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Sri and Kira Live, February 2, 2020

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Sri and Kira Live
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with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live with Sri and Kira

Sri and Kira Live

Sri and Kira Live with Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa
Sri Kam Kaa and Kira Raa

Join wisdom teachers Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa on 'Sri and Kira LIVE! The Voice of Passionate Action' airing every Sunday at 12:00pm PST / 3pm Eastern. Their mission is to open the authentic path of self-ascension through the sacred union of the soul. Experience laughter, wisdom and what they call the practice of 'Passionate Action'. They offer spiritually deep, articulate, and intelligent views . . . opening a nourishing dialog with all and boldly answering the tough questions with wisdom, compassion and reassurance! Each week they give spiritual guidance and information on a specific topic at hand and open the phone lines to take your calls and offer mini-soul readings. The phone lines are always inundated with callers so…keep trying! Hang up and call again - Call 517-208-1500

Internationally acclaimed for “walking the walk” of authenticity and on the cutting edge of soul evolution, Sri is a gifted Psychotherapist, Skilled Medical Intuitive and Master Avesa Quantum Healer. Kira was born clairvoyant, and declared clinically dead of cancer in 1989. She is now widely accepted as the most prolific and accurate Oracle of modern history. Tune in for the fun, discover fascinating information and guests while enjoying visionary perspectives!

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welcome to Sri and Kira live the voice of passionate action bringing fresh perspectives in Timeless wisdom for today in Shifty Paradigm now it is your moment to open your mind relax into your body and spirit as we explore the greater meaning of your now experience during wisdom laughter and flare here are SRI and Kira

yesterday February one and the first two minutes of this show just showed you that that energy is going to be an amazing energy this month so let me go back and say welcome to everybody again and I'd just share that welcome we are delighted that we are here we want to say hello over to PBS radio and all of our listeners over there and remember LBVS you can call us as well on an 800 line screen up why don't you put that number starting +627-600-888-8627 60084 which is a 517-208-1500 start filling up really fast so get in there you do get to listen to the show while you're holding so again 517-208-1500 or 86276

double zero a cheers, YouTube you probably been looking at us without audio going wow this is a really funky show today so I hope on the route we love you dearly I'll run official Street and Cara for being here on this extraordinary February ignited Choice Point monat there's so much happening on Facebook to always warms my heart people are saying hello to each other and offering love and hugs and I'm very happy to see that and I later on the show I'll offer up my own little love and hugs

thank you all for jumping in right now and I really my heart is just thinking about what happened in the first two minutes of Today Show yesterday show remember this is part to yesterday show explore the Mysteries you can catch it over at the YouTube Channel One News Talk Radio or at the one is talk radio channel or far but you want to listen to yesterday show because yesterday we started talking about the February radiant's and not just the energy of February guys were talking about the entire decade and the Beast Ascension up level Mastery moments these events that are hitting an intensity that I think the opening today show is kind of reflects well I don't know if it's Mercury or me

sometimes this is true yesterday we had a wonderful show with lots of information shared about the time we ran an especially the month were in and I think it's some of this we need to revisit because so often we get caught up in the listening and we forget to apply it to ourselves and what I mean by that is one thing to be listening

NBA you know let us entertain you and it's another thing to be listening and let us engage you let us let us speak from our hearts to your hearts are you ready for the dance that is because this is a dance February is bringing forward and we're going to revisit some of that right now and talk about also at the effect of this Mercury retrograde that how old of this has come together into these Ascension up level Mastery moments now let's kind of deconstruct some of this right now so that we can put it all back together so let us first remember that this day before we go anywhere is a palindrome now if you don't know what a pow

palindrome is it means that you can read this date numerically exactly the same talk about talk about that so old too old to 2020 reverses to be exactly the same thing it is that it is that perfect mirror it is that perfect for that because that's what you're going to 20-20-20

think about when it was 2 a.m. right when it was 2 minutes 20 seconds I mean there's just so much you know it is just really wild so what I want to think about is this this is the only time in this Century but in this moment there's a reason why there's so much going on and so when you breathe into it in the entire Century this is never going to happen again February calendar at least try to show it to the last time this happened was you ready 909 years ago which is the 18 which is the 9 plus the infinite I mean really take that in because I have a lot to share with you about that

