much

thank you for saying yes to you you do for every one of us that says yes to us you you hold open a light for a hundred thousand others to do the same and so I'm excited

are you excited to I'm coming back if that's the love of my life moving in with him about it

went to India to meet a man who lives two hours away from me

bad story I love that story virtual partner. By world I love this story and I know that everyone listening is too especially on this beautiful day of creation talk about an illuminated New Moon wow because I'm doing my friend I like really hasn't changed and everything is illuminated and finding me and moving forward and I can't believe

I'm feeling it and Street and I are feeling it and hey is your heart is called you guys come visit us down here in Ecuador or join us and Peru we'd love to hang out with you thank you for saying yes to you because you can't stop smiling this is the blessing of this community and this is that was reminding me of you know the first Saturday of every month we do the Mastery mentorship Miracle Gathering and that's exactly what we do in the miracle Gathering as we share all of our Miracles with each other and three and I often do it installment we teach the energy of the month is a very beautiful Gathering if you don't know what we're talking about jet our app it's free definitely want the app spiritual mess we was trying Cara after you get the app there is a little you know there's a little menu go to the menu and learn about Mass

mentorship you know you have fun with each other I don't think you can teach anybody anything but you can share from the heart we can share what we know to be true we can emanate an energy of truth and the truth is always attractive truth brings an attraction energy to bear that helps open you up or pull you from self-defeating thoughts and behaviors so sometimes when truth is spoken to another being I can feel a little harsh but if the energy of the heart is actually there the energy of our sincerity love and presents are there while the words are being shared it will never injure and this is this is important because the truth itself is a liberator I think we heard that before the truth

set you free and so many different ways of course I always go back to Lost Books of these seem less than 5 go to Street and right at the top messages from the Masters go to the Lost Books of the same message by because that's really what they talked about their as well and and give some guidance is such a beautiful thing you do we sneak in another color before we go over to our beautiful rat all right we're going to go to look at California must a welcome California

hi say hi

well sorry we can't hear you okay sorry I don't know how do you sweetheart

well, I think I can do it I think I got it

okay well I'm so excited I tried to call last month and I messed it up last month

hahaha good job we're excited to

thank you so much writing a book and its really scary telling the truth and I'm afraid

and I just made it around that

I know it's really important and League

you're right it is and so bring your hands to your heart first sweetheart and taking a deep breath I want you to just relax and what's so beautiful is that what's happening is that you're letting go of the density ego as you are giving yourself the gift of ascending into the compassion you because my love as you ignite the truth rather than looking at it from the realm of density we're hurt exist I invite you to pull on your heart of compassion and realize that you are freeing each one of them to discover the depth of their journey and what they need to be able to continue with their growth you are playing your role perfectly just as they are playing there's two really walk the yoga of South Ascension to really walk with our spiritual tenacity means that there's times when we have to say and do things that to the world of density may seem cruel Lourdes

compassionate yet when we tie on the lens of true compassion who are we not to act with the highest at our behest and so I invite you to do one thing make sure when you sit with yourself and you connect with that which you feel called to share that it is inscrutable play the truth and what I have learned over 18 years is that if you stay right there while there might be a few bruised egos along the way at the end of the day the master within you who is so Eerie so radiant so illuminated that others are doing the same go read the Lost Books of the esteem extreme it really will help you feel better and stay firm until you are we are in a moment of divine creation and so I love that you got through today and pay attention that you got through during a Mercury retrograde when theoretically that

and so pay attention to how powerful you really are my love I love you dearly thanks for getting through honey thank you sweetheart. Yeah awesome huh there are times in the arena of social a hole where we're past be a little more silent until directly asked just because we know what truth doesn't mean it's time to articulated and that's where wisdom and discretion come into play to hear or was it a platitude

before deciding to what degree we're going to share and you're also compromising your integrity you know what we don't realize is that an eye for example where it were very excited