we talked about the Ascension up level inside you write 444 or 330 everybody is receiving this dafont Divine reflection stop the automatic that would be a good habit to being with a hundred and one years to the next one all right so from today it's a hundred and one years from now and there is just so much going on for statue plus the infinite I mean that there's just so much happening and so this was a really important thing to open 11 in the year 1111

so if you have not yet gone to YouTube at official stream Kara please watch the video that we have just put out it's very short under 5 minutes about the suspension of level Mastery energy really important to pay attention and learn about it a little more yesterday you can get the calendar for the entire year go check this out, so as you are I'm not sure why we have a calendar with a calendar right now oh that's why my husband's having is Mercury retrograde today I love it I love it so what you'll see on the calendar yesterday February one was the Mercury retrograde three phase now this is really important to me and I are going to be sharing with you why because of what it's doing about this Union this this memory energy this week we're going to look at February 9th February 9th

is the 909 years since the last experience of this this energy will come forward during the full moon up level that's the 909 and so when you look at that the other thing we mentioned yesterday during our Mastery mentorship Gathering was that we are in the miracle the 17 right now meanings at the Mercury retrograde three phase begin on February 117 days from now when we begin 18th we will be in the Mercury retrograde going into a propulsion energy plus it is Ascension Mastery up level day and so we are currently within the mid the magic of the 17 on day two we've had this 909 year cycle come forward and so this is a Moment of Truth perfect balance and it's a

ring within this miracle 17 and the 9 which is exactly one week from today it's next Sunday I love that tree and I are with you today and I love that I'm going to be with you next Sunday party everybody will be doing a special beautiful experience with that will be doing it on the air but why this is so important is because we are at a moment through these up level events the last thing I want to point out before we take the calendar off the air is that on the 23rd you'll see that that is another illuminated full moon remember that for this year 2020 and 2021 we are now in the moment of these illuminated new moons and we talked all about that yesterday so I'm not going to share more about it today last but not least if you look up next to the date February 2020 it says profound shift that is the energy flow of this month of that the dragonfly ignition is carrying

and we're in a month of choice so you know you can you rap all that together and and not only not only are we in the choice we're in a month a year of experience and so because we are in member January was an experience energy 20/20 Experience energy the entire decade is an experienced decade but this very month is a choice month yeah so this is going to be about the experience of the choice and boys are a lot coming forward guys when we are in the experience flow it's saying we are actively engaged right and so it's important to understand things because we constantly and the experiences the recognition of word where you're engaged what you're doing and we are engaged up level

annual year because this year so the other video that you absolutely need to go watch and we're going to handle Today Show assuming you've already seen it so if you didn't see it please go to YouTube official SRI and Kira and watch the video 2020 Ascension up level and also watch the video 2020 Ascension energy the three things you need to know because there is the only way I think that we could say this is that it is an intensity that has a much greater Pace that is an igniter that can Inspire if you are willing to be inspired and this is why we did the show a few weeks ago on are you tired or are you inspired be because yesterday the one thing I just want to share is that this greater pace is really in ignition

you know I mean it really is an ignition sorry you don't there so many jewels that come out of your mouth Be Inspired that's where I got Brad are you tired of you have to want it you know that's the one thing when I was on the treadmill this morning and I was one of those treadmill days where I was like okay if I just get to a half an hour then you do you keep playing games with your selfie off I can just make it to 40 minutes okay I'll start my warm up early and then the next thing you know the hours gone already guys are you willing to be inspired story you know how bad you want it you got to want it you know reverse aging I know a lot of you have been writing screen I about it we're so excited that so many of you were wanting to come here to tosa Blue Mountain and and

when is for those programs and the one thing we will share with you is don't come if you don't really want it you you have to want it and end in the same thing with your spiritual Evolution the same thing with this drags is beautiful dragonfly flying here today this is about what do you want because you want something and and the key is do you want to just give up because it's easier or are you ready to say like my my model right now is not without a fight I am not going to we are doing this together and I'm grateful there's so many of you on the front line joining us solutely yeah we are grateful for this community and many of you that are actively energetically supporting the front line of the ignition Awakening if you really want it just as we're talking about here do you really want inspiration because so often we have been disappointed

we have just been disappointed with ourselves and with others and so that energy of dare I open my heart one more time dear I risk enthusiasm dare I even wonder if I can take the lead and that's the victim exactly risk this I've got too much to lose I've been hurt before I've been disappointed before the world isn't going to support me all of that if that was frequencies or just pushed into the subconscious and you begin to look at wait a minute is that really how I want to finish this lifetime is that really how I want this show to play out

where did I forget that every being on this planet has a sacred sequence right that's that's ascended numerology every being has a sacred sequence you are sacred sequence is your verification that you stood in line to be on this planet at this moment and time to do exactly what it is you're here to do and so the question is is the victim cuz everyone will get victim energy living in this world of coke creation that's part of what we're here to experience the question is what you going to do with it this means a thorough cleansing of that which would inhibit your success and a thorough cleanse guess what I'm all together or we flush them out you just bring

Light Of Consciousness to them and say yeah I guess I was holding on to that one

how to love your selfies to say I can be okay that I have some self-defeating habits they aren't your reality there software program the brain that are set up to defeat meaning to diminish you as we claim our empowerment we claim our anti-aging capacity and let's rephrase that we claim the resurrection energy in the truth of who we are and it's a moment in your Consciousness we're all doubt releases around the capacity of your physical form to meet the level of divine interaction that your soul is inviting me to come forward in this world experience and so it does take a moment of really paying attention and so is that we are in this moment

ignition of what what did you find directors call the unification of remembrance the unification of remembrance and end this is why the calendar came out this is why all these up levels were offered this is why the retrogrades are becoming we're in a moment right now just like shifting how you feel about aging or or or nutrition or or anything else we're just using this as an example but we are in that moment where are you really willing to let go of how you even Define the way you've been experiencing we are in a year of experience what are you experiencing as part of the experience in February the month where the illumination is Illuminating

I mean really breathe that in that brings up an important point I was just called visibility or claiming that the resurrection energy its we need to be careful when you would you claim a Vitality are you invigorating that which was also defeating you party or you play invigorate that which is affirming you that which is pulling you forward more visible through yourself and you will see the truth in others more easily I believe as well one of those moments where if you look at the energy before you remember that we are in an experienced the decade decade is all about extra

Rheem abundance okay I mean extreme abundance and not just meaning money and we talked a lot about this yesterday please go with me yesterday show it's also about Rory blow and that's where today comes in because February Radiance is the amplifier of what is happening yet this perfect balance that carries with it the energy of the 9 plus the instrument is right now in this moment inside of the 1717 Miracle Creation Day energy of Illumination leading us to this incredible moment in February and we have two of them to Ascension Mastery up level moments in February and so we have this ninth coming right up next week so the key here is as you are in your unification of remembrance that is how the red

prograde will become your best friend that is how you go way outside of the box and go hurry Mercury please please be here and to celebrate what you are being invited to look at what you are being invited to remember and to be aware that on the 23rd of February inside of the Mercury retrograde active presence is going to be our first illuminated new to move which is that fully available creation So In This Moment of visibility in this moment of unified remembrance are you allowing yourself to radiate

are you allowing yourself to illuminate and going back to what you said earlier cuz I think it's a very important Point straight what are you willing to see when everything is illuminated what are you shoot because it's a choice month so whatever you are not seeing is because you're choosing not to and that is part of the Mastery Choice that's going on in the background during this entire time are you willing to see is a powerful question because denial and the automatic defense mechanism of saying I'm going to just discount or deny anything that would cause me to be uncomfortable so what that does is it takes a powerful mechanism of your filtration and it and it puts it at the service of the Wounded part of you that your life choices have gotten more narrow your joy as he has narrowed and Tron

and all of the symptom ology you can call it both in relationships as so in that in that it's important to be willing to love yourself enough to say let's look because when we look at ourselves we heal ourselves when we judge ourselves we hurt ourselves to look is not to judge to look as to say I'm bringing the light of Consciousness and going and that looking also brings forgiveness because the clothes don't look but when we can relax and look we are also inviting ourselves to lift and love