Soul mirrors Tuesday night number one because we're wrapping up this but number two because we've got a lot of exciting stuff happening Tuesday night just come join us what's happened is that we've been in this collaboration with these amazing beans and we've been finalizing 1 videos and and during that it would I have found her a powerful was that it at one point I was the only one that would write and say yes this is beautiful and this need to change this date to change this isn't changing I believe the person editing it does not see our vision at all and I bruise so Migos and got some some e-mails back to said sure you're such a badass but I love and what street and I have been dialoguing about is when did simply saying the truth make you a bad ass when did simply saying I love you

so much that I want us both to flourish and if I see something that obviously is going to take away from that then would it not be out of my Integrity Inc icing platitude is is out of integrity that's right because they are in their own way but running all right so so beloved angels I think we've had such an extraordinary called word so many beautiful being so much energy and before we go deeper into this moment and into this upliftment I want you to just if possible, down you know put away as things if you can if you're if you are driving pullover or don't listen to

if you whatever you are doing right now invite yourself into a greater sense of presents with you then as you do and I just going to end the show while we are completing this process today and we do invite you to carry forward and then this evening at 6:30 p.m. eastern time to just take 5 minutes if you can and if you can't just at 6:30 p.m. maybe just send us to our Consciousness hello or send hello I am here I'm ready I'm open right send your co-creative Miracle whatever you are co-creating that's why we will be running the Fountain of creation for all for this for this planet for this world for this universe for all of the time lines were then that's what we're going to do right now is we're going to invite a stretch in your auric field or an invited a moment for you to really get clearer on everything that's enough

have you right now and a carry that in and remember sacred Union begins when we offer real-time partnership between the soul and the body and if you are and sacred partnership and at some point during the energy of this moon optimally today but if not between now and Tuesday you want to share these Visions with each other and see how they come together so I just wanted to take a moment to kind of center before you began honey please do it so beloved ones get comfy where you're sitting

and be right here right now and one of the best ways that I have discovered to move into present time is to follow your breath right to the back of your heart let's take a big breath in

feeling that expansion


I am relaxing Evermore

I am safe

I am here

I am ready

I am open

guide me

and in this relaxed State of Mind allowing yourself to simply be present to what is coming forward in the visual cortex what is coming forward in your imagination what is coming forward and back felt sense it doesn't matter how you get information what matters is that you say I'm willing to receive

show me my highest expression now

offer me a feeling a vision that represents is timeline of manifestation that is in the highest service I wish to connect with this energy now

I just relax and Trust

10 in this

pneumonia creation allow the images allow this feeling's allowed the sense of that which is meant to come forward in your life to become known I'm willing to see it I'm willing to feel it I'm willing to sense it now

free as part of that sensing I was just literally almost pushed by Arcangel zadquiel because it was shared that Consciousness is healing Consciousness is healing


everyone needed to know before they went any further that that to understand that is to understand your ascended being this and that before we went any deeper into this please go to screen share. Com home page click on Consciousness as healing and please join Sri Lanka on the 29th on the leap year of Perfect Balance where to talk a lot more about this Tuesday night but they didn't want us to go any further and they said in this in this energy right now to know that in this up level experience in this up level mom and it is the Consciousness that it and they're saying it both ways Consciousness is healing Consciousness is healing and to take that as we go further into this co-created expansion and that each one of you in this moment is actually listening to shree and I outside of the third-dimensional window so so close your eyes let go.

ego brain was just saying anyting let go of that and they're showing it like a you make an accordion there their they're showing the energy if you look between my hands it's like the energy right now we are working with all of these parallel timelines and they're saying that you can even be sitting with your eyes closed and imagine you're playing this accordion and know where your hands feel the most comfortable notice wow notice straighten your fingers notice where you feel the radiant's come in and they're saying that what is most important as you go into the void of the illuminated New Moon creation for the next two years is knowing how to it's like you're opening and expanding and viewing and literally by feel you're able to adjust this energy and and you always want to bring It Tour the heart even if you end up out here

I hear you on that you want to bring it in for the Heartland working in for the heart into the center and I'm

I know you know that I thought was just that was not planned and so I am just inviting us all the breeds according to close today I want you to take what was opened and continuous in your own way and in your own face because tonight at the new moon and you could certainly join us at 6:30 use that as your gateway to be connected to the vision that your soul is giving to your awareness to have the experience of the energy of that station and then to choose to manifest it awareness experience and choice this is the cycle of the upliftment

stream KIRO live to have your questions answered send us an email to guess at 3 and Kira and check out more information at 3 you next week, today

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