and when we do that that ignition of compassion comes forward from the awesome moment and that's the moment of Mastery the moment of Mastery is not the prevention not the Perfection while you're in form far from it but it's a gift of Mastery is the moment of recognition and reconnection with the Divine flow and remember that's the other other energy of the 2020s Roaring slow which is why we've been calling because it's going to be extreme abundance everything's in abundance everything is in abundance irrespective of what it is remember energy is neutral so if the energy of extreme abundance has come forward then everything is going to be extremely abundant and this is why being in that listed Consciousness being in that moment of all I see this is a gift we give ourselves because once we see it

able to lift through it and hold the presents to invite others to do the same and and that's where we really are going to because in 2020 and its 2021 we have the extraordinary opportunity to have the greatest mass Awakening of self Ascension on the planet ever and that's pretty exciting worth more fun to live I like that to I like it I like the people who have touched their own hearts and Ferb's the qualities that I wished you would have left a firm each other where you saw everybody in their highest

always saw the same in yourself to look at yourself with the highest love and support and to say I see your potential beloved one let's just keep going let's just keep polishing and shiny you're good and getting gooder know that you're not crazy with those who have walked the path with those that have

Spirit when we can say yes to that and and you know this frizzes back or something or talked about earlier as far as you got to want it because remember guys I'm sure you all have these friends that are our family members or whomever the addiction to the drama of density is the number one drug that is on the planet right now is it has nothing to do with the illusion of anything else other than a self-inflicted cape not even a veil this thing is a massive Kate that comes from addiction to the density drama and density drama addiction is one of those what are you willing to look at because it's all luminated right now and so are you addicted to the adrenaline cuz at the end of the day comes down to write the physical body from upliftment or is your adrenaline coming from drama

things you do I have the joy of a bean and a healing relationship with many many people in an offering that service and support and as I'm mentoring and coaching people one of the things I've observed is it on the path of Awakening often times people start to unhook from density social media I not I not I see you looking for you

unhook from the need to have pain

because what happens next is the addiction to our emotional patterns and even though I'm unhooking from some of the adrenaline I want to talk about the fact that sometimes we keep patterns going because we're addicted to the rush of the pain and concrete the page and this is a vicious cycle of having an itching scratching it kind of thing emotionally so there are layers of addiction in our system that need the light of Love brought to them so you can then make a Fresh Choice from an empowered Place healing doesn't require painful catharsis he only requires Clarity from a place of empowerment to say I'm choosing differently but you know I'm I'm smiling astray sharing that because I'm thinking about the choice we made 18 years ago when Arcangel zadquiel first showed up and in are there in our in our book is it's a classic book I am

are you to read it sacred Union the journey home by Shriram conquer off yet this book and the recent training with you as there is an entire section and we were very blessed to get that information very early on where Arcangel zadquiel talks about the habit of the habit of the pain of the pain and this addiction is so strong and you and I are living examples of after 18 years of being gifted with all of this incredible information that this stuff really works but the habitat the habit of the pain of the pain is what has created the cape that has literally shielded you from seeing all the light you know if you could a hood on and your eyes are always looking down at the ground you only see the reflection of Illumination you know it's light out because you can see your feet but you're not looking at the light you got to take off that hood do they sell any Wonder so many people on this planet are now and hoodies

shut it off. Hood and allow yourself and and you know if you've ever seen The Last Mimzy you haven't wanted purerawz all-time favorite movies go find The Last Mimzy and I don't want to give it away but what I will share with you is at the end all we did was need to remember who we really are an end that came from a very strong struggle from the few who were awake and the many who chose to stop them and and and what I find so interesting is that we are in a moment where we've gone from not only going inward into our homes cocooning effect and how that happened in our homes in two separate rooms and an experience as we used to at least if we were home we were having a common shared experience of the home now there's even individual will experiences within that

and now there's even let me shut out the Y and add soap in a month of elimination in a month where Radiance is the energy it will also be to those who are unable to experience it that way member you're an experienced it will feel like radiation so look at those differences in the way they're playing out radiation get is you'll know that you're heading down that road if you start to feel irritated because what it's saying what you're saying what you're saying pulling an energy I'm not quite ready to accept and that's okay if you get that Clarity you say I'm not willing to accept then it will no longer irritate you the point of irritation the point of any of these experiences is to bring your awareness to something take a look make a choice

the sand means we will have unconscious results that we can always keep ourselves illuminated is to do things that bring us joy in our off-time you don't know what I do for a living I can't okay that's cool however you within you within the truth of you maybe you're wearing your Mala under your shirt so that energy is still with you maybe you're just simply holding presents maybe when you're putting a hand on your heart and people think you're just out of breath your got your hand on your heart and your guiding star Consciousness and offering presents but when you're outside of those experiences where you don't feel comfortable being yourself and you don't feel comfortable making a check which is valid in part of the journey

are you allowing yourself to be yourself and the reason screen are mentioning this is that remember everything is visible right now everything is illuminated everything is visible and this retrograde that we have already started the preface this is the first of the next two years that is all about this Divine remembrance so here's why she and I are talking about the so much if you died in to these Mercury retrogrades with the energy of awareness and the availability for the experience you're going to come out the other side like you just gone through a wormhole on hyperdrive and go wow wow you look back and go wow I did that and the answer is yes you did or if you choose to not Embrace that aspect you'll go through the Mercury retrograde in any way that serves

your highest service and they're all good but this this is why this is so important because what are you willing to say yes to and you're going to have two years to keep making this Choice remember this is because we are loved so much and this is all in our two new videos go watch them we had this two-year overlap and what a blessing is it right how cool is that I love the word spiritual practice of the phrase the phrase

Pride to practice is to hone one's Master exercise to lift weights to to oratory to sing I mean you know you have to keep singing you have to keep practicing or musician it's so spiritual practice is also a reminder that it is the process of surrendering into the intention the sacred intention that brings the fruit forward and so we surrender into the sacred intention in the knowing that my life is my spiritual practice sacred and I choose to bring the sacred to my life I wanted a sad and make sure you love it so you want a secret you wanted to make sure your spiritual practice is something you love I love our spiritual time and thereby I love my life because our life is our spiritual Pro

so you see how beautifully and unwind that unlocks everything and I just have to share because I am so in love with all of you that already said yes and I tomorrow night after many years of the ascended Realms really poking me to do this and after many many years of study I am honored and filled with love and so much joy to for the first time ever reveal the keys to Ascension and these keys to Ascension are keys that were literally illuminated for me when I would read the Bhagavad Gita certain passages were turned violent I would receive all this information about here's the depth of the ascended experience of this and whatever this is more than just my sharing with you ok as you go through the guitar here's this this and this what my heart already knows and so very first time we're doing it so this is just Acura what my heart already knows

is that those of you that have said yes to taking this journey with me is because your keys are waiting for you might think I'm teaching you the keys to finding your keys and and what a fun way to do that because I love it and that's the key do you love it she comes home with another half an hour. We've got shelves and shelves I said put they all have the same title as but they're not all the same February Radiance everything is visible how perfect to connect with this really inner sanctum of your Divine wisdom plus let's hold each others hands through the next 9 weeks because the next 9 weeks are wild will get us through the retrograde and on the other side of this moment of divine remembrance

the keys of Ascension graphic there you'll learn more about the class in the details we invite you to join us class 1 starts tomorrow and you will get the ability to see the video again and again okay let's say hi to some folks shriek I forgive me guys I just thought I felt something on my foot that is my car. So let's go over here to this called board and we're going to go right here it looks like to the Twin Cities and Namaste Twin Cities weltham


call Erika Huston Kingston been laying in the bed with listening with you all and he would like to say blessings to do on blessings

oh yes Angel you do I have to smile because when when you were sharing just now I really was experiencing we need her to turn your speaker to turn off your there you go

I'm loving Mercury Love & Mercy sweetheart and I need you to turn your speaker down honey we're getting terrible feedback I'm hearing us twice because there's a delay in in me on the computer presentation

all right are you there

she is there

thank you so much better head so Angel as you were sharing the one thing that I was seeing actually was this beautiful it's non-human but it's a bit it's a it's a it's a being of great presents and great light has been messing around you for quite a while does not have like a Corporal name or even like a form like I could say well it shows up as this master it shows up as this one because this this energy is so Eternal and so bright and so profound that it's like all-encompassing and sings A I'm saying that because it's coming forward as like a a plural and and what they're saying is that they're showing me you with your arms on your chest like this and your eyes are closed

you're leaning back and it's like I'm seeing you in a sarcophagus very very much like a sarcophagus and you got your hands like this and your eyes are looking up and they're saying yes open your eyes and sit-up this is not your fate you are ready for more and you have no price you need to pay love that which you are and say yes and so it is I did got 35 and Egyptian yoga there it's all over you and and and my whole Crown is tingling right now and like I'm saying it's this huge it's it's a it's a it's a bit it's a present and not present is is right around you and so it's it's I encourage you to listen to this again and I encourage you to really say thank you

to to offer you our gratitude to the universe to all those that have gathered you on your way that I brought you to this moment because Angel you are ready and so it is thank you spell it is from here to the Roaring Twenties I love you both so much. Do you feel your crown really I really appreciate our first caller today and I do say sorry to Pat over there BBS but I really appreciate that you were our first caller and I think the reason that she had to be our first caller was for exactly that reason all of us are being asked to ignore chakra really bring it up and and to feel that energy and I'm also smiling that mercury preface energy that said hey there's going to be hell even if things look a little even if you have a little blood say Distortion I think that's the word

especially in the illumination cousin such bright light things can be seen with the store today at the store and eyes and so no matter what the Distortion what you know is true are you committed to say yes what are you willing to do how are you doing it is really the deeper question of this moment

you know we are all on our own individuated path yet we all have a common direction that is its ass like we're on a big Highway and you're this way to your this way after a while the... Of the lanes disappear and we're just all in one lane New Mexico are former home Namaste Stephanie welcome

Namaste hi sweetheart we can hear you great sweetheart

oh thank you both so much I would absolutely love so many celebrating so much propulsion so much just wow wow a lot of confusion has that same power to so it's just I would love some clarity please

well first of all I want you taking a really deep breath and I'm going to do that with you

yeah my breasts stopped in my 5th chakra and almost felt like it was crunching my heart and I was listening to you I was just sharing and and beaming you this radius of energy that says don't be afraid of you and and the clarity that you're seeking is stuck right here it's all in your fifth chakra your heart has already created there is a time when I look in your lower chakras everything's like like cool with you you know what but what it really is is is it's about this and it's right that it's interesting I wish I were the 17 mookie right there today at my neck if you're watching it is is it saying you are free you have the power of Miracles and and you have the power to create and that you it's like you're being choked and they're saying released that which seeks to buy

and your truth and say yes to that which you already know and then they're saying we are here and we are guiding you and we hear you when you call out to us in the night and there is this group around you right now and it's beautiful one of them is putting this crown of like flowers and sparkles on your head it's really quite beautiful it's very tickly actually my head tickling a lot right now and this other one is draping this beautiful like I was going to call and they're saying Breeze again into this truth and know that you are ready and so it is thank you my love

and so it is thank you

really having a hard time is like a Tennessee to be shallow breathing let's do it again really Source through that because the energy remembered because this energy right now is intense and guys breaks my heart and yet it excites me to say this is just the beginning this is going to build over the next two years and so it's one of those that the reason she and I are like each other like put out this video put out this calendar do this do that we are in this moment of divine remembrance and the the easier. It will be will be based upon your acceptance of you

I wouldn't say that as well as I could sure you want to rephrase that

as we deepen our trust in the pathway of Awakening that is also a pathway of authenticity we cannot awaken to that which we are not real waked that which we truly are which is our aesthetic Soul energy as so means to become more visible to yourself and thereby activate Deeper Self law there by activating a deeper sense of service in the world it's a synergistic thing and as we activate that deeper service in the world we find that the resource from which we are acting that which has been activated is a remembrance

of who we are Beyond this illusionary moment and that remembrance of who we are for some people is going to show up as a remembering a soulmate remember the sacred contract that you had in the past flourished within and that remembrance is is so important because as we own that and bring it into this timeline we are calling on the resources of the universe and that which has gone before boiling like how many of you are heating up at 3 to sharing that and I think the reason I'm boiling is that you know yesterday to mastering mentorship someone, didn't say a name to well I want to share that that's part of that Divine remembrance I did not change my name as a matter of fact as my husband knows I have been not

wrestling Borderlands of Sanity ever since it was a full body appearance of the ascended Master Elmo and when will you remember who you really are you are Master lady Cara and as you claimed that so will the elimination grow within you and claiming that name because it brought up in me in my own Divine remembrance it brought up and look at her and respect and attention to and so it was a very

difficult yet easy decision I noticed it wouldn't really working on it and then the Divine directors who are the ones that are really orchestrated all of this if we were to use that word which is probably not a good choice but the Divine directors were really very clear that when we have the body and soul when we say yes to the soul eating that is a Divine remembrance Health Miracles the the things that they say can't happen happen and so I also am very grateful and humbled because humility and gratitude are the key to your true Master if you are not as abundant as you would like to be then the first place you need to look at is your humility not false humility your true humility and your gratitude and the sincerity love

presents that you put into every breath and speaking of that I want to give a huge shout out over to the one just talk radio chat and any of you that are anywhere else chatting you might want to jump in because uncle is in there wasn't able to be in the internet he's in the chat to say we are so so so happy to have you back with us and and so he's right over here when this talk radio I was in there talking to him and I noticed bria's jumping in there as well and Jess has been in there and so any of you that might have remembered him he's been gone since last August because a media blackout let's say hi and let's say how much we love him and all of our beloved Brethren worldwide together we are better we are at a moment of great up level and I do

share with all of you that please make a note this Tuesday night will course tomorrow night we start the keys to Ascension class but Tuesday night I am so humbled that my show sold mirrors be amazed that is produced by my husband sriram car because it's such a popular show we have been moved to an even better Primetime slot over at TFR live iHeartRadio and all of the other Affiliates they carry it including one is talk radio and YouTube one to talk radio we are now on Tuesday night at 6 p.m. Pacific and that means that sole mirrors is now going to be we're going to be doing Saturday Sunday and then Tuesday is going to be the okay how's your week going and let's keep going so we're very excited we thank everyone over a TFR for making this Primetime slot available to us we are very grateful and so he make a note and join us for some fun it's a it's a pretty interesting conversation

is also up leveling

leveling a part of it is in remission OBS own is to hold of the spiritual evolution in the process that we have committed to write so that you buy your own your own recognition to teach you anything now all we could do is say here we are and what does our presence ignite within you so that you may claim the master bore fully is right there right there beside your heart is side your wisdom that is evolving forward into visibility

Jill from our book sacred Union the dirty home to stop you say yes to the soul and we allow the soul in the body to become together as one Miracles become our Birthright in this moment of divine remembrance that is what each one of these retrograde energies are going to be about February is ignition February is Blast Off February is roaring flow and In This Moment February to 20/20 you are in a breast that has not happened for 909 years please take that in and it will be 101 years before it happens again this is a moment that you came for what are you noticing what are you breathing and rather than

focusing on the world outside of you and what that showing you may be free and I can invite you to spend some time looking at you where is the perfect balance, what is being shown to you what are you seeing today specifically what is right in front of you that needs to be made whole needs to be balanced what are you saying to yourself where is the love and how much do you want it are you inspired or are you tired and the key is if you want your dreams to come true you got to want them you got to be committed to them and you got to live in a no bulshit free zone and I'm saying it out loud cuz there's a lot of action is closed for today we are so delighted to be with you

and so thank you for being with us revisit the show grab the Nuggets be inspired and

absolutely everything else do that all is truly well

thank you for joining us at stream KIRO live to have your questions answered send us an email to guess at 3 and cure and check out more information at 3 Dura. Com you next week, today

